Fart Es Digital, Digital Es Fart

On the 27th of September 2016 I received this e-mail from my notorious Spanish “curator” Aino Baar, someone who contacted me a few times over the years but never provided anything else than a constant flow of websites, groups and reports about her own greatness.

This time the poor thing was again in great PANIC…..

Hello SaveMe,

Nice to contact you again. As you know from years ago, I am interested in your films and I would like to have exhibit at a museum. Excuse me please for the fast times. We are going to do an exhibition in a very interesting museum and occasion. A special one. The exhibition will start on 29th September 2016. There will be press, of course, and I will post the info at the web, and then the artists can take a look 🙂 Many thanks for your nice willings and nice words.

What she wants? These movies:



As I am an extremely kind person I send her the movies.

Her answer came the next day:

SaveMe, I told you to excuse me for the fast times. I was near a heart attack. The Murphy’s law was active 100%. Again, sorry and thanks a lot for the videos. I have an idea. Due the great success we had yesterday, the museum told me that they are going to try to find the way to extend the exhibition. I think you are a great artist when you do videos or your world-installations-environments. I think you will like to be one of the artists that will do history with the new art: “Arte es Digital. Digital es arte”, the TOTAL ART (holistic, immersive, interactive, smell, senses, etc). If you send us an OAR of of your best installations interactive, etc, (art for all audiences) we will provide you a whole sim and you will be part of this pioneering experience in the museum MVM. Let me know please.

Here it is the information of the museum and event. I am sure you, specially, will love it.


And then we have to read again everything about her…….

To introduce myself in RL: I am the founder and CEO of Open This End [OTE], an international artistic and cultural organization, non-profit, dedicated to research, the development and exhibition of content generated with new technologies. Following objectives of “Open Culture” we open this knowledge to professionals, students and the public in general and, in time, develop research tools that open new fields of interest and innovation in different areas and disciplines.

We are interested in showing the ability and artistic quality of new artists with new media and technologies, such as the interactive art, installations, mappings, virtual world, the metaverse, the animated CGI creation, animation … We work to make visible and respected these art works and to show them at artistic fields such as international museums and art centers. As always in Open Culture to reach the more people, we are working nonprofit, philanthropic. Open This End, works then nonprofit to help artists and new art. We want to be free to show the best art exhibitions at the international museums.

We have been selected for several international events as the World Expo (Award Best Urban Practices) and Biennials.

Now, we are going to show videos (art videos, actions, installations, mappings, etc. CGI and machinimas) and some artists environments (sims) videogames and also Metaverse Art. The 1º exhibition will begin the 29th September 2016. Each day we will have several exhibitions in different hours with different audience and public. Before the exhibition we will have conferences and round tables in the university about the artists of the exhibition.

These exhibitions are a very special and unique occasion: to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the museum we are invited to.


The museum is wonderful one and the event an occasion unique. We are very proud and happy. It’s a legendary one and in its 40º anniversary.

It is called:

MVM (Museum (Wolf) Vostell Malpartida)

The MVM is the KINGDOM and BIRTH of FLUXUS art, but of course the artists that exhibit there are not necessary related with Fluxus, but yes with vanguard.

On Facebook people start to worry as there was promised a lot but delivered nearly nothing.

Pepa Cometa:Tell us a bit more about it 🙂

SaveMe Oh:  I can tell you…she sends you an email one day before the opening and says its urgent.

Erythro Asimov: You made me laugh 🙂

Pepa Cometa:  So you are at the museum! 🙂

SaveMe Oh:  Depends how quick she is. Sometimes organisers focus too much on the bubbles of their champagne instead of communication. So we will wait patiently.

Pepa Cometa: SaveMe Oh . You are. 🙂 Congrats

SaveMe Oh:  Am I?

Pepa Cometa: If she called you the day before , I guess you are

SaveMe Oh:  Maybe she needed to be saved….by SaveMe Oh .

Pepa Cometa: Are you happy? 🙂

SaveMe Oh:  The question is if they are happy.

Iono Allen: Well, at least, when you push someone at the last moment (the day before the opening), to upload 3 videos for your exhibition, be so kind, polite and respectful to download them… even though you decide afterwards to not use them…

Pepa Cometa: Is there any new public information about the artwork that is exhibiting there and the artists? I’m surprised I can’t find that information even on the website of the museum…. In that case, how could be people attracted to visit the exhibition? . That tells a lot about the museum, it doesn’t look serious at all , neither interested of promoting the artists… I was preparing a trip to visit it but even I couldn’t find the schedule and the contents of the exhibition. I really hope it will be published when finished on the website and media with images and explanations, which would be the normal thing…

Sina Souza: To promote the artists in RL seems to be not very widespread. i speak from personal experience.

Selavy Oh:  And where are the names of the artists?


Aino Baar: The opening was a GREAT SUCCESS



Aino Baar: An OTE member team is going to do you an interview, SaveMe. We want to send to the professionals to the press and public as much and detailed information as possible. Thanks a lot. I will send you today a resume of the opening.  A great success!!! CONGRATULATIONS.

Hugs, Aino Baar

Is this a hug or again the kiss of the spiderwoman?

I have a big deja-vu, read here what happend in 2014!!!!



SaveMe Oh: So the people saw my movies?
Aino Baar: No, sorry. We decided to not show them. Anyway, thanks for the sending. Best
SaveMe Oh: When will be the interview and my entrance in the rangs of most important artists of all time?

Will Eupalinos Appear As Urinoir?

SheldonBR and Angelika Corral pretend to offer an exhibition about surrealism in their Daphne Arts Gallery but what they offer is role-playing the most conservative museum you can imagine. When Donald Trump would have to do something with art, he would adopt this.


SheldonBR: Hello, SaveMe Oh. Welcome 🙂

Sina Souza: Hello saveme

Angelika Corral: Hello SaveMe

Ferdynand Straaf): Hello SaveMe 🙂

Sheldon (sheldonbr): Nice to see you

CapCat Ragu: Hi Save Me


SaveMe Oh: what a pity they build such an ugly building around surrealism.

CapCat Ragu: Your feet are killing you SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Are you sure this is not the Leni Riefenstahl exhibition?

CapCat Ragu: Naked man and police, must be a party in Brazil.

SaveMe Oh: How are your roots Cap?

CapCat Ragu: Aereal

SaveMe Oh: Now dont stand here all, go to see the shit glued on virtual walls and dont forget to blog about it as if you saw something new.

CapCat Ragu: I like naked man

Eupalinos Ugajin: クゥー

SaveMe Oh: Eupalinos / surrealism, of course! How is he dressed today? as an urinoir?


JoaoPedro Oh: Hi everyone :))

SaveMe Oh: Dont call me everyone brother!!!!

JoaoPedro Oh: Mmmmmm my sister is here. Hi SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: If people can find us in this megalomaniac building

Josef K: Hello SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: Hello darling

Ux Hax: Hi all

SaveMe Oh: Dont call me all, I am SaveMe Oh

Cica Ghost: Hi

SaveMe Oh: Cica. my biggest fan, drawn some new rabbits lately?

Dominic Dogg: are we being griefed by MacDonald and Shell?

SaveMe Oh: No, they are the new sponsors of surrealism!


Angelika Corral ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: tp please

Josef K is offering a TP

Angelika Corral ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: And continue tp me until they ban me please

Josef K is offering a TP

SaveMe Oh: Angelika, that was a surreal ejection!

Angelika Corral ejected and banned you from this land.


SaveMe Oh: Banned!

Josef K: I wonder why 🙂

SaveMe Oh: It couldnt be my surreal contribution, so I have really no idea.

Josef K: Haha … well, you managed to make a statement.

SaveMe Oh: And I saw you slime saying this was the best you saw.Better dont tell that to Elton John.

Josef K: Hahaha …. I expect getting some art cheap by saying so!



SaveMe Oh: Why you ban the only real surrealist?

Angelika Corral: Please SaveMe this is causing lag. Don’t do this. I am asking you not to cause lag.

SaveMe Oh: Your ridiculous building is causing lag and all those people dressed as teapots cause lag. You blame the wrong person

Angelika Corral: No need to offend us.

SaveMe Oh: You offend me, by banning the greatest artist of secondlife.

Angelika Corral: If you need us to invite you for a show you could have asked us but let these nice people enjoy this as much as you think it is awful.

SaveMe Oh: Surrealsim is not catched in shows or after appointments. When you would really love surrealism you would accept everything could happen

Angelika Corral: Maybe you are right.

SaveMe Oh: I am

Angelika Corral: But there is no point to offend us.

SaveMe Oh: So unban me and leave me in peace. I have a job to do.

Angelika Corral: Would you leave us in peace? Stop offending us? Saying our building is awful. We are not rich, this is all we could do for the love of art and creativity.

SaveMe Oh: I will perform as I like it, without any conditions on forehand. When you dont like it you can derender me. Just like everybody.

Angelika Corral: You are a wonderful performer. I even admired your machinimas.

SaveMe Oh: So hurry up.

Angelika Corral: But let us do our own thing.

SaveMe Oh: DJ Ferdy needs me. People have a right on not to be bored in virtual world.

Angelika Corral: We are crashing here.

SaveMe Oh: So derender the building. I only use eco stuff.

Angelika Corral: We have been working in our lousy building for so long to do this.

SaveMe Oh: Thinking you need a building was the first misconception. Ask a surrealist first next time.

Angelika Corral: Maybe you are right, we are still learning.

SaveMe Oh: Of course I am right, no offense.

Angelika Corral: We will learn after we have been so long like you in these things but leave us for now.

SaveMe Oh: My friends are inside, I cant leave. They are expecting me to upgrade this boring event. You should be pleased with my help. Now people already leave because its so boring, when I perform they stay for hours

Don’t You Dare To Claim My Stalkers Are Your Stalkers

Why should a Fluxus Dadaist like Eupalinos Ugajin not make us all dress up like kittens when he heard SaveMe Oh hates animals? (And it was carnival, wasn’t it) and why should he not ask Noizz Papp to redo all his desert music into cat sounds? As it’s just one touch on a synthesizer keyboard to make it Meooowww. And why should he not have a private party for all his mutual cat lovers from facebook and SL to exchange some deep insights on the modern art world?

Iono Allen: hello everybody

Haveit Neox: hi Iono

CapCat Ragu: Hi Iono

Laurence Burnstein: hello iono

Popcorn Erebus (procyon7): hi

Ziki Questi: hi Iono

Eupalinos Ugajin: some anims in the microphone if you wish to pratice some gym

Misprint (misprint.thursday): hi all:)

Quan Lavender: Hi Misprint

Laurence Burnstein: hi misprint

Haveit Neox: hi :))

Sina Souza (sinalein): sport is murderous

Scottius (scottius.polke): misprint hallloo

Bryn Oh: hi iono and misprint

Scottius (scottius.polke): and iono!

Misprint (misprint.thursday) pokes iono

Haveit Neox: Hi Bryn :))

Scottius (scottius.polke) pokes everybody

Haveit Neox: hey Scottius

Bryn Oh: hey haveit

Iono Allen: hehe Mis

Scottius (scottius.polke): haveit!

Rad Hand: Whale calls

Simotron Aquila: hello Iono

Iono Allen: hello Simo !

Kikas Babenco: hi Iono

Simotron Aquila:

Haveit Neox: Nice to see you

Iono Allen: Hey Kikas!

Ziki Questi: hi livio

Simotron Aquila: hi Livio

Piedra Lubitsch: hellooo

Eupalinos Ugajin: hello Piedra

Iono Allen: hi Piedra

Iono Allen: Lunata!

Simotron Aquila: hi Piedra :))

Lunata Lunasea: Iono, bon soir AGAIN….

Motita (moti.moody): Hi Piedra `-´

Piedra Lubitsch: :))

Iono Allen: ah !  I didn’t see…

Thirza Ember:  hello all

Eupalinos Ugajin: More food for the cat!

Eupalinos Ugajin: hello

Iono Allen: hey Thirza!

Simotron Aquila: hellooo

Kikas Babenco: hello Thirza

Thirza Ember: hey you guys!!!

And just when Quan Lavender was running back to her house to change her cat outfit for something more sexy I was throwing the 7th day of my rez week party on an empty piece of land, next door to her house when she start screaming on her facebook page!


Behind the mountains in the back is the land of Quan 

Quan Lavender: Stalkers at my home right now! Nice people! And as you can see, several are in my friendlist! (With Thirza Ember, Scottius Polke, Fuschia Nightfire, Snowbody Cortes, and others)

Fuschia Nightfire: We were stalking SaveMe Oh

Snowbody Cortes:  It’s a “Land for sale” , at least that my viewer say !

Cat Shilova: It was NOT at your home, Quan. Btw, I did not even know it was NEAR your place…

Thirza Ember: Removing the photo that clearly shows we were not stalking you… classy.

Duna Gant: O:O ….

Of course his Royal highness the Duke of Arado had to give his reaction immediately now he has chosen the side of the oppressed dictatorships:

The Duke of Arado: So now you are leading a pack of stalkers? It’s getting nicer all the time… I’ll just make a suggestion: you and your accomplices should consult a criminal lawyer in RL and be informed about the possible consequences of your behavior. Just saying. “Cyberstalking and cyberharassment are lumped together along with any way adults use digital technology to torment, harass, intentionally annoy or set their victims up for attacks by unwitting third parties (like hate groups and violent individuals).”

Now these are all heavy accusations and allegations so before the lawyers march in here some other options:

Quan could keep her Cat suit on and jumped in the party and said: Happy Rez day SaveMe Oh. And danced the night away as so much other friends of her were there and did the same.

Quan could have invited the Duke of Arado too as he has lately a big interest in Germany and because he is known as a great contribution to every party. As he really can do more than gets himself in a cat suit and say meoww.

Quan could have run to the home of SaveMe Oh in Two Fish and throw there a contra party at the same time.

Quan even could have unbanned SaveMe and invited her and all her other friends at her home to continue the party there.

And if you all hate SaveMe Oh still so much, why you don’t make her upcoming performance in LEA completely impossible? That will teach her!

Some ideas: Exploding Adolf Hitler particles with loud meowing cat rezzers, An army of marching giant horsedicks or sim covering sign saying REPULGANT COWARD. Just an idea. Of course there is also the other option of participation. It’s all a matter of choice.

The Bryn Oh Memorial

As we all heard recently Bryn Oh passed away out of the LEA committee, due to SL TOS changes. To thank her for her endless efforts in banning me and for her contributions for the entire art world, I, her sister SaveMe Oh, organised yesterday a memorial in her former home ground LEA 28 in which I sold my stolen, Linden owned, paintings to everybody. Half of the sales will go to my beloved sister Bryn to thank her for all she did.


SaveMe Oh on the chaise longue, build by her sister Bryn Oh

I encouraged everybody to help my poor sister Bryn and buy a painting. People could choose a work, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, and afterwards stolen by the Linden. That in a way the people donating to Bryn are handling in stolen goods we should forget due to the broken heart the Linden caused to poor Bryn.

People could choose a painting and pay whatever they want.

Among the purchased works were these ones:

SaveMe with the head of the sim owner

Save Me with the head of a sim owner

SaveMe vanquishing St Michael

SaveMe vanquishing St Michael

The results of the Bryn Oh Memorial are the following

Claes Hax paid L$111

Titania Netizen paid L$80

Indigo Alecto paid L$600

Sina Souza paid L$1000

Subodim Ansar paid L$1500

Glasz deCuir paid L$100

Josef K paid L$500

Ziki Questi paidL$200

Njeri Soir paid L$300

Auster Elan paid L$5000

Nur Ophuls paid L$120 (only for a Bryn Oh doll)

Larkworthy Antfarm paid L$1000

Ush Underwood paid L$0 (for a donkey)

This brings the total sales on L$10511 so I am happy to announce that I can hand over a present with the value of L$5256 from the whole grateful secondlife community.

I will try to hand this over in person to my dear sis. If this is not possible I will add it to her SL account.

It was sad that the overwhelming success of this Bryn Oh Memorial service was overshadowed after 4 hours hard working and performing (by me and Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado) with the arrival of the evil in the virtual flesh Solo Mornington, solo ruler and dictator of LEA now, after the passing away of Bryn

Solo Mornington: How’s it going?

SaveMe Oh: How things go around me? Great of course, as always

Solo Mornington: ossum.

SaveMe Oh: you also want to buy a painting to help poor Bryn out?

Solo Mornington: nope.


SaveMe Oh: go have a look

SaveMe Oh: How is it to be finally the only ruler of LEA? What you always hoped for?

Solo Mornington: That’s your problem: not being familiar with reality.

SaveMe Oh: Kara if you see something let me know, dont mind the old dictator

Solo Mornington: We have a no sales policy.

SaveMe Oh: I dont sell, I deal in stolen stuff for the benefit of my poor sister Bryn

Solo Mornington: Well, you offered to sell me something.

SaveMe Oh: GO find your ban button

Larkworthy Antfarm: She asked you for a donation for Bryn,  she didn’t sell you anything

Larkworthy Antfarm: I got a free pig and a doll

Solo Mornington: so, essentially, you got a pig and a dolly.

Kara Trapdoor: so this is all portable .. interesting : )

SaveMe Oh: you also want a Bryn doll? Dictator?

Larkworthy Antfarm: for free

SaveMe Oh: As we all heard today Bryn Oh passed away out of the LEA committee, due to SL TOS changes. To thank her for her endless efforts in banning me and for the entire art world her sister SaveMe Oh organise this memorial for her in which she will sell her stolen Linden owned paintings to everybody. Half of the sales will go to her beloved sister Bryn to thank her for all she did.


Solo Mornington: see? sales.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Now he has a Bryn, a dancoyote and he can make puppet shoes at LEA.

Solo Mornington: so you’ve been sitting here since 2pm, waiting for someone to come eject you?

Larkworthy Antfarm: Where is some decent art around here? I want to find amazing builds when I come here, action, excitement. Sigh. It is dead as a doornail instead most of the time. Why is that?

Solo Mornington: as SMO demonstrates clearly, some art is simply tedious and repetitive.

Larkworthy Antfarm: hers is dynamic and happens

SaveMe Oh: No I wait till your rotten face disappears

Kara Trapdoor: its all about PR

Larkworthy Antfarm: I come here and find a bunch of crap mostly.It was a place with high expectations

Solo Mornington: It’s not about anything but SMO, Kara.

SaveMe Oh: You already broke the heart of poor Bryn. Dictator, Linden Licker. Now buy a painting and fuck of.

Larkworthy Antfarm: ‘And the big artists where are their builds? Why take them away if you have nothing new to replace them with?

SaveMe Oh: from you I accept 1 linden as payment

Solo Mornington: “SaveMe Oh: Now buy a painting and fuck of”. The typo is just the icing on the cake.

SaveMe Oh: And then you have your proof to lick with the Linden again,saying how bad I was

Solo Mornington: well, yah. you are a very bad person.

SaveMe Oh: BOOOO

Solo Mornington: it’s true.

SaveMe Oh: did I scare you?

Larkworthy Antfarm: I come here all the time and I rarely find anything to make me stop before I TP off and you are insulting one of the best of the artists in SL. Sheesh.

Solo Mornington: not in the least. that’s what’s so pathetic, smo.

SaveMe Oh: He cant stand to be a dictator and not be admired at the same time

Larkworthy Antfarm: The LEA sites are mostly a bust in my opinion

Solo Mornington: you’re welcome to your opinion.

Solo Mornington: some of them are currently under construction.

SaveMe Oh: This guy now grants Sims to Portugese tourist guides and builders of war sims

Larkworthy Antfarm: but who am I. Just one of a few who have come to look at the place and always left underwhelmed. You have great artists. Leave them to create

SaveMe Oh: How much they paid you this time?

Solo Mornington: who?

SaveMe Oh: The non artists you give sims?

Solo Mornington: nothing.

SaveMe Oh: Like the Portugese touristboard? Did they offer you a free holiday in Lisbon?

Solo Mornington: you know, you have every opportunity to apply for a region just like anyone.

SaveMe Oh: I dont need any region as you can see, oldfashioned fart

SaveMe Oh: now buy a painting in repsect of my sister

Solo Mornington: so you say your art doesn’t need a region.

Solo Mornington: would you like to put that to a challenge?

SaveMe Oh: omg he is calling my work art!!!

Solo Mornington: no, you call it art.

SaveMe Oh: ah you follow now what I say

SaveMe Oh: what a miracle

Solo Mornington: so then you do call it art and I am correct. So.If you don’t need a region, then leave.

SaveMe Oh: I wont, I am a free person. And I decide to be here

Solo Mornington: Then you DO need an LEA region.

SaveMe Oh: No. But in repsect to Bryn it was nice

Solo Mornington: sure you do.

SaveMe Oh: you already paid me something for poor Bryn?

Larkworthy Antfarm: Solo what do you have to offer Save Me that she isn’t entitled to take for herself?

SaveMe Oh: Or you give her something yourself? Like a knife in her back?

Solo Mornington: lark: what she is doing right now.

SaveMe Oh: ah shut up

Larkworthy Antfarm: and what exactly is that?

SaveMe Oh: people get tired of speaking dictators

Larkworthy Antfarm: We were discussing art when you came

Solo Mornington: standing around doing art on an LEA region. The problem is, we don’t do sales here.

SaveMe Oh: Licking, licking, licking every ass

SaveMe Oh: Problem, haha

Larkworthy Antfarm: standing around doing art on an LEA region!!! Listen to yourself!

SaveMe Oh: President, we have a severe problem.Nuke them

Solo Mornington: your question was: what can I offer SMO that she’s not entitled to take? And the answer is: this.

Larkworthy Antfarm: I want that on my tomstone. Standing around doing art when I died.

Solo Mornington: because she’s not entitled.

SaveMe Oh: rule, rules

Solo Mornington: just like I’m not entitled, and no one else is.

Larkworthy Antfarm: She is an artist. this is an art sim with space for us to talk about art

SaveMe Oh: Hey, I am Solo Mornington and I invented some rules, please obey

Solo Mornington: I didn’t invent the rules. SMO: still not connected to reality.

Larkworthy Antfarm: No rules have been broken

SaveMe Oh: worse, you are a collaborator

Solo Mornington: plenty of rules have been broken.

Larkworthy Antfarm: which?

SaveMe Oh: oh dear

Larkworthy Antfarm: no one bought anything

Solo Mornington: that’s what smo does: break the rules.

SaveMe Oh: Are you gonna spank me again? ouch

Larkworthy Antfarm: we had a lively discussion about art

Solo Mornington: it’s like, hi, I’m SMO, I’m here to break rules and get banned! ANARCHY! WOO!

SaveMe Oh: that hurts

Larkworthy Antfarm: copyright, appropriation collage, Lindens

Solo Mornington: yah, see those are interesting issues.

Larkworthy Antfarm: artists on SL

Solo Mornington: but you and smo both started your conversation with *me* by saying I’m evil.

SaveMe Oh: Larky, dont bother with dictators

Larkworthy Antfarm: I was having a very interesting conversation when you came which you then proved to be as I always say that to all my frienbds when they pop in

Solo Mornington: in what way, exactly and specifically, did I prove to be evil?

Larkworthy Antfarm: look at yourself

Solo Mornington: say it.

Larkworthy Antfarm: No one here but a few people talknng art on a saturday afternoon. Why no one here?

SaveMe Oh: by your ability to destroy every nice event, thats evil

Larkworthy Antfarm: Who cares it we talk and look at art, that is what these damn sims are for

Solo Mornington: yes.

Larkworthy Antfarm: when we leave there is no sign of us left behind

Solo Mornington: and a conversation about that stuff dealing with ownership and appropriateion would have been interesting.

Larkworthy Antfarm: you act like Save has diabolical powers, she doesn’t

Solo Mornington: no, I don’t. You folks don’t seem to be very interested in having that conversation with me. instead it’s all about calling me evil for no good reason.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Except the Save Me events this place is dead. Who is the wet washcloth that descends and tries to kill it? Holy crap!! I come all the time. No one else around ever unless save shows up


SaveMe Oh Shakes The Linden

On the first night of the Own Me Save Me events SaveMe punched a major blow on the fat nose of the Linden by selling out her famous artworks before the Linden had a chance to own it. Already now the stuff the Linden thought they own was sold for big money to new owners who will take care the Linden can’t find it back.

Own me SaveMe

Today, 1 October will be the second sales night on a secret spot, deep in Linden land. Stay tuned.

Here the results of the first day ownerswapping

Own Me Save Me

1st customer.

Sina Souza: I like this one

SaveMe Oh: well you can be one of the next owners

SaveMe Oh: before the Linden rob us

Sina Souza: you have certain prices?

SaveMe Oh: not at all

SaveMe Oh: we negociate

SaveMe Oh: what would you like to pay?

Sina Souza: 600

SaveMe Oh: And then you still have enough to buy food tomorrow?

Sina Souza: sure

SaveMe Oh: ok sold

SaveMe Oh: I send you the painting

Sina Souza: thanks

SaveMe Oh: one sec

Items successfully shared.

Sina Souza: thank you saveme

Sina Souza bought Bloodlines. Painted by Zhang Xiaogang, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Sina Souza on 29-09-2013 in Secondlife Two Fish.


Own Me Save Me

2th customer.

Sina Souza: this one

Sina Souza: how much?

SaveMe Oh: I have to zoom in on you, wait

SaveMe Oh: whatever you like to give

Sina Souza: that is pretty cool

Sina Souza paid you L$1000.

Sina Souza received your inventory offer.

Sina Souza: thanks, i love this one

SaveMe Oh: I love that you love it

Sina Souza bought The regentesses of the Old Men’s Home in Haarlem. Painted by Frans Hals, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Sina Souza on 29-09-2013 in Secondlife Two Fish.

The regentesses of the Old Men's Home in Haarlem

Own Me Save Me

3th customer.

SaveMe Oh: Hello dear customers

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and buy quickly a real SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: pay what you like

SaveMe Oh: Claes, what painting you want?

claes Hax paid you L$123.

SaveMe Oh: what painting you like?

claes Hax: the one here

claes Hax received your inventory offer.

claes Hax paid you L$321.

claes Hax: ok this one here too 🙂

SaveMe Oh: which one?

SaveMe Oh: I have to zoom to find you

SaveMe Oh: the yellow and black?

claes Hax: yes love it too

claes Hax received your inventory offer.

claes Hax: 🙂

claes Hax: bye bye hav a fun lovely day

Claes Hax bought Composition aux SaveMe et deux figures. Painted by Fernand Leger, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Claes Hax on 29-09-2013 in Secondlife LEA 26

Composition with SaveMe and two figures

Own Me Save Me

4th customer.

SaveMe Oh: Hi Jaynine

jaynine Scarborough: I am sunken into the ground the pictures show pay me without an owner

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and own a SaveMe

jaynine Scarborough: I want this red one with the two girls on it

jaynine Scarborough: save me, i mean the shopping is better than sex picture

jaynine Scarborough: i just paid.

jaynine Scarborough paid you L$1000.

jaynine Scarborough received your inventory offer.

jaynine Scarborough: great, thank you, i love it 🙂

jaynine Scarborough: great, i am happy, i really like this one!! :-))

Jaynine Scarborough bought Shopping with SaveMe is better than sex with SaveMe. Painted by Naomi Devil, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Jaynine Scarborough on 29-09-2013 in Secondlife LEA 26

Shopping with SaveMe is better than sex with SaveMe



Own Me Save Me

5th customer.

Ziki Questi buys one

SaveMe Oh: Ziki, which one you want?

Ziki Questi: i forget which one it was

Ziki Questi: lol i was just camming around, lemme see

SaveMe Oh: choose one

Ziki Questi: it’s the one that claes is looking at …

SaveMe Oh: wait, I have to serve Claes first

Ziki Questi: for me, the one claes is standing in front of, you’re on the bed, guy at the gramophone

Ziki Questi paid you L$100.

Ziki Questi: thanks!

Ziki Questi: how long will this be here, SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: until 3 PM

SaveMe Oh: Tomorrow in Linden headquarters

Apmelsprivatabankman: I already stole your Lady with a fan

SaveMe Oh: Stealing is an option

SaveMe Oh: The Linden can teach you how

 Ziki Questi bought The Menaced Assassin. Painted by René Magritte, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Ziki Questi on 29-09-2013 in Secondlife LEA 26

The menaced assassin

Apmelsprivatabankman stole lady with fan. Painted by Gustav Klimt, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Apmelsprivatabankman online September 2013.

Lady with fan

Own Me Save Me

6th customer.

Ziki Questi: ok save, now i need this one!

Ziki QuestiZiki Questi nudges saveme

Ziki Questi: saveme, i’ll take this one over here puhleeeze

Ziki Questi paid you L$100.

Own Me Save Me

7th customer.

Josef K: SaveMe Oh … I would like to buy the President of Fish. How about 500 L for the President of Fish?

SaveMe Oh: fine

Josef K: cool

SaveMe Oh: let me see which one you mean

Josef K: the one in front of me

SaveMe Oh: with the painter?

Josef K: yeah that’s the one

Josef K: I bid 500 Linden

Josef K: I just paid you 500

Josef K received your inventory offer.

Josef K: Thank you 🙂

Josef K: Thank you .. i will find a good place for that pic in my galleries

SaveMe Oh: great

SaveMe Oh: only 15 minutes left for good deals

Josef K: I already got the best pic 🙂

Josef K: now i can sleep in peace tonight

Josef K. bought Attempting the impossible. Painted by René Magritte, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Josef K. on 29-09-2013 in Secondlife LEA 26

Attempting the impossible

Own Me Save Me

8th customer.

Eupalinos Ugajin: I’ll take the one with a broken tree and you sitting a pig please

SaveMe Oh: ok Eupa, how much you want to pay?

Eupalinos Ugajin: I took the size more or less so the texture only will be ok

Eupalinos Ugajin: 500 L ?

SaveMe Oh: ok Eupa

SaveMe Oh: send me the Linden and I send you the pic

Eupalinos Ugajin: ok I’ll pay the wall

SaveMe Oh: no you have to pay me  as there is no wall

Items successfully shared.

Eupalinos Ugajin: thanks

Quan Lavender: are you queuing to buy?

Eupalinos Ugajin: bah no way to drop an image on an attachment directly or is there ?

SaveMe Oh: thats LEA, you know how they are Eupa

SaveMe Oh: when I react to late its because the incredibble business I do

SaveMe Oh: Fuck the Linden and Own a SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: before its too late

ush Underwood: i have no walls to hang any of this amazing pics

SaveMe Oh: You can also buy the complere museum Ush

Eupalinos Ugajin: and wear it while shopping

SaveMe Oh: for example

ush Underwood: i am waiting for the louvre

jaynine Scarborough: i am not really informed about what they want to do with the textures?

SaveMe Oh: everything you own is theirs, Jaynine

SaveMe Oh: so better buy my stuff now and smuggle it outside SL

jaynine Scarborough: i see

Eupalinos Ugajin. bought Alleen voor kinderen. Painted by Joop Moesman, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Eupalinos Ugajin on 29-09-2013 in Secondlife LEA 26

Only for kids

Own Me Save Me

9th customer.

Ziki Questi: i’ll take this honkin’ huge one i’m standing in front of, saveme

SaveMe Oh: Ziki, its coming

Ziki Questi paid you L$100.

SaveMe Oh: one sec

Items successfully shared.

Ziki Questi: danke!

SaveMe Oh: ok, last option for today???

SaveMe Oh: somebody?

SaveMe Oh: Nobody?

SaveMe Oh: ok, shop is closed for the day

Ziki Questi bought SaveMe at her mirror.Painted by Diego Velázquez , stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Ziki Questi on 29-09-2013 in Secondlife LEA 26

SaveMe at her mirror

Own Me Save Me

10th customer.

Whirli Placebo paid you L$777.

SaveMe Oh: Now you have to come and choose a painting!

Total amount of sold stolen art the Linden thought they owned on the first day of ownerswapping:

5121 Linden.