Mother Teresa’s Valentines PTSD

SaveMe Oh: Hi Slatan, looking for me this Valentines day?

Slatan Dryke: Hello SaveMe welcome to OBR

Snowball Shadowcry: There we go. *pats his system* Don’t worry Project Phoenix I won’t let any thing happen to you

Slatan Dryke: Hard to behave also in this important event, aint it? This fast particles are a serious problem for who suffers from PTSD

Aisling Sinclair: Hey there – are the particles yours? Quite pretty but do please kill them, taking up a lot of resources.

SaveMe Oh: No, I dont use particles.

Aisling Sinclair: Whatever you use.. please stop. Second warning – please stop the light display.

SaveMe Oh: Why can’t I contribute to the good course?

Aisling Sinclair: Although it’s festive, it’s really causing lag – sorry but please do stop.


Like every year they are the first to kick women out. One Billion Rising in secondlife, so sad!

Burning Down The House

After being ejected several times in the BURN sim by boy scout Radioactive Rosca I ran into the Baden Powell of BURN DanOfWA Flanagan.


DanOfWA Flanagan: Hi SaveMe, love them birds!

SaveMe Oh: Hi Dan, ty.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Sorry bout the confusion yesterday.

SaveMe Oh: I love confusion. Confusion contributes to exiting art.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Some people got a bit over reactive.

SaveMe Oh: I know. I am used to that. No hard feelings.

SaveMe Oh: I am now also ejected all the time by your boy scouts. I guess they don’t like birds.

DanOfWA Flanagan: We are trying to get people to understand what Radical Inclusion really  means.

SaveMe Oh: You have a long way to go.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Yes I know.. please be patient we us.

SaveMe Oh: When I was not patient I was not here anymore.

DanOfWA Flanagan: I still remember your performance with Larree at Equinox event.

SaveMe Oh: With Larree was great. Yesterday in the other burn sim was great too.

DanOfWA Flanagan: I hope you will consider doing a performance (On stage) at the October Event this year

SaveMe Oh: I will perform any moment I am in the mood and for sure in October I will be also in the mood. I am more or less permanent in the mood as that’s what makes virtual worlds so exiting.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Hheheh.. all I ask is that you do so in a way that is less disruptive to other performers on stage.  We want everyone to have a good time

SaveMe Oh: I don’t disrupt, I contribute. So tell your boy scouts to enjoy instead of being trigger-happy.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Well it would be appreciated if you contribute away from stage areas during scheduled performances.

SaveMe Oh: Actually you don’t need your boy scouts as everybody has tools from SL to derender. Nobody has to see what he doesn’t want to see.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Yes I know,. and we teach rangers how to use them as well as let others know how to do so.

SaveMe Oh: And when they throw away their screen they can even enjoy only the music.

DanOfWA Flanagan: It will get better.. and be less disruptive for you and others in the futures

SaveMe Oh: First teach them about art, then teaching them about security isn’t needed anymore. It’s actually completely crazy to have those boy scouts on guard. It’s an offense to people who have survived a dictatorship. A very bad example for the free world.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Well we are required to have them by the Estate owners…

SaveMe Oh: Fight the estate owner and tell them they are seeing it wrong.

DanOfWA Flanagan: I am (and other leaders) are working on it.

SaveMe Oh: And get rid of LEADERS. Art world doesn’t need LEADERS. We are not dogs. Replace them by teachers.

DanOfWA Flanagan: feel free to contact me or senior staff @ if you have any problems with ANY staff here.


Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: This is a slight problem. Good luck with his education.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Yes I understand and am trying to deal with it.


The Deep Hole Of A Burning Boy Scout

Slatan Dryke: Hello and happy Sunday

SaveMe Oh: The park rangers have finished church. Here is one of the idiots. Meet Slatan

Slatan Dryke: I am glad you having fun

SaveMe Oh: No you or not. You hate it when people have fun. Look how the idiot is dressed: playing boy scout again.


Slatan Dryke: Now would you be so kind to stop this not authorized show?

SaveMe Oh: This is not a show

Mikati Slade: I hate ppl when they are enjoying?

Slatan Dryke: What is it?

SaveMe Oh: Mikati and I are having an artist meeting

Mikati Slade: Yes.

SaveMe Oh: So please don’t interrupt.

Mikati Slade: This is the best show in this Burn event.

SaveMe Oh: Go save a deer or rabbit.

Slatan Dryke: Ok that’s great, there are other places where to have your meeting.

Mikati Slade: Many ponies are the audiences

Slatan Dryke: So again please stop it, poor ponies.

SaveMe Oh: How was church this morning?


Slatan Dryke: For the last time, shut down this please.

SaveMe Oh: Is that an ultimatum? On what grounds?

Slatan Dryke: It’s not an ultimatum, dear. It’s a gentle request

SaveMe Oh: Slatan go back to your church or boy scouts cabin and leave Mikati and me in peace

Slatan Dryke: Who are you to tell me what I have to do?

SaveMe Oh: Or make a campfire here, also good. As ranger for sure you know how to make a campfire. Go catch us a fish.

Slatan Dryke: I do and you?

SaveMe Oh: Mikati and I may become hungry after our art meeting


Mikati Slade: The ponies are getting afraid.

SaveMe Oh: They might think Slatan is going to slaughter them

Slatan Dryke: I love the animals. I just hate the idiots.

SaveMe Oh: Don’t you call Mikati an idiot!

Slatan Dryke: Not at all, in general talking. I guess you do too

Mikati Slade: I am worried if ppl think I am an idiot when I built full blight huge thing first time

but after I felt safe because SaveMe is there I got to know

Slatan Dryke: Good for you Mikati. You have all my respect and I love your buildings. The cake stage is a masterpiece.

SaveMe Oh: You have yourself a boy scout admirer, Mikati!

Mikati Slade: What you mean? I am not a Christian.

SaveMe Oh: Haha, the boy scout loves you.

Slatan Dryke: So SaveMe what would you like to do, going on with this unauthorized useless show?

Mikati Slade: Gay ppl seem to love me yes

SaveMe Oh: Haha

Slatan Dryke: Are you saying I am a gay, Mikati?

SaveMe Oh: I think she was

SaveMe Oh: But we love gay people, that’s why we put extra pink in our work.

Mikati Slade: Gay ppl love pink?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, a lot.

Mikati Slade: Oh I see

Slatan Dryke: I hate pink

SaveMe Oh: Because you haven’t had your coming out yet

Slatan Dryke: Yellow is better

SaveMe Oh: And still dress up as a boy scout. That is a gay in denial.

Slatan Dryke: Maybe. Not your business in any case. My orientation is not your business.

SaveMe Oh: No, just as I am not of any of your business

Slatan Dryke: Because it could be rude.

SaveMe Oh: Mikati, what were we talking about before this fool arrived?

Slatan Dryke: Fool? Me? Oh dear. Maybe you can convince SaveMe Oh to stop this unauthorized show?


Slatan Dryke ejected you from this land.

We Do Not Wear Uniforms; We Wear Costumes.

Rangers are traditional guardians of the shared values of the BURN2 community. We are empowered by the community to address concerns, mediate disputes, and resolve conflicts if they can not be resolved by the residents themselves and respond to non-consensual assaults (griefing). Rangers encourage a community of shared responsibility and assist only as needed. The role of the Ranger has been described as “Riding the edge of chaos.”

Rangers on-duty patrol an area, a range of territory, interacting with its residents on a personal level. Rangers are the most visible part of our organization during the event, and often the first (and possibly only) contact for residents with the BURN2 Operations Team. They are often the first response to a situation. While on patrol you will keep moving around your assigned area. Meet and greet your fellow residents; you are part of the BURN2 community. Stop in for a campfire chat at a nice-looking camp. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first-time Ranger, your presence and the Resident’s perceptions of you are a valuable team asset. If a problem occurs later in your patrol area, you may have already developed a relationship with the residents involved.


What we are

We are mediators. We act as go-betweens helping people resolve disputes. Our role is to act as an independent third party and help people find compromises all parties can live with. Rangers rise from the dust when we’re needed and recede when we’re done.

What we are not

Rangers are NOT cops. We are not a police force, and we have no authority other than that which the BURN2 community has given us. We do not tell people what to do, and we do not give orders. We do not battle griefers. We do not wear uniforms; we wear costumes.

Slatan Dryke

Ranger Slatan Dryke 2

2014 training is under way! Training takes place in September every year for new and returning Rangers.

This year, first year Rangers complete six hours of training; second year Rangers complete two hours; and Senior Rangers complete one. Training includes Ranger operations, protocols, and procedures, as well as active listening skills, mediation, role playing, and reviewing case studies from past events.

For more information about who we are and what we do, check out Who are the Rangers?

For recruiting information, check out How to Join the Rangers.

Department Lead: DanOfWa Flanagan

Operations Lead: Ladyslipper Constantine

Training Lead: Leondra Larsson

Don’t You Have To Brush Your Ponies?

Discord (temba): hello can you please remove that

SaveMe Oh: I am a member of the performance team. please behave.

Discord (temba): Wheres your tag?

SaveMe Oh: Dont it read PRESIDENT OF FISH???

Discord (temba): Please except my apoligies. I didn’t realise what you were doing and sorry for being all business like. If all of this is a big misunderstanding then i am very sorry


Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): hi Save-Me-Oh

SaveMe Oh: Do not worry, most people dont realise when they run into real art

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): Too late for this year’s BURN2. I hoped that you were here last week

Zaikameriu Ichtama: Wow that looks cool

SaveMe Oh: Nobody goes to Burn anymore, so we even didnt know it still existed. And we prefer the afterparty anyway.

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): great… then the more than 100 Burners we had here last week-end were phantoms

SaveMe Oh: Yes all bots, zombies, consumers. Now its time for real art.

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): You could have bought one plot for your art

SaveMe Oh: The peole here invite me always

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): But you haven’t given the honor of your presence. Now it’s too late, but there will be more BURN2

SaveMe Oh: You could have been smart and had invited me as well

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): you knew the dates…

SaveMe Oh: Actually not

Slatan Dryke: Hello SaveMe. Still around ?

SaveMe Oh: Has the complete police force a day off?

Slatan Dryke: Dont see police around, just someone annoying the folks here

SaveMe Oh: Dont you have to brush your ponies?

Slatan Dryke: As you are used to do so please remove it

Discord (temba): These are fantastic graphics

SaveMe Oh: Go dance a little baby and relax

Slatan Dryke: I am gently asking to remove it

SaveMe Oh: You already listening to the stream? Instead of playing FBI?

Nutski Newman: Hi all

SaveMe Oh: Nutski, tell them please

Nutski Newman: Tell m what

SaveMe Oh: About the performance part etc.

Nutski Newman: you ARE the performance, as usual


Slatan Dryke ejected and banned you from this land.

Slatan Dryke ejected and banned you from this land.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

Radioactive Rosca ejected and banned you from this land.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

Radioactive Rosca ejected and banned you from this land.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

Radioactive Rosca ejected and banned you from this land.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

Josef K: Burn2 is over .. why does he worry

Jce Emoto: Just when I wanted to say. let her have a go. A pity I came too late Let her do her show please!

Radioactive Ranger (Radioactive Rosca): there are no more shows, here. The BURN2 has ended

Jce Emoto: At moment she doesnt disturb any other:)

Radioactive Ranger (Radioactive Rosca): If you are the owners of plots, you still can use your parcels

Jce Emoto: Yes she could have asked

Josef K: SaveMe Oh is the most important artist in Second Life

Slatan Dryke: No just an important griefer

Jce Emoto: I’m very familiar with her standup art

Radioactive Ranger (Radioactive Rosca): It’s your opinion, Josef

Slatan Dryke: Not an artist

Jce Emoto: Its both:) Griefer art, art griefer.

Glasz Decuir: Who is this Chuck Norris? Have they eject you?

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Glasz Decuir: What shit

Slatan Dryke: Folks the show is over, nothing to see here, so ignore her and keep doing your stuff please.

Zaikameriu Ichtama: Lol she keeps bouncing around

Slatan Dryke: Ok my time to share with her its over, so have fun and please ignore her

Temba Resident: so if burners complain we are not doing enough to protect them and the sims?

Slatan Dryke: Temba she wants your attention, she needs the audience so lets move away. If none look at her she will go. Bye have fun SaveMe.


But the complete army of Rangers were not able to freeze, eject, ban or remove me and so I thank Linden Lab for the opportunity they gave me to expose my art for more than an hour in these for artist hostile environment.

LEA = Respect

After the rangers successfully did some pest control on the Burn2 sims resulting in a peaceful and decent art area on Christian grounds and values the LEA committee begged the rangers to do the same job on the LEA sims who are recently under attack of artists who refuse to obey to community standards, TOS and general etiquette.

And the LEA committee is proud to announce that the White Tiger Rangers were willing to engage the task of some pest control on the LEA sims.

The most important rule they will enforce from now on every LEA sim is: Respect.


Our White Tiger Rangers here, under the command of Slatan Dryke, have a great respect for the new artists, for the regular LEA visitors, and all other guests who want to visit BUT; Nobody will be abused here anymore, nobody will be allowed the use of any harsh words or swearwords.

The LEA sims will be turned into a place for all who are searching for a nice, calm art sim, or for help of any kind.  The White Tiger Rangers will assist you in your attempts not to annoy each other and will prevent you from the use of weapons of mass gestures or griefing or anything else like this.


Neither will the LEA sims ever be again the grounds for any Drama.

If you have a problem with any other user here just hand over the name to the White Tiger Rangers and the problem will be fixed or just right click their Avatar and choose exterminate.

Everyone can keep visiting LEA if they respect our will for a peaceful sim.

You can wear your weapons while you are here if they are part of an outfit, but don’t dare to use them or we will blow you away forever. Always remember too that we are a G-rated Sim, which means no swearing, nudity of adult talk or gestures.


Always remember that behind every avatar sits a real person, with real feelings, real emotions, just like you. Even when the avatar is dressed up as a typewriter or pretends he is a superhero.


We all hope you enjoy your stay here and will be coming back soon.

With all best wishes

The White Tiger Rangers and the LEA committee.e

A three month training program is available at our White Tiger Rehablitation Centre (only for serious and decent students):

LEA Committee Hires Christian Fundamentalist Hit Squad

When I spent some of my precious time to upgrade the depressing LEA17 sim of my dear friend Pixels Sideways, who personal invited me there, I noticed I was in no time under strict surveillance.


SaveMe Oh: Ah, the BURN2 army is also on guard? Hey Slatan, idiot, what are you doing here? Did they release you from church? You don’t have to work at Guantanamo bay today?

Slatan Dryke: Move from here please, right now

SaveMe Oh: shut up

Slatan Dryke: This is not the place for your show

Cat Shilova: Do you consider standing with sheep a show…?  Then we have to find a new definition for show!

Slatan Dryke: You are a broken record SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: Fuck off, did I already say that? Go back to your Burn2 church

Slatan Dryke: Offending me, is this a peacefully talking?

SaveMe Oh: And don’t try to christen us here!

Slatan Dryke: Shit up Save!

Cat Shilova: Slatan, you are the bully here!

SaveMe Oh: We don’t want your buddy on the cross or you think he belongs to the philosophers here?

Lollita Larkham: Haha, longtemps que j’avais pas rencontré un specimen. Attention, j’appele mes cousins

Slatan Dryke: Well let’s continue your silly show

Lollita Larkham: Only silly people here please

SaveMe Oh: The LEA really hired that idiot? It’s really going down the drain here. I wonder if Quan gave him the job after a hot job interview

Lollita Larkham: what is his job?

SaveMe Oh: Kill me

Lollita Larkham: He’s from LEA staff?

SaveMe Oh: I fear he is as I saw him fly here before

Lollita Larkham: wow, so aggressive

SaveMe Oh: Slowly the idiots take over here for some free land

Pixels Sideways: I was afk on the phone  wtf just happened?

Lollita Larkham: free lands have no numbers just as free peoples

SaveMe Oh: the LEA hit squad inspected your place

Lollita Larkham: They detected you, that’s why, lol

SaveMe Oh: Luckily I was sweet as a newborn lamb


Lollita Larkham: They have a special radar for you

Pixels Sideways: what?   The only two people at LEA I coordinate with are PatricaAnne and Solo

Lollita Larkham: In France we have a new special radar, called Vals

SaveMe Oh: Yes, keep on dreaming, Pixels. What the philosophers say about people who pretend to be blind?

Lollita Larkham: I’ve already forgotten him…

Pixels Sideways: He’s an LEA Volunteer so he shouldn’t be instigating or investigating

Lollita Larkham: What a boring job he got

SaveMe Oh: In dictatorships the volunteers are always lining up in hordes

Lollita Larkham: Make police on pixels in a screen. lol!! I can’t believe it

Lollita Larkham: modérateur de forum en 3D

SaveMe Oh: Be glad you don’t have to feed the avi’s who are part of the self acclaimed police force.


Recommended reading on Slatan Dryke:

The Ghost Of Christmas

Mary and Joseph: Hi Saveme … There is a party going at the Burning Man sim. Apmel is here and Quan Lavender and Betty Tureaud too.

SaveMe Oh: Please TP me Quan will be delighted.

Mary and Joseph: I thought so 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Thank you for the TP, dear Quan

Junivers Stockholm: Always great sounds from Ultralight

Apmel Goosson: Ultralight make my ear has orgasms always

SaveMe Oh: At least one part of your body reacts. So on your head is a christmas condom for your ear-gasm?

SaveMe Oh: Now who is security here, those Christan fundametalists are still in charge of BURN?

SaveMe Oh: Gemma Allen, thats the Christian fundamentalist park ranger

Gemma Allen: Not doing security today SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: So which trigger happy boyscout is at duty today?

SaveMe Oh: Or is this a coalition between the Christian fundamentalist burners and the sky dancing banning hippies?

Percival Antiesse: seems like no one on security SaveMe…so let’s go wild..!

SaveMe Oh: We are blessed that its almost christmas, everybody forgives everybody

Apmel Goosson: Oh shut up Save and listen to Ultralight

SaveMe Oh: Is it Ultralight or is she playing a tape from Nnoiz Papp?

Apmel Goosson: Ultralight is improvising every set..

Percival Antiesse: Wagner, SaveMe..?

SaveMe Oh: I think she is playing a Noizz Papp tape mixed with Stockhausen

TheDove Rhode: Ask her

SaveMe Oh: I cant ask her, she never answers me but if she wants she can sing her answer to me

Apmel Goosson: I´m glad i can be here and experience her.

SaveMe Oh: Yes I know, dont forget to blog that

Apmel Goosson: I always blog Ultra

SaveMe Oh: thats what I am saying. The readers will be delighted again

Apmel Goosson: I´m sorry Save you don´t see the greatness of her imrpovised performnances.. your loss

Larree Quixote: Why do you want to be like that, Save? If you’re not digging it there is plenty of other cool stuff to do in SL. Maybe try to show a little respect for the Burn community that is making this party happen. My two cents. That’ll be a nickel.

SaveMe Oh: Now dont use the word respect on me, you should know I am allergic for that. People should respect that

SaveMe Oh: Is it the objective we stand here parked? Btw?

Quan Lavender: excellent Ultra!

Gemma Allen: Looks for Kikas and Marma

SaveMe Oh: They are suspended

Christ Zaurak: I’m hallucinating I saw a shark

SaveMe Oh: What music can do…

Slatan Dryke: please remove this stuff, thank you

SaveMe Oh: he hates flowers I guess

Slatan Dryke: SaveMe again detach it please

SaveMe Oh: Why dear? For you a happy christmas too. May you be blessed


Slatan Dryke: You are disturbing this event

SaveMe Oh: And why is that my dear? Where does it hurt?

Slatan Dryke: dear, again detach it please

Medora Chevalier looks forward to the day when we can block chat about an avatar

Apmel Goosson: shut up are disturbing with your sad babbling

Mary and Joseph: This is turning into a great evening 🙂

iSkye Silverweb ejected and banned you from this land.

Apmel Goosson: some idiot decided to eject SaveMe..where is your brains?

Mary and Joseph: Apmel is banned too now

SaveMe Oh: Thats great, at his beloved Ultralight concerts

SaveMe Oh: Those Burners really are a Christian Fundamentalist group

Mary and Joseph: I am so glad you showed up … It turned the evening into a great event

SaveMe Oh: Yes, you have to cherish those short moments before you sink back in the depressing Medora Chevalier skydancings

Mary and Joseph: it looks like Apmel is back with an alt now

SaveMe Oh: you are the most violent Christian Fundamentalist I know

Slatan Dryke: thank you 🙂


Slatan Dryke exterminating the last pockets of resistance

Apmel Ibbetson: It actually makes me sad.. I know from personal talk that Ultralight get inspiration from Apmel being there..and then some complete idiot decides to eject him from the concert

Betty Tureaud: then its good you have a alt poor Apmel

Apmel Ibbetson: no Betty..poor Ultra

Apmel Meerson: no..but i came invited by Ultra..she said she gets inspired when I´m at her concerts.. and then some idiot ejects me because he I talk in open chat with SaveMe!

Leondra Larsson: why so much, SaveMe’s?

SaveMe Oh: To protest against the christian fundametalist group who is ruling here about life and death

Leondra Larsson: LOL don’t think so, the burn is about… well you can look it up

SaveMe Oh: Burn was about

Leondra Larsson: Burning Man

SaveMe Oh: But the rangers who rule it now are christian fundametalist gang who have nothing to do with Burning Man anymore

Leondra Larsson: well I am a Ranger, and I am not a Christian….I consider myself a Jedi 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Also sick. Now try consider yourself as human or is that to difficult?

Leondra Larsson: Well there is still no reason to force your stuff all over, it’s rather narcissistic.

SaveMe Oh: try to be a human who doesnt need to ban other people

Apmel Goosson: I feel empty..i didn´t mind being banned from Burn when we were protesting for Kandi..but being banned from an Ultralight concert when I told SaveMe to shut up and listen is a little hard to take

Apmel Goosson: I wonder if i can erase 250 blogs I have written about her

SaveMe Oh: You are the only one who will notice

Apmel Goosson: I know Save..hehe..a bit sad..but probably true

SaveMe Oh: Its sad yes, but the truth

Apmel Goosson: We fans can easaly be ignored

SaveMe Oh: They always say they will talk about it, but after they choose for themselves

Apmel Goosson: well..- maybe if I told her i had close to 60000 readers one month.. I might be important..but i will not tell

SaveMe Oh: Tell her how much comments you get

Apmel Goosson: haha..I only get comments when it is about you

SaveMe Oh: I rest my case

That’s Why It’s Called A Uniform

We already were killed, banned and burned by the notorious art police of PIRATS who were wearing black uniforms with a sort of Nazi bandage around their arm to expose their moral superiority, this month we were mass banned by another force who takes great pleasure in the hunting down of free minded artists to protect their BURN Rangers headquarters.

Night and day they spent their precious time against people who try to think for themselves and who want to destroy their free, by the Linden provided, playgrounds. And guess what, they also wear great uniforms. And not only that, but in the early morning, just after sunrise they raise the Stars and Stripes, swear their loyalty to the upper Linden and prepare for duty. “Without our dedication, sacrifices, and passion for banning intruders like SaveMe Oh and her minions and acolytes who are responsible for over-crowding and abuse, the real art lover would not have been able to continue enjoying the marvellous art at BURN2, if it was not for our selfless efforts to burn and kill this unwanted individuals” says BURN Ranger Neeks Karu

.Ranger Slatan Dryke

The BURN Rangers uniform has a distinctive look and integrity. According to Ronon Carver “The uniform today is basically the same as that envisioned in 1920. Even though it now has shoes and trousers instead of boots and breeches, there are still far more similarities than differences. The cut of the dress coat has been altered somewhat to accommodate the women in the service, but the color remains the forest green laid down in the early years, and the buttons and collar ornaments have survived long enough to become a tradition,” says Carver.

When old hands like EmCee Widget say: “the more things change, the more they remain the same” it’s nowhere truer than in the Burn Rangers Service.

Ranger Barbs Kurka

“Our goal as spelled out in our regulations is to maintain a neutral image encouraging approachability with the broadest spectrum of the visiting public.’ In other words, there really isn’t any room for individuality; that’s why it’s called a uniform.”

Ranger Ladyslipper Constantine

Ranger Neeks Karu

Ranger Gemma Cleanslade

Ranger Radioactive