The Tansee Terminator

10 years ago in 2012 he told me this:

Regi Yifu: No women allowed. You need to leave. Sorry, lame cunt.

SaveMe Oh: you also want me to put that on Facebook?

Regi Yifu: Griefer, get lost. I really don’t care. You’re a fucking bitch. Go spread your trouble else where. Have a nice day! lol

SaveMe Oh: lul

Regi Yifu: I reported you to LL so have a great day

SaveMe Oh: To file an abuse report simply go to the help menu and click on ‘Report Abuse’

Regi Yifu: like you can teach me something.

Now he is my friend, SLEA boss and the Tansee Terminator

You have offered friendship to Regi Yifu

Regi Yifu accepted your friendship offer.

Regi Yifu: Tansee is gone by the way

SaveMe Oh: What happened?

Regi Yifu: I have changed everything, she was not happy with my changes

SaveMe Oh: She was never happy

Regi Yifu: Yes I know, she was very hard to work with

SaveMe Oh: Things like this online are very difficult

Regi Yifu: I agree, I was very frustrated by her

SaveMe Oh: Everyone has a vision, but how to bring it together in a community?

Regi Yifu: She did not do this, she only say what she wanted, micromanaged, ran people away. And many have returned now that she is gone

SaveMe Oh: I had lots of talks with her for SLEA, and after she run it her way

Regi Yifu: I just didn’t care for her ideas or how she ran SLEA. Her files are a mess

SaveMe Oh: I can imagine, must be a hippie dream disaster

Regi Yifu: all these multiple notecards, I moved everything to Google drive so we have one copy and all of the social media people can access it from this and we do this weekly.

Each grant artist is provided a SLEA Liaison

SaveMe Oh: As I was banned so long I didn’t follow it, but a task like this can only work with a clear basic structure

Regi Yifu: yes this is what I have created, the team of liaisons love it, much more organized

Coming Home For Christmas

Regi Yifu: You have been ejected from ‘Second Life Endowment for The Arts’ by Regi Yifu.

SaveMe Oh: Why? “To be #1 you have to be odd! Be yourself, everyone else is taken!”(from his profile).

Regi Yifu: The same reason you are banned from the estate

SaveMe Oh: And that reason is?

Regi Yifu: You know why

SaveMe Oh: Actually not, nobody told me. It just happened.

Regi Yifu: it happened years ago lol. Tansee banned you

SaveMe Oh: She also never told me why

Regi Yifu: She said you always make trouble

SaveMe Oh: That I take as a compliment. Trouble and art belong to each other.

Regi Yifu: Bravo then!

SaveMe Oh: Not really, being banned is not a reward

Regi Yifu: lol. well I tell ya what I will unban you if you can behave. its not good to disrupt things. We are working hard to make this a nice place to be creative. I love being creative and I know you do also

SaveMe Oh: Let me be free to be creative and kick me out when you are fed up. But don’t ban people for live, that has nothing to do with art

Regi Yifu: But I really don’t have time to deal with crap so please at lease behave lol. Come be creative, inspire

SaveMe Oh: Asking an artist to behave is a bit counter-productive, don’t you think?

Regi Yifu: I really don’t like banning people

SaveMe Oh: Ask an artist to be creative is good

Regi Yifu: If your actions effect the other artist then yes, and you know what I mean

SaveMe Oh: I know what you mean but still you make a mistake in your thinking in my opinion

Regi Yifu: Its just a lot for me to have to deal with and I don’t want to ban you. I am super busy in SL being creative everywhere and I don’t have the time to deal with all this drama

SaveMe Oh: Yes, that’s the burden of the police, artists have that problem less as they make art instead of control people. As a theatre maker in RL I cant deny my drama background

Regi Yifu: I don’t mean to control you but we are a society of artist and we should all have respect

SaveMe Oh: tell Shakespeare not to make drama. And respect never brought art anywhere

Regi Yifu: I am just meaning when you piss off other people and I have to deal with it

SaveMe Oh: Disrespect delivered the greatest art

Regi Yifu: Or talking shit about. I am trying my best to make it a new better place

SaveMe Oh: Yes, i know, I don’t dispute you attempts

Regi Yifu: And I want everyone involved in good ways so you are welcome to come be creative

SaveMe Oh: That’s a great Christmas present.

Excitement Or Respect?

After another unfriending and regionban….

Tansee: how long this time ?

Tansee accepted your friendship offer.

SaveMe Oh: Friendship is everlasting, in good and in bad times

Tansee: True, it is not so difficult

SaveMe Oh: And I don’t have to unfriend people as I don’t have to punish people

Tansee: its not about punishing, its about respect, boundaries, art

SaveMe Oh: Just respect my honesty then.

Tansee: I always do but it is something that should be directed to the person you intend

SaveMe Oh: Sanction things is something else than respect

Tansee: Not through embarrassment, private comments. You are not singled out on this, it applies to anyone.

SaveMe Oh: Not at all, that’s why I wish this freedom for everybody

Tansee: Everyone has the freedom, but there is discretion, that is where the respect comes in.

SaveMe Oh: Discretion is a choice, not a part of freedom

Tansee: I respect everything about you until it hurts others publicly. I will never try to change you. I will always be your friend

SaveMe Oh: Ban people is a way to change people, as is to lock up people without a trial

Tansee: In the future, if you want to do a show with Glasz, Echo or any of the others, please let me know. Its simple

SaveMe Oh: For knowing me so long you should know I don’t DO shows, I am an artwork, always. Simple indeed.

Tansee: 🙂 you know exactly what I am saying, then do your thing with people you do your thing with. Just give me a heads up.

Also I consider what you do a show. It is a positive word

SaveMe Oh: They try to put me in schedules, events, calenders, make a separation between audience and performer. But when you are the artwork yourself its just a case of being there. And some let me

Tansee: This is the perfect place to express yourself

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Tansee: And I would love for that to happen

SaveMe Oh: You don’t hear me complaining

Tansee: Just cut me some slack. I am not different than you or anyone

SaveMe Oh: I hope so

Tansee: Just trying to help others expose the art

SaveMe Oh: I know. I dont question that

Tansee: Help me then

SaveMe Oh: I help you

Tansee: You know I love you

SaveMe Oh: Always. Making noise is also promoting the arts, hippies forget that always

Tansee: Making noise respectfully. I totally agree with you on that

SaveMe Oh: Art should never be respectful, then you have missed the meaning big

Tansee: It can be all of the above. Being respectful to the people around you in different situations is important.

SaveMe Oh: It should be bold, cruel, shocking, disturbing, questioning etc, next to being a bridge, emotional, tender and mind blowing.

Tansee: there are tons of regions you can go to and convey that message and it would be welcome, right> and I agree with you

SaveMe Oh: Luckily regions are everywhere. You don’t hear me complaining

Tansee: So we can keep trying to work this out somehow

SaveMe Oh: Try to focus on excitement instead of respect, you are not a church.

Duce Si Diventa

A dictator is not born as such but is raised.

When a frustrated Italian boy, let’s call him Livio, doesn’t get the wanted attention as an artist after years of glueing stuff together he desperate tries alternative directions.

Wear a gorilla suit and pose as a musician, lick the ass of some other musicians in an attempt to be added to a collective and pose on social media as a moral compass.

When that all leads to nothing the only option is to stand out by putting other people down. Volunteer as a caretaker, make sure you get the banning rights and slowly start to eliminate the free spirits who make you look like a pain in the ass. The more free spirits you succeed to eliminate, the bigger the space for your own megalomaniac buildings and slowly you can start to decide what is right and what is wrong. Now you only have to wait till the old queen dies so you can take over all. And when that takes too long there are always options with a little help from your friends!

When I Killed LEA And Rezzed SLEA

Sayumi Tsunenaga: Hi there, I just have a couple of quick questions: firstly, this is a private group but Linden Endowment for the Arts Info is a LL group. That second group of which I am also a member has more members – but no current notices at all right now. Is it ever active, is it worth staying in, or has it more or less died?

SaveMe Oh: I killed it, you can leave that group

Gemma: thinks that is the old, yes. Well SaveMe not sure now lololol

Sayumi Tsunenaga giggles… So funny SaveMe! But yeah, this sure seems to be the active group, and you can’t even chat in the other

SaveMe Oh: After I killed LEA I gave Tansee the idea for SLEA, we will see how it works out. So far, so good.

Sayumi Tsunenaga: Very cool of you SaveMe, hee hee… how long has this group been going?

SaveMe Oh: Since I open SLEA, some weeks ago.

The Blank Canvas

After several blank attempts to open the new artist reservation SLEA, which resulted in the useable tsunami of mesh Barbie images on Facebook and Flickr I took the bold step to do it once again myself, provide them uninvited with a real Big Bang opening.

First I made sure I had them all vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccin and then I showed the audience how real live art in a virtual world must look, in a perfect symbiosis with the DJ Verdant Homewood.

I showed them you don’t need numerous sims with prim and mesh glued repetitions of the same over and over again, I showed them you don’t need an auditorium with 1000 seats were nobody ever will sit, I showed them you don’t need a machinima screen were nobody will ever watch a movie, I showed them why nobody needs signs and teleporters all over, I just showed them a real artist need a blank canvas so the creation can begin and the audience can dream away and wonder.