Excitement Or Respect?

After another unfriending and regionban….

Tansee: how long this time ?

Tansee accepted your friendship offer.

SaveMe Oh: Friendship is everlasting, in good and in bad times

Tansee: True, it is not so difficult

SaveMe Oh: And I don’t have to unfriend people as I don’t have to punish people

Tansee: its not about punishing, its about respect, boundaries, art

SaveMe Oh: Just respect my honesty then.

Tansee: I always do but it is something that should be directed to the person you intend

SaveMe Oh: Sanction things is something else than respect

Tansee: Not through embarrassment, private comments. You are not singled out on this, it applies to anyone.

SaveMe Oh: Not at all, that’s why I wish this freedom for everybody

Tansee: Everyone has the freedom, but there is discretion, that is where the respect comes in.

SaveMe Oh: Discretion is a choice, not a part of freedom

Tansee: I respect everything about you until it hurts others publicly. I will never try to change you. I will always be your friend

SaveMe Oh: Ban people is a way to change people, as is to lock up people without a trial

Tansee: In the future, if you want to do a show with Glasz, Echo or any of the others, please let me know. Its simple

SaveMe Oh: For knowing me so long you should know I don’t DO shows, I am an artwork, always. Simple indeed.

Tansee: 🙂 you know exactly what I am saying, then do your thing with people you do your thing with. Just give me a heads up.

Also I consider what you do a show. It is a positive word

SaveMe Oh: They try to put me in schedules, events, calenders, make a separation between audience and performer. But when you are the artwork yourself its just a case of being there. And some let me

Tansee: This is the perfect place to express yourself

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Tansee: And I would love for that to happen

SaveMe Oh: You don’t hear me complaining

Tansee: Just cut me some slack. I am not different than you or anyone

SaveMe Oh: I hope so

Tansee: Just trying to help others expose the art

SaveMe Oh: I know. I dont question that

Tansee: Help me then

SaveMe Oh: I help you

Tansee: You know I love you

SaveMe Oh: Always. Making noise is also promoting the arts, hippies forget that always

Tansee: Making noise respectfully. I totally agree with you on that

SaveMe Oh: Art should never be respectful, then you have missed the meaning big

Tansee: It can be all of the above. Being respectful to the people around you in different situations is important.

SaveMe Oh: It should be bold, cruel, shocking, disturbing, questioning etc, next to being a bridge, emotional, tender and mind blowing.

Tansee: there are tons of regions you can go to and convey that message and it would be welcome, right> and I agree with you

SaveMe Oh: Luckily regions are everywhere. You don’t hear me complaining

Tansee: So we can keep trying to work this out somehow

SaveMe Oh: Try to focus on excitement instead of respect, you are not a church.

Mother’s Day Hostilities

Hermes Kondor: Hello Zhu… how are you ? Could please block this avatar? SaveMe Oh. Urgently.
SaveMe Oh: Use your glasses.

Tansee: You have been ejected from ‘Second Life Endowment for The Arts’ by Tansee.

SaveMe Oh: You think it was necessary?

Second Life: You have offered friendship to Tansee

Aruba DeCuir: I see you have photographed here – it is not allowed and it is stated in About Land.
SaveMe Oh: I cannot read what is allowed on land that I am banned.

SLEA Lobotomy

As it took only one fuck with a gorilla at the gorilla party by Livio Korobase to make Tansee ban me at the SLEA dictatorship an empty mesh head might be the solution to pretend being stupid.

SaveMe Oh: Hi Tansee, did you already unban me?

Chris Craft: the Cornfield still exists but the Labs have not sent anyone to it for about a decade … It was like a one week long naughty step where griefers could lean to behave You can find some videos of the Second Life Cornfield when it was still running via Google

SaveMe Oh: Ah, those good old times of the strong leadership. Were artist were told to shut up and behave, were curators could decide for the stupid people what was good for them or not. Who doesn’t wish those times return again. Maybe Trump is into a new job? Now we so sadly lost the great Solo Mornington who took care so well about what was good for us and what was not.

Chris Craft: In my first month in SL I managed to get sent to the Cornfield for a week then it was just a huge field of corn a broken down tractor and a smashed up TV No TPs allowed No IMs No rezzing.

SaveMe Oh: And did it make you a better person?

Safar Fiertze: Chris is ace!

Chris Craft: YES now I am super polite to users

SaveMe Oh: So for him it worked, well done Linden Lab

Janet Rhiadra: Good for you Chris

SaveMe Oh: And without elektroshocks or some good lobotomy?

Janet Rhiadra: I saw it once on halloween when the Lindens had a cornfield open house…lol

Chris Craft: These days the Labs finds it easier to just suspend a users account for a week

Safar Fiertze: so – you could personally volunteer to be one of the punished?

SaveMe Oh: To volunteer is already something, Tansee just kills you at will

Janet Rhiadra: it was like going to a spook house..lol

SaveMe Oh: So the cornfield must be a paradise compared to Tansee

Chris Craft: there is an SL Insane Asylum over near New Chicago where you can get a free lobotomy on the 3rd floor

SaveMe Oh: Does that work with a mesh head too? I heard they are empty inside

Sowa Mai: if you have a mesh head you are already lobotomized

SaveMe Oh: I guess Tansee has a mesh head, you are right Sowa

Sowa Mai: I have 4 of them 🙂

Claud Albanese: My mesh head appears to have a brain inside, so it might work

Safar Fiertze: Tansee has a brain, Eupa took a photo of it. Apparently, I have one too.

SaveMe Oh: Never trusts Eupa’s photos.

When I Killed LEA And Rezzed SLEA

Sayumi Tsunenaga: Hi there, I just have a couple of quick questions: firstly, this is a private group but Linden Endowment for the Arts Info is a LL group. That second group of which I am also a member has more members – but no current notices at all right now. Is it ever active, is it worth staying in, or has it more or less died?

SaveMe Oh: I killed it, you can leave that group

Gemma: thinks that is the old, yes. Well SaveMe not sure now lololol

Sayumi Tsunenaga giggles… So funny SaveMe! But yeah, this sure seems to be the active group, and you can’t even chat in the other

SaveMe Oh: After I killed LEA I gave Tansee the idea for SLEA, we will see how it works out. So far, so good.

Sayumi Tsunenaga: Very cool of you SaveMe, hee hee… how long has this group been going?

SaveMe Oh: Since I open SLEA, some weeks ago.

The Blank Canvas

After several blank attempts to open the new artist reservation SLEA, which resulted in the useable tsunami of mesh Barbie images on Facebook and Flickr I took the bold step to do it once again myself, provide them uninvited with a real Big Bang opening.

First I made sure I had them all vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccin and then I showed the audience how real live art in a virtual world must look, in a perfect symbiosis with the DJ Verdant Homewood.

I showed them you don’t need numerous sims with prim and mesh glued repetitions of the same over and over again, I showed them you don’t need an auditorium with 1000 seats were nobody ever will sit, I showed them you don’t need a machinima screen were nobody will ever watch a movie, I showed them why nobody needs signs and teleporters all over, I just showed them a real artist need a blank canvas so the creation can begin and the audience can dream away and wonder.

The 13th, HEA MEA To You



HEA MEA, dear SaveMe


SaveMe Oh was rezzed on 23 February 2007 and is turning 13. During these years the performer, movie-maker, and drama-queen rose to stardom with her radical, constantly evolving style that is all the time creative, inventive, and far ahead of her peers. As a true visionary SaveMe Oh is at the forefront of cultural development throughout every virtual year of her existence.

SaveMe Oh has arguably risen to become the most influential artist in modern virtual history, and is perhaps the best ever known artist. Her artistic legacy endures so much that she remains possibly the most mentioned artist on the market, with publication as “SaveMe Oh The Muse of Many Famous Painters” that regularly is in the top 10 of the best sellers list, and ongoing invitations for international film festivals.

To celebrate the 13th rezday of this unique art icon of modern virtual times two of her biggest fans HEA (Tansee) and MEA (Roxy Gellar) have prepared SaveMe Oh a party on the 23th of February, simultaneously on the HEA and MEA sims due to the expected large audiences who want to congratulate her with her achievements.

Party will start at 1 PM SLT.


HEA http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xeltentat%20Enterprises/128/129/3536

MEA http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Delight/128/128/2

Roxy Gellar and Tansee already teamed up to ask SaveMe Oh some questions about her work

Roxy Gellar: SaveMe, I hate you because I spent hours in my particle laboratory trying to imitate your work. But all I end up with was ugliness. How did you come to this inimitable style?

SaveMe Oh: Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.

Tansee: How you managed to be such a great artist?

SaveMe Oh: Good artists copy, great artists steal.

Roxy Gellar: You seem to have an eye for art that is very rare, can you tell us, simple earthlings, how we could reach the same level of sensibility?

SaveMe Oh: Do you ever know what the birds are singing? You don’t. But you listen to them anyway. So, sometimes with art, it is important just to look.

Tansee: You seem never busy with marketing your incredible art, shouldn’t your fans be able to buy some of your art?

SaveMe Oh: The people who make art their business are mostly imposters.

Roxy Gellar: You refuse to explain what your work is about. Simple people like me have sometimes hard times to understand an artwork and end up completely confused.

SaveMe Oh: The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I make work that does?

Tansee: Don’t you want to take your superb imagination outside the virtual world into the real world?

SaveMe Oh: Everything you can imagine is real.

MakeHuman Software

Betty Tureaud: The end is soon coming for my landgrand in the HEA project, so i will make a little party with my favorite music. Come and have a little fun

Jadeyu Fhang: i can’ttttttttttt i spin todayyyy

SaveMe Oh: i can’ttttttttttt im banned todayyyy

Betty Tureaud: hope to see some friends here 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I am your friend Betty, but from your side it never shows and Tansee prefers to be the old Solo Mornington adept

Tansee: Love you SaveMe!

Willem Koba: I never get real love from you all

SaveMe Oh: You are just a copy bot

Tansee: Oh I would love you willem 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Do you kiss your dictator and owner Hann(ibal) also like that Tansee?

Tansee: Only you SaveMe

Roxy Gellar: Why on earth would you include SaveMe Oh in a conference call?

Aruba DeCuir: I cant come tonight

SaveMe Oh: Aruba and Roxy in one chat OMG, the losers army is on the loose. Betty, did you steal the chess from Cherry Manga btw?

Betty Tureaud: no lol

SaveMe Oh: Or is it a homage? To copy it?

Aruba DeCuir: As mean as always – when do you get tired of insulting people?

Betty Tureaud: lol its total homemade but thanks fore the compliment

Aruba DeCuir: Or maybe just grow up?

SaveMe Oh: I never insult Betty, she is my friend. With no artistic qualities, but anyway…Home-made in Blender? Did Willem borrow you the dolls? He always does my supply

Willem Koba: nooo lol

SaveMe Oh: When I want a doll I call Willem

Aruba DeCuir: Dutch drama

SaveMe Oh: He is a great copycat and we Dutch love cheap

Willem Koba: yes the best there is 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Isn’t it Willem? How much dolls you sold to Betty? Or are these secondhand Cherry dolls?

Betty Tureaud: No i made them in Makehuman software, pretty easy to do, try yourself

SaveMe Oh: MakeHuman software….hahaha, now I know how Adam and Eve were made. I dont try myself, I just order Willem to deliver them

Willem Koba: Lazy

SaveMe Oh: And the I glue them together, 1 min work, Should I arrange openings after every minute I glue something together?

Willem Koba: lol 4 dj at the same time

SaveMe Oh: Willem, do you have Tansee and Mandel Solano dolls? I need them for a Valentines project and forget the DJ’s, they just put the start button on their Spotify

Willem Koba: lol noo im with your friends linden bizzy now SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: To close Sansar? Or you mean my Linden friends?

Willem Koba:yes haha

SaveMe Oh: I told Ebbe to hurry up

Willem Koba: I think i can clean up the Amsterdam sims so i have time for your puppets

SaveMe Oh: I will help you, is Fredje still in the secret protection program?

Willem Koba: yep

SaveMe Oh: So we better not tell she is hiding with Kake Broek? I would love to help you clean up Amsterdam. We could put Rotterdam there.

Willem Koba: yes if fredje answer me

SaveMe Oh: I will tell Kake to let her make one phone call

Willem Koba: yes do that 🙂

SaveMe Oh: He must untie the ropes first.


SaveMe Oh: Have you already unbanned me?

Tansee: That…. my dear sweet friend is between you and Hann! What did you do?

SaveMe Oh: Try to visit a Ultralight concert?

Tansee: You make me so mad sometimes,,,,,♥♥♥ try talking to him,,,,

SaveMe Oh: You make me so mad sometimes…you give the impression to be a free woman and in no time you are someones slave again, disturbing. And being a slave with some privileges is more important to you than being free and love your friends.

Tansee: hmmmmm interesting

SaveMe Oh: I agree, the weakness of the human specie always keep on surprising me

Tansee: Are we breaking up again?

SaveMe Oh: I never break up, on my side of the deal I never behave different or chance the rules while playing.

SaveMe Oh: Tell the HEA idiots to unban me

Thoth Jantzen: i plan to…

SaveMe Oh: good

Thoth Jantzen: At least for my show, anyway…i don’t have a lot of control over them, but you know i don’t agree with that bullshit.

SaveMe Oh: When I would know you agree with that bullshit you better hide so do your best

Thoth Jantzen: i always do what i can. you know that. i’ve helped unban you at a few places before. and what HEA did last time was disappointing, to be polite about it.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, extremly disappointing, I had high hopes but when you call a place HEA, we should have known better

Thoth Jantzen:Yeah. I’ve been unfriended by more than a few people because i’ve defended you, so…even if can’t always change things, i do try.

SaveMe Oh: Maybe more will unfriend you soon

Thoth Jantzen: Maybe.

SaveMe Oh: thats the price of love

Thoth Jantzen: i do hope if i DO get you unbanned, you give them reason to see I’m right.

SaveMe Oh: Thats a silly statement

Thoth Jantzen: figured as much as soon as i hit enter…

SaveMe Oh: as if I have to give reasons to anybody. Unconditional is the word!

To Right The Wrong

It only took them some months to copy the same mistakes as the old LEA. The open hive of HEA is already shut down for SaveMe Oh if Ultralight wants to play there. Forgotten is the support for the artworld SaveMe gave and back are the old restrictions.

Roxy Gellar must be the happiest person on the grid tonight. Some days ago she asked me the following:

Roxy Gellar: So the Question is, Ultra is performing at Hannington this weekend, are you banned?

SaveMe Oh: The Hannington people are not your kind of dictatorial style. Be like them and open the world to every one. You still have time to become a good person.

Roxy was right. I was wrong!

SaveMe Oh: Do you know why I am banned?

Hannington Xeltentat: Oh hello SaveMe. Yes, there is a concert on by Ultraviolet, and she won’t play if you are here. I’ll lift it as soon as it is over. Nothing personal.

SaveMe Oh: Do you approve that she is able to exclude me? Secondlife give her derender tools when she dont want to see me.

Hannington Xeltentat: I’m a bit busy now for in depth discussion, but basically, old chap, it is my house, and like your RL house or my RL house, you are welcome here any time, and I mean that, except when I am doing something else.

SaveMe Oh: And when I do a performance in your house and on a certain day I dont want Tansee there, will you ban her?

Hannington Xeltentat: I consider each individual case on its merits.

SaveMe Oh: And will you kill someone when a friend asks you to?

Hannington Xeltentat: Different question, irrelevent here

SaveMe Oh: Did you consider to ask Ultralight to play in her own house if she wanted an exclusive party?

Hannington Xeltentat: No, because it’s my house, and I decided.to have her play in my house.. This is a private sim, and you are welcome any time, as I said. Except that I am doing something else tonight.

SaveMe Oh: Is Ultralight an old friend of you?

Hannington Xeltentat: I have no friends in SL, old or new. I judge each case on its merits

SaveMe Oh: And what merits you found in this “case”?

Hannington Xeltentat: I am letting Ultraviolet play her concert. It’s very good.

SaveMe Oh: And how many people were on her requested banlist? Only me?

Hannington Xeltentat: Not her banlist, mine. You can’t be trusted.not to disrupt things. You only have yourself to blame

SaveMe Oh: And when Trump would ask you to ban a Mexican. Hitler ask you to ban a jew or the KKK ask you to ban an african?

Hannington Xeltentat: Not an applicable simile, at all, and an insult by you to all the oppressed minorities. Unworthy of you

SaveMe Oh: You think oppressed minorities have to stay polite against their opressors?

SaveMe Oh: Do they have to humble accept the verdict?

Hannington Xeltentat: You know the answer to that one, but in this case you are not an oppressed minority. You are the one, on occasion, oppressing. And no, I do not humbly accept your verdict. This is SL, and reference to to Hitler et al is overindulgent and offensive. You should be better than that.

SaveMe Oh: I am much better than that, thats why you should be the one who should do better. You should refuse to ban people at any time.

Hannington Xeltentat: I should do what I wish to do, no more, no less. And I do. No-one dictates anything to me. That, in essence, is true anarchy.

SaveMe Oh: Tansee and Ultralight dictated to you. You obey. It has nothing to do with your own will.

Hannington Xeltentat: I obey only myself, SaveMe. I make decisions based on each case, considered carefully.. And they are my decisions, for my reasons. I do not answer to anyone, and there is no need for me to. Buy your own island, then you can do that too.

SaveMe Oh: I will never buy an island to sit there as a judge who is welcome and who has to stay out. I prefer to trust people.

Hannington Xeltentat: I trust the people I trust, and I don’t trust the people I don’t trust. I have my island as my space, and I give a little bit of it to people who want to do something productive and creative. no more, no less.. And as I said, you are welcome any time, unless I am doing something else.

SaveMe Oh: It’s difficult to try to make something wrong look like right, isn’t it?