Declaration Regarding The Defeat Of LEA And The Assumption Of Supreme Authority By SaveMe Oh

After a fierce battle of 9 years SaveMe Oh successfully closed down the corrupt elite “art” dictatorship of LEA (Licking Every A$$). The dictatorship used every possibility to ban, obstruct or silence SaveMe Oh in her fight for freedom but she was just too strong and now the committee admit their total defeat and agreed to surrender.

At the Two Fish headquarters they signed their Declaration Regarding the Defeat of LEA and the Assumption of Supreme Authority by SaveMe Oh.

The corrupt LEA Committee has been completely defeated and have surrendered unconditionally and LEA, which bears responsibility for 9 years of terror, oppression and exclusion is no longer capable of resisting the will of the victorious power of SaveMe Oh. The unconditional surrender of LEA has thereby been effected, and LEA will be wiped off of the face of the virtual world.

There is no central committee or authority in LEA capable of accepting responsibility for the maintenance of art with the requirements of the victorious power SaveMe Oh.

SaveMe Oh makes the the following Declaration:

The LEA program will be closed at the end of August 2019 when she will shut down all the regions forever.

The principal LEA leaders as specified by SaveMe Oh, and all persons from time to time named or designated by rank, office or employment by SaveMe Oh as being suspected of having committed, ordered or abetted art crimes or analogous offences, will be apprehended and surrendered to SaveMe Oh.

PatriciaAnne Daviau, JMB Balogh, LaPiscean Liberty, Jayjay Zifanwe, Solo Mornington, Secret Rage, The Dove Rhode and Corcosman Voom.

They are accused of the following:

  • Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of a crime against art.
  • Planning, initiating and waging wars of aggression and other crimes against peace
  • Art crimes
  • Crimes against humanity


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Collaborating With The Enemy

For long there are people preaching for peace in secondlife but behind their masks you can find the biggest dictators of all, sneaky they ban you for years and without remorse they play the peace dove and rescuer of the world.

May I help you

The DoveRhode is one of these snakes and when she launched another hypocrite slogan for last nights concert: “Peace is a choice” I had no other option than ask my dear friends for some solidatity with the oppressed SaveMe Oh. Obvious my friends Morlita Quan and Echo Starship had no problem with playing in DoveRhodes dictatorship, nor did my friends Glasz DeCuir, DD and Iono Allen mind very much I was banned there. Time to ask for some solidarity.

And was it a miracle? There was Roxy Gellar, who was also banned in full attack mode. We both had to take our measures from behind banlines.


SaveMe Oh: Unban me, peace is a choice


SaveMe Oh: Is that what Generalisimo Franco always said?

MonaByte: si entiendo lo de PAZ!

SaveMe Oh: dajame entrar guapa, que voy a darte un abrazo!”


SaveMe Oh: tell the dictatorship to unban me

Iono Allen: it’s the DoveRhode. No chance I suppose

SaveMe Oh: Use force

Iono Allen: lol


SaveMe Oh: tell the dictatorship to unban me

Glasz DeCuir: Ask Apmel

SaveMe Oh: Its an order


SaveMe Oh: Did something strange happen to you?

Glasz DeCuir: You sent us to fly

SaveMe Oh: Me??????? I am banned

Glasz DeCuir I dont know how but i am sure you did it, was you?

SaveMe Oh: Me?????????

Glasz DeCuir:Iono is very angry

SaveMe Oh: Because they ban me? What a hero.


Iono Allen: Do you think it’s Save?

Glasz DeCuir:Yes

Iono Allen: She is more stupid than I thought

Glasz DeCuir: She is childist too 🙂

Iono Allen: This is stupidity. If it is her doing this, I am very disappointed, I must say.

Glasz DeCuir: lol, enjoy the feeling of flying :))

Iono Allen: And I will stop every project I have on her.

Glasz DeCuir: Ask her, and dont be so hard. Is my intuition, maybe I am wrong

Iono Allen: She never did that, so I am surprised

Glasz DeCuir: Why you get so angry?

Iono Allen: I hate stupidity.


Glasz DeCuir: Now i think he is really angry with me too 😦

SaveMe Oh: Good, people collaborating with dictatorships have no excuse. Somebody must have kicked him offline. Poor thing.

Glasz DeCuir: Echo sent this evidence, it was TrillianTraal

SaveMe Oh: Trillian is Roxy’s alt

Glasz DeCuir:Yes so, my excuses madam

SaveMe Oh: You dont know but this is getting very funny. I dont see Trillian here in the sim

Glasz DeCuir: Just at the otherside of the sim from you, look minimap, NW. You will have to battle with her 🙂


Petitefleur: I’ll kill you, bye bye stupid, you suck

SaveMe Oh: You should prepare better text when you fly

Petitefleur: You suck

SaveMe Oh: Watch your language


DD: Are you pushing me in the sky? Ithought it was an alt of Roxy but if you do…. i didn’t expected you would

SaveMe Oh: Me?????????

DD: so answer, ok you didn’t, then Roxy has an alt here i dont know

SaveMe Oh: A peace lover like me who doesnt mind all her friends support dictatorships?

DD: she want to see Echo and Morli and me dead she wrote on facebook. i left facebook

SaveMe Oh: Well, that must be a difference, I hate collaborators with dictatorships but I dont want them dead, I want to educate them.

DD: i only be here to listen Morli, i am not in drama, not after 11 years in sl lol

SaveMe Oh: I am here to fight dictatorships especially when they advertice for peace

DD: you are free to do what you want its not my way, my way is to listen the music only

SaveMe Oh: Try a radio

DD:  i dont understand why u are talking like that to me, i thought we understand each other

SaveMe Oh: Understanding hopefully also means knowing about solidarity

DD: as you i do what i want and i live my own life

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and I will fight for you too when your rights are in danger, if you like it or not

DD: my rights are in danger? my right is to be here and listen and noone should push me in the sky

SaveMe Oh: You are listening inside a dictatorship, one day you might be the victim

DD: i live now and not in one day. there is not only black and white there is also grey

SaveMe Oh: When you collaborate with dictatorships you always turn very very grey. Must be 50 shades of grey

DD: i don t collaborate at this moment i am only here and i am free to be here

SaveMe Oh: Being there is collaborating with people who kill your friends. Luckily I am not completely dead yet

DD: As i said i am not in any faction


JC Underwood: Tell me are  you the one sending us in air?

SaveMe Oh: Would you love that darling?

JC Underwood: i put movement lock on long time ago

SaveMe Oh: And does it work well?

JC Underwood: better than first time


Ataro Asbrink: Can you please stop this?

SaveMe Oh: Is the dictatorship you are in under attack? OMG


SaveMe Oh: Are you coming to bring peace?

The DoveRhode: You such a head trip

SaveMe Oh: Can you unban me? I might be in time for Echo’s concert


Then Roxy Gellar and The DoveRhode appear next to me behind the banlines I was locked up. To orbit or not to orbit was the question.

SaveMe Oh: You also see the banlines? Its not nice you orbit people Roxy

The DoveRhode: Why do you do this.,..thought we are friends all theses years Roxy?? So harsh

Roxy Gellar: I did nothing you banned me

The DoveRhode: So rude to come here and trash my guests

SaveMe Oh: Omg Roxy, you are banned too?

Roxy Gellar: It was SaveMe and you know it.

The DoveRhode: Nothing better to do than this?

Roxy Gellar: You banned me, some friend

The DoveRhode: Others saw on the huds you bounce them around

SaveMe Oh: Well, you might deserve a ban Roxy, but still I will defend your freedom too

The DoveRhode: Such insanity

SaveMe Oh: Peace is a choice Dove, never ban people

Roxy Gellar: Bullshit

SaveMe Oh: Dictators do that

Roxy Gellar: Whatever you want to believe to allow SaveMe to go on.

The DoveRhode: You come here and treat us like crap

Roxy Gellar: It was happening before I arrived, Im sure, Cunt!

The DoveRhode: I am not here to be the mom

Roxy Gellar: Yet here you are

The DoveRhode: I made a concert of others to enjoy

Roxy Gellar: You banned me and I had done nothing

SaveMe Oh: I would be glad to make it even more enjoyable

The DoveRhode: Standing around bouncing my guests is BS, why you need a excuse to do this? Now I am so sad.

SaveMe Oh: Dove, when you didnt ban people, we all could make free choices

Roxy Gellar: You banned me… your guests were being griefed before I even arrived

The DoveRhode: And SaveMe has done this to me for 7 years

Roxy Gellar: You stupid cow

The DoveRhode: To much hate

SaveMe Oh: I dont hate, I give

Roxy Gellar: Dove, You’re banned from any of my future events

The DoveRhode: Sorry Roxy alts or not

Roxy Gellar: But since you banned me without reason?

The DoveRhode: Is not acceptable on this land

Roxy Gellar: I’m happy you’re out here as well

SaveMe Oh: Roxy alt is TrillianTraal, was here too

Roxy Gellar: Fuck you

The DoveRhode: Sorry all this hate is inside of people

SaveMe Oh: Dove, unban people and love them

Roxy Gellar: I’m sorry you’re so stupid

The DoveRhode: Over 7 years of this hater drama

SaveMe Oh: And when Roxy makes her goat noises, just mute her

Roxy Gellar: Right whatever you say… you were always welcome at my venue

The DoveRhode: To much and how can any RL person be so mean

SaveMe Oh: Peace is a choice

Roxy Gellar: And I supported your venue s well

The DoveRhode: Fault finding , arrogance

Roxy Gellar: How can you be so mean?

The DoveRhode: sick

Roxy Gellar: sick


SaveMe Oh: Hey Roxy, changed avi?

TrillianTraal: …….


From Facebook:

Roxy Gellar: Well, Dove Rhodes can go fuck herself now as well. SaveMe was griefing Peace is a Choice and Dove banned me. I’m really running out of people I have a use for in SL.

I expect to see my account suspended while Dove and other stupid cunts continue to allow SaveMe Oh to be a spoiled brat.

I’m so done with the bullshit and the drama. That’s the end of it, the expense and time to create events for people who are friends of these cunts? How could I have wasted so much of my life?

Bryn’s Birthday (Please Add Pants On Trump!!!)

Isadora Alaya: Donald Trump, hi! Welcome to Peace!

The Dove Rhode: Welcome Donald

Apmel Goosson: Donald!!! Looking good as always 🙂

The Dove Rhode: Get pants on Trump, please


Grabbing some pussy!

Maya: Donald!!! Love you avi

Apmel Goosson: Donald’¨s is so small that it doesn’t really matter

Donald Trump: Before I looked like Solo Mornington but he is finished

The Dove Rhode: Please, we honor Bryn..

Donald Trump: So I choose an alternative. Bryn is my daughter.

Lee1 Olsen: Cool!

Donald Trump: May I decide myself how I honor her?

The Dove Rhode: Please add pants Trump!

Maya: Bryn is such a blessing to us all!

Donald Trump: Have you behaved nicely, Bryn, or did you spent all family money again?


The Dove Rhode: ejected and banned you from this land. (BUT I AM THE DONALD!!!!)

Maya: So Bryn, did you ever think you would be in this for 10 years?

Donald Trump: She is so old she might have passed away standing here.

Bryn Oh: Noo doesn’t really feel like ten years, ah its SaveMe

Donald Trump: Omg it talks!!!!

The Dove Rhode: With SPECIAL thanks to Bryn Oh and all she shares and brings to Second Life. I honor and thank you Bryn!

Donald Trump: Hope you don’t spent all the money I gave you on this party

Bryn Oh: It’s a bit ironic you are dressed as Donald Trump

Donald Trump: It’s a bit ironic you became known with rabbits.

Maya: I honestly feel Trump will be the last American president!

Donald Trump: But shall we dance? If only SaveMe Oh could be here to upgrade this boring avatar parking


TheDove Rhode ejected and banned you from this land. (BUT I AM THE DONALD!!!!)

The Dove Rhode: So all know..this is a no HASSLE ZONE clearly stated. Hassle not Allowed.

Donald Trump: You mean a dictatorship

The Dove Rhode: It’s a thank you to Bryn have respect!

Donald Trump: A dictatorship where you decide what is allowed. Its popular nowadays. My friend Erdogan, Putin, myself, the Dove Rhode….. all the same kind of people

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.


The Ghost Of Christmas

Mary and Joseph: Hi Saveme … There is a party going at the Burning Man sim. Apmel is here and Quan Lavender and Betty Tureaud too.

SaveMe Oh: Please TP me Quan will be delighted.

Mary and Joseph: I thought so 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Thank you for the TP, dear Quan

Junivers Stockholm: Always great sounds from Ultralight

Apmel Goosson: Ultralight make my ear has orgasms always

SaveMe Oh: At least one part of your body reacts. So on your head is a christmas condom for your ear-gasm?

SaveMe Oh: Now who is security here, those Christan fundametalists are still in charge of BURN?

SaveMe Oh: Gemma Allen, thats the Christian fundamentalist park ranger

Gemma Allen: Not doing security today SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: So which trigger happy boyscout is at duty today?

SaveMe Oh: Or is this a coalition between the Christian fundamentalist burners and the sky dancing banning hippies?

Percival Antiesse: seems like no one on security SaveMe…so let’s go wild..!

SaveMe Oh: We are blessed that its almost christmas, everybody forgives everybody

Apmel Goosson: Oh shut up Save and listen to Ultralight

SaveMe Oh: Is it Ultralight or is she playing a tape from Nnoiz Papp?

Apmel Goosson: Ultralight is improvising every set..

Percival Antiesse: Wagner, SaveMe..?

SaveMe Oh: I think she is playing a Noizz Papp tape mixed with Stockhausen

TheDove Rhode: Ask her

SaveMe Oh: I cant ask her, she never answers me but if she wants she can sing her answer to me

Apmel Goosson: I´m glad i can be here and experience her.

SaveMe Oh: Yes I know, dont forget to blog that

Apmel Goosson: I always blog Ultra

SaveMe Oh: thats what I am saying. The readers will be delighted again

Apmel Goosson: I´m sorry Save you don´t see the greatness of her imrpovised performnances.. your loss

Larree Quixote: Why do you want to be like that, Save? If you’re not digging it there is plenty of other cool stuff to do in SL. Maybe try to show a little respect for the Burn community that is making this party happen. My two cents. That’ll be a nickel.

SaveMe Oh: Now dont use the word respect on me, you should know I am allergic for that. People should respect that

SaveMe Oh: Is it the objective we stand here parked? Btw?

Quan Lavender: excellent Ultra!

Gemma Allen: Looks for Kikas and Marma

SaveMe Oh: They are suspended

Christ Zaurak: I’m hallucinating I saw a shark

SaveMe Oh: What music can do…

Slatan Dryke: please remove this stuff, thank you

SaveMe Oh: he hates flowers I guess

Slatan Dryke: SaveMe again detach it please

SaveMe Oh: Why dear? For you a happy christmas too. May you be blessed


Slatan Dryke: You are disturbing this event

SaveMe Oh: And why is that my dear? Where does it hurt?

Slatan Dryke: dear, again detach it please

Medora Chevalier looks forward to the day when we can block chat about an avatar

Apmel Goosson: shut up are disturbing with your sad babbling

Mary and Joseph: This is turning into a great evening 🙂

iSkye Silverweb ejected and banned you from this land.

Apmel Goosson: some idiot decided to eject SaveMe..where is your brains?

Mary and Joseph: Apmel is banned too now

SaveMe Oh: Thats great, at his beloved Ultralight concerts

SaveMe Oh: Those Burners really are a Christian Fundamentalist group

Mary and Joseph: I am so glad you showed up … It turned the evening into a great event

SaveMe Oh: Yes, you have to cherish those short moments before you sink back in the depressing Medora Chevalier skydancings

Mary and Joseph: it looks like Apmel is back with an alt now

SaveMe Oh: you are the most violent Christian Fundamentalist I know

Slatan Dryke: thank you 🙂


Slatan Dryke exterminating the last pockets of resistance

Apmel Ibbetson: It actually makes me sad.. I know from personal talk that Ultralight get inspiration from Apmel being there..and then some complete idiot decides to eject him from the concert

Betty Tureaud: then its good you have a alt poor Apmel

Apmel Ibbetson: no Betty..poor Ultra

Apmel Meerson: no..but i came invited by Ultra..she said she gets inspired when I´m at her concerts.. and then some idiot ejects me because he I talk in open chat with SaveMe!

Leondra Larsson: why so much, SaveMe’s?

SaveMe Oh: To protest against the christian fundametalist group who is ruling here about life and death

Leondra Larsson: LOL don’t think so, the burn is about… well you can look it up

SaveMe Oh: Burn was about

Leondra Larsson: Burning Man

SaveMe Oh: But the rangers who rule it now are christian fundametalist gang who have nothing to do with Burning Man anymore

Leondra Larsson: well I am a Ranger, and I am not a Christian….I consider myself a Jedi 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Also sick. Now try consider yourself as human or is that to difficult?

Leondra Larsson: Well there is still no reason to force your stuff all over, it’s rather narcissistic.

SaveMe Oh: try to be a human who doesnt need to ban other people

Apmel Goosson: I feel empty..i didn´t mind being banned from Burn when we were protesting for Kandi..but being banned from an Ultralight concert when I told SaveMe to shut up and listen is a little hard to take

Apmel Goosson: I wonder if i can erase 250 blogs I have written about her

SaveMe Oh: You are the only one who will notice

Apmel Goosson: I know Save..hehe..a bit sad..but probably true

SaveMe Oh: Its sad yes, but the truth

Apmel Goosson: We fans can easaly be ignored

SaveMe Oh: They always say they will talk about it, but after they choose for themselves

Apmel Goosson: well..- maybe if I told her i had close to 60000 readers one month.. I might be important..but i will not tell

SaveMe Oh: Tell her how much comments you get

Apmel Goosson: haha..I only get comments when it is about you

SaveMe Oh: I rest my case

Preaching For Do It Yourself Salad Bars

As the aging hippies of CARP already keep me banned for years I could not go in person to their new remake of the Holy Bible, THE CHANGE. But my lawyer Bock McMillan was so kind to make a secret videotape of the show so I could see the doom loaded apocalyptic finger pointing angry at me.

Where most religions take centuries to develop CARP only had this new path of enlightment in concept for 4 years and where Jesus had to rehearse 33 years before salvation, the CARPIES rehearsed 2 years very active and almost saved the planet.

Now what we get? Pollution, doom and filthy gutters in which the angels Medora and TheDove Rhode will let us know there is no future.

On endless Pink Floyd imitations of Junivers Stockholm we have to learn how bad humanity is and that we should stop consuming, polluting and disturbing mother earth.

Junivers and Josina ask us:

How could it go so wrong?

When will we wake up, when will we change it?

Why do we choose to be so selfish?

We went to church every week, what can we do?

The earth is doomed, now it’s too late to change society

We might as well give up

Democracy for all, nobody has to fall (while they keep me banned for more than 2 years)


TheDove Rhode: Think Before you speak for all men or women!!


TheDove Rhode: Peace IS A Choice

Bock McMillan shouts: Don´t pee on the grain!

TheDove Rhode: Tact and Truth make for Calm!

junivers Stockholm shouts: STOP THE BANKS

junivers Stockholm shouts: CHANGE LEADERS

TheDove Rhode: Take power from Hate..Off respect!!!

TheDove Rhode: Universe is not a myth

But Cheesus says: It’s not too late

Never saw such a pathetic bullshit in all my secondlife, all done in a large sphere where they serve us with a slideshow. This is not a rock opera but a meeting of the scientology church preaching for do it yourself salad bars.

When I was Greenpeace I would sink all my ships now.

And the famous CARP chairs, you ask me??? Still the same. Glued to the ground so you can’t run away while they pour their texture diarrhoea above you.