Or Marry Glasz And Start A Family


Iono Allen: So Glasz told me you didn’t want to join the group she made

SaveMe Oh: Of course not

Iono Allen: She counted on you. Odd that Glasz did count on you so much!

SaveMe Oh: Thats dumb of her

Iono Allen: And honestly me too. Okay that’s dumb of me 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Why I should join her silly groups?

Iono Allen: So what? To try to see what happens

SaveMe Oh: I have not the slightest interest to see that. I never go to hobby fairs

Iono Allen: Thought she had talked to you about that and that you were rather ok to come

SaveMe Oh: That she talks doesnt mean I listen

Iono Allen: So you don’t even try?!!

SaveMe Oh: When she want to promote my work its fine, when she want to promote every idiot in SL its her choice.

Iono Allen: Not every idiot in this case.

SaveMe Oh: Maybe she can ask Marmaduke

Iono Allen: Okay at least one. Hmmm… pity

SaveMe Oh: Her list of idiots is long, why I want to be part of that? The new LEA????

Iono Allen: Nahhh… you know it has nothing to do. I hoped it was a way to try to work a bit together

SaveMe Oh: That kind of working together is glued on a virtual seat wasting time

Iono Allen: Maybe you’re right

SaveMe Oh: Not maybe, I am right

Iono Allen: You have more experience than me in RL on this kind of things maybe. I thought about that. Tutsy had the same feeling. Cherry too. But well, I said let’s try.

SaveMe Oh: Curators and wannebees are plenty, artists only me!

Iono Allen: I may be too kind and can’t say no to a woman 🙂

SaveMe Oh: So they better all stop the bullshit and work all together to promote SaveMe Oh.

Iono Allen: You and some rare others too 🙂 Ok, now I say what project I will present tomorrow at the meeting! The SMO project!! lol SMO promotion!

SaveMe Oh: What else?

Iono Allen: That’s cool lol in SL

Iono Allen: inspired by adv, now?!! lol

SaveMe Oh: Problem is that I always have to be inspired for all. So go do your work all and promote SaveMe Oh.

Iono Allen: Hmm maybe, I can’t know.

SaveMe Oh: Or marry Glasz and start a family.

Virtual Shithole Promotion

When I leave my desperate friends alone for a well-deserved holiday in Asia I always return with the lowest of low expectations because during my holidays they are completely out of control. What they do during my absence? They become art whores for the shithole who relies on the free publicity from wannabe artists. Art whores who adore to be exploited for free by the UWA, the University of Western Australia.

The way the UWA works to allure idiots to their grounds is simple and effective. Let idiots put artworks on their grounds, let other idiots film it over and over again and let win Tutsy Navarantha the competition.


Poor Iono Allen danced this time between the primwaste as if anybody wants to see his ugly avatar, Glasz DeCuir shows off all her edit effects she had not used yet and, Secret Rage licks the ass of Jayjay Zifanwe as they are both in the LEA dictatorship and Lampithaler make us wish a powerpoint presentation was the final step in art.

And Tutsy Navarantha? He is just there to collect the prize as was agreed on forhand.

The Stamp Collection Of Glasz DeCuir

Glasz deCuir: I am tired of politesse. I did all I could to be Iono’s friend, true he has all I hate in a man, any passion, any beauty and MACHISTA!

SaveMe Oh: Why you need to be his friend?

Glasz deCuir: I have no machinimator friends, only Tutsy but he is often busy.

SaveMe Oh: I am the only one, and I will tell you nothing. So dump the 2

Glasz deCuir: Machinimators with talent , I mean, I need a potent mind to stimulate me.

Meating of the heads of state

SaveMe Oh: Tusty and Iono are both not worth to waste time on. The only escape for the 3 of you is making movies about me.

Glasz deCuir: I did good movies about you.

SaveMe Oh: That’s what I say.

Glasz deCuir: Now I need other things, I told you

SaveMe Oh: And Iono did good movies about me too, all the rest you people do is a complete bullshit. Is that polite enough?

Glasz deCuir: Btw, my movies about you are better than Iono’s one (in my opinion)

SaveMe Oh: So Tutsy is the biggest bullshitter as he hardly did movies about me. Followed by the 2 of you.

Glasz deCuir: Tutsy has talent as machinimator

SaveMe Oh: He is a pathetic amateur. I can’t watch his shit

Glasz deCuir: I would like to agree on that but no. The amateur is Iono, like me. But I am going to change that.

SaveMe Oh: In that the 3 of you are the same

Glasz deCuir: Wait, it’s not a competition, it’s what my heart needs and I am here to be what I want, not what YOU or others want.

SaveMe Oh: What a heart needs has nothing to do with art but with therapy! So enjoy your therapy. Nothing wrong with therapy.

Glasz deCuir: Therapy is what you need

SaveMe Oh: You need therapy, Iono and Tutsy too, let them

Glasz deCuir: Running into Aino Baar’s arms selling your work like a whore.

SaveMe Oh: Some people collect stamps, you 3 glue movies together

Glasz deCuir: I will do the stamps I want.

SaveMe Oh: Yes we know, they are a lot, but all cheap ones. Except the few about me, they are masterpieces.

Glasz deCuir: And you need to update your video editing knowledge…. btw

SaveMe Oh: Only amateurs always talk about technique, true artists care a bullshit about technique.

Glasz deCuir: Now I go to work on my artistic work, have a nice evening

SaveMe Oh: My movies would be masterpieces even when recorded on clay tablets.

Can Girls Talk Win The Nobel Prize Of Literature?

SaveMe Oh: How’s life?

Cat Shilova: Hot

SaveMe Oh:You naughty bitch

Cat Shilova: I mean, really hot

SaveMe Oh: You naughty naughty bitch

Cat Shilova: … and my little finger told me that a drama took place with Apmel, Glasz and yourself

SaveMe Oh: Did it?

Cat Shilova: It’s probably just a rumor (and curiosity kills the cat, but …)

SaveMe Oh: I wouldn’t be surprised but then without me in it

Cat Shilova: Your sense of drama is fading?

SaveMe Oh: No, but I didn’t hear the rumour nor had the idea I was acting in this one.

Cat Shilova: So my little finger was wrong

SaveMe Oh: Glasz is a drama; Ampel is a drama, so 1 + 1 can be 2. She is completely obsessed with Iono and Tutsy, and Ampel is a desperate attention whore so I wouldn’t be surprised

Cat Shilova: That’s love

SaveMe Oh: Yes, true love

Cat Shilova: *sob*. Can’t prevent crying.

SaveMe Oh: I answered too less to the shown love to be involved! I told both of them they are of zero significance so that cools things quick

Cat Shilova: Ahahahaha. A bucket of icy water

SaveMe Oh: They should be happy with their roles of minions.

Cat Shilova: So true, aren’t we all?

SaveMe Oh: But they always think they can improve their position. But maybe that bounds them now.

Cat Shilova: The only way to improve it is to try to desinstall the dramaqueen from her throne which proves very difficult

SaveMe Oh: You need talent for that

Cat Shilova: Exactly. I have a feeble for gossips. Which is not a talent, by the way.

SaveMe Oh: Glasz too

Cat Shilova: I prefer juicy gossips but this one is finally rather dry. I will torture Ampel.

SaveMe Oh: I create them in front of her nose but then she doesn’t bite.

Cat Shilova: Pity.

SaveMe Oh: They should marry

Cat Shilova: Lord, have mercy on us

SaveMe Oh: Ampel is a good substitute for Iono

Cat Shilova: Don’t expect me to be bridesmaid on this one

SaveMe Oh: (who she really loves)

Cat Shilova: What?

SaveMe Oh: But after he refused to take her to Pere Lachaise they are at war.

SaveMe Oh: Now you have your gossip

Cat Shilova: This I knew, this gossip is rotten. Actually, I was in Paris when this happened.

SaveMe Oh: Ah, that was the reason, now it becomes a juicy gossip

Cat Shilova: Indeed

SaveMe Oh: Perfect

Cat Shilova: Now she will hate me, too?

SaveMe Oh: Yes.

Cat Shilova: I am terrified

SaveMe Oh: But she can cry on Ampels shoulder now as Ush is there only for his boring side.

Cat Shilova: My shrink will have to cure this in addition to all the rest.

SaveMe Oh: Maybe I have to send my bill to your shrink?!

Cat Shilova: I wouldn’t expect him to pay

SaveMe Oh: Or tell him Glasz will be his client too, soon.

Cat Shilova: I think he is already overbooked but it would be cute to sit together in the waiting room

SaveMe Oh: Is he good?

Cat Shilova: I think so as I am still there

SaveMe Oh: And are the 2 of you making progress?

Cat Shilova: It begins to be very interesting but we both have holidays soon though not together.

SaveMe Oh: Is that a plan for the future?

Cat Shilova: Who knows? Marrying your shrink could have some advantages

SaveMe Oh: A lot

Cat Shilova: The future will tell.

Cat Shilova: Then, Glasz could have Iono, at least.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, problem solved and we give Jaynine to Ampel

Cat Shilova: I will think about this all very seriously

Cat Shilova: Jay? to Ampel… mmmm…

SaveMe Oh: And Ush to Quan.

Cat Shilova: and what about the horsedick? He would need a mare.

SaveMe Oh: We dance around it for fertility

Cat Shilova: <— is searching her bridesmaid things. I might have some use of them finally. Who could marry Bryn?

SaveMe Oh: Any rabbit as long his cogwheel is working.

Cat Shilova: I find Bryn’s interpretation of Abraham + Isaac story more than suspect

SaveMe Oh: Of course, it was a cover up to be allowed to fuck a flock of sheep

Cat Shilova: With a gun

SaveMe Oh: Maybe the pope will declare her holy soon.

Cat Shilova: And decide that Immersiva is now a sheep sanctuary

SaveMe Oh: Suitable for every religion

Cat Shilova: Indeed…

Cat Shilova: If I would show that talk to the shrink, he would sign a formula for insane asylum at once. Therefore, I won’t show it.

SaveMe Oh: Shall I put it on my blog so he has easy access? We might win the Nobel Prize for literature.


A few moments later:

Glasz DeCuir: I have a date! Let see how many min I scare him :))

SaveMe Oh: With Ampel?

Glasz DeCuir: nop Apmel doesn’t love me!

SaveMe Oh: Yes he does, I just heard a big gossip about you 2

Glasz DeCuir: Let me know that…

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I am working on the juicy details for my blog

Glasz DeCuir: Don’t do that!

SaveMe Oh: Why not, will be lovely drama about you, Ampel, Tusty, Iono etc etc

Glasz DeCuir: You will scare all my lovers chance!

SaveMe Oh: That’s the risk but I found you a nice shrink

Glasz DeCuir: Shrink? What is that? If you publish my name on your blog again, no more books. And that’s my last word. And you are a bastard, 1 date I have and you have to distract me.

SaveMe Oh: Go have the date. Might be your last one. Go fuck him so I can edit my blogpost

Glasz DeCuir: Where is Apmel? I will kill him too!

Dear Glasz DeCuir, Transcend Your Borders!

I know I always tell you that the only good movies you have ever made are the ones with me and I mean that.

You might be angry about that but still I want to ask you for a favour. Last week I agreed you send the movie Disappear (Simulator Crossing) to the The Transcending Borders 3D Art & Machinima Challenge from UWA. But now I would ask you to redraw the movie from the contest.

The reason for this is that Jayjay Zifanwe agreed to censor a movie from Nicole X because it contains religious images.

As we all should know religion is a human invention to ease the fear of death and it evolved in the most deadly weapon of mankind and used for centuries as a legitimization to murder other human beings.

When artists are not allowed anymore to make the greatest outrage off all time the subject of their art we have reached censorship in its most fundamentalist appearance so please, dear Glasz, redraw the movie.

Your college you admire so much, your beloved Tutsy could not come up with more than this on my request: Tutsy Navarathna: Je n’ai pas de conseil Ă  recevoir de toi SaveMe. Je ferai ce que j’ai envie de faire. Ton intervention me donne mĂŞme envie de ne rien faire du tout. Elle est aussi stupide et au mĂŞme niveau que la censure dont on parle. Je te croyais plus intelligent que ça!

I hope you have more guts.

In case you won’t redraw the movie and you win all the prize money, which is to expect as you have SaveMe Oh as main actress, I want you to donate the money to Amnesty International.

Glasz DeCuir: Hello Jayjay
Asked by SaveMe Oh, -indeed i thought on that possibility, days ago reading Nicolex’ note card sent inword- to take out my machinima “Disappear” based on her live performance and in disagree about any kind of censorship on creative production I ask you to let out of contest our short movie.
Personally i think is sad the only reaction of this theme had been from a jury member, Apmel, not from artists. That talks a lot about SL arts vanity and low trust on arts power between Sl artist and machinimators who seems to look other side always a trouble can infect them.
Sadly I must do the same with the other machinima I sent “Guest Outsider”.
If your entity members review their criteria, and accept Nicolex’ machinima artwork, should be good news for ARTs.

I also asked Iono Allen to redraw his movies, here his answer:

Iono Allen I won’t Save.
I’m trying here to explain (too) briefly why, I am not searching to convince, but I would like that ppl understand my opinion.

I hate censorship, as I showed these days in posting what happend in Paris last week on a great commercial (and I underline the word commercial) event.
But here, for UWA, the context is quite different: it is NOT a commercial event, and all the thing that tries to make Jayjay is to promote SL (and UWA of course), and I know he spent a lot of energy on that.
Therefore, I give him the right to be right or to be wrong, the right to not do the things that I would have done: who am I to tell him what is good or what is bad?
Don’t forget that Jayjay, every year, has to convinced some of the manager teachers and responsibles in UWA, to give funds for the SL UWA sim, and for the organisation of this contest.
So this film by Nicole found him sit between two chairs (as we say here, but I’m sure you get the image).
He had to choose one chair (if he had a choice), and Jayjay KNEW what would happen, and all this fuss: so it’s a courageous decision (in my opinion).

Is Ricky Or Aino Tutsy’s Narcissus? Vote Now!

After I saw that Tutsy Navarathna movie Narcissus won a prize on some machinima festival I did my best to watch it. Something I normally don’t do as I only watch my own stuff. But as he is a friend I decide to be a good girl. But it was so bad I even cannot put a link here as it would interfere with the good taste of my blog. Of course I congratulate my good friend Tutsy with his prize money for such a bullshit but his groupies didn’t like my opinions that much.

JayJay Zifanwe: Be a good girl SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: A good girl tells honest her opinion. I like some of his movies, this one I can’t watch. The awful reflections, the silly camera moves through vegetation and the pretentious links with mythology which should give it a “deeper” meaning are pure kitsch. You would also laugh when I was saying Donald Duck was one of the survivors of Noah’s Ark. And you would laugh even louder when I would have told you that ark once stranded on the roof of the UWA dick tower. Actually this all is too sad for words. It’s a disgrace.

Aino Baar: Tell me please SaveMe in clear what is the pretentious kitsch? And what is the disgrace? Maybe I can explain you better

Ricky Grove: Thank you, Aino. Tutsy is one of my favourite filmmakers. Anything he does is of interest to me.

Aino Baar: I agree with you Ricky Grove. I think Tutsy Navarathna has a knack for filming, a creative flair and an aesthetics linking the western and eastern philosophy in complete harmony developed with his great personality. He has created the “Tutsy” style and, as always happens, someone may be passionate about his films and others may be not. Because it will depend on personal feelings and tastes and criteria of each one, but all those who think one way and those who think another, must acknowledge Tutsi’s capacity generating his own artistic language made with art, intelligence, structured, with detail, coherent, with quality, recognizable and with a touch of mystery and an atmosphere of solitude. And all that in the world of art defines an excellent artist. By the way he is also an excellent person and a very good friend.

SaveMe Oh:  It’s a disgrace for machinima this wins an award.  But Ricky Grove says I shouldn’t discuss it.

Cat Shilova: I like Tutsy, too, but this machinima is far to be my favourite among his work. But I will tell him personally why, if he wants to, of course. *Winks to Tutsy*

SaveMe Oh: And to review it better I even tried to watch it a second time, something I almost never do with work that is not mine.

Aino Baar: SaveMe, I think that to win an award with a machinima in a machinima contest cannot be a disgrace, because is the normal thing that could happen. Referring to the mythological world, taking it as a narrative excuse in this case, it is not at all a banal and pretentious fact. In my opinion, what Tutsy qualifies very well is his intention to contextualize and update the classic model, transcending it.

SaveMe Oh: Taking a mythological world as inspiration for the narrative is not the crime, but to work it out in such an awful way is. I think his only intention was to show some tits without anybody calling it porn. When he wants to show again some tits in his movies he better ask me as mine have not those mythological and pretentious proportions.

Aino Baar: I think that only those who are extremely innocent or the opposite: those who are extremely evil can become aware of the nakedness of an avatar in this machinima. The physical attractiveness is not the subject but the issues affecting the “ME” and the problem of transmitting feelings of loneliness and desolation. The paradox of complying with the model. I think the problem is not to show a nude in a film or machinima, but anyone thinking that this is something important. A Tutsy machinima with SaveMe Oh drops-suggestions? That would be worth seeing, definitely!

SaveMe Oh: After this machinima I definitely think I have to save him because more of this shit I can’t stand. He was so talented once.

Aino Baar: He was, he IS and he will be an extremely talented filmmaker, forever. Maybe with your suggestions he can do even more wonderful things, or to be more inspired, or to be himself definitely mad, who knows? )

SaveMe Oh: When people like you would not like every fart from people you think are good for business we could have a decent conversation about art.

Some seconds later I was kicked out of the machinima group on FB. Ricky Grove and Jayjay Zifanwe are not the type of people who like opinions.


Ricky Grove:  Ah, no, I removed SaveMe Oh from the group because her comments are inappropriate and unreasonable. We welcome constructive criticism, but calling an award winner a “disgrace” is not helpful or informative in our machinima group. SaveMe Oh has a reputation for public threats and hostile remarks. She is certainly free to express her opinion on her own blog or website. But this kind of attention-getting behavior will not be tolerated either at the Expo or on the Machinima Expo group. Public threats are not tolerated End of story

Kandinsky Beaumont: All these persons, generally men, always saying “End of Story” after they decided something stupid. Don´t they know that the story will go on? And that they will be left behind in their little attitude-End of Story-capsule?

Cat Shilova: this sounds to me just like another God’s behavior…. To Mr Ricky Grove. : I rather have the feeling that SaveMe Oh simply expressed an opinion which was not yours. And therefore was banned for being not politically correct. To have a personal opinion is not hostile and not a threat. It’s just to have an opinion, and if this opinion happens to slip out of the consensus, it is still worth to be heard and respected. I like much of Tutsy’s machinimas, but I am not going to like a machinima just because it was made by – in this case Tutsy – or any other famous machinima makers. I confess and admit that I dont like this machinima either and it’s my right as well as SaveMe’s or anybody else. This is called freedom of opinion…. If there is something which I generally detest in sl as in rl is “awwww… if this famous guy made it, then it has to be excellent, whatever it is…”.

Rose Borchovski: Mr Ricky Grove childish behaviour sounds like the machinima police: using words like: ‘not tolerated’. Not tolerated by whom, if I may ask? A reputation is never a good enough reason to bann. It probably means that mr Grove is very scared off anyone who does not agree with him! And I’m pretty sure that Tutsy Navarathna does not need mr Ricky Grove policing. Tutsy’s love for and talent to create machinimas and his capability of seeing matters in perspective are never hurt or in danger by any criticism.

Bob Black: omg…i just sat through the entire 9 minutes Narcisse….ummmmm, that’s machinima making at its most challenging?…seriously??……i hope it gets more interesting that all that faux-mythological rot and the dude need’s an editor for his voice-over text….dude, should study or at least take a look at derek jarman, who did a lot more about sexuality and transformation and mythology and had a sense of humor…..my vote goes with saverina on this one….much more interesting contemporary take on Tiresias, in Modern England, without the pitiful ‘perfect’ looking avatars.

BTW: This picture of me Tutsy has on his wall in Poncycherry, that must say enough!

Dog in the bedroom