The Betty Bore

When the most boring SL wannabe artist Betty Tureaud (Think random stuff painted in OMO colors) has a gathering with Ultralight muzak it’s time for a bedtime story.

It was ages ago I heared Ultralight for the last time. Wasn’t she that German Schlager expert? Softly I started to sing that Ultralight song I thought to remember; “Ich bin wie du, wir sind wie Sand und Meer” when my eye fell on the banlist of the sim. Of course it contained my name as ALWAYS BANNED but on the ALWAYS allowed list was the name of Alizarin Goldflake, wasn’t she dead?????!!!!!

Easter was so near, was Alizarin planning a come back? Hopeful I looked up in the sky, but no, no returning Alizarin, just particle pollution. What a LAG, I hardly could move, everything was dark, was Ultralight playing white or black noise tonight?

It was Venus, the one with the water-head, farting particles while Ultralight did a Tangerine Dream karaoke. I looked at Venus her alien water-head. They say the bigger the head the harder they fart. Luckily Ultralight had close to zero emission. I would say Ultralight could be climate neutral if it wasn’t for that alien farter….

Was Ampel here? The old one? I wonder if Venus could also do Mandel farts in 3D? Wow, if she could he would be so delighted. But a lot of people would go if she would fart Mandel 3D. When people say they have to go they mean to say they hate it.

I could already hear Mandel start shouting CLAP CLAP CLAP. Was he not aware shouting might trigger epileptic attacks, he better would whisper, psssstttt, not so loud.

The glorious appearance of Kikas Babenco made all LAG disappear as if in a miracle. “How is Marmaduke, Kikas? Is he still working in the security orb business?

A strange breakbeat woke up the elderly avi’s. Ultralight is a breakbeat expert but those particles disturb the radiowaves and brainwaves, they told me on secondpedia.

DOOB was moving in the scene. What was he doing here? He was hating the Ultralight Muzak. But hey, Betty Tureaud paid me to show up here, why wouldn’t she have paid DOOB too to make an appearance? Or was he just the doorman who had to send everyone who couldn’t enter a Jean Michel Jarre Spotify link?

In the mean time Venus’s farts had dried up “Hey Venus, next time you have to eat more pea soup!”

When Marmaduke Arado would have been here he would have started a show. Such a pity all those awful people parked here had scared him away with their hi’s and coucou’s.

While I was dreaming about Marmaduke I get scared. Ultralight was not doing her extended version tonight, I hoped? People were already falling asleep.

“Venus fart louder, people are falling asleep” only Dildo Haas was as always still standing straight.

And then Ush came in who I had told to stay at home to watch our sim. But she couldn’t resist a possible Ampel tango animation. I was starting the 5 minute countdown to prevent even more wasted time. Mandel started shouting as the Pavlov doggie he is.

I jumped into Ush her new Shinto Honda, told Kikas to blow Marma (a kiss) and we drove home. Ush tried to cheer me up “If Betty is an artist, I am SaveMe Oh”.

With tears in our eyes from laughing we arrived in our sim were we both grabbed a fish. Ultralight Muzak makes hungry.

Save Ush All

Ush Underwood, German Shepard Or The Alt From Dennie Ling?


Luna Larsen on the lookout for Ush Underwood

Luna Larsen: Hi SaveMe. sorry to bother you, but I got a question. I was last autumn on your island, i mean this, Two Fish. Can all people build here or just group ?

SaveMe Oh: Nobody can actually build here, only a small group.

Luna Larsen: Yes i saw land settings. There was a girl in the sky named Ush Underwood. Was wondering if you or your partner know her?

SaveMe Oh: She is our pet

Luna Larsen: Oh ok, is she from netherlands ?

SaveMe Oh: She is a German Shepard

Luna Larsen: Haha. Sure in game. Why I am asking is because she was 3 or 4 times on my island and I have no clue what she was looking there for, cause my islands are almost all the time closed.

SaveMe Oh: I think her daily routine is having no clue what she is looking at.

Luna Larsen: I honestly thought she is an alt from my ex boyfriend.

SaveMe Oh: What’s his name?

Luna Larsen: Dennie Ling. I keep monitoring Ush Underwood since last summer and she is always logging in and out after a minute when he is on or off

SaveMe Oh: And does Danny Ling look like a German Shepard?

Luna Larsen: No, but in sl we can be everything we want.

SaveMe Oh: Better keep an eye on her, I dont trust her either.

Luna Larsen: This is what I saved from my sim radars:

Ush Underwood on my sims:

The object ‘SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead)’ has sent you a message from Second Life:

Entered SIM (La Triste Luna): ush Underwood <117,188,25>

 = SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead) is owned by Luna Larsen


The object ‘SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead)’ has sent you a message from Second Life:

Departed SIM (La Triste Luna): ush Underwood, Stayed 1 minutes.

 = SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead) is owned by Luna Larsen


( 16.01.2015   00:01 )  sl zeit: 15.01.2015  15:01

From open chat:

[2015/07/27 07:33]  SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead): Entered SIM (Nothing is over): ush Underwood <216,73,22>

[2015/07/27 07:33]  SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead): Departed SIM (Nothing is over): ush Underwood, Stayed 6 minutes.

From mail:

The object ‘SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead)’ has sent you a message from Second Life:

Entered SIM (Nothing is over): ush Underwood <216,73,22>

 = SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead) is owned by Luna Larsen


 26.07.2015   19:36 )

The object ‘SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead)’ has sent you a message from Second Life:

Departed SIM (Nothing is over): ush Underwood, Stayed 6 minutes.

 = SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead) is owned by Luna Larsen


( 26.07.2015   19:42 )

From open chat:

[2015/07/29 22:04]  SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead): Entered SIM (Nothing is over): ush Underwood <198,75,41>

[2015/07/29 22:04]  SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead): Departed SIM (Nothing is over): ush Underwood, Stayed 4 minutes.

From mail:

The object ‘SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead)’ has sent you a message from Second Life:

Entered SIM (Nothing is over): ush Underwood <198,75,41>

 = SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead) is owned by Luna Larsen


( 29.07.2015    13:44 )

The object ‘SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead)’ has sent you a message from Second Life:

Departed SIM (Nothing is over): ush Underwood, Stayed 4 minutes.

 = SIM-Radar Ultra-Edition 9.6.7 (Homestead) is owned by Luna Larsen


( 29.07.2015    13:47 )

Ush Underwood 2

Ush Underwood behaving suspicious on an earlier occasion


SaveMe Oh: Very suspicious

Luna Larsen: Today 30 minutes ago was same: my ex bf logged off and same second Ush logged on. So I strongly believe they are same person and that means she is a male from Netherlands.

SaveMe Oh: OMG, males from the Netherlands are pure poison.

Luna Larsen: Don’t tell me more. He was 3 years my bf in sl and rl. Stupid me made once in 10 years the mistake in sl to get a bf.

SaveMe Oh: What is his rl name?

Luna Larsen: Dennie, same like in sl. The second name I can not share cause would be against TOS.

SaveMe Oh: Dennie in Dutch is a very suspicious name, lots of criminals are named Dennie.

Luna Larsen: Would explain much. When ush was twice on my home HS named: nothing is over.

SaveMe Oh: Those Dennies mainly work in illegal weed plantations and live in mobile homes,

Luna Larsen: It happened that the island was open a few hours, cause a friend of mine had a bday party so no one knew it is open and Ush showed up twice. That can not be just destiny.

Well Dennie is so far ok in rl, no weed and no drugs.

SaveMe Oh: We must confront her with this. As she (or he) also behaves very suspicious in this sim.

Luna Larsen: will not help much

SaveMe Oh: Always wearing very short skirts with no underwear and always glasses.

Luna Larsen: I asked him a few times as he got like almost 40 avatars.

SaveMe Oh: I think you finally have unmasked Ush Underwood and I was thinking it was just our sim pet.

Luna Larsen: i told it in december to the new partner from Dennie too but she said it can not be as Ush was online while Dennie was sitting in a train. Lol, naive. All people can login from mobile to sl.

SaveMe Oh: Of course, maybe Ush has multiple computers at her home and logging in with different avatars. All day long riding around in trains logging in from different locations.

Luna Larsen: You see I am not a young chicken. I past 50 and I hate fake people. But trust me it will not help if you ask Ush if she is Dennie.

SaveMe Oh: I will not, but keep an eye on her as she is daily parked here.

Luna Larsen: You must try to find out if she lives in Netherlands.

SaveMe Oh: Ok, I will keep you updated if I find something out.

The Mistreated Horses Of India


In a strange symbiosis between porn and Nazi vehicles I had yesterday a small exhibition in LEA 28. On one hand I was protesting with the porn pics of one of the LEA advice committee members against the grant for commercial builders to use an artsim to build submarines and Nazi machinery, on the other hand I was testing among a small audience the possibilities to organise a charity event for the mistrated horses in India. Is there an interest to buy these pornpics to save those poor horses? The first signs are hopefull that it can be done.

Iono Allen

Iono Allen has a closer look

Fafner Hofmann

Fafner Hofmann creates a smokescreen

Mark Bizet: One of the best pieces of art LEA ever had. Your place just should be bigger to make it all perfect

SaveMe Oh: Now thats what I also thought

Ush Underwood 2

Ush Underwood: Is this the party already?

SaveMe Oh: This is just a petit expo

ush Underwood: Its about Quans sexlife in sl?

SaveMe Oh: No, its porn. How you know its Quan, btw?

ush Underwood: Dont know .. therefore asking! Now i see .. on a pic is Quans tag

SaveMe Oh: Omg, I thought I cleaned everything

ush Underwood: Quans sex … who cares?

SaveMe Oh: I have no idea. You?

ush Underwood: Maybe not even Quan cares really.

SaveMe Oh: You can ask her, I never speak to her anymore.

ush Underwood: But maybe you know better .. who could be interested .. to watch Quans sex?

SaveMe Oh: Is she your friend?

ush Underwood: on my list yes — why?

SaveMe Oh: Then you might know better the answers on your questions

SaveMe Oh: I am just an artist

ush Underwood: Whatever ..see you!

Josef K.

Josef K. yellow ribbon  says he is not allowed to watch

Ziki Questi: That was a quick exhibition 😉 Gone already I see.

SaveMe Oh: I can come for a sec?

Ziki Questi: Oh perfect. Good thing it’s Quan.

Ziki 2Ziki Questi discovers a forgotten nametag

SaveMe Oh: Now how you know? Did I forget to brush her name somewhere?

Ziki Questi: She will appreciate it more if I blog about it.

Ziki 3

SaveMe Oh: Yes. For sure she will and its great for your ratings.

Ziki Questi: Oh yes yes certainly. It was very nice of her to have invited you over.

SaveMe Oh: She didn’t. I came in by accident.

Ziki Questi: Well, yes, but she did give you the landmark, yes?

SaveMe Oh: A day before

Ziki Questi: Well, that’s an invitation

SaveMe Oh: And when I checked it out I end up in this

Ziki Questi: They’re for sale?

SaveMe Oh: Not yet, but I was thinking of selling them for a charity event

Ziki Questi: To help support her gallery?

SaveMe Oh: To save the mistreated horses in India or something like that. What you think?

Ziki Questi: Yes, terrible situation there. Quite nice of Asterion to host your little exhibition here too

SaveMe Oh: He didnt know

Ziki Questi: Oh, he simply said he asked you to remove it when you left 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I thought it was a nice gesture of me next to his Nazi vehicles that are granted by LEA

Ziki Questi: yes, good industrial designers, the Nazis

SaveMe Oh: He is an old fashioned builder, he doesnt understand wearing so well

Ziki Questi: Yes, this certainly provides some, uh, different material for the sim

Ziki Questi: that’s hard work, trying to remove her name

Ziki 4

KandinskyKandinsky Beaumont searching for inspiration

calliope lexingtonCalliope Lexington loves nature

My Spinach Tea Smells Strange

As the artwork SaveMe Oh I feel offended by my dear neighbour ( I wouldn’t dare to call her a friend) Ush Underwood. In recent years we helped each other out when one of us had a shortage of sugar for the tea or when her bio-spinach was doing better than mine. But now she send a note around in which she seems to spoil my joy in violating, fighting, unfriending, blaming and ignoring and want to replace this with peace, comfort, respect and tolerance. Did I become an artwork for that?

She does this whole appeal based on her view of virtual friendship. Now what does this friendship mean? When this group of friends try to work organised together it ends in a big mess as seen before in the Pink Tutu project and the Alpha Auer Alpha Tribe Commercials and when one “friend” offers another “friend” a nice love raft this “friend” turns out to be not a friend as he has first to ask the whole world permission for accepting the gift.

When another former friend does her best to trademark herself as an organiser of welfare and supporter of the arts but freaks out when another supporter of the arts, SaveMe Oh, turns her naked escapades on a giant horsedick into art, at once we have to keep in mind there is a person behind an avatar. But on the other hand this person has no problems in a whole night role playing in 1920 Berlin and organising the banning of my poor daddy Cupido Oh, who was also in the mood for role-playing. And this all for being my daddy.

So we are allowed to role-play one moment, but have to stop immediately the next moment when a virtual friendship is in danger?

So to all these vulnerable people behind avatars in RL I would like to say, don’t use your avatar for your shit but solve your own problems. And when you really want to become so desperately friends in RL, make an appointment, you fools. And to prevent disappointments, I don’t drink tea and I hate dogs and little children. I have nothing with plants or people who are religious. I never saw a spirit, nor found my chakra and I do find the painting of aquarelles a crime against humanity.

So, my dear neighbour Ush Underwood, tea tomorrow?


That Solo Mornington and his politburo accepted bribing was already clear when we saw a complete sim in LEA filled by the Portuguese board of tourism selling trips to this country by replica’s in a grotesque ugliness that must scare off every sane tourist. But also LEA 28 is sold to a commercial builder. Here we see tons of military equipment like submarines and space shuttles and the complete collection of trains which would not look bad in the “spoorwegmuseum” in Utrecht.


Here is the artist profile of the LEA 28 Grant holder:

Now I already occupied that sim for my Bryn Oh Memorial but as all other visitors prefer to walk around with their eyes closed nobody noticed that you could build there.

So on 14 October I decide it had to be again me who had to do the dirty work by announcing the free building night in LEA 28.


And a lot of people took the challenge until the new politburo member of LEA, Quan Lavender came in and banned us all, Quan Lavender, the blogger who is so proud to tell everybody that it just takes a free gift to make her blog about you.

After the passing away of my sister Bryn from LEA, who didn’t want to meet me to collect the 5256 Linden but nevertheless couldn’t wait to put her greedy indiegogo claws on the hard cash, the current LEA collaborators who work happy together with the Linden who steal everything you own are JayJay Zifanwe, Werner Kurosawa, Oberon Onmura, Chic Aeon, Honour McMillan, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Lapiscean Liberty, Quan Lavender and Solo Mornington.  A nice mix of wannabe artists, self acclaimed academics, “be famous after you pay me with gifts” bloggers/media planners and the “volunteer if I get myself a sim for free” people.

And all those great people couldn’t allow us to build a night for free in a deserted LEA sim. Their killer fingers could do nothing else that search again as quickly as possible to that heavenly BAN button.

Where Solo Mornington comes barking about the LEA no sales policy it seems alright to use LEA grounds as an extra shelter for your war equipment that you want to sell on a later date, a little spontaneous building action is not tolerated.

The Linden fence and theft department sure knows which obersturmbahnfuhrers they have to commit to them to do their dirty work.

It’s just a matter of time before the first LEA sim will be turned into a virtual Guantanamo Bay where they can dump without any legal charges or evidence terrorists like you and me!

Josef K.: I got banned from the LEA sim. What is going on over there?

SaveMe Oh: I was banned. I think by Quan

Josef K.: I don’t know who banned me .. I was just thrown out

SaveMe Oh: me too

SaveMe Oh: Are you also banned?

ush Underwood: yes

SaveMe Oh: By your German friend Quan?

ush Underwood: what will happen to my creations?

SaveMe Oh: I hope it will survive

Ush Underwood: I am just not allowed.. hm  must read chat..

SaveMe Oh: we don’t want a new career broken at its birth

Ush Underwood: I didn’t even know that Quan has a function here. She has?

SaveMe Oh: They always find new Obersturmbahnfurhers

Ush Underwood: [14:14] Quan Lavender: nobody can come here now

Ush Underwood: but I don’t know yet why I should build big things.. sigh .. Nobody explains the world to me

Ush Underwood: LEA 28 is closed I think

Em Arabello: Hello, we was abandoned from the sim! We started to build. Can you return our things?

Em Arabello: Em Arabellos coloursculplture and FanFan Babiis constructions?

BaronessCRaven: As far as I know, that isn’t a sandbox sim and you can’t rez things there…Check your lost and found. If it isn’t there log out and back in and check again. You didn’t actually lose it.

BaronessCRaven: And no, I’m not affiliated with the sim beyond liking to spend time there.

Em Arabello: Ok. We just don’t want our things to be on the sim when we are abandoned.

Inside Without Licking

Without licking Solo Mornington’s ass or cleaning the sheep shit from between Bryn Oh’s toes I succeed to enter in the heart of LEA even while those two dictators keep me already for more than a year banned from LEA 1-6.


It was brilliant the way I turn Vaneeesa Blaylock failed and boring LEA 11 disaster into an art masterpiece. She thought all she had to do is make a few posters and that would do the trick to use the fame of SaveMe Oh to attract the masses but 2 hours before she opened her SMO10b event I occupied the sim, cleaned out my inventory on holy LEA grounds without ever appearing for their corrupt land-grant jury’s and start really attracting the masses. Saturday 25 may 2013 was a historic SaveMe Oh event with ongoing activities for hours and hours. Ush Underwood running behind Mikati Slade on the “road to you” trying to pursuit her with Zen tactics to explore the inside of her Honda Jazz from which she is sure that the inside is bigger than the outside, Ampel Goosson playing a 69 trick on the dusty crops of Vaneeesa Blaylock with unshaved Ed Vespucciano waiting for his turn. Cat Shilova playing the Cat Duet from Rossini on my Dead Cat Singing installation so loud that Iono Allen wanted to hide forever in his German Bed. Betty Omo Tureaud pinned on the only place she belongs, the “Broken Wings” butterfly box.


And the festivities have not ended yet, tonight the GREAT LICKING EVERY ASS museum will open its doors that it doesn’t have, who needs fucking doors in a virtual world????


With all fine artworks of SaveMe Oh, but when you feel the need to glue your prims over it, go ahead as the fact that every shit is permitted in LEA goes also for LEA 11. Eat your heart out. Just as I eat out the heart of the LEA Dictatorship.