A Transonic Venus Fuck

After successful events where I provided great visuals and Glasz did her best to film it the Belgian Transonic fuckers decided this time we were not welcome any more and organised a German/Belgium apartheid bunker with huge banlines. And in good old German fashion they blamed someone else to be able to be dancing liars!

SaveMe Oh: Can you TP me in? I seem to be banned

Planet Paprika: Hi SaveMe, I am sorry but I was asked to ban you because last time you were unfair to Venus Adored. I can’t TP you.

SaveMe Oh: She is not even online

Planet Paprika: No Kalyca is doing visuals

SaveMe Oh: So you are lying? To find some silly excuse?

Planet Paprika: I am not lying. People just want to perform in peace.

SaveMe Oh: You use Venus Adored as excuse, very sad

Planet Paprika: I do not but because of Venus I was asked to ban you … it shouldn’t happen again. That you push someone away.

SaveMe Oh: Venus would never ask for my ban, how cowardly to use her.

Planet Paprika: Maybe not but the others did!

SaveMe Oh: wir haben es micht gewust. Good German habits

SaveMe Oh: you should be ashamed of yourself

SaveMe Oh: I hope Venus will be very offended by this

Planet Paprika: I try to explain it again SaveMe …. the artists that do the event shall perform as they want and in peace and I support that

SaveMe Oh: You didn’t tell that, you try to mislead me with a made up story to wash your hands like Pilatus.

Planet Paprika: No. I told you how it is.

SaveMe Oh: An honest person would tell which person don’t want me there, and not use Venus Adored as an escape goat.

Planet Paprika: The people from Transonic asked!

SaveMe Oh: It took you more than 15 minutes to tell the truth.

Oh, btw, they use my visuals to promote the event where they ban me. Should I send them a bill?

Art Screamed In My Ear To Eject

With again a gathering with as only purpose to spam his own name (F)ART BLUE I took my responsibility as an artist to try to rescue the so called event.

Juliette SurrealDreaming: I kick Saveme?

Venus Adored: I have no problems with SaveMe ..let her perform

Juliette SurrealDreaming: Art screamed in my ear to eject

Venus Adored: It is ok, I just told her to perform

But instead of unban me they decide to lie.

Juliette SurrealDreaming: Venus performs now. If you want to schedule a particle performance with me let me know.

HAHAHA, a particle performance. The ignorance of some people!

Juliette SurrealDreaming: At this time I do ask you to respect Venus :))

SaveMe Oh: We always perform together, ask her.

Juliette SurrealDreaming: She said no. Venus said to kick you so you can stop or I ban now. Which will you do? Stop? SaveMeOh please don’t. I do what other tell me. Don’t be angry at me please.

SaveMe Oh: Juliette please don’t, especially what others tell you

Juliette SurrealDreaming: When it’s artist at my land I honor their request

SaveMe Oh: Hypocrites

Juliette SurrealDreaming: You are not part of Art Blue’s event, please talk to him.

SaveMe Oh: Air to breath and the only you idiots can think of is banning

Juliette SurrealDreaming: If he says yes no problem

SaveMe Oh: For your pathetic spam

Juliette SurrealDreaming: pfff

SaveMe Oh: Open up

Juliette SurrealDreaming: omg you make me laugh

SaveMe Oh: Laughing is great. Teach him how to do it

Juliette SurrealDreaming: He’s not my job to teach

SaveMe Oh: He seem to be in a permanent cramp

Juliette SurrealDreaming: Tell me him you are with Venus and if he says yes then sure I don’t have a problem.

SaveMe Oh: Thats why he sucks, no sense of humour.

Juliette SurrealDreaming: loool

SaveMe Oh: The great Santorini god

Juliette SurrealDreaming: I will do a special event just for YOUUUUU

SaveMe Oh: Everywhere I go is a special event, they don’t have to be created for me

Juliette SurrealDreaming: You can come do whatever you want when there is no advertised event. Sound good?

SaveMe Oh: I go wherever and whenever I want, especially in corona times when we are already locked up. I dont need to be locked up by you here.

Juliette SurrealDreaming:ahahahahah brat

SaveMe Oh: I just saw poor art flying by. What happend?

Juliette SurrealDreaming: ahahahahahhaahha bad girl

SaveMe Oh: Hope someone can spam his bullshit on his behalf. I am still behind banlines. Why are you so quick to put them and so slow to take them away?

Juliette SurrealDreaming: You know I left SL and then Art pulled me back for this

SaveMe Oh: Thats what all say until they come back for me

SaveMe Oh: Art needs someone to do his dirty work, seem you are the perfect slave

Juliette SurrealDreaming: I DID how did you know this? You are REALLY bad

The Virtual Role Playing Code

A man, somewhere in the world decides one day to create an avatar in the virtual world of Second Life. He decide his virtual doll is wearing glasses and long red hair and will dance the same dance on every spot it appears. He decide to name his doll Bavid Dailey. The man (or woman or transgender) behind this doll likes music and he starts to visit with his doll virtual events advertised as music gigs. On that gig another man (or woman or transgender) with an invented doll is pretending to be musician. Mostly recognisable as a doll standing on a virtual stage pretending to play an instrument that looks like a keyboard, a DJ set or with a guitar around their virtual neck. The RL man (or woman or transgender), somewhere in the world performs the music at home or in a studio, and streams this to his/hers/its virtual hand puppet and creates some kind of scene. This scene is a not to define as other avatars from all over the world can contribute to the scene at will, some appear like a rabbit with goggles, Bavid is swirling his red long hair in endless loops in front of the viewer or SaveMe Oh, Cherry Manga or Venus Adored appear and wear some attachments or fart some particles, all according to their own judgement in what to contribute. Other RL people prefer to spend hundreds of dollars to dress their virtual dolls up with fancy mesh heads, exclusive virtual hair or the best bouncing virtual tits they can find. Some might find time to listen to the music, others are busy to take pictures for their Facebook accounts in were they continue to pretend they are real persons. By tagging each other as much as possible this becomes a real feeling of existence.

A woman, somewhere in Denmark decides one day to create an avatar in the virtual world of Second Life. She decide her virtual doll must have Asian looks, glasses and the doll has to role play as an artist, she decide to name her doll Betty Ai Tureaud. The wannabe artist doll try to become known as the creator of the cube in pastel yellow, pink or green, the sphere in pastel yellow, pink or green or the pyramid in pastel yellow, pink or green and calls that immersive as the spectator is expected to drive his/her/its virtual doll through the pastel landscape.

The RL woman (or man or transgender), somewhere in Denmark, demands a virtual role playing code for her audience. They shall sit on her dolls poseballs, they shall look at her virtual dolls art and they shall adapt to the dolls pastel scenery. When someone doesn’t follow these orders the RL woman try to demonise not cooperating virtual characters or their RL drivers, thinking she can correct the unwanted behaviour by public exposure like the good old witchhunt.

When the RL woman (or man or transgender), somewhere in Denmark, realises there is hardly a virtual audience for her dolls variations on the pastel yellow, pink or green cubes, spheres and pyramids she decide for a career switch for her doll. From now on the doll is a DJ, named Betty Boo, but the virtual role playing code stays unchanged, shut up and admire the RL woman (or man or transgender), somewhere in Denmark, choice of favourite music which she has in her Spotify playlist.

A man, (or woman or transgender) somewhere in the Netherlands has a performance. The people of the audience buy a ticket, enter the theatre, have a coffee and then search for their chair. Lights go out, the performance begins, the immersive story unfolds in front of them, they applaud, have a drink after the performance and go home.

A man, (or woman or transgender) somewhere in the Netherlands decides one day to create a serie of avatars in the virtual world of Second Life. He creates a girl with Asian looks, he creates her old father, his girlfriend and invents a story for them, She is going to be a virtual work of art, using all tools available to achieve that goal, not hold back by RL common codes or virtual role playing codes. And a star is born! (depending on internet speed, backup space and common acceptation)

At Rabbit Oh

It was sooooo boring they had to hand out kick devices to have some kindergarten fun. Where? At the Rabbit Oh Expo!

Venus Adored: SaveMe hi there

SaveMe Oh: Are you allowed to do particles, Venus??? OMG. How much you had to pay them?

Ferdynand Straaf: hello SaveMe, not everything is a conspiracy or a bribe

Juliette Surrealdreaming: slips Venus a bunch of linden

Art Blue: oh SaveMe Oh is late, but as the music says, thats beyond my control

SaveMe Oh: SaveMe is never late, she is always right on time, mostly after the boring part. You already did your fart talk Art? I was hoping I had missed that. Dont tell me you are still going to babble.

Art Blue: I waited hoping you would come

Juliette Surrealdreaming: he kept asking me, when is she coming?

Art Blue: Fasten seatbelts, my art talk starts NOW.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: i keps reassuring him… soon. ok Art please share your Art Talk with us, SaveMe is here

Art Blue: Not when SaveMe Oh is here, she quotes me wrongly later

SaveMe Oh: Did my sister throw some rabbits out already?

Jia: No one will find me among all these bunnies

Melvin Starbrook: you can never have to many bunnies hihi

Josef K: I prefere playboy bunnies

Ionsilver Whitman: where is the rabbit?

Lee1 Olsen: good point Ion,the famous Rabbit!

Art Blue: I was asked in IM. You all know how to derender a person creating things, right?

Please derender Saveme Oh so you see the installation as it is meant and not her particles and textures.

SaveMe Oh: I am so glad everybody has derender me, what a relieve

Josef K: This is kind of a historic event … SaveMe Oh visuals at a Bryn Oh exhibition … never thought I would see that

Art Blue: see what?

SaveMe Oh: Without my funding Bryn wouldnt exist anymore

Ferdynand Straaf: lol Josef, and that is why I did not derender Saveme’s art, this is historic

Bryn Oh: i did like the rabbits

Josef K: People don’t know what they are missing out

SaveMe Oh: Josef, now they all know your secret. Peeping K, you better don’t take pics

Josef K: I am busy making snapshot for my facebook site

SaveMe Oh: they might kill you

Ferdynand Straaf: this will be in the history books , pplm will read 200 years after this about this

Josef K: This is front page news tomorrow, I’m gonna sell my pics to New York Times and Washington Post

Art Blue: Whatever SaveMe Oh says, today she failed, by missing my speech. It is known an event without a speech does not count as an appearance of SaveMe Oh. Only by the greatness of Bryn Oh she could stay and so she has to suffer that she cant report that she was be ejected.

SaveMe Oh: Suffer, me? when?

Art Blue: not being ejected is a meaningless appearance of SaveMe Oh. you can quote me

Betty Tureaud: SaveMe Oh love only SaveMe Oh, what a sad story

SaveMe Oh: People, dont talk so much about me, thats feeding the troll

The Music Mother Teresa’s

Do you know those desperate creatures in their little attic rooms glueing tracks and beats together hoping to reach the millions before they are dead and forgotten? Secondlife is a shelter for them and the mother Teresa’s organise them concerts so they can earn some tipmoney to buy another sample shaker or squeekmachine with buttons.

German Mother Teresa Cat Boucher organise weekly Second Life Got Talent events for them, giving them a stage and stream.

But for the visual artists there is no such thing as a workspace. They are forced to do their job under awful conditions. They are forced year in year out to perform in her ugly tent full of distracting garbage.

Where the musicians get the freedom to do whatever they want, the visual artists are forced to accept the ugly environments she chooses. Resulting in ugly movies and pics that are useless as they are always polluted with her primglueing.

After years of fighting for a clean canvas for visual artists she got me yesterday a clean platform and the result was an epic performance with the music of ALimb and Yadleen, but when Echo Starship played the next day and I start to TP people to my new platform to have the event there Mother Teresa made clear who is the boss.

Planet Paprika (cat.boucher): SaveMe I didn’t make the platform that you can do an extra event when someone is playing here. Echo needs his guests and tips.

SaveMe Oh: Bring him up!

Planet Paprika (cat.boucher): You are not a team player at all

SaveMe Oh: No, I am an artist, not the salvation army

Planet Paprika (cat.boucher): no you are an idiot

Josef K: Thanks for the TP

SaveMe Oh: Enjoy for as long it lasts

Venus Adored: Are you fighting again?

Second Life: cat Boucher ejected and banned you from this land.

Mandel Solano’s Coup D’Etat

Mandel Solano is trying to be LEA’s new Solo Mornington (what’s in a name Solo / Solano) but before getting to the point, this is how the evening started:

Everybody knows I am a sweet summer love child so being banned at the spot at a Yadleen concert came a bit as a shock.

SaveMe Oh: Hey idiot, are you sane or what?

Sky Wildmist: You are rude and intrusive, how dare you intrude

SaveMe Oh: Do you know who I am, you nitwit? How dare you speak to me like that?

Sky Wildmist: What you did was really antisocial and now to insult me is worse, have a great Secondlife somewhere else!

SaveMe Oh: Insult??? Most idiots dont get the honour that  I pay them a visit.


After this rude abuse I went to Inspire Space Park for some relax yoga and some throwing of lights in the air, soon joined by Tansee, Louis Gridley Wu, Venus Adored and …..Mandel Solano (who has me blocked)

Louis Gridley Wu: Hehe you are the evil I have seen

SaveMe Oh: Better hide

Louis Gridley Wu: you are banned in estate menue in my lea sim .. what have you done ?

SaveMe Oh: I am banned in all LEA

Louis Gridley Wu: Your performance looks great to me

SaveMe Oh: Tell that to the dictatorship you are part off

Louis Gridley Wu: ui ui ui  you are a famos beeing … so many to see about you at google

SaveMe Oh: Under what stone you have been hiding?

Tansee: Are you doing lights?

SaveMe Oh: I am the light

Tansee: Yes I know that silly! BUTT are you displaying????

SaveMe Oh: what my BUTT has to do with that?

Tansee: Your BUTT  has everything to do with it

SaveMe Oh: Its gorgeous as ever, need I say more?

SaveMe Oh: Venus is adoring it

Venus Adored: A jealous person close by: “Mandel Solano: you have the right company now?”

SaveMe Oh: He is terrible, but one day I will save him too!

Venus Adored: I had to get help from Linden Lab about an issue about him and you……He hates you. When I had my LEA grant I was working together with him but when you came with an alt to have a look he immediately banned you and all your alts without consulting me. I tried to explain him you had your own style of art but didn’t get it to him.

SaveMe Oh: He really is mean, no sense of humor.

Venus Adored: I throwed him out with the help of LEA

SaveMe Oh: Than he will be steaming from his ears now!

Venus Adored: After he used my group to establish an anti SaveMe group. I had to ask Linden Lab for assistance.

SaveMe Oh: I would kill for the chatlog. If you would ever like to share it with me…otherwise I have to make everything up myself.

Venus Adored: We are all humans. I think he has some kind of autism.

SaveMe Oh: I am an autism expert, I only have to make him understand the structure. Will take some time

Venus Adored: He has that special one….

SaveMe Oh: Asperger

Venus Adored: Exactly

SaveMe Oh: October is asparagus season, he has some time…

Venus Adored: He is unbearable that time of year.


Venus Adored: This I send to Linden Lab

Type: Other Inworld Issues

Mr. Ms,

My problem is a group that I founded called Reflections. This group was needed for the LEA Grant wherein I may use a full sim for 6 months, there to create an art project.

I have someone else made owner of this group (Mandel Solano). In retrospect this person appears to be too bossy He determined who was banned on land without consultation me and made it impossible to approach his art, even for me. He finds his art unique and wants to prevent all others from copying it. Since he is co-owner of the group I could not do anything against it.

 I contacted LEA (JMB Balogh> My Liaison Committee of the LEA) and wanted to give back the land and stop the art project. The council was so friendly that I could buy back the land and thus could make a new start, but with a new group now. I stepped out of the old group and the other person (Mandel Solano) was now the only owner of Reflections. I thought I had solved this problem.

However, the group Reflections is now abused by the other person (Mandel Solano). He used the group to focus on a Second Life resident (SaveMe Oh). Someone whom he hates. It is fine with me if he wants to do so but not under my name as founder of the group Reflections. I feel abused here. He has ensured that there is an alt of him as 2nd person in the group so that the group continues to exist.

The resident I am talking about is Mandel Solano.

To take a screenshot of the group information, I joined the group briefly. As shown in the attachment is he is the sole owner of the group now, but I’m the founder. Is it possible to delete this group? Many thanks in advance.

Linden Lab responded:

Hello Venus Adored,

Thank you for contacting Second Life Support.

Reference your request for changes to Group: Reflections

We have set yourself as founder to owner status and moved Mandel Solano

from owner to member status.

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us again.

Thank you,

BethA Scout

Second Life Support

Venus Adored: That was LL answer but the fact he sees me standing here next to you is making him crazy.

SaveMe Oh: His worsed nightmare

Venus Adored: I fear so.

SaveMe Oh: His face must be yellow

Kandinsky Beaumont: Hello who are we honoring?

SaveMe Oh: Mandel Solano, for being with me already for one hour.

Kandinsky Beaumont: Has he at last surrendered to you?

SaveMe Oh: We are working on that. There are still some heavy pockets of resistance. But you know the Swedish, stuborn as mooses

Kandinsky Beaumont: You will have to work hard on him.

SaveMe Oh: He is fully covered

Kandinsky Beaumont: Sadly my graphic is bad again I shall change viewer

SaveMe Oh: Did IKEA not give you a manual?

The New Fucker On The Block

A good junta always succeed to put new motherfuckers on the chairs of the cowards who left in silence when they realise they contributed to a fascist regime. Solo Mornington, LaPiscean Liberty and others all left in silence to be replaced by bigger assholes with even less scruples. The ones who don’t ask questions but just pull the trigger. New stars like Secret Rage and JMB Balogh, secretly instructed by PatriciaAnne Daviau, who showed in an earlier post about LEA she is a big Donald Trump supporter.

Of course these string puppets can hold their position by frequent ass licking of the prim gluers who want to have a permanent free LEA sim like Betty Tureaud, Art Blue, Mandel Solano, Venus Adored and Medora Chevalier. They can’t have their frequent hippie parties without the help of these LEA committee dummies.

And why should an avatar be banned? Everybody can mute or derender this avatar if they don’t want to see her or her performances? The answer is that she generates such an attention that the dictatorship is losing it’s influences on the processes as they planned it. On their terms and their conditions, as they don’t want to lose the privileges granted to them by the almighty Linden.

The fact that my brother Lemondo Oh offered me his LEA sim last November for a month freaked the hell out of the LEA NSA and they apparently decided this should never happen again. I found out when my friends Jo Williams and Mario Hellstein wanted to allow me on their LEA sims as they always do (those 2 also lick LEA asses to get their yearly free LEA sim).

Jo Williams: Aloha, test something for me plz ?:)

(and she send me a TP to see if I could enter her LEA sim)(Of course the border was highly secured as PatriciaAnne Daviau listen well to her role model Donald Trump how to build high walls)

SaveMe Oh: Banned from the region still, do your best.

Jo Williams: You tried the TP?

SaveMe Oh: Yes. You have to contact the dictators again.

Jo Williams: Hmm, they removed the option to allow you 1/1/17 apparently . . I told them you were cool on lea20 last year. . still no . . i said ” Oh ”

SaveMe Oh: Kill the fascists!

Jo Williams: Not before supper.

SaveMe Oh: But in time for the last supper.

Jo Williams: Did you fuck with someone here, last year?  (in their opinion)

SaveMe Oh: They ban me from all regions as default, after simowners have to request my presence again every new round

Jo Williams: Until now ..  they have removed that option.

SaveMe Oh: When you request it directly to them?

Jo Williams: Now, yes. To the one in charge of my sim.

SaveMe Oh: Who is your boss this time?

Jo Williams: Hmm, a new one, I will check with PatriciaAnne Daviau when she comes online.

SaveMe Oh: Which new one, you coward?

Jo Williams: Haha, ooh provocative . .:))

SaveMe Oh: Are you so afraid of them? That they might take back your pathetic sim?

Jo Williams: Hehehe – i am not afraid in rl of people either haha, and take it back, they can- Mario will still have his ahah.

SaveMe Oh: Then why you are afraid to tell who is your boss this time?

Jo Williams: Wait. I am making a notecard.

SaveMe Oh: Did they request an omerta?

Jo Williams: ometra – wtf is that?

SaveMe Oh: Oath of silence

Jo Williams: Wait. I am making a notecard. O;o gawd, you’re impatient.

SaveMe Oh: Every victim is impatient.

Then the evidence arrived in a notecard:

Jo Williams: Hello, sorry to interrupt, but can you arrange for SaveMe Oh to be allowed on LEA20 please 🙂 thank you

JMB Balogh: No sorry, she is permanently banned from LEA sims.

Jo Williams: Who has the authority?:) Last year the ban was lifted . . the blog said ”on request” ?:)

JMB Balogh: No the ban has not been lifted.

Jo Williams: Last year she was permitted onto LEA 20

JMB Balogh: I’m sorry Jo but as of January 1st 2017 she is permabanned on all LEA sims. No exceptions.

Jo Williams: Oh!

Time for a visit to some of the LEA sims to wish the LEA lickers a prim glueing 2017 with lots of happy ass licking.



With Venus Adored


With Art Blue

Art Blue: Hello. What I read here is posted without knowing the facts. Every LEA  grant holder can unban SaveMe Oh. Also a fact is which I have proof on many occasions that SaveMe Oh as soon as she is unbanned comes to this sim on Grand Openings and takes over the planned performances to make them to her own. SaveMe Oh calls it to contribute, but you can see this just a SPAMing with her particles and then she blogs it how long it took until she gots ejected

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Yes the committee has made the decision to perma ban SaveMe Oh from all LEA regions effective 1/1/2017.

Art Blue: I need glasses obviously SaveMe Oh did another step forward to get this now

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Just as JM stated

Cupido Oh: No, Art, you did a step forward in your support of a dictatorship

PatriciaAnne Daviau: and for the record I do not support Trump nor will I ever support him


Burned Bridges Or How To Firestorm LEA

After I occupied LEA 24 it’s time to conquer the next LEA sim, LEA 20.

SaveMe Oh: You better organise me a performance here or this might go into history as extremely boring, this is a pile of prim waste here

Juliette Surrealdreaming: You know Ultraviolet?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, she hates me and makes sure I am banned from all events she plays. I call her Ultralight btw. When organisers don’t pre-ban me she won’t play.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: You are not on the ban list here.

SaveMe Oh: When I had appeared here last Thursday it would have been just a matter of time.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Well yes probably as Art Blue has this sim.

SaveMe Oh: Art Blue is a pompous idiot

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Awwww. Art loves art and creativity.

SaveMe Oh: He is only here to promote himself.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Get serious. Everyone is.

SaveMe Oh: He is notorious for it, surf on the work of others

Juliette Surrealdreaming: He is an idea man

SaveMe Oh: Artists don’t need his ideas, artists have the ideas themselves. When organisers are there for the art it’s ok, he is there for himself.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Maybe he just doesn’t know how to realize and manifest those ideas. So he sees the ability in others and pulls them together. Well I am trying to accept everyone for who they are as I know how it feels to be shunned by a community

SaveMe Oh: People like Art Blue, Aino Baar and owners of LEA, UWA or Pirats want to expose themselves instead the artists they pretend to promote. The good organiser or promoter you wouldn’t notice. You are a bad promoter when you seem to be more important than the art you promote. But I am glad you agree with me about Art Blue.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: I do not. I accept Art for who he is… just as I accept you for who you are.

SaveMe Oh: It’s a big relief

Juliette Surrealdreaming: I respect Art, I respect you, and I think both of you are talented.

SaveMe Oh: Respect is the most awful word in the world. I clean my ass with it

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Respect, respect, respect, your asshole red now?

SaveMe Oh: you think I have diahoerea?

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Respect, respect, I think it must be burning now. Everyone is here to have expression I think. You, me, Art… DD… Ultra…. Norton… Molly… Gem etc etc etc, even Josef. I voted for his gallery.

SaveMe Oh: No, please not Josef, he loves Elton John

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Josef is expressing himself via his gallery, you can read him by viewing the art he chooses.

SaveMe Oh: No, Josef is educated by me in his gallery. But it’s a long way.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: If we each support one another… we grow as a human being. I support you SaveMe, I support Art.

SaveMe Oh: Yes you should

Juliette Surrealdreaming: But the bottom line is… respect yourself

SaveMe Oh: Hippie. This place already looks much better with my interventions


Juliette Surrealdreaming: Nice, you are really a brat

SaveMe Oh: Imagine Ultralight playing her soft porn….

Juliette Surrealdreaming: I like her music, I like DD, Paris, Lisa and also Samm

SaveMe Oh: You like everything, you were once Mother Teresa

Juliette Surrealdreaming: I try not to burn bridges

SaveMe Oh: Burned bridges are the perfect road to good art. Cross the fire and at the end you go to the left.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Art Blue is not bad, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: I know, that’s why I will save him too. Everyone deserves salvation.

SaveMe Oh:

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Do you and Venus Adored get along?

SaveMe Oh: She still tries to avoid me because she is a Mandel Solana’s groupie but one day we will get along.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: I don’t really know Mandel Solana or his history

SaveMe Oh: Betty, Ultralight, Venus, Mandel, they have some frustrations, but I will save them too.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Betty… I once thought she wanted to do a show at my gallery but… then she told me to stop sending her invitations, so… I stopped

SaveMe Oh: She is a wannabe artist struggling but I will save her too.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: But isn’t that ok?  To struggle and explore your creative side in sl?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, that’s why I take them under my caring wings

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Awwww you are so nice!!!!!

Don’t Sit On The Surreal Teapot

After all these years in virtual worlds it still can happen that you get an invitation for a Surreal Gallery and at arrival it turns out to be an old-fashioned avatar parking where the audience is requested to shut up and glue itself to a chair. And not Rietveld chairs or the one from Philip Starck, but the ones in which your grandparents once died. When Art Blue is one of the organisers you already should know enough, you are just there to kiss his blue feet.

Tansee: All familiar wonderful artist faces

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: Welcome SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Hello darling

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: My pleasure

SaveMe Oh: Nice chair, sits very well.

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: Smiles, our guest speaker will sit there!

SaveMe Oh: OMG am I in the wrong chair? You should put a sign here.

Tansee: SaveMe you can sit by me.

SaveMe Oh: Let me move.

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: You sit on the hot tea now. It’s burning your bum. But please feel free to choose any seat in the audience.

SaveMe Oh: Is it a problem, when it should be surreal, to sit on a hot teapot?

Tansee: SaveMe, we need to get aquainted.

SaveMe Oh: Or is it surreal nowadays to sit in an audience glued to a chair as if we are imitating real life?

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: Yes why not.

SaveMe Oh: Well I prefer a teapot if you dont mind.

Art Blue: Hello SaveMe Oh, please take a seat at the visitor area.

SaveMe Oh: Now what it is? Teapot ok or not?

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: Not! Please

Tansee: Nice entrance SaveMe we all know you are here 🙂

SaveMe Oh: So no surrealism by the audience?

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: Not at the moment.

Art Blue: The chairs you well know for visitors

SaveMe Oh: Do you mind if I use my own chair, I have a virtual seating problem?

Art Blue: we have ennough to do SaveMe Oh and cant care for you with a special treatment, you may take the bubble tea by yourself and take a seat

Surreal Dreaming: Please there are 4 chairs up here. Please SaveMe, if you would remove that object from the scene

SaveMe Oh: Is it too surreal?

Stem van Helsinki: Ill give you an Oscar for the entrance!

SaveMe Oh: Ty, I already have one.

Art Blue: SaveMe Oh, you know from last time, this will not work to mess the event up. Take off your stuff and take a seat.

SaveMe Oh: This is my surreal dream, it’s the name of this sim

Art Blue: Not now SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Ah, today its unsurreal?

Art Blue: Juliette Surreal Dreaming, eject her, she begs for this, so she shall get

SaveMe Oh: But chairs on stage with a text are ok?

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: Yes Art

SurrealDreaming Resident ejected you from this land. 

After this ban I decided to help out Venus Adored with her particle farting in the next door sim.



Don’t Deny You Are The Squirrel Girl

SaveMe Oh: How lucky we are to meet eachother in a free space. Don’t you two have to be in LEA to help Betty protect the grounds?


SaveMe Oh, Venus Adored and Mandel Solano without ban zones

Mandel Solano: Save, I do not understand why a girl who say she works with squirrels can try to intimidate people in SL, for me it’s seems very odd

SaveMe Oh: Which squirrels?

Mandel Solano: You claim you work with in RL. It’s in your profile

SaveMe Oh: Are you calling me a lunatic?

Mandel Solano: Should I?

SaveMe Oh: Who, Me? I don’t have a RL

Mandel Solano: Oh you are just pretending a real life then

Venus Adored: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz3Vu2wliy4

SaveMe Oh: I only watch my own movies

SaveMe Oh: https://nl.pinterest.com/savemeoh/saveme-oh-retrospective/

SaveMe Oh: Or the one others make about me

SaveMe Oh: https://nl.pinterest.com/savemeoh/in-the-movies/

Venus Adored: Doreen Green

SaveMe Oh: And?

Mandel Solano: I agree with you Save, you are a lunatic

SaveMe Oh: Maybe you 2 should consider working for the secret service. If you get so exited when you could blackmail people. May I remind you that you 2 are the idiots who ban people. I can’t remember I ever banned you. I even don’t own land. You are the fanatic hunters.

Mandel Solano: You feel oppressed Save?

SaveMe Oh: No, because I couldn’t care less for your poor atempts, but its sad. It’s sad you dont hesitate.

Mandel Solano: But you are not only in conflict with 2 people in SL

SaveMe Oh: Whats wrong with conflicts, are you a hippie? Did I kill you? You are the one abusing power, not me.

Mandel Solano: I dislike bullies as you are

SaveMe Oh: You know the simple SL tool, you can mute and derender me, but you won’t because you don’t want to miss anything out of jealousy. You want to be the boss, rule the show, create a group of insiders.

Mandel Solano: Hehe you are talking about yourself?

SaveMe Oh: Who licks LEA’s ass best? How did you crawl inside Solo Mornington’s ass this time? By swearing the oath to keep SaveMe far away? Lick Betty’s watercolors for breakfast? You are the one who should be ashamed of yourself.

Mandel Solano: You envy Betty Tureaud?

SaveMe Oh: No. I consider her as the worsed wannebe artist of secondlife. Why should I envy somebody, I am the most famous artist of secondlife!

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