That Solo Mornington and his politburo accepted bribing was already clear when we saw a complete sim in LEA filled by the Portuguese board of tourism selling trips to this country by replica’s in a grotesque ugliness that must scare off every sane tourist. But also LEA 28 is sold to a commercial builder. Here we see tons of military equipment like submarines and space shuttles and the complete collection of trains which would not look bad in the “spoorwegmuseum” in Utrecht.


Here is the artist profile of the LEA 28 Grant holder:

Now I already occupied that sim for my Bryn Oh Memorial but as all other visitors prefer to walk around with their eyes closed nobody noticed that you could build there.

So on 14 October I decide it had to be again me who had to do the dirty work by announcing the free building night in LEA 28.


And a lot of people took the challenge until the new politburo member of LEA, Quan Lavender came in and banned us all, Quan Lavender, the blogger who is so proud to tell everybody that it just takes a free gift to make her blog about you.

After the passing away of my sister Bryn from LEA, who didn’t want to meet me to collect the 5256 Linden but nevertheless couldn’t wait to put her greedy indiegogo claws on the hard cash, the current LEA collaborators who work happy together with the Linden who steal everything you own are JayJay Zifanwe, Werner Kurosawa, Oberon Onmura, Chic Aeon, Honour McMillan, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Lapiscean Liberty, Quan Lavender and Solo Mornington.  A nice mix of wannabe artists, self acclaimed academics, “be famous after you pay me with gifts” bloggers/media planners and the “volunteer if I get myself a sim for free” people.

And all those great people couldn’t allow us to build a night for free in a deserted LEA sim. Their killer fingers could do nothing else that search again as quickly as possible to that heavenly BAN button.

Where Solo Mornington comes barking about the LEA no sales policy it seems alright to use LEA grounds as an extra shelter for your war equipment that you want to sell on a later date, a little spontaneous building action is not tolerated.

The Linden fence and theft department sure knows which obersturmbahnfuhrers they have to commit to them to do their dirty work.

It’s just a matter of time before the first LEA sim will be turned into a virtual Guantanamo Bay where they can dump without any legal charges or evidence terrorists like you and me!

Josef K.: I got banned from the LEA sim. What is going on over there?

SaveMe Oh: I was banned. I think by Quan

Josef K.: I don’t know who banned me .. I was just thrown out

SaveMe Oh: me too

SaveMe Oh: Are you also banned?

ush Underwood: yes

SaveMe Oh: By your German friend Quan?

ush Underwood: what will happen to my creations?

SaveMe Oh: I hope it will survive

Ush Underwood: I am just not allowed.. hm  must read chat..

SaveMe Oh: we don’t want a new career broken at its birth

Ush Underwood: I didn’t even know that Quan has a function here. She has?

SaveMe Oh: They always find new Obersturmbahnfurhers

Ush Underwood: [14:14] Quan Lavender: nobody can come here now

Ush Underwood: but I don’t know yet why I should build big things.. sigh .. Nobody explains the world to me

Ush Underwood: LEA 28 is closed I think

Em Arabello: Hello, we was abandoned from the sim! We started to build. Can you return our things?

Em Arabello: Em Arabellos coloursculplture and FanFan Babiis constructions?

BaronessCRaven: As far as I know, that isn’t a sandbox sim and you can’t rez things there…Check your lost and found. If it isn’t there log out and back in and check again. You didn’t actually lose it.

BaronessCRaven: And no, I’m not affiliated with the sim beyond liking to spend time there.

Em Arabello: Ok. We just don’t want our things to be on the sim when we are abandoned.

Yes Box Checked


You are aware that it is illegal to occupy the new Licking Every Ass performance sim 2 and change its name in the SaveMe Oh Reservation.



You know that you should first fill in an application form, that you can achieve online, to ask permission for the right to perform.



You know that LEA is not an organisation to support art but is an retired old dictators lobby who are playing together the game: How can we invent every day new rules that keeps us in power forever and grants us free building space and frustrates artists as they will never get what they need to realise their plans.


You know that it is forbidden to perform when Jayjay Zifanwe, Bryn Oh, Werner Kurosawa and Solo Mornington are thinking, ruling, manipulating, refusing, denying, banning, ejecting, frustrating, judging, punishing and deciding.



You know that our not responding to your unauthorised occupation of the performance sim doesn’t mean that we will soon take severe actions to wipe you out for once and for all.



You are aware that it also takes a lot of time to lick the asses of the Linden so we cannot be available all the time to witness your spontaneous outburst of so called creativity.



You are aware that every picture or movie taken without the presence of the holy Werner Kurosawa sign/watermark is a violation of our self invented rules or the rules that we will still going to invent.



You are aware that all lag produced by you or by the collective of minions and acolytes that gets above the standard norm invented by us will bring you closer to a ban for life.



You are aware that Solo Mornington just pretends to be a volunteer, Jayjay Zifanwe pretends to be an art lover, Werner Kurosawa pretends to be an architect, Bryn Oh pretends to be an artist, DanCoyote Antonelli pretends to be a nice person.


You are aware that  as long as we rule you don’t have the slightest chance on freedom of the arts.

Dear Fucking Werner Kurosawa

As I have officially claimed last week the LEA2 performance sim as the only legitimate owner of such a sim, and started the process of renaming it officially as The SaveMe Oh Reservation I fucking order you to remove the fucking sign you rezzed there saying LEA PERFORMANCE. As you can fucking imagine in your fucking dumb head we don’t want this fucking sign appear in our performances we are going to do here, nor do we want to be connected to your fucking organisation of ass licking idiots.

In your fucking male pig behaviour of pissing everywhere to set the borders of your territory you better go fucking piss in your own fucking garden and leave the exploitation of the fucking sim to the ones who know what performance is, me and my minions and acolytes. So get your fucking sign and stick it in your ass so Solo Mornington has something to lick again.

About Nothing

Dear LEA AIR Land Grant applicant:

Thank you applying for an LEA AIR Land Grant region. It was very difficult to determine how to award the grant for a mere 20 regions with so many high caliber applications.

We are very happy to tell you that we have chosen your proposal for a LEA AIR Land Grant region.

We want to thank you for applying, and encourage you to do your best to fully fulfil the enormous expectations  that your genius application has raised at our humble committee, who almost doesn’t feel worthy even to handle such a challenge for the world of arts.

On behalf of the LEA Committee we congratulate you already and offer our services wherever we can. If it is possible we would like to be part of your masterplan in the following way,

Bryn Oh would like to appear as a transparent statue to symbolise her absolute contribution to NOTHING.

JayJay Zifanwe would like to be the friend of everybody as he is the master in keeping relationships about NOTHING.

L1Aura Loire would like to be the ass to be licked as she has the biggest ass.

LaPiscean Liberty would like to host all the movies made about NOTHING as he already does so for a long time.

PatriciaAnne Daviau would like to be in the tourist info stand so she can inform everybody in her most friendly way about NOTHING

Solo Mornington would like to do NOTHING as that is his live long passion

Werner Kurosawa would like to build a roof over NOTHING

Chantal Harvey would like to shoot again one of her movies about NOTHING

Dekka Raymaker would like to knit the word NOTHING to attach it on Werner’s roof above NOTHING

Rowan Derryth would like to write in her blog everything about NOTHING with even more energy than she wrote before about NOTHING

Zachh Cale would love to eject, ban and kill every intruder who wants to destroy NOTHING

If our humble suggestions don’t fit in your concept, please replace us for anyone else as we are NOTHING more than NOTHING

The LEA Committee.

Here the link to the application:

Boss Oh

In LEA there are loads of important acting people who want to make you believe that they are those special chosen and selected elite who have that exclusive line between you, the simple ignorant avatar and the almighty holy Linden. The gardeners of morality. The defenders of good taste and the teachers of the rebels without a cause. So we have PatriciaAnne Daviau gardening around and sweet answering every question but never coming with an answer. We have the instant god himself, Solo Mornington, who has so much problems realising that he is not a real Linden God that he wants to wash everything more white than white in the hope that one day his hands start to bleed for the stigmata he thinks he deserves as an almost god. We have the nice guys like Jayjay Zifanwe and Werner Kurosawa who may do the shopping and cutting the lawn and we have the creeps like DanCoyote Antonelli, who wants all LEA for himself but don’t know how to lick a Linden ass in that way they like it most.

The Ginette’s and Rowan’s who need it as the last opportunity to make somewhere a career talk and talk and talk. But all of them have zero power. No one has the right to push a button, make a decision, suggest a direction except one, Boss Oh, my dear sister Bryn. She can touch ban buttons in a second, lift bans during the wink of an eye, arrange festivals and exhibitions without asking anyone, and giving out sweet candies of land to the ones she loves like the Oberon Onmura’s and other cube gluers.

Am I going to attack Boss Oh aka Bryn Oh????? Hell no, she is my sister and unbanned me yesterday in various LEA sims in seconds. What else you have family for? (And she is filthy rich after everybody donated her money).

Want A Free LEA Sim?

Ask Aristide Depression how she already treats Solo Mornington’s hanging depression for 10 months for a free sim.

Ask Oberon Omura how he already scripts up floating balls in the ass of Solo Mornington for having a free sim for 10 months.

Ask Tyrehl Byk how he lets explode his particle love balls in the deeper intestines of Solo Mornington for having a free sim for 10 months.

Ask Merlina Rokocoko how she already soixante neufs Solo Mornington for 10 months for having a free sim and never have to pay for their own Pirats sims anymore.

Ask Misprint Thursday how she makes Solo Mornington believe she will relief him for already 10 months for having a free sim where she doesn’t spent a second.

Ask yourself in the mirror to fuck yourself. “Oh, dear Solo, don’t you want to fuck me Solo?? Please????” “Here you have a free sim darling!”

Ask Werner Kurosawa how to pretend not to love Solo Mornington so he gets a free space in LEA forever.

Ask Bryn Oh how to play the poor artist and donate a sheep every week in Solo Mornington’s bedroom for unlimited free sims.

With these tips and tricks you can also become a famous LEA star!

The Day A Miracle Happened

Yesterday a miracle happened in LEA. When Iceland artist Returned Resident was praying with some friends for the well being of me, the poorly banned SaveMe Oh. What he didn’t know was that I was all day busy rearranging the board members of the LEA committee. First I fired Sasun Steinbeck and DanCoyote Antonelli, and then I used the words of Ginette Pinazzo to undermine the committee further. I send some cakes and pure New Zealand wool to Dekka Raymaker to keep him a happy knitting granny. Drank a tea with Werner Kurosawa and asked my friend LaPiscian Liberty to cut off the fingers of Solo Mornington so he couldn’t touch the ban button again. Bryn Oh is my sister and only busy with her own stuff, so no danger there and I installed Elisa Linden in the LEA chat group to keep an eye on everybody.

And Jayjay Zifanwe? You know Jayjay, he tries to forget me, he tries to avoid me, he tries to deny me, but he is soooo much a middle of the road man, that he needs my love to survive.

And then the Linden; they know their publicity is much better off with me than with an idiot as Solo Mornington, and the majority of friends I put on the chairs in the board now could do no other than unban me finally for a crime I never committed.

And then I appeared in full glory with my Licking Every Ass dress as the virgin Maria in LEA. And this miracle was so majestic that poor Returned Resident, who could only speak the ugly Icelandic language before looked at my ass, which has a natural beauty quality and spoke his first words in English. “What a great ass, he said”.