The Last Harbour Of Desperate Bloggers

Of course Giovanna Cerise cowardly banned me at the opening of her warmed up leftovers but the good news was that I could leave after 5 minutes when I finally could pay the place a visit.

Ziki Questi waves

Ziki Questi: What brings you here?

SaveMe Oh: I was previously banned here

Ziki Questi chuckles … Just being persistent? You’re in a different parcel than I am though

SaveMe Oh: Not anymore apearantly because I can see the rubbish of Giovanna

Ziki Questi: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Omg, do I hate this pathetic shit

Ziki Questi laughs … Well you don’t care for anything other than your own work, do you?

SaveMe Oh: When I see good work, I love it too, I hardly see it. I cant understand why you waste your time on this shit. Once you dare to share your opinion, but now you get worse than Ampel. Only LM shitting

Ziki Questi grins … Well, if you have suggestions I am very happy to look at them, you know (including your stuff!)

SaveMe Oh: Yes, my suggestion is only to blog when you see something worthwhile, otherwise go catching pokemons or bake blueberry pies.

Ziki Questi: Haha … and your suggestions for what to blog might include what?

SaveMe Oh: You missed 3 oportunities this weekend, thats sad enough

Ziki Questi: Haven’t been on because of the fuckers at the cable company :/ no connection for two days. What were the 3?

SaveMe Oh: Sigh……

Oportunity 1:


Oportunity 2:


Oportunity 3:


Refugee At Abandoned Land

They tried to ban me but forgot a small piece of abandoned land right in the middle. Besides the banning and excluding of people they try to get gifts for Relay For Life in the fight against cancer. It always puzzles me why the organisers of these events turn out to be the biggest assholes. Are they afraid their life is too short before the pope declares them holy too like Mother Teresa? And is that a legitimation for fundraising for cancer, but forget about freedom?

And then they call themselves Lollygaggers, well, slow they are for sure.


SaveMe Oh: Why am I between ban lines here?

Ziki Questi: I discovered earlier … there is a piece of abandoned land right in the middle of the gallery! You’re on it 🙂 as am I. And you can’t be banned from abandoned land, I don’t think 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I might have to do something about it when nobody does.

I dropped some fish

Stefanie Stringer: Griefer attack

Le Pow: Art attack lol

SaveMe Oh: No, fight against dictators who think they can exclude people. Are you the dictator on duty here Stefanie Stringer? Your German name would assume so.

Chrissssy: Let me see I will chat with pepper

SaveMe Oh: Chrisssy, are you the dictator? OMG

SaveMe Oh: And who might be that Pepper???? The assistant of the dictatorship? Lollygaggers who ban people, how sad, what an idiots. As if they never learned anything. Trying to be funny but in the mean time as conservative as hell, especially those idiots who are around already for years and still behave like little Mussolini mini’s.

Chrissssy: Everyone follow the arrows and there are other artists within easy walking distance

SaveMe Oh: When you didn’t had me banned I could go any walking distance. Now I am stuck here

Chrissssy: there are 3 artists in here and two outdoors

SaveMe Oh: And the most famous artist of SL right here in front of you. Forget all those

Chrissssy: welcome to the art show I will give u note card to explain

SaveMe Oh: yes, you sure need a note card. Unban me and you get a real party.


Raskolnikov Roffo: Glad you’re here also to increase the fun 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Too bad you banned me so I cannot make bigger the revelry

Raskolnikov Roffo: Do not worry, the ban does not work really;)

SaveMe Oh: The losers tend to have more problems with unbanning. That button they do not know.

Raskolnikov Roffo: There’s just a small square land which is not ours, but LL. I think you stand there just in.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I know, nice huh? Makes the idiots even more stupid.

Raskolnikov Roffo: Mjah, That idiot is me.

SaveMe Oh: Too frugal to buy it there too??? Dutch for sure. If you’d just unbanned me everywhere we are ready.

Roffo Raskolnikov: It was a hassle, I do not know why exactly, so we let it like this. You are now unbanned on lollygagger lane

SaveMe Oh: You are a sweetheart.

Protecting Old Shit

It seems unavoidable but every once in a while we are kindly requested to appear to pay tribute to warmed up old shit. AM Radio created once a wheat field and elderly cat ladies protect it as if it’s one of the forgotten wonders of the virtual world.


To avoid the boring snap shooting avatar parking, which has only the goal to put the pics on facebook so all cat ladies can tag each other, I offered to upgrade the event with some interferences that would have made Cristo proud. But even my friend Ziki Questi turned out to be a narrow-minded addict of virtual dust sniffing.

Ziki Questi: Hello my dear

SaveMe Oh: Lovely hat

Ziki Questi: Thank you 🙂 bought it a year or two ago and have never worn it

SaveMe Oh: I thought I inspired you with the Quan Bowler.


Ziki Questi: So I am predictably receiving some comments about your signs and other activity over there on the west edge of the space 🙂

SaveMe Oh: And I predictably expect you ignore them with a decent smile.

Ziki Questi: And if I ask you to remove your attachments i’m sure you’ll refuse, and then i’ll have to boot you out for the next two hours? As you know, i do quite generally like and enjoy your work.

SaveMe Oh: Then its wise not to ask me anything and just enjoy it.

Ziki Questi: it is overshadowing the space, you know so your choice, i’ll either have push you out or you can enjoy the surroundings 🙂


Ziki Questi smiles and shakes her head … you are really something. sorry … i do have to balance the event.

And she kicked me out!

No One Wants To Read This

Well, lets see if no one wants to read about the abuse from LEA member Solo Mornington during the book release party of SaveMe Oh.

Solo's intervention

Solo Mornington covering the sim of Josef K with a huge attachment

Josef K: Hey Secret Rage … How goes with the 2 letters i sent to the LEA Committee 5 months ago. Can I expect an answer to my questions soon?

Secret Rage: Obviously we don’t control anyone’s private life…nr do we wish to

Josef K: But when a member of LEA violates the LEA Bylaws and the rest of the members neglect to do their duty then it’s not a private matter

Secret Rage: Josef i am not going to debate you- he was not representing us-just himself and it was not at LEA

Secret Rage: You could have booted him…muted him…but all you did was complain

Josef K: Well, does that mean that this has no meaning: 7.2 If a Committee Member does not act in accordance of the bylaws, or who commit acts deemed to be unethical, or that poorly reflect or are in opposition to the LEA mission, that Committee Member will be notified in writing of the meeting at which removal from the committee will be discussed and voted upon

Secret Rage: Obviously we did not consider it a violation as the artist herself did not care-read your own notes

Josef K (apw9900): Well, it was on my land at my party

Secret Rage: You had control of your land. You could have remedied it. You chose not to and now the subject is now dropped. No one wants to read this.

Josef K: Didn’t Solo sign a document when he joined LEA about acting in a way that didn’t violate the code of ethics in the LEA Bylaws

Secret Rage: I said DROPPED, enough, he responded in kind to many years of being griefed by your artist- i will not throw stones at him for it nor will anyone else.

Josef K: So you value personal friendship over the LEA Bylaws … isn’t that corrupted nepotism? I have nothing to do with Solo Mornington and SaveMe Oh’s fight .. but he chose to attack and destroy my party .. and the committee just accept that kind of behavior from a fellow committee member?

Secret Rage: Ignores the griefing i am now getting from Josef -closes the window and asks that anyone with legitimate questions IM me

Josef K: You are putting your head in the sand instead of doing what you are expected to do according to the LEA Bylaws

Misprint Thursday: You both should be in IM not group.

Secret Rage: agrees

Secret Rage: ty Misprint

Myra Wildmist: ty, misprint : )

Shiloh Emmons: Pardon me…is the argument relevant to an entire group or is it a personal argument best debated in private…

Spiral Silverstar: Not relevant to anyone with a brain

Secret Rage: Private, actually….as are most arguments 🙂

Ziki Questi: Secret, where are the beginning dates of terms of committee members posted? I see there is a 2 year term, with a maximum of two terms to be served contiguously.

Solo Mornington: Ziki: I’m pretty sure we don’t have that posted anywhere. we really should.

Josef K: It looks like the LEA Bylaws is just something they show to please the reader. Instead the Committee is working after a hidden agenda

Solo Mornington: What agenda do you think that might be?

Josef K: Friends rubbing shoulders with friends neglecting to do what the Bylaws demands of you according to section 7.2 in the Bylaws: 7.2 If a Committee Member does not act in accordance of the bylaws, or who commit acts deemed to be unethical, or that poorly reflect or are in opposition to the LEA mission, that Committee Member will be notified in writing of the meeting at which removal from the committee will be discussed and voted upon.

Solo Mornington: That’s not an agenda.

Josef K: Wasn’t Solo’s attack an act deemed to be unethical, or that poorly reflect or are in opposition to the LEA mission … or does the Committee accept that a member acts like Solo did?

Secret Rage: If he was acting in a capacity as an LEA agent…maybe- but he was not, however. We alllll have a personal life.

Solo Mornington: Yes, I griefed one of Josef K’s events. It was a book release about SaveMe Oh. I wasn’t ejected or banned, and I left when asked. So clearly it’s the end of the world.

Secret Rage: Which you have said all along. He has complained about it for 6 months.

Josef K (apw9900): By joining the Committe Solo signed a statement agreeing to abide by the Bylaws of the LEA .. he never acts as a private person but is always representing LEA

Solo Mornington: What statement did I sign, exactly?

Secret Rage: I guess you think it’s a paid position too? It isn’t.

Josef K: 4.1 Committee Member: Defined as full voting rights members that have been assigned to the LEA committee by Linden Labs or unanimously voted in by the existing Committee Members, and signed a statement agreeing to abide by the Bylaws of the LEA.

Solo Mornington: Look, I’m totally OK with Josef being unhappy with me. I was not a nice person that day. But you know… No harm no foul.

Josef K: Didn’t you sign that statement Solo?

Secret Rage: Give it a rest for cripes’ sakes. If sl  enforced its own laws there would have been no show as SaveMe would have been perma banned by now.

Josef K: I will let it rest when the committee does what the bylaws demands they should do. Well, did you sign that it or didn’t you?

Solo Mornington: Interestingly, I was a committee member when we ratified those bylaws.

Secret Rage: What do you want us to do? Write him a letter saying he was naughty? Spank him? Take away his birthday? One infraction in all the time he has donated to the LEA is not cause for any sort of consequences, sorry

Solo Mornington: so no. 🙂

Spiral Silverstar: :::wonders if SaveMe Oh has read and agreed to the SL TOS?::::

Josef K: I want the Committee to eject Solo according to the Bylaws

Secret Rage: Well that isn’t going to happen.

Josef K: That is what you are supposed to do if the bylaws has any meaning

Secret Rage: It says we vote? We vote 100% in favor of Solo. Are we done now?

Josef K: But not even that did you do.

Solo Mornington: Well no, this is progress, Secret. Josef has just been saying I violated the rules. now he’s saying what he wants.

Solo Mornington: So let’s do that. Putting it on the agenda.

Secret Rage:Ok sounds good

Josef K: And if you don’t eject Solo then griefing and abusing is an ethical act that is in accordance with the LEA mission .. and then we have a new topic to debate

Solo Mornington: There. email sent.

Spiral Silverstar: You must not have much to occupy your time, Josef

Secret Rage: YOU might Josef- i am done…exactly, Spiral 😉

Josef K : Spiral … dealing with LEA occupy a lot of my time since the are not interested in dealing with critics

Solo Mornington: Josef I’ll ping you when I hear back. or someone else might, because I’m not sure you’d believe me. That’s something we have in common: Dealing with LEA occupies a lot of my time, too.

Josef K: It would be better if you showed me the resume of the meeting with all the arguments not to eject you from the committee with references to the lea bylaws

Spiral Silverstar: You better hire an attorney, Solo

Josef K: And you never answered my question .. did you or did you not sign that statement that is mentioned in the bylaws when you got selected for the committee

Solo Mornington: Interestingly, I was a committee member when we ratified those bylaws. So no. 🙂

Josef K: Okay

Solo Mornington: But yes, it’s important that we all be morally upright and stuff.

I the jury

Josef K: Well, time for me to do other stuff now … if anyone is wondering what’s it all about I have written this open letter to LEA since they refuse to answer the ones I send them:

I Am A Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Catholic Woman

Because one of my recent movies contains an image on a wall and on the floor where we see the avatar Quan Lavender having a hole drilled in her stomach, this movie is over and over removed from the machinima channel AviewTV where I have all my other movies. And now they completely denied my access. When LaPiscean Liberty was in charge of this channel this kind of censorship would not take place but now he made Secret Rage boss there. A woman who has her arm deep in the A of LEA. And who is her boss there? Guess… Quan Lavender succeeds after taking over LEA to get in charge of AviewTV too. So we see those gallery- and simowners and wannabe blog celebrities slowly taking over the ruling everywhere so they can decide what for you, simple audience, is good to see or not. The days of censorship are completely back and it will not take long before Quan Lavender will get a nice gift from Finland, maybe not a horse but a huge Finnish reindeer to experience his drilling skills.

A great hat can change your day 2

SaveMe Oh: Can’t you set up a special SaveMe Oh channel to release me from the other idiots you surround yourself with?

LaPiscean Liberty: Not outside building you your own site but I can do that if you’re in the market

SaveMe Oh: Market??? Don’t swear!

LaPiscean Liberty: I know what you mean and the answer is no Save

SaveMe Oh: So I really have to talk with that thing called Secret Rage?

LaPiscean Liberty: If it has to do with AviewTV yes.

SaveMe Oh: I once had so high hopes on you.

LaPiscean Liberty: Really, I never knew that.

SaveMe Oh: You could have known when you saw me uploading all my movies. Now it seems I have wasted my time and can’t even access my own stuff

LaPiscean Liberty: All over one video.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and a complete harmless one, that’s even more frightening. Suicides, murder, nudity, no problem. But this one OMG

LaPiscean Liberty: The damn thing starts with Quan Lavender giving her boyfriend a blowjob, not cool.

SaveMe Oh: No, her boyfriend is perforating her stomach with a huge horsedick, completely unreal, so…satire. And only on a picture in a frame on a wall, not even moving

LaPiscean Liberty: You sound jealous

SaveMe Oh: I am not jealous as I never had the pleasure to understand what is exiting about virtual sex

LaPiscean Liberty: It’s an issue you will have to make up with Secret Rage, no matter how minute your hopes are on me now. Maybe that’s your problem lol. Its 90% in the head anyway

SaveMe Oh: Yes I fear so, but I will keep trying, one day she will piss more people of with her rigid censorship and you will have to take over again. A policewoman can’t run an art channel.

AviewTV 1

SaveMe Oh: Will you keep on censor one of the greatest machinima artists of our time?

Secret Rage: It is not censorship but common sense that keeps your film off of AviewTV. It is a site that we as a community are proud of- and like to share with the general public. You have been suspended from your account at AviewTV due to your total disregard for what you have been told regarding the posting of your video that does not meet the criteria for being represented on the channel. You were told on more than one occasion that Aview is not the place for either explicit sexual acts or attacks on other individuals. It is not fair and exceedingly selfish in regard to the other filmmakers who DO post appropriate content – nor is it fair to the other viewers of the channel to expose them to films that show this kind of material. Though you have said you would stop posting it- you have not. Therefore this is the remedy. We will not remove the films that you have there currently- but you will no longer be allowed to post new material.

LaPiscean is now heading up our latest network site and has put me solely in charge of AviewTV. The decisions made there are mine to make and this one will not be rescinded…there will be no arguing.

Guess she means end of discussion! But no.

SaveMe Oh: Is my latest movie in your weekly film wrap? In the place where you also have me banned? (The AviewTV LEA sim)

Secret Rage: The one that was acceptable is, yes.

SaveMe Oh: And when you show it, will you tell the people that because of you, artists don’t have the freedom of create what they want? That you think you can be a judge on what an audience has to see or not? Like a good secret police? You know art is the first thing that is been killed in a totalitarian system?

Secret Rage: I said I will not argue with you-I meant it.

SaveMe Oh: You know not arguing is an ISIS method?

Secret Rage: smiles- I am a blonde haired blue eyed Catholic woman- I am pretty sure ISIS doesn’t figure into it. And now I have better things to do-have a good day

SaveMe Oh: You know Catholicism is a fundamentalist religion?

Secret Rage: I know this conversation is over. Goodbye.

Ziki 4

Another blogger, Ziki Questi, has less problems with art

Best Performance Ever In A Virtual World?

The SaveMe Rez Week 2014 produced a superb advert for the WEAR TO MOVE performance SaveMe Oh  gave 9 March in the LEA 10 sim ”Your breath was shed” from Mimesis Monday/Heidi Dahlsveen. But was WEAR TO MOVE the best performance ever in a virtual world?  We asked fans and critics for their reviews of WEAR TO MOVE.

Focusing before the performance

“I really love her art. But I love even more the fact that she’s using the entire virtual world as her canvas,” says Ampel Goosson. He’s one of dozens of people with virtual cameras who’ve crowded in front of a dressing room where they patiently line up to get their turn to get naked and receive from Mimesis Monday one of the eight special made outfits from SaveMe Oh for the WEAR TO MOVE performance that is part of the opening night of this LEA sim. They’re here for the honour to be part of a SaveMe Oh performance, willingly to take the risk of being expelled from the snobbish art mafia that already keeps a grim grip on virtual worlds for almost a decade.

Lining up 2

Some of SaveMe’s earlier works were destroyed almost as quickly as they appeared, banned, muted, ejected or derendered by local wannabe artists, sim owners or curators who seem to resent SaveMe Oh’s intrusion on their turf. And they’re not the only ones who wish she’d go back to hell.

Lightflower 3

“SaveMe Oh is a great promo girl; SaveMe Oh is not an artist; SaveMe Oh is an act,” says Tyrehl Byk, the upper P from the PPP (Particle Pee Party). Byk gives SaveMe credit for making images that stand out from the average because they’re well-promoted. But he says the artist isn’t as deep as her fans like to think. “Does she really think making avatars waiting in line and promises them some peeping opportunities arouse the art world?” “She’s completely conventional, anarchy lite,” says Byk. “Her images are especially uninteresting. I mean an artist peeing on a work of Cherry Manga? Meh. A horsedick in Quan Lavender? Meh. I mean, it’s pretty pointed political messages, but all so obvious. So obvious.”

Still, SaveMe’s defenders say her words and images are only part of the point. They say the context matters, too.

Rotata (2)

“She brings art to the sims in a way that very few artists do,” says Ziki Questi, the author of a book about SaveMe Oh called Oh, Save Me!  “People stop who don’t go into galleries, who don’t go into museums, and they look at SaveMe Oh.” Questi says the artist’s omnipotent presence shows that her range has grown to include video and fashion-based pieces in her performances. Her favourite was the “Kratje” dress were Questi says see felt the splinters really getting in her virtual ass. The experience was totally real. ” And virtually no one could find the splinter in my ass” Questi says, even with the most modern zooming techniques.

Kratje 1 (1)

Simotron Aquila, who was only able to see a part of the performance stated; “Like many people, I just find the performances of SaveMe Oh incredibly compelling. In my head this most elusive of her dancing looks like Margot Fonteyn driving a bicycle with square wheels or something like that. This performance letting SaveMe’s political statements, hastily and secretly presented inside non existing virtual walls, speak for themselves. If SaveMe was just an anarchist or griefer, rustling with discontent, her art would be unimpressive. But SaveMe’s art speaks with an edgy, wry, stylish accent. Her creations are no defacement. Instead, they’re the graphic, unheard voices of those shouting “something is wrong here!”

stripes (3)

Eupalinos Ugajin couldn’t disagree more when he refused to stand for a second in line and TP-ed out of the sim as quickly as possible when SaveMe’s performance was announced. “This bitch is the attention whore of the art universe, she enjoys her time smuggling pieces of her attachment “art” into museums and art sim, installing her trademark name into random buildings such as my rafts or fluctuating Dada’s. This cunt pastes her name onto property, photographs it, puts it in the social media, and then calls it art. If you are the type of person that likes to point and laugh at the unusual places she puts her name on then this is the person you should follow blind.”

But SaveMe’s fans who lined up in front of her dressing room seem willing to forgive her every fart. And they’ll follow her to wherever she appears.

Don’t You Dare To Claim My Stalkers Are Your Stalkers

Why should a Fluxus Dadaist like Eupalinos Ugajin not make us all dress up like kittens when he heard SaveMe Oh hates animals? (And it was carnival, wasn’t it) and why should he not ask Noizz Papp to redo all his desert music into cat sounds? As it’s just one touch on a synthesizer keyboard to make it Meooowww. And why should he not have a private party for all his mutual cat lovers from facebook and SL to exchange some deep insights on the modern art world?

Iono Allen: hello everybody

Haveit Neox: hi Iono

CapCat Ragu: Hi Iono

Laurence Burnstein: hello iono

Popcorn Erebus (procyon7): hi

Ziki Questi: hi Iono

Eupalinos Ugajin: some anims in the microphone if you wish to pratice some gym

Misprint (misprint.thursday): hi all:)

Quan Lavender: Hi Misprint

Laurence Burnstein: hi misprint

Haveit Neox: hi :))

Sina Souza (sinalein): sport is murderous

Scottius (scottius.polke): misprint hallloo

Bryn Oh: hi iono and misprint

Scottius (scottius.polke): and iono!

Misprint (misprint.thursday) pokes iono

Haveit Neox: Hi Bryn :))

Scottius (scottius.polke) pokes everybody

Haveit Neox: hey Scottius

Bryn Oh: hey haveit

Iono Allen: hehe Mis

Scottius (scottius.polke): haveit!

Rad Hand: Whale calls

Simotron Aquila: hello Iono

Iono Allen: hello Simo !

Kikas Babenco: hi Iono

Simotron Aquila:

Haveit Neox: Nice to see you

Iono Allen: Hey Kikas!

Ziki Questi: hi livio

Simotron Aquila: hi Livio

Piedra Lubitsch: hellooo

Eupalinos Ugajin: hello Piedra

Iono Allen: hi Piedra

Iono Allen: Lunata!

Simotron Aquila: hi Piedra :))

Lunata Lunasea: Iono, bon soir AGAIN….

Motita (moti.moody): Hi Piedra `-´

Piedra Lubitsch: :))

Iono Allen: ah !  I didn’t see…

Thirza Ember:  hello all

Eupalinos Ugajin: More food for the cat!

Eupalinos Ugajin: hello

Iono Allen: hey Thirza!

Simotron Aquila: hellooo

Kikas Babenco: hello Thirza

Thirza Ember: hey you guys!!!

And just when Quan Lavender was running back to her house to change her cat outfit for something more sexy I was throwing the 7th day of my rez week party on an empty piece of land, next door to her house when she start screaming on her facebook page!


Behind the mountains in the back is the land of Quan 

Quan Lavender: Stalkers at my home right now! Nice people! And as you can see, several are in my friendlist! (With Thirza Ember, Scottius Polke, Fuschia Nightfire, Snowbody Cortes, and others)

Fuschia Nightfire: We were stalking SaveMe Oh

Snowbody Cortes:  It’s a “Land for sale” , at least that my viewer say !

Cat Shilova: It was NOT at your home, Quan. Btw, I did not even know it was NEAR your place…

Thirza Ember: Removing the photo that clearly shows we were not stalking you… classy.

Duna Gant: O:O ….

Of course his Royal highness the Duke of Arado had to give his reaction immediately now he has chosen the side of the oppressed dictatorships:

The Duke of Arado: So now you are leading a pack of stalkers? It’s getting nicer all the time… I’ll just make a suggestion: you and your accomplices should consult a criminal lawyer in RL and be informed about the possible consequences of your behavior. Just saying. “Cyberstalking and cyberharassment are lumped together along with any way adults use digital technology to torment, harass, intentionally annoy or set their victims up for attacks by unwitting third parties (like hate groups and violent individuals).”

Now these are all heavy accusations and allegations so before the lawyers march in here some other options:

Quan could keep her Cat suit on and jumped in the party and said: Happy Rez day SaveMe Oh. And danced the night away as so much other friends of her were there and did the same.

Quan could have invited the Duke of Arado too as he has lately a big interest in Germany and because he is known as a great contribution to every party. As he really can do more than gets himself in a cat suit and say meoww.

Quan could have run to the home of SaveMe Oh in Two Fish and throw there a contra party at the same time.

Quan even could have unbanned SaveMe and invited her and all her other friends at her home to continue the party there.

And if you all hate SaveMe Oh still so much, why you don’t make her upcoming performance in LEA completely impossible? That will teach her!

Some ideas: Exploding Adolf Hitler particles with loud meowing cat rezzers, An army of marching giant horsedicks or sim covering sign saying REPULGANT COWARD. Just an idea. Of course there is also the other option of participation. It’s all a matter of choice.

My Alt Wants To Buy A Eupalinos

Kiana Writer of MadPea knows better than anyone else that I am the best thing that could happen to her. But as she has surrounded herself, like Jo Yardley, with idiots and she can’t prevent these idiots from banning me all the time from her sims as she is just busy with something else in her huge kingdom she loses control. After I and one of my alts were banned in no time in the MadPea sim a third alt of me, SaveMe OHare, succeeded to spend some time on the sim and did something completely stupid. She bought for 13 Linden Eupalinos Ugajin for the FEED A SMILE charity event.


Why you want Eupalinos Ugajin??? Is it not much easier to send the 13 Linden directly to the charity? Because what do you get when you buy Eupalinos Ugajin? A 2 hours workshop how you effectively ban people? An instruction on the finest invented on the muting and derender business.

In the popularity poll Kiana Writer herself and Bryn Oh are leading the pack on being the most popular artists with the highest bids. Now for Bryn the FEED A SMILE goes very much for herself as her smile gets bigger and bigger as she is fed by grants, friends and Indiegogo’s, but apparently just not enough to send some money herself to Africa, or does she buy Kiana and vice versa? And why Bryn doesn’t donate the 5256 linden I gave her last year when I organised a charity for her?

Snapshot_109Bryn Oh and her alt Cica Ghost, with Eupalinos in the background negociating about who is the most populair 

Another rumour was brought to me by my dear friend Ziki Questi, who is also the proud owner of a SaveMe and thus also banned now:

Ziki Questi: I’m trying to convince them to unban you. Your cousin Clicquot Oh is here with Kiana.

SaveMe Oh: I know

Ziki Questi: lol. They said you scared Rebeca Bashly (as everybody knows she is the alt of Igor Ballyhoo) last time because she worried you would bid on her.

SaveMe Oh: poor Igor

The next day these fine benefactors of the good cause found it necessary to ban more than 80 SaveMe’s (check the banlist in the MadPea land). I am still waiting for the request to send them all a yellow star to sew on their jacquets. And nobody for sure want to believe it but from this list only 4 are mine. It is like King Herod when he gave orders to kill all boys of the age of two and under in Bethlehem and its vicinity to prevent Cheesus from being born.


My poor daddy harrased by the hangman of MadPea Harter Fall, not able to bid on Iono Allen

So when you find yourself on this list I apologise as you won’t be able to FEED A SMILE with that avatar.





savemesorrow Udein


SaveMeOprah Deerhunter

savemenow Anton




Savemeliam Barbosa






















SaveMe Twist

SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oaklourne

SaveMe Oberueng

SaveMe Ocelot

SaveMe Oddson

SaveMe Ogleby

SaveMe Ogura

SaveMe OHare

SaveMe Ohmai

SaveMe Okelli

SaveMe Oleander

SaveMe Olihenge

SaveMe Oliphaunt

SaveMe Olivieri

SaveMe Oller

SaveMe Oompa

SaveMe Opaque

SaveMe Optera

SaveMe Oran

SaveMe Orcenhall

SaveMe Orchid

SaveMe Ordinary

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Now that I am cut off from the opportunity to contribute myself to this charity event I better plan another holiday to Africa to personally feed a smile there. Although I also have to keep an eye on my daddy. What that dirtbag is doing with Claudia222 Jewel? Is she eating his banana?


Why We Hate Her Creativity

SaveMe Oh vs The Satisfiers

By Larry Snavel of the university of Boston

In the virtual world of Second Life we pretend to appreciate her accomplishments, her inventions and her thinking, this creative person whose ideas have transformed our virtual world. And we seem to celebrate her famous imagination, we seem to praise this great artist and innovator SaveMe Oh. Viewing her virtual world creatively is supposed to be an asset, even a virtue. Online art contests and competitions are fighting to get this “walking idea” and “out of the box” thinker. And we want to believe ourself that her creativity is celebrated, and that if we have good ideas, we will succeed too.

It’s all a lie. This is the thing about creativity that is rarely acknowledged: Most people don’t actually like SaveMe Oh. Studies confirm what SaveMe Oh herself had suspected all along: People are biased against creative thinking, despite all of their insistence otherwise.

“We think of creative people in a heroic manner, and we celebrate them, but the thing we celebrate is the after-effect,” says Vanessa Blaylock, a researcher at the University of California–Berkeley business school who specializes in creativity.

Blaylock says most so called art lovers are risk-averse. She refers to them as satisfiers. “As much as we celebrate independence in Western cultures, there is an awful lot of pressure to conform,” she says. Satisfiers avoid stirring things up, even if it means forsaking the truth or rejecting a good idea. 

Even people who say they are looking for creativity like the LEA committee or UWA university react negatively to creative ideas, as demonstrated in a 2011 study from the University of Pennsylvania. Uncertainty is an inherent part of new ideas, and it’s something that those committee members or self acclaimed art lovers would do almost anything for to avoid. People’s partiality toward certainty biases them against creative ideas and can interfere with their ability to even recognize creative ideas.

So was SaveMe Oh, the  intensely creative and intelligent person who falls on the risk-taker side of the spectrum, once working on a new idea. Though highly praised for her problem-provoking skills, she is regularly unable to fix actual problems because nobody will listen to her ideas. “I even say, ‘I’ll do the work. Just give me the go ahead and I’ll do it myself,’ ” she says. “But they won’t, and so the system keeps me in my golden cage.”

In the documentary SaveMe Oh – The Drax Files, wannabe creative director Draxtor Despress systematically rejects the ideas of his famous subject SaveMe Oh, seemingly with no reason aside from asserting his power.

“Social rejection is not actually bad for the creative process—and can even facilitate it.”

This is a common and often infuriating experience for a creative person. Even in supposedly creative environments, in the LEA sims or UWA grounds, I’ve watched people with the most interesting—the most “out of the box”—ideas be ignored or ridiculed in favor of those who repeat an established solution.

“Everybody hates it when something’s really great,” says essayist and art critic Ziki Questi. She is famous for her scathing critiques against the art world, particularly against art contest, which she believes institutionalizes mediocrity through its systematic rejection of good ideas. Art is going through what Questi calls a “stupid phase.”

In fact, everyone I spoke with agreed on one thing—unexceptional ideas are far more likely to be accepted than wonderful ones.

Blaylock was asked to contribute to a 2011 book about creativity in the virtual world. Fed up with the hypocrisy she saw, she called her chapter “Why No One Really Wants SaveMe Oh’s Creativity.” The piece was an indictment of the way our culture deals with new ideas and creative people”

In terms of decision style, most people fall short of the creative ideal … unless they are held accountable for their decision-making strategies, they tend to find the easy way out—either by not engaging in very careful thinking or by modeling the choices on the preferences of those who will be evaluating them.

Unfortunately, the place where our first creative ideas go to die is the place that should be most open to them: LEA. Studies show that the LEA committee overwhelmingly discriminate against creative minds, favoring their satisfier ass lickers who more readily follow directions and do what they’re told.

Even if artists are lucky enough to have a committee member or adviser receptive to their ideas, standardized application forms and other programs like No Artist Left Behind and Race to the Top With Solo Mornington (a program whose very designation is opposed to nonlinear creative thinking) make sure artists minds are not on the “wrong” path. It’s ironic that even as artists are taught the accomplishments of the world’s most innovative minds, their own creativity is being squelched.

All of this negativity isn’t easy to digest, and SaveMe’s social rejection can be painful for her in the same ways physical pain hurts. But there is a glimmer of hope in all of this rejection. A Nordenskiold study makes the case that social rejection is not actually bad for the creative process—and can even facilitate it. The study shows that if you have the sneaking suspicion you might not belong, the act of being rejected confirms your interpretation. The effect can liberate creative people from the need to fit in and allow them to pursue their interests.

Let’s hope the pain of rejection is for SaveMe Oh like the pain of training for a marathon—training the mind for endurance. Research shows you’ll need it. Truly creative ideas take a very long time to be accepted. The better the idea, the longer it might take. Even the work of Nobel Prize winners was commonly rejected by their peers for an extended period of time.

Most people agree that what distinguishes those who become famously creative is their resilience. While creativity at times is very rewarding, it is not about happiness. Vanessa Blaylock says a successful creative person is someone “who can survive conformity pressures and be impervious to social pressure.”

To live creatively is a choice. You must make a commitment to your own mind and the possibility that you will not be accepted. You have to let go of satisfying people, often even yourself.

Only never forget to hide yourself the key of your golden cage.

The Mistreated Horses Of India


In a strange symbiosis between porn and Nazi vehicles I had yesterday a small exhibition in LEA 28. On one hand I was protesting with the porn pics of one of the LEA advice committee members against the grant for commercial builders to use an artsim to build submarines and Nazi machinery, on the other hand I was testing among a small audience the possibilities to organise a charity event for the mistrated horses in India. Is there an interest to buy these pornpics to save those poor horses? The first signs are hopefull that it can be done.

Iono Allen

Iono Allen has a closer look

Fafner Hofmann

Fafner Hofmann creates a smokescreen

Mark Bizet: One of the best pieces of art LEA ever had. Your place just should be bigger to make it all perfect

SaveMe Oh: Now thats what I also thought

Ush Underwood 2

Ush Underwood: Is this the party already?

SaveMe Oh: This is just a petit expo

ush Underwood: Its about Quans sexlife in sl?

SaveMe Oh: No, its porn. How you know its Quan, btw?

ush Underwood: Dont know .. therefore asking! Now i see .. on a pic is Quans tag

SaveMe Oh: Omg, I thought I cleaned everything

ush Underwood: Quans sex … who cares?

SaveMe Oh: I have no idea. You?

ush Underwood: Maybe not even Quan cares really.

SaveMe Oh: You can ask her, I never speak to her anymore.

ush Underwood: But maybe you know better .. who could be interested .. to watch Quans sex?

SaveMe Oh: Is she your friend?

ush Underwood: on my list yes — why?

SaveMe Oh: Then you might know better the answers on your questions

SaveMe Oh: I am just an artist

ush Underwood: Whatever ..see you!

Josef K.

Josef K. yellow ribbon  says he is not allowed to watch

Ziki Questi: That was a quick exhibition 😉 Gone already I see.

SaveMe Oh: I can come for a sec?

Ziki Questi: Oh perfect. Good thing it’s Quan.

Ziki 2Ziki Questi discovers a forgotten nametag

SaveMe Oh: Now how you know? Did I forget to brush her name somewhere?

Ziki Questi: She will appreciate it more if I blog about it.

Ziki 3

SaveMe Oh: Yes. For sure she will and its great for your ratings.

Ziki Questi: Oh yes yes certainly. It was very nice of her to have invited you over.

SaveMe Oh: She didn’t. I came in by accident.

Ziki Questi: Well, yes, but she did give you the landmark, yes?

SaveMe Oh: A day before

Ziki Questi: Well, that’s an invitation

SaveMe Oh: And when I checked it out I end up in this

Ziki Questi: They’re for sale?

SaveMe Oh: Not yet, but I was thinking of selling them for a charity event

Ziki Questi: To help support her gallery?

SaveMe Oh: To save the mistreated horses in India or something like that. What you think?

Ziki Questi: Yes, terrible situation there. Quite nice of Asterion to host your little exhibition here too

SaveMe Oh: He didnt know

Ziki Questi: Oh, he simply said he asked you to remove it when you left 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I thought it was a nice gesture of me next to his Nazi vehicles that are granted by LEA

Ziki Questi: yes, good industrial designers, the Nazis

SaveMe Oh: He is an old fashioned builder, he doesnt understand wearing so well

Ziki Questi: Yes, this certainly provides some, uh, different material for the sim

Ziki Questi: that’s hard work, trying to remove her name

Ziki 4

KandinskyKandinsky Beaumont searching for inspiration

calliope lexingtonCalliope Lexington loves nature