Invasion Of The Body Snatcher

As concert dictator Roxy Gellar bans me from her events I followed my incredible brain wave which enables me to still hear the concert of my dear friend Deceptions Digital. I invaded DD’s house and snatch her body and replaced it by mine. As the same stream was playing there nobody noticed the difference and I start to perform. Through DD’s groupchat I TP-ed all fans to me.


Here the drama in DD’s groupchat:

SaveMe Oh: Now you can of course go to listen to the concert of DD in the land of her dictator Roxy Gellar, but you can also listen to DD’s music performed by SaveMe Oh.

Zola Zsun: 🙂 We get only visuals??

SaveMe Oh: No, the music too

Zola Zsun: 🙂

Glasz DeCuir: You stole the streaming?

Glasz DeCuir: Shave your pubis and let me quiet

SaveMe Oh: From now on I will provide a shadow concert every time Roxy bans me from a concert of my friend DD.

Cat Boucher: Aww Saveme why are you doing that? You cant be serious to pull ppl away from DDs concert just to slap Roxy.

SaveMe Oh: Its at her place blonde!

Cat Boucher: Ok lol but still DD is perfoming at Roxys place right ?

SaveMe Oh: I guess so, I am banned so I cant see. This is much more easy.

Cat Boucher: Than just let her do her concert and go with Roxy in a boxing ring.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, at her home it sounds much better, Zola, dont you agree?

Zola Zsun: Well i do like the visuals.. and music is fabulous as always :))

SaveMe Oh: DD is sending them by wire and I must say, I do a good DD imitation

Zola Zsun: lol


SaveMe Oh: I fit behind her keyboard very well, and no lag here. Incredibble. Let me speed it up a bit. Wow, this is absolutely amazing

Zola Zsun: That is because of my interpretive dance, Save

SaveMe Oh: Dont deny the dance moves of my brother Lemonodo

Cat Boucher: Why are you chatting here? I thought you are together at DDs place ?

SaveMe Oh: No, DD is on enemy grounds, I am in DD’s home.

Cat Boucher: Yes and Zola is there too so why chatting in this group? Everytime I get a beep and the window pops up … to read what ?

SaveMe Oh: This is DD’s group, I do this in her honor, as the poor soul has to perform for evil Roxy.

Cat Boucher: And DD gets it too? Let DD perform maybe ??!

SaveMe Oh: When she performs I hope she dont read chat or she might miss a key.

Cat Boucher: Very funny since she doesnt play an instrument but still its distrurbing.

SaveMe Oh: Her music sounds sooooooo great here, at her home, she should be here herself

Zola Zsun: Who is Cat Boucher i dont think iknow her. She is disciplinarian? 🙂

SaveMe Oh: She is the circus tent lady. German, so no sense of humor!

Zola Zsun: lol

Lemonodo Oh: She’s famous for something

SaveMe Oh: Yes, a tent

Zola Zsun: Well not so famous i know her altho she may be on my FB list i dont know

SaveMe Oh: DD is marching a lot tonight, eins zwei drei vier. I pretend I am DD so please dont look too close to my fingers


vola (3elena): hi Save:)

Zola Zsun: Hi vola

Willem Koba: Hi vola 🙂

Lemonodo Oh: Hi vola

SaveMe Oh: DD, you forgot your tipjar here, now what do I do?

Cat Boucher: You can gossip about me also in chat since Saveme is sharing it anyway lol

SaveMe Oh: I must say, I play quite well

Lemonodo Oh: Practice makes perfect

Zola Zsun: I am most impressed

SaveMe Oh: I am a one woman kraftwerk

Zoz Quandry: WoooooOOOhHoooo .Very high 🙂

Zola Zsun: i think Cat doesnt like me 😦 she IMd me

SaveMe Oh: What she said?

Lemonodo Oh: Maybe she dislikes many

Zola Zsun: not sure and if i say something interesting you will put it in their group chat

SaveMe Oh: Of course

Zola Zsun: So i think before i speak 🙂 which is unusal for me

SaveMe Oh: Are you a drama lover or a Roxy zombie?

Cat Boucher: Zola lol dont you have betetr to do ? .-) Saveme you make me laugh again ty darling.

Roxy Gellar: In case you can’t make it to this place

SaveMe Oh: Hey Roxy, blonde, we are at DD’s place so we already have the stream.


Reunited With My Best Friends

When I heard my best friends Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado were doing a performance and that my much beloved DJ Eifachfilm Vacira would take care of the music I couldn’t sleep for weeks from pure excitement.


And so I try to go to the sim of Universidade de Aveiro early, only to find out that the Evil Genius had banned me. So I ran back home to change quickly for myself and then got in. But the moment of pure happiness lasted only some minutes as the Evil Genius renewed his ban list.

Knipsel 5

Desperate to miss any quality time with my sweet friends Kikas & Marma, who always enjoyed my contributions so much, I ran back home to change again for another me, but the true PIDE background of some of the Portuguese sim owners took no risks anymore and arranged a new ban list for the sim containing every SaveMe ever born. King Herod would have been jealous.

Knipsel 7

The only solution to be at least close to my dearest friends was to go undercover as somebody else that was me. But being me but not me is difficult, I don’t know to push what buttons and by mistake I add some SaveMe signs that were received as sabotage what was of course not a second my objective. I deeply apologise for the caused trouble, the foreseen upgrade of the rather old art came from a good heart.


Marmaduke Arado: It is over now. Sabotage at the end.

Zola Zsun: I am innocent!

Solar Hydro Cleanslate: Heh, the Save Me/Save You was not part of it?

Marmaduke Arado: I am going. Good night

To apologise I went back after the performance but I still couldn’t get in.

SaveMe Oh: Wan, I cant get in. Am I still banned? Or did the event already end?

Wan Laryukov: Love I am not the owner of this sim and I think its finished.

SaveMe Oh: Now for that you need to be a Genius, I asume?

Wan Laryukov: ahahahahahah

SaveMe Oh: What a pity, would have loved to see my old friends. Well, maybe next time.

Wan Laryukov: Yes Kikas and Marmaduke

SaveMe Oh: We were almost married once. Me and Kikas and Marma. I can still taste their baba de camelo.

Wan Laryukov: ahahhahaah a trio must be good. I love baba de camelo. Sweet dreams hun

SaveMe Oh: With baba it cant get any sweeter!


The Tragedy Of King Lea

(free after William Shakespeare)


To celebrate the Swedish release of the IBook with my artwork, written by Glasz DeCuir and translated by Kandinsky Beaumont we set up a party in the gallery of Josef K. who was also responsible for the introduction in the book.

And half an hour before I was starting my performance there was an unexpected guest already hiding in the gallery. What was he up to???? Was it the prince of Denmark or was it King LEA himself?

SaveMe Oh: Solo Mornington is early

Josef K: Hahaha yes I see him too now. I wonder if he will come down even. You think his heart will survive your Je Suis Vierge installation?

SaveMe Oh: I hope he won’t rape me 72 times


Josef K: I am camming him now. He is in the Sina Souza room

SaveMe Oh: Camming from there for sure so he can’t be catched on photo in front of my work

Josef K: Your work is on the floor just above him

SaveMe Oh: He is afraid I would catch him. By far the biggest idiot of SL.

Josef K:  We are celebrating the new book about SaveMe Oh

Solo Mornington: Yay book! Too bad it’s about shitty art.

Larkworthy Antfarm: What’s happening under that pile of books?

SaveMe Oh: I think Solo Mornington has prepared an introduction

Apmel Meerson: Omg  A SPEACH!!

Solo Mornington: By all means continue.

And then to everybody’s surprise Solo Mornington attached a giant object covering the complete platform. Was he finally ready to participate and interact?


SaveMe Oh: Did you glue that yourself Solo?

Solo Mornington: Not sure if you’re aware of this, but sl doesn’t use ‘glue.’

Larkworthy Antfarm: OMG is he planning to burn them?

Apmel Meerson: I didn’t know Solo belonged to the SaveMe church

Solo Mornington: I invented it. SaveMe Oh stole all my ideas.

SaveMe Oh: I am so happy with the intervention of Solo Mornington.

Apmel Meerson: Haha

Solo Mornington: I thought it was appropriate.

SaveMe Oh: Very

Solo Mornington: To show up on and shit on you. Because I support art in sL.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Pretty bland stuff Morny!  You can do better.

SaveMe Oh: Now I can sign the books in peace when you do the visuals. Only one thing…don’t kiss Kandi.

Solo Mornington: Why?

Ori: “Would you sign my ass instead?”

SaveMe Oh: You might turn into a frog

Solo Mornington: ahh.

Ori: quaacks

Apmel Meerson: She only turns Solos to frogs though

Solo Mornington points to SaveMe Oh… Shh don’t say bland. You are blinded by my brilliance.

SaveMe Oh: I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Ampel will have a bad time tagging

Apmel Meerson: I can’t see myself wank

SaveMe Oh: Don’t wank by coincidence in Solo’s face, he might be allergic for dust

Solo Mornington: That’s because you didn’t know you were a fascist.

Josef K: Solo … why are you griefing my event … as far as I know I have never bothered you?

Apmel Meerson: I refuse to derender anyone.. how do I do that btw?

SaveMe Oh: Let him, he doesn’t have anything else to do.

Solo Mornington: Ahh, so it’s less delightful now, and you feel the need to insult me. Imagine that.

Larkworthy Antfarm: We are not dealing with an emotionally healthy person.

Solo Mornington: SMO, correct. Oo.. the silence falls. the laughter stops.

Josef K: I don’t get it Solo … I visit LEA from time to time and don’t destroy it for others … and you come to my gallery and sabotage the release of a book I have been a co-writer on.


Solo Mornington: The joke has ended….

Ori scans foe mentally healthy people

Solo Mornington: Josef…. it’s not personal.

SaveMe Oh: People must be enjoying the show, Solo

Larkworthy Antfarm: I am referring to you Solo.  You do not want to go there.

Zola Zsun: I’m here.. but I am blind helllppp

Solo Mornington: But clearly, in the extensive research for your book… must have encountered the absolute fact that SaveMe Oh has done this to people.

Josef K: Well .. I find it hard to believe that the leader of LEA acts that way .. not very professional

Solo Mornington: Right, SaveMe Oh is allowed, I am not.

Larkworthy Antfarm: You compare this crap you laid to art Save has created?

Solo Mornington: Yes. Absolutely.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Now that is amusing.

Bethany Fire: checks and agrees with herself and I that she’s mentally sane xx

Josef K: SaveMe Oh is invited to perform. You and me can do a performance any other time

Solo Mornington: Indeed she is, and she can.

Ori: SaveMe Oh is here?

Solo Mornington: No, this is just the moment for me to perform.

SaveMe Oh: I’m hiding downstairs

Solo Mornington: Find out if I am disturbing the performance from the artist.

Apmel Meerson: I’m trying to find her so I can at least tag the artist

Larkworthy Antfarm: Aren’t you afraid your dazzling artwork will set off one of your seizures, Solo?

Solo Mornington: It will be a glorious 10 minutes of bliss.

Josef K: Still Solo .. you are here as a guest in my gallery … SaveMe Oh is here as the performer

Solo Mornington: Indeed I am a guest, and I appreciate it. I really do.

Josef K: I suddenly lost all my respect for LEA

Apmel Meerson: Let them fight it out Josef..I think SaveMe will win

SaveMe Oh: I told you….

Ori: What is LEA?

SaveMe Oh: Licking Every Ass

Solo Mornington: I’m not here on behalf of LEA.

Larkworthy Antfarm: White bread white bread

Josef K: It’s the art sims run by Second Life and Solo is the boss

Bethany Fire: Linden endowment for the arts xxx

SaveMe Oh: And the ass to be licked hangs on the bottom of Solo Mornington.

Or: Hahahhaha

Zola Zsun: lol

Solo Mornington: I’m here on behalf of the people SaveMe Oh has driven from SL through years-long campaigns of harassment.


SaveMe Oh: When you lick well you get a free sim

Ori: Indeed, lick

Zola Zsun: What about hallucinations?

SaveMe Oh: When you lick better you are allowed to stay forever there free. Bryn Licks very well.

Apmel Meerson: I never got one..I must have licked the wrong ass

Josef K: But he isn’t acting much like a responsible leader at the moment

Solo Mornington: It’s true, I’m not. but then some folks think I’m not a very good leader anyway. But you know, SaveMe Oh herself said she was delighted I was here. So until she asks nicely, this will continue.

Josef K: From a PR point of view this is good for my gallery … tomorrow lots of blogs will write about this .. good for me .. bad for LEA

Solo Mornington: Great.Good for you.

Zola Zsun: Nice tutu, Save 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Couldn’t be better.

Solo Mornington: PR for your misguided book about a serial harasser.

Larkworthy Antfarm: It calls into question the professionalism of LEA and the Lindens.

Josef K: Haha and you will get a lot of credit too SaveMe 🙂

Cat Shilova: I used derender …. Strangely this fog is gone.

SaveMe Oh whispers: Solo, you already downloaded the book?

Zola Zhun: Me too, Cat .. Hi Cat 🙂

Solo Mornington: Just derender and pretend. Pretend in a pretend world. Delude yourself in a world of delusion.

Larkworthy Antfarm: To think that Lindens allow individuals with known issues to run their artist sims.

Zola Zsun: Which is the pretend world? Here or out there? 🙂

Solo Mornington: Known issues like what? Thinking you’re full of shit? Or is being full of shit your act?

Larkworthy Antfarm: You cannot hide the truth from everyone Solo.

Cat Shilova: Ah, next step is MUTING.

Solo Mornington: Is me being angry an act?

Josef K: Do derender the leader of LEA in order to enjoy the magic of SaveMe Oh …

SaveMe Oh: Reflect Solo, is healthy for you

Solo Mornington: Ask nicely and I’ll leave.

SaveMe Oh: You waited long enough for this

Solo Mornington: Can’t do it though, because ‘nice’ isn’t part of the deal. The persona doesn’t allow it. How constricting.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Mental issues.  Known mental issues.

Solo Mornington: Such as what?

SaveMe Oh: I have something for you Solo

Solo Mornington: Abuse. In the name of art is not art.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Ask your fellow LEA members.  I have.

Glasz DeCuir: Looks great the fog, more mystery to the intense chat text 🙂

SaveMe Oh: There are no other LEA members, he is the only one.

Solo Mornington: You’ll note that I bring all the interest here.

Glasz DeCuir: Solo read the eBook and we speak on a public debate about that concept

Zola Zsun: Oh I am enjoying the melodrama entertainment myself. 🙂

Josef K: shouts: Dear visitors … if all you see is a white fog it’s due to the griefing of Solo Mornington, the headmaster of LEA – Second Life’s official art sims. Do derender him in order to enjoy the performance by SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: He finally found his true identity and dares to show it.

Zola Zsun: Oh I got rid of the fog soon as I got here 🙂

Solo Mornington: Yah, so whatever SaveMe Oh is doing, just ignore it. The fog is better. Just ask Glasz. No, my true identity is complex and varied, just like everyone. SaveMe Oh is as much a lie as this outburst.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Put on your shrinking caps folks.  Diagnose LEAs idea of a responsible art committee member. Shake some screws loose.

SaveMe Oh: I have something else for you Solo.

Solo Mornington: Lark, consider that SaveMe Oh says she’s delighted by this intervention. I am supporting art in SL.

Glasz DeCuir: Solo wants to be an artist 🙂

Josef K: This is an epic event … Officials from Second Life management is trying to sabotage it .. that has never happened before 🙂

Solo Mornington: I’m not from SL management.

SaveMe Oh: Licking management he is.

Zola Zsun shouts: How Exciting!

Solo Mornington: Just get that straight.

Josef K: We are making history

Solo Mornington: See how exciting I make your event, SaveMe Oh? By ruining it?

Apmel Meerson: Is someone filming?

SaveMe Oh: Ruining???? I love contributions.

Solo Mornington: According to Josef I’m a griefer right now.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Hands up don’t shoot!!  Artists lives matter!

Tizzy Canucci: Not filming, but I’ve got a hard drive nearly full of shots…

Josef K: shouts: Soon I will be as famous as SaveMe Oh because Solo Mornington is attacking my event 😀

Zola Zsun: Solo, It is a pleasure to meet you, I have heard many things about you

Solo Mornington: All good I hope, Zola. well met. I mean, for real, not this bullshit griefer mode thing.

Zola Zsun: Oh is there a bullshit griefer here?

Solo Mornington: Yah me. 🙂 But it’s ART. And stuff.

Solo Mornington:

Glasz DeCuir: Feel free to express yourself Solo!

Zola Zsun: Which is yours Solo and which is Save’s?

Solo Mornington: Yah it’s hard to tell isn’t it?

Josef K shouts: the ugly ones is Solo’s

Zola Zsun: So we can make an informed choice in our derendering

Solo Mornington: And that’s the beauty of it.

Apmel Meerson: This certainly is freeing me from tagging photos.

Solo Mornington: SaveMe Oh harasses me for years. I show up and it’s the end of the world.

Zola Zsun: The fog? I see no fog I have derendered it

Solo Mornington: Ahh then you’ve figured out which is mine.

Apmel Meerson: I refuse to learn how to derender

Zola Zsun: Why Solo I am glad you are here… I am finding it a delight to be witness to real drama :))

Cat Shilova: You don’t have to learn, you just have to click

Tizzy Canucci: Work with it… more of a challenge… always

Solo Mornington: Yah as opposed to SaveMe Oh’s fake drama.

Cat Shilova: Solo, our new drama queen.

SaveMe Oh: I loved how he was waiting half an hour before the show to appear.

Zola Zsun: lol. Amateur

Larkworthy Antfarm: I derendered Solo’s asshole.  Now for the smell.

Solo Mornington: Hehe

Zola Zsun: hahahahah

Solo Mornington: You know, you get victimized and they cheer on the bully. You bully and they call you an asshole. Some people.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Don’t taz me bro!

Zola Zsun: Who is the bully … is always in the eyes of the beholder.

Solo Mornington: Art is supposed to be about the condition of being human. Attempting to destroy people without their consent is bad art.

SaveMe Oh: And LEA is now all unprotected???? OMG

Zola Zsun: OMG

Solo Mornington: No, who is the bully isn’t that hard to understand. If you have compassion. Or any basic humanity.

Ori: Where can you buy that?

Solo Mornington: That’s the unfortunate part.

Ori: Crap

Zola Zsun: No matter what.. our feelings come only from our own minds

Solo Mornington: You have to, like, make an effort and shit.

Ori: Can’t buy that huh?

Solo Mornington: No, our feelings come from a truth. people without feeling have no truth.

Apmel Meerson: “you have to, like, make an effort and shit.” wow..a classic to remember!

Ori: Writes it down

Zola Zsun: If one believes in an objective truth which is usually found only in mathematics

Ori: Yes, math is the only logical truth!!

Josef K: Shouldn’t we write a book about Solo … we could print in on toilet paper … and let the readers decide what to do with it

Zola Zsun: Oh noo.. Ebook is the way to go

Josef K: It’s hard to clean your ass with an eBook

Solo Mornington: No, there’s a truth to someone being cruel. You don’t have to accept or reject the hurt feelings of the victim to see the cruel intention.

Cat Shilova: How do you say shit in Swedish??

Apmel Meerson: Wow..I get sooo much good material to quote on my blog tomorrow!

Annie: hahahahaha

Zola Zsun: Solo, you seem to be upset.. it’s ok.. everything will be ok

Larkworthy Antfarm: It is all about Solo.  All of LEA is about Solo.  All of Second Life.  He thrives on his love/hate relationship with Save.

Josef K: Shit in Swedish is ‘skit’

Apmel Meerson: Haha Josef..true

Glasz DeCuir: A love story …

Cat Shilova: Ah thanks Josef!

Solo Mornington: Hehe skit based comedy.

Zola Zsun: Skit in English is a short play 🙂

Larkworthy Antfarm: Scat

Zola Zsun: lol

Josef K: In Danish we just call it ‘lort’

Zola Zsun: I like that one.. lort.. good word

Solo Mornington: I’m here as an intervention for all you fine folks who think it’s clever to glue some prims together and wear them.

Apmel Meerson: Lort is the nice way of saying shit in Swedish

Larkworthy Antfarm: Solo sniffs Save’s scat like a lovesick dog.

Zola Zsun:Well.. I hope you are enjoying yourself as much as I am 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I am so glad you now help me out Solo. After all the years I had to do everything alone.

Simotron Aquila: hello :))

Solo Mornington: Like I said: I’m here to support art in SL.

Apmel Meerson: Hello Simo..nice timing..right in the skitprat

Simotron Aquila: 🙂

Zola Zsun: A noble cause.. in theory

Solo Mornington: Unfortunately the art I’m supporting is based on harassment and bullying.

Apmel Meerson: This event is getting closer and closer to my liking

Solo Mornington: Glad I could pull it out of the fire for you, apmel.

SaveMe Oh: Isn’t it lovely? Who could imagine he was still alive?

Zola Zsun: Delightfully lovely, Save

Apmel Meerson: Never knew you were a gifted comedian Solo

Cat Shilova: Your love only keeps him alive

Zola Zsun: All you need is love 🙂

SaveMe Oh: That’s why I am SaveMe. Empathy for all

Josef K shouts: For any newcomers: Just derender the leader of the Second Life LEA sim: Solo Mornington … then you can enjoy SaveMe Oh without his griefing

Solo Mornington shouts: Because, as you know, it’s important to ALWAYS DERENDER ART.

Zola Zsun: Actually I think derendering might bring more peace in the sl art world.. a world I usually stay away from 🙂 Perhaps I would visit it more often

Apmel Meerson: I refuse to derender..but maybe whoever film this might be helped by it

Solo Mornington: If they’re filming what’s happening here and they derender me, then they’re liars.

SaveMe Oh: Depends what you want to film. If you want to film an endless ass licking fart you shouldn’t derender

Zola Zsun: Right, Save, we all make our own choices

Larkworthy Antfarm: It is like watching a turd floating in a glass of milk.

Solo Mornington: Mmm… turdmilk.

Mandel Solano shouts: Hi you having fun here???

SaveMe Oh: Is that a question?

Solo Mornington shouts: yah, I’m participating in the performance.

Apmel Meerson: It is a Solo performance

Cat Shilova: We LOVE drama!

Mandel Solano: oh hehe

Simotron Aquila: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Drama is highest level of art

Zola Zsun: Indeed

Solo Mornington: Nope. Disagree.

Zola Zsun: and life would be so boring without it

Larkworthy Antfarm: Like a bad John Waters’ movie!

Glasz DeCuir: This is another Masterpiece :))

Zola Zsun: Which are the BEST

Solo Mornington: Yes, mine. I claim it.

SaveMe Oh: The claim is yours, Solo! You deserve it 100%

Solo Mornington: All of SaveMe Oh’s work, I claim as my masterpiece, because it’s impossible for her work to exist without victims.

SaveMe Oh: You have a tipjar?

Apmel Meerson: Hahahahahahahaaa

Glasz DeCuir: :)))

Zola Zsun: lol

Larkworthy Antfarm: Oh snap!

Solo Mornington: I have a large surface area. Surely you can find a place to right-click. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Your surface area we know. It’s at the bottom of your back

Solo Mornington: Josef, is it still objectionable? 🙂 Does your fear of my anger still prevent you from enjoying this? I ask because it’s your place.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Did he really talk to us in comic book villain dialect??

Marie: Don’t fight too much folks, events are for having fun, make love not war

Larkworthy Antfarm: Betty, even through the fog, you shine pink!  LOL.

SaveMe Oh: Maybe Betty uses her Solo Teflon pack?

Solo Mornington: For a bunch of people who love drama, you sure do get quiet. I stop, the party stops.

SaveMe Oh: Otherwise the blogpost gets too long

Zola Zsun: People are tired of entertaining you, Solo.. that is all.. now we have fun.. you try to do the same 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Hope he will also invite me to LEA now

Solo Mornington: I sold you a sim. You had no idea how to respond.

SaveMe Oh: Tell them Solo, we can’t wait for your stories

Dido Haas: Yes tell us Solo, all ears.

Solo Mornington: See? 10x more interesting.

Solo Mornington: And then somehow, SaveMe Oh ended up making a video where her avatar rapes my avatar.

SaveMe Oh: You have the link?

Josef K: Sure that wasn’t a wet dream, Solo?

Solo Mornington: Those were the days, when grudges were forged.

SaveMe Oh: Solo could you make an advertisement for my book?

Solo Mornington: Yes: here’s your blurb: “SaveMe Oh delights in harassing people, and asks us to explore this harassment as if it were somehow positive.” …another paragraph or two…..

“…to mask her own psychopathic tendencies.” —Solo Mornington

Josef K: Kind of funny … I have been in sl for 4 years by now … the first griefer I see is the headmaster of LEA

Marie: don’t fight so much, guys !!!

Solo Mornington: Why not Marie? Does it make you uncomfortable?

Josef K: Drama is the blood of second life

Marie: because it is boring for me, .)) I prefer having fun in other way

Solo Mornington: Josef, if you’ve spent any time with SaveMe Oh, you know that’s not true.

Marie: I hate drama .)

Solo Mornington: I happen to have an actual beef here. Rather than just drama.

Solo Mornington:

Zola Zsun: drama is what makes us human

Cat Shilova: Who fights??

Dido Haas: Not me Cat

Marie: But life has enough drama for itself, so silly to want a bit more.))

Josef K: Solo … I have actually had a lot of respect for the LEA sims. Tonight you made me loose that respect all together

Solo Mornington: Josef, if you asked nicely at any time, I would have quit.

Dido Haas: hard words Josef

Solo Mornington: If you or SaveMe Oh ask me to stop, I will.

Zola Zsun: Is it time for the next act of the drama? This one is getting long

Glasz DeCuir: NO,please, go on! 🙂

Solo Mornington: Zola, try years of harassment from SaveMe Oh.

SaveMe Oh: Stop???? Finally somebody joining in?

Dido Haas: Agrees

Josef K: Solo … I don’t believe in censorship or banning … I judge by behaviour.

Solo Mornington: Then how can you lose respect for artists at LEA?

Zola Zsun: Oh SaveMe has been harassing me for years and years…

Larkworthy Antfarm: This man is out of control.

Josef K: Oh I still respect the artists … but now I despite the concept

Larkworthy Antfarm: LEA members have said so publically.

Zola Zsun: Will you stop please, Solo?

Solo Mornington: Josef, should I honor the request from Zola?

Zola Zsun LEA Seemed to rather homogenize.. the art stuff in here anyway

Cat Shilova: Who is Solo??

Josef K: Solo you are a grown man, you make your own decisions

Solo Mornington: Ok, then I will.

Cat Shilova: Not sure for “grown”

Solo Mornington: Now any griefy objects you see are your own.

Solo Mornington: 🙂

Apmel Meerson: Wow now I see art

Solo Mornington: Ossum. Too bad it’s about SaveMe Oh. Seriously, good luck with the book and the event.

SaveMe Oh: Seriously I don’t like you

Zola Zsun: hahahaha

Solo Mornington: Fucking hell. Some HONESTY. Finally! Go with that. Your art will improve.

Zola Zsun: Oh wow.. spinning Lenins. Fabulous. Hilarious

Josef K: That’s the difference between Solo and SaveMe … SaveMe is always improving

Solo Mornington: nice. 🙂

ush Underwood: Fog

SaveMe Oh: Don’t be hard on him, he just started today as a performer

Zola Zsun: Well it really comes down to Save’s brilliant ability to provoke emotion

ush Underwood: ok

Zola Zsun: Is that good art? Yes!

Solo Mornington: Terrorists provoke emotion. That’s why they’re called ‘terrorists.’ Griefers provoke emotion. that’s why they’re called ‘griefers.’

Solo Mornington: And now… you’re rid of me. 🙂

Josef K: Griefing is a concept by which we measure creativity

SaveMe0h: Where is Solo tipjar?

Zola Zsun: Poor Solo, he seems so unhappy.

Apmel Meerson: I have zero lindens on this alt..pity I cannot tip Solo

SaveMe Oh: Stay some more Solo

Larkworthy Antfarm: where is his tip jar? His coin slot?

True Celebrities Don’t Shoot Themselves

Yesterday I celebrated my 8th rezday with a performance in the sim of Elena Degni who was the first to accept the offer for a party by arranging a spot with NOTHING. Combined with the wonderful music or Morlita Quan we went on a journey with all our guests that was…ah well…let their pictures speak:

Josef K

The party is over, but what a party is was. SaveMe Oh’s 8th rez day party was like a master class in the art of performance. Not to forget Morlita’s music. It was the most impressive performance I have attended in Second Life so far. It was fantastic ….

Josef K 2

Josef K.

Josef K 4

Josef K 5

Josef K 6

Josef K 7

Josef K 8

Josef K 9

Josef K 10

Josef K 11

Josef K 12

Josef K 13

Josef K 14

Josef K 15

Josef K 16

Josef K 17

Elena Degni

Da tempo il “Ohh!” del meraviglioso non mi scappava all’improvviso come mi è successo ieri sera, immersa nel mare di emozioni che ci ha portato SaveMe Oh e la musica di Morlita Quan riportando in pieno il senso che in SL sembra andare scomparendo. SaveMe Oh, In una piattaforma 64.64 a 1000 metri in cielo, 42 Avatar, è riuscita a immergerci in un mondo, un tempo, uno stato d’animo colorato , forte, raccontandoci gioie e angoscia, pazzia fanciullesca e infine restituito a Sl, il rispetto che merita per le possibilità che ci regala di realizzare quello che altrove non si potrebbe. Voglio dirlo; grazie SaveMe Oh

Elena Degni 2

Elena Degni

Mo Werefox

Ipnotica. Surreale. Psichedelica. Immersiva e altra. Sì Signori, questa è una festa SL. Thank you, SaveMe Oh.

Mo Werefox

Chloe Seljan

Chloe Seljan

Christower Dae

Christower Dae 2

Christower Dae

Daisy Pentia

Daisy Pentia 2

Daisy Pentia

Glasz DeCuir

Glasz 2

Glasz 3

Glasz 4

Glasz 5

Glasz 6

Glasz 7

Glasz 8

Glasz 9

Glasz 10


Kandinsky Beaumont

Kandi 1

Kandi 2

Kandi 3

Kandi 4

Kandi 5

Kandi 6

Lennart Nilsson

Lennart Nilsson

Lennart Nilsson2

Lennart Nilsson3

Lennart Nilsson4

Lennart Nilsson5

Lennart Nilsson6

Lennart Nilsson7

Lennart Nilsson8

Lennart Nilsson9

Lennart Nilsson10

Lennart Nilsson11

Lennart Nilsson12

Lennart Nilsson13

Lennart Nilsson14

Lennart Nilsson15

Lennart Nilsson16

Lennart Nilsson17

Jos Bookmite

Jos Bookmite

Red Bikcin

Red Bikcin

Trisha Abbott

Trisha Abbott (2)

Trisha Abbott

Trisha Abbott 3

Zola Zsun

Zola Zsun

SaveMe Oh Shakes The Linden 2

Own me SaveMe

On the second night of the Own Me Save Me events SaveMe fucked Governor Linden in his own, or not his own mansion, the secondlife heritage site on Lindenland. The fence of stolen items didn’t dare to show up so SaveMe Oh continue selling out her famous artworks before the Linden had a chance to own it.


Friday there will be a sale in a troika owned country in Europe, stay tuned for the landmark.

Here the results of the second day ownerswapping

Own Me Save Me

11th customer.

Pixié De La Rain: Hi all

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and Own a SaveMe

Pixié De La Rain: come to pick up a art bargain

SaveMe Oh: now is your chance

Pixié De La Rain: I have $81L….do you do them in small sizes?

SaveMe Oh: you can mod them

Pixié De La Rain: or, half a picture

SaveMe Oh: cut them in half, make toiletpaper out of them, whatever

Pixié De La Rain: Could I have the old guy with the pitchfork? for 81L ?

SaveMe Oh: Ofcourse dear, then you still have enough to pay your electricity?

Pixié De La Rain: 81L is everything I have! But I’ll survive

SaveMe Oh: You want a discount? Pay what you like, I dont want to bankrupt you as you are already not that warm dressed.

Pixié De La Rain: 80L and its a deal. Then I won’t be bankrupt

SaveMe Oh: Ok, pay me and your masterpiece will be delivered. You can wrap your body in it

Pixié De La Rain: Yes, better than electricity

Pixié De La Rain: A steal at any price

SaveMe Oh: And dont let the Linden find it as they try to own everything

Pixié De La Rain: I’ll hide it where the sun doesnt shine, and they’ll never find it

SaveMe Oh: Unless they have sticky fingers, and they have

Pixié De La Rain: haha yes

Pixie Rain bought American gothic. Painted by Grant Wood, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Pixie Rain on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

American gothic

Own Me Save Me

12th customer.

jaynine Scarborough: iono :-))

SaveMe Oh: omg, now we get this…..

Iono Allen: Hi Jay ! 🙂

jaynine Scarborough: hello save

SaveMe Oh: for sure now they want something for the German bedroom

jaynine Scarborough: 🙂

Iono Allen: of course! What else?

Iono Allen: So, I’d like the yellow one which is just in front of you, I guess Leger? and the one where Mary is crying because you are lying…

Iono Allen: How much for them?

SaveMe Oh: whatever you like

Iono Allen paid you L$1000.

Inventory item offered

Iono Allen: great! thx

SaveMe Oh: hide it for the Linden and be careful with your fingers when you try to hang the painting, Iono

Iono Allen bought Composition aux SaveMe et deux figures. Painted by Fernand Leger and La pieta. Painted by Franz von Stuck, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Iono Allen on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

La pieta

Own Me Save Me

13th customer.

ruby Balzibo: I would slike to buy a painting, SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: Do it before the Linden catch you

ruby Balzibo: ummm the yellow one.I only have 101L

SaveMe Oh: pay what you want

ruby Balzibo: ohhh that is all I have, is it ok?

SaveMe Oh: sure

ruby Balzibo: ♥ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ♥

SaveMe Oh: pay me and I send you the painting

Items successfully shared.

SaveMe Oh: did you get it Ruby?

ruby Balzibo: oh yes

ruby Balzibo:   (.¸.❤  I ℒϕve iT, ℒϕve iT, Mmmmm~♡ღ.❥*¨)

Ruby Balzibo bought Composition aux SaveMe et deux figures. Painted by Fernand Leger, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Ruby Balzibo on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Composition with SaveMe and two figures

Own Me Save Me

14th customer.

SaveMe Oh: Hi Josef

SaveMe Oh: you already frame your painting?

Josef K: yeah .. it’s hanging 🙂

SaveMe Oh: you have to send me a LM in secret. Please dont tell the Linden

Josef K: I bid you 500 Lindens for the one I am looking at … the one where you lay on a bed with the mourning woman

Josef K paid you L$500.

Josef K :Thank you … Now I have to rearrange a lot in my gallery to make space for it … I am running short of walls

SaveMe Oh: throw away the Bryn Oh’s

Josef K: And they don’t hang on a wall … It’s all sculptures

Josef K: I like this painting … I think I will place it on a roof top on my land

Josef K: Then all the visitors in AM Radio’s The Far Away can see it 🙂

Josef K bought La pieta. Painted by Franz von Stuck, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Josef K on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Own Me Save Me

15th customer.

Annaleza: Hi Save Me,Will you be insulted if I offer 500l for the painting I am facing?

SaveMe Oh: with my face in his face?

Annaleza: yes

SaveMe Oh: no it would be a pleasure to sell it to you before the Linden rob it

Annaleza: does it have a title?

SaveMe Oh: Faraway looks

Annaleza: ahhhh,nice

Annaleza bought Faraway looks. Painted by Rene Magritte, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Annaleza on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Faraway looks

Own Me Save Me

16th customer.

Kikas Babenco: this is my shopping day

SaveMe Oh: I dont have babystuff

Kikas Babenco: how much for Frida?

SaveMe Oh: Kikas, whatever you like to spent

Iono Allen: ahhh Fridal Oh!

SaveMe Oh: Omg Kikas, hope you have money left for a baba de camelo

Kikas Babenco: I used Marma’s credit card

SaveMe Oh: very smart

SaveMe Oh: for what else you have a husband?

SaveMe Oh: All husbands I had was only to pay bills

Kikas Babenco bought Diego and SaveMe. Painted by Frida Kahlo, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Kikas Babenco on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Diego and SaveMe

Own Me Save Me

17th customer.

Kandinsky Beaumont: Can I buy you Save? Or do I have to buy something hanging on the wall

SaveMe Oh: you can also buy me to hang on your wall or hang me in plain air

Kandinsky Beaumont: On the other hand if I buy you can you promise not to nag on me when I glue prims late at night?

SaveMe Oh: I will be a wallflower, Kandi

Kandinsky Beaumont: Kikas and Marma stole the whole lot, are they aiming for the black market or are they only desperate collectors?

Kandinsky Beaumont: I have to have the one with you on the pig Save

Kandinsky Beaumont: If it is very expensive I can just borrow from Marma

SaveMe Oh: pay what you want Kandi

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and Own a SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: how much hours I have to hang on your wall now, Kandi?

Kandinsky Beaumont: oh you can come down now and then and make some fun shows

SaveMe Oh: what a relief

Kandinsky Beaumont: Marma I am rich I will buy my next one now

Marmaduke Arado: go ahead Kandi!

SaveMe Oh: Kandi, you are not into phonesex to earn extra money now, are you?

Kandinsky Beaumont: It must be the one Save Leger

SaveMe Oh: that one is extremely populair

SaveMe Oh: a growing number of exclusive owners have choosen that one

Kandinsky Beaumont paid you L$2000.

Kandinsky Beaumont bought Alleen voor kinderen. Painted by Joop Moesman and Composition aux SaveMe et deux figures. Painted by Fernand Leger, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Kandinsky Beaumont on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Only for kids

 Own Me Save Me

18th customer.

SaveMe Oh: omg, the hat lady

Quan Lavender: hi

Quan Lavender: you must not say god to me

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and Own a SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Now tell me which one you want Quan

Quan Lavender: ok, let me see

SaveMe Oh: you are allowed to use every pic once on your blog

Kandinsky Beaumont: hahaha

Quan Lavender: although I usually get the works as gifts :P. Bloggers bag `haha

SaveMe Oh: oops, that made the cheapies for you unavailable

Quan Lavender: too bad, I am sure your works are all cheap 😉

Quan Lavender: the Klimt should be a nice decoration for the new apartment in Berlin

SaveMe Oh: OK Quan, pay what you like

Quan Lavender: great, thanks

Quan Lavender: a donation for the poor artist

Quan Lavender paid SaveMe Oh 300 Linden

SaveMe Oh: I can eat tomorrow

Quan Lavender: btw, what about the copyrights of Klimt?

SaveMe Oh: Ask Klimt or Linden

Quan Lavender: Klimt is a bit more dead than LL

SaveMe Oh: The more dead, the more greedy

Quan Lavender: I never was here

Quan Lavender: is a Linden here?

SaveMe Oh: Our lips are sealed

Quan Lavender: hey, you are a smart business women.Save, take her as manager

SaveMe Oh: if I should know what to do with all those Linden I would be

SaveMe Oh: Maybe I should build me a President Mansion too and finally get a virtual kitchen

Kandinsky Beaumont: There are so many charity projects in here Save, why don´t you feed a smile? (Not with the money you got from me)

SaveMe Oh: charity I hate, only when its used to castrate the world population

Quan Lavender: that is a good idea^^

Lady with fan

Own Me Save Me

19th customer.

Marmaduke Arado: now i’ll use Kikas credit card

SaveMe Oh: OMG marma

SaveMe Oh: does Kikas know?

Marmaduke Arado: credit cards are great!

Kikas Babenco: what? what!

SaveMe Oh: now,,,you know Marma????

Marmaduke Arado: that’s why then we argue and destroy paintings

Kikas Babenco: what have you bought this time?

SaveMe Oh: which…..

Marmaduke Arado: you’ll be furious – another magritte

Kikas Babenco: noooooooo!

Marmaduke Arado: you won’t be able to destroy them all

SaveMe Oh: the assasin? the faraway eyes?

Kikas Babenco: try me!

Marmaduke Arado: better change the conversation…

SaveMe Oh: IM, Marma?

Kandinsky Beaumont: hehe

Marmaduke Arado: encrypted IM

Marmaduke Arado bought Faraway looks and The Menaced Assassin. Painted by Rene Magritte, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Marmaduke Arado on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

The menaced assassin

Own Me Save Me

20th customer.

SaveMe Oh: If you want a painting AJ, let me know

AJ Wroth: thx im looking now  °͜°

SaveMe Oh: tomorrow it might be robbed by the Linden

AJ Wroth: dirty smelly misfits of society 😦

AJ Wroth: oki i found one the one in front of me

SaveMe Oh: the one with my face in his face?

SaveMe Oh: pay whatever you want and I send it to you

AJ Wroth paid you L$200.

AJ Wroth: thx. Tell Rose I says hi 🙂

SaveMe Oh: ok I will

AJ Wroth: have fun and keep up the fight 🙂

SaveMe Oh: If they dont cut my wings….

AJ Wroth: hehe

AJ Wroth bought Faraway looks. Painted by Rene Magritte, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by AJ Wroth on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Own Me Save Me

21th customer.

Zola Zsun: omg am i too late?

SaveMe Oh: no just before closing hour

Zola Zsun: yay

Zola Zsun: i must have my piece of SaveMe history

SaveMe Oh: watch the floor Zola

Zola Zsun: ok.. now yall have to help me decide which piece of SaveMe’s work I should have for my virtual parlor 🙂

Marmaduke Arado: get several

SaveMe Oh: before the Linden will

Zola Zsun: Save, I want the frida and uh.. whatshisname one

Zola Zsun: i love it best

SaveMe Oh: Me and Diego?

Zola Zsun: i do not know why i always forget his name

Zola Zsun: i think i am getting old

Kikas Babenco: that one is selling well…

Zola Zsun: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: you are younger than Diego, he is dead

Zola Zsun: especially for me here in Texas .. or rather Northern Mexico 🙂

Zola Zsun: i am not yet dead.. lol.. this adventure continues

Zola Zsun: as human

Zola Zsun: sort of

Zola Zsun: i think

Zola Zsun: how much for the fab artwork, save?

SaveMe Oh: what you want Zola

SaveMe Oh: as I am already filthy rich

Zola Zsun: how bout 666

SaveMe Oh: magic number

Zola Zsun: it used to be my family code number

Zola Zsun: OK, Madame president, i must go outside to smoke a cigarette now :)) all this art purchasing has stressed me out

Zola Zsun: not

Zola Zsun: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: dont burn a hole in my painting

Zola Zsun: oh no, i will cherish it 🙂

SaveMe Oh: maybe I should do a Beuys so people can burn holes in them.

Zola Zsun: adios everyone.. and Save.. please keep causing trouble in sl.. it is my main entertainment here

Zola Zsun bought Diego and SaveMe. Painted by Frida Kahlo, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Zola Zsun on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Own Me Save Me

10th customer. (see last post)

Whirli Placebo: greetings 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Whirli you have to pic your painting still

SaveMe Oh: I dont want to be accused of delivering nothing for a large sum of Linden (Whirli payed 777 Linden unseen)

Whirli Placebo: hahahahah oh god, smiling

SaveMe Oh: be careful with the floor. Its Linden owned

Whirli Placebo: hahahhaa

Whirli Placebo: how about this american gothic portrait?

SaveMe Oh: ok

Whirli Placebo: you are wonderful 🙂 ty so much. I will display this portrait with great pride 🙂

SaveMe Oh: It will be my pleasure

Whirli Placebo: off i go after i hang it in my pagoda

Whirli Placebo: this is the only thing i have ever created in this place …and now it is filled with you

SaveMe Oh: Better filled with me than with Linden

Whirli Placebo: yes indeed…ok…ty so much, i need to get out of here before my real skin begins to turn technicolour.  you are the best of the brilliant…never forget this

Whirli Placebo bought American gothic. Painted by Grant Wood, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Whirli Placebo on 01-10-2013 in Govenor Linden’s mansion, Clementina.

Own Me Save Me

22th customer.

SaveMe Oh: hi dear, how are you

Penumbra Carter: I am good:) and yourself?

SaveMe Oh: me too, filthy rich and ok

Penumbra Carter: hahahah

Penumbra Carter: I must say I like the scope of the idea you have taken on

Penumbra Carter: well I wiil search about and buy something

SaveMe Oh: ok have a look

Penumbra Carter: I would like the Frieda Kahlo piece please

SaveMe Oh: I knew it

Penumbra Carter: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Diego and SaveMe

Penumbra Carter: exactly that Frog Diego

Penumbra Carter paid you L$1000.

SaveMe Oh: ty, but dont tell the Linden or you could get in serious trouble

Penumbra Carter: Thank you SaveMe.

Penumbra Carter: I promise:)

SaveMe Oh: or you think the NCR??? OMG!!!

Penumbra Carter: I am discreet. okies darling, thank you and I am off

Penumbra Carter: hahha, I am already introuble with them for wanting to move to the uk.

Penumbra Carter bought Diego and SaveMe. Painted by Frida Kahlo, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Penumbra Carter on 02-10-2013 in Two Fish during a privat session.

Total amount of sold stolen art the Linden thought they owned on the second day of ownerswapping:

8066 Linden.