I Am The Gorilla

Wonder who is the new alpha male on top of the monkey rock? The silverback of SL?

Livio Mondini: I like also if i am not called Livio Mondini Korobase but DJ Gorilla Korobase. I had an update and I am so fertile now that I expect a lot of willing females lining up passionate in front of me for a good love story. Ok, sexual attraction!

This offer is not open to SaveMe Oh for whom I will arrange that she get banned everywhere I play my Spotify list.

I am the fertile DJ Gorilla Korobase now for at least 8 years, maybe the SaveMe’s of this world don’t know but for a long time I runned a club doing sometimes DJ Gorilla Korobase while doing the people around me. And people who might think I ask someone to ban SaveMe Oh for me, DJ Gorilla Korobase or not, I don’t need to ask, I do it direct so I have more time to do Planet Paprika. I love paprika!

Cat C. Boucher: Sweetheart, after you have done me I totaly believe it was me who banned SaveMe Oh out of free will.

SaveMe Oh: Fascists who push free people to exclude others and make them believe they have made a autonomic decission are the most effective in establishing a dictatorship.

A Limb: Can I do an attempt of something off topic? ……forcing visual artists to stop their performance by invading their space with unsolicited visuals is a model of democracy, of course.

A Transonic Venus Fuck

After successful events where I provided great visuals and Glasz did her best to film it the Belgian Transonic fuckers decided this time we were not welcome any more and organised a German/Belgium apartheid bunker with huge banlines. And in good old German fashion they blamed someone else to be able to be dancing liars!

SaveMe Oh: Can you TP me in? I seem to be banned

Planet Paprika: Hi SaveMe, I am sorry but I was asked to ban you because last time you were unfair to Venus Adored. I can’t TP you.

SaveMe Oh: She is not even online

Planet Paprika: No Kalyca is doing visuals

SaveMe Oh: So you are lying? To find some silly excuse?

Planet Paprika: I am not lying. People just want to perform in peace.

SaveMe Oh: You use Venus Adored as excuse, very sad

Planet Paprika: I do not but because of Venus I was asked to ban you … it shouldn’t happen again. That you push someone away.

SaveMe Oh: Venus would never ask for my ban, how cowardly to use her.

Planet Paprika: Maybe not but the others did!

SaveMe Oh: wir haben es micht gewust. Good German habits

SaveMe Oh: you should be ashamed of yourself

SaveMe Oh: I hope Venus will be very offended by this

Planet Paprika: I try to explain it again SaveMe …. the artists that do the event shall perform as they want and in peace and I support that

SaveMe Oh: You didn’t tell that, you try to mislead me with a made up story to wash your hands like Pilatus.

Planet Paprika: No. I told you how it is.

SaveMe Oh: An honest person would tell which person don’t want me there, and not use Venus Adored as an escape goat.

Planet Paprika: The people from Transonic asked!

SaveMe Oh: It took you more than 15 minutes to tell the truth.

Oh, btw, they use my visuals to promote the event where they ban me. Should I send them a bill?

How To Hide Your Excitement?

During the Transcultures broadcast of the MINDFUCK performance by SaveMe Oh and A Limb, Ampel was trying to hide his excitement by surrounding himself with a field of dildo’s but he failed big.

The event had a difficult start as Cat’s Circus platform was full of ban-lines which made it impossible to perform there. The request to promise me to never ban me again was refused. Idiots like Ultralight Alter keep the privilege to exclude people from their concerts. That everyone can use the derender tool is forgotten, so it’s seen as no excuse.

So a late escape to a free platform without borders and restrictions was the solution.

But the desire to virtual fuck everyone during covid times became huge. In our RL we can’t meet each ohter, have to practice social distancing and then when you reach out in a virtual party you end up with ban-lines in your face. I wish everybody a great MINDFUCK.

An Astonishing Spectacle

It was an intense moment full of emotion and amazement. The music of A Limb bewitched us, enveloped us, took us out of our torpor and the incredible show of SaveMe Oh plunged us into incredible universes, mixing doubt in us, amazement, disarray, enchantment.

We were witnessing a testimony of the past, present and future. It was an astonishing spectacle that we were confronted with, we were actors and spectators. The music seemed so perfectly synchronized to these multiple scenes, to these worlds that SaveMe Oh created and that A Limb illustrated musically so perfectly with its fragrant and also multiple music.
A total immersion, in a vision of SaveMe but also in our own consciousness and unconsciousness. Colours and lights intermingled. Fictional characters from comics and films appeared and imposed themselves on us in attitudes wrapped in humor (humour of SaveMe that I consider very fine), revisited and which for some who were destined to save the world find themselves asking to be saved by SaveMe :).
Each of these “heroes” presented, perhaps, but I’m not sure, an animal of low court as an offering. A pig, a lamb, a chicken, to gods of ancient or future mythologies who were given huge statues with an effigy or a pig’s head.
From a technical and scenographic point of view, the show was mastered from beginning to end, no lag for my part, a rare fluidity.
Sculptures, objects were modeled with surprising details, high quality textures appeared and disappeared or moved with great fluidity.
Meanwhile, we were dancing, joking, commenting.

Magic of creators and artists ! We were part of the show.

Thank you very much for this magnificent show worthy of the greatest musical and “cinematographic” achievements.
Some will say that I am exaggerating, but I think that I am still well below a literary description that can perfectly recreate this atmosphere. Words are no longer enough, you have to see it (and hear it) to realize it.

Thanks also to Cat C. Boucher for hosting and presenting these magnificent works and events and especially for allowing us to discover these wonderful artists.

Nabrej Aabye

The Parade

To celebrate May 1st I did a performance in the only LEA sim I wasn’t banned, LEA 13 and it was a blast with the wonderful music of A Limb, who composed a soundtrack for the parade in just a week and the help of Veleda Lorakeet to make this performance possible. Unfortunatly we didn’t reach the end as the dictators of LEA decide to ban me at the end of my performance. Luckily the performance was almost finished.

Here a notecard from the committee to show how is their policy:

This notecard is to ensure that everyone is aware that the Committee has banned SaveMe Oh at the Estate level on all 29 LEA sims permanently and AIRs are not permitted to override this. This is effective January 1st, 2017 and onwards.

Jo Balogh

To Derender Or Not To Derender, That Is The Question

Hannah Thorn: For me as host SaveMe Oh disturbed the performance. It is a question of etiquette and politeness. Nobody asked SaveMe Oh to do so, And when I asked her politely by IM to stop it, she made it public and started provoking. And Yoon Yoon is right when she calls it a useless waste of energy to try to talk to her. Easiest way to stop such creatures is to ignore them. So far about the visual effects. Even worse are her insults. They are not acceptable.


Yoon Yoon: We all are familiar with this kind of acts by SaveMe. You either hate, like or ignore them. We also know that trying to stop it is useless and only will have the opposite effect. As host I understand there is this feeling of responsibility to manage it in that way, but I honestly think no one really is impressed anymore when silent mutes/derenders and with that a kind of acceptance to let it happen, is being used as strategy. For me SaveMe belongs to SL furniture. It is just there. You can sit on it and pee on it all the time or ignore and not even notice anymore there is this little brat in the room ^^

A Limb: I think I must clarify my position about what happened.

I love SaveMe Oh’s work. I consider her as the most important visual artist in SL.

I never ask her to perform with me. No one can command her, anyway. It’s in her character. On the other hand, I never feel “disturbed” by her visuals.

I must admit I didn’t enjoy her Thursday performance as much as usual, because her visuals require bigger spaces. What she showed was incomplete, and imposed to the audience due to the room smallness. However, her performance at Cat’s Circus with Yadleen just after was fabulous.

I understand that people can feel attacked by her intrusive performances. Some people regularly launch “anti-SaveMe” campaigns, but what they gather is usually more pain and frustration. Second Life doesn’t exclude people for expressing themselves, even if they express in a very annoying way. And even if they would do it, what would prevent the excluded persons from coming back under an alt form? It’s fighting against windmills.

I think the best way to make everyone happy is to learn everyone how to mute and derender. When Cat C. Boucher plays particles in her club, she sends messages explaining how to disable them if people feel uncomfortable with it. You could maybe do the same. This way, people who don’t want to see her show will be able to ignore her totally, and the ones who want to see it will be able too.

On my side, if you still agree to invite me in your club, I promise I will play my own visuals too. People who think they don’t match with SaveMe’s can also derender them by the same technique.

Disclaimer: Could anyone also provide a manual how to enjoy SaveMe Oh’s visuals the best way possible? For example: when SaveMe Oh has to perform in a shitty, useless space you can derender the gallery and all shitty artwork hanging there so you can enjoy fully the richness of SaveMe Oh’s remarkable work.


By Roxy Gellar or Amy Rhodes or whatever:  To Hannah Thorn and anyone with half a brain: Concerning Thursday’s event disruption… Don’t expect to make peace or a truce with SaveMe Oh. It won’t happen. She doesn’t respect you. Your validity as a human isn’t on her radar. Even the musical guests you host are unimportant to her. She is there to make you angry, she enjoys you being angry. Perhaps that’s a kinky thrill for some.

You can not reason with her. She does not feel pity or remorse… and she will not stop. Ever. Report her several times while she is griefing your event. Ask guests to report her as well. Only a flood of consistent complaints will provide enough interest to Linden Lab and result in a suspension.

The Pixel Pollution Of The “Playing” Musician

The playing musician avatar is maybe the biggest pollution of all in the live painted picture done by SaveMe Oh. Those musicians add zero to the image. Worsed are the ones behind a keyboard pretending they touch a key which produces music while in reality they sit at home pressing some buttons. I am very happy with a musician like A Limb who comes off the stage and mingle with the rest of the audience so the painted environment is the most coherent.


Very painfull for the eye are also their big begging tip baskets which are mostly of an ugliness that would make your eyes explode. Why not tip the musician directly? If a groupie really insist of seeing the pixelated pseudo playing artist without the live painting, secondlife offers them all tools they need, mute and derender and you will never see a glimps of SaveMe Oh anymore. Last but not last we have to mention the sim owners who pollute the painted picture huge with their buildings. Its like painting a Dali but with Cat C. Boucher‘forced up circus or mushrooms in every paiting you see, A very negative way of product placement. Be brave and clean up all your buildings in your inventory when SaveMe Oh comes along. When she has left put it back and enjoy it as much as you want as everybody deserves some ugliness once in a while.