Ultralight’s Rider

When Ultralight plays a concert she has one demand. The concert has to be SaveMe Oh free and every ass licking (the so cold LEAS) organiser start to pretend her shit taste good.

Cat Boucher is one of these servants who bows immediately when the soft muzak producer shakes with her contract.

Cat Boucher: SaveMe please do not do your visuals.

SaveMe Oh: I love you too

An hour later, when DD started playing…..

SaveMe Oh: Unban me quick and send a tp!

Cat Boucher: I can’t SaveMe … my landlord has to do it

SaveMe Oh: Jeeezzz, are you stupid or what? A dictator with a landlord?

Cat Boucher: Well it seems I am a dictator without rights lol, but I asked you to stop so a bann would not be needed

SaveMe Oh: In the good old times dictators were the boss, nowadays silly consumers volunteer for free to be a dictator. With idiots like that we don’t need enemies

Cat Boucher: We don’t need enemies anyway

SaveMe Oh: Then why you abuse people? For fun?

Holistic Vomiting

Asmita Duranjaya / Satori Butar pukes on SaveMe Oh and Ampel, here her facebook rant:

My whole sim interstellART is a virtual 3D canvas – the sim IS the artwork in itself! In the same way I understood the LEA sims, sims, which challenge the artist to use them as a 3D canvas, an option for turning them into an artwork as a whole. If you visit interstellART you have to keep that in mind. The sim is a conceptually shaped holistic and interleaving exhibition place and has several layers with different purposes. Visitors will get a notecard with an overview and all available landmarks at the landing point. People, who are not able or willing to deal with the complexity of this virtual concept and cannot recognise the strict organisation of the place, should better visit places with ONE copy of a traditional RL art gallery. But it shows more about their mental status or their status of knowledge about virtual worlds than about the quality of the art concept of interstellART and the artist Asmita Duranjaya. Where does the virtual art scene drift to? Is it copies of the way we perceive art in RL? Galleries with pictures hanging on a wall and maybe from time to time a sculpture in between? Is it mass events, where art installations are shown, which nobody can enjoy, because there is too much lag all over the place? Why not to appreciate new concepts, which try to integrate the specific tools of virtual worlds and use them expressively? Where are the visitors, who can distinguish the value of those efforts? Is Second Life still able to do that? I have my doubts, because otherwise it would not have given up the LEA concept without any replacement. So the Apmels and SaveMes will get what they try to achieve all the time: forcing creative people to leave SL and to change to open sim and alternative virtual worlds..

As the only creative person in Secondlife I wish I could force other creative people to leave SL. But please help me find them first, I never met one!.

Don’t Be A Fart, Buy Art

When SaveMe Oh, the greatest artist of SL, teams up with the greatest artists of RL, masterpieces are inevitable.

The result is fully 3D animated art which can be rezzed in every empty space. Or are you such a dardevil that you are going to wear it like SaveMe Oh does herself? Take it as a statement to your boring LEA party?

Poor people can wear one of these animesh artworks, the rich premium members two. (Until LL see the light and makes it possible for the noob to wear a complete museum like SaveMe Oh does already for years) (Something they will never tell you as they won’t sell land anymore).

It only works in animesh enabled viewers! You have your work of art for only L$ 199









The Black AR Queen

Aruba DeCuir: What the fuck do you do here? I am surprised you are alive!

SaveMe Oh: You send me an invitation but it turned out you are still the dictator as you ever were, as the banlines are still your hobby.

Aruba DeCuir: Don’t get near me – I did not send you any invitation and I will now make one more AR on you for harassment!

SaveMe Oh: You send invitations in a group that I belong so don’t use groups to sell your cheap stuff

Aruba DeCuir: Then leave the group?

SaveMe Oh: No, as the most famous artist of SL my fans love to be informed.

Aruba DeCuir: My art is not cheap – but fair priced

SaveMe Oh: Price I don’t care, the design is cheap. It’s not artbut hobbyist sadness

Aruba DeCuir: Lol you are an hopeless idiot. Oh and how can you say so?

SaveMe Oh: I am the most famous artist of SL but you may always say you know me.

Aruba DeCuir: Who never made a piece of art

SaveMe Oh: Shall I show you?

Aruba DeCuir: So now you own the group SL art?

SaveMe Oh: No, but when you send invites allow me to accept them.

Aruba DeCuir: Why do you harass me? Are you bored?

SaveMe Oh: You invite people, I come

Aruba DeCuir: You hate me because I am black. You are NOT invited! you are not welcome here – you try anyway that is harassment!

SaveMe Oh: No, I have 2 black alts myself

Aruba DeCuir: Alts?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, maybe you already had an affair with them.

Aruba DeCuir: Is it all a play to you? Are you crazy?

SaveMe Oh: Drama is the best art and I hope I am crazy, otherwise you cant be the best artist in SL.

Aruba DeCuir: Then leave me alone

SaveMe Oh: Then dont invite me

Aruba DeCuir: That would be wise – I find theater old fashioned and lame and theatre is what you do.

SaveMe Oh: I work in the theatre, you are always welcome

Aruba DeCuir: Ok LL has now got yet another AR on you, zufrieden?

SaveMe Oh: I guess they will give me flowers for being so nice to you

Aruba DeCuir: They should kick you out

SaveMe Oh: Are you talking German now?

Aruba DeCuir: I am sorry but I do not speak your Dutch but I am sure you get the meaning?

SaveMe Oh: I understand German but don’t know why you start using German?

SaveMe Oh: Should I talk Turkish?

Aruba DeCuir: I just told you, imbecile!

SaveMe Oh: Thats french

Aruba DeCuir: Now that is French and now get out of my way!

SaveMe Oh: I thought you want to see my art

Aruba DeCuir: That is not possible as you do not make art

Second Life: Teleport offer sent to Aruba DeCuir

Aruba DeCuir: You wish

SaveMe Oh: I thought you would like real art

Aruba DeCuir: cretin!

Charity Disturbances

Kaylee West: Save me…are you part of Yadleens act?

SaveMe Oh: Of course

Kaylee West: SaveMe…just to let you know, Yadleen very kindly allowed you to stay. Sorry if that sounds weird, but i was unaware that you would be joining us (✿◠‿◠)

SaveMe Oh: Me too.

Kaylee West: i nearly kicked you…thank goodness i didn’t (✿◠‿◠)

SaveMe Oh: Never kick people at charity events! Or kick people at all. Ty for not kicking.

Kaylee West: Sorry SaveMe…it’s just that I was not warned and I want to make this a good even free of any “disturbances”…I will know next time

SaveMe Oh: I never warn

Kaylee West: tks for your understanding and patience with me (✿◠‿◠)

SaveMe Oh: I just contribute

Kaylee West: lol…yes, i have just learned….now i know i love it (✿◠‿◠)

SaveMe Oh: great, hope the event goes well

Kaylee West: ty! and i love the way you implemented those special effects…brilliant idea!

Road To Ruin

Larkworthy Antfarm just discovered a “lost” film on her hard drive. She made it a few years ago. She used a vintage clip from the Prelinger Archive along with Save Me Oh’s modern version of the Medieval Tolentanz or “Dance of Death.” Curtis Eller’s “Taking Up With Serpents Again” is the perfect musical accompaniment. The road to perdition…

Do I love this long lost masterpiece? Is that a question?????

The Betty Bore

When the most boring SL wannabe artist Betty Tureaud (Think random stuff painted in OMO colors) has a gathering with Ultralight muzak it’s time for a bedtime story.

It was ages ago I heared Ultralight for the last time. Wasn’t she that German Schlager expert? Softly I started to sing that Ultralight song I thought to remember; “Ich bin wie du, wir sind wie Sand und Meer” when my eye fell on the banlist of the sim. Of course it contained my name as ALWAYS BANNED but on the ALWAYS allowed list was the name of Alizarin Goldflake, wasn’t she dead?????!!!!!

Easter was so near, was Alizarin planning a come back? Hopeful I looked up in the sky, but no, no returning Alizarin, just particle pollution. What a LAG, I hardly could move, everything was dark, was Ultralight playing white or black noise tonight?

It was Venus, the one with the water-head, farting particles while Ultralight did a Tangerine Dream karaoke. I looked at Venus her alien water-head. They say the bigger the head the harder they fart. Luckily Ultralight had close to zero emission. I would say Ultralight could be climate neutral if it wasn’t for that alien farter….

Was Ampel here? The old one? I wonder if Venus could also do Mandel farts in 3D? Wow, if she could he would be so delighted. But a lot of people would go if she would fart Mandel 3D. When people say they have to go they mean to say they hate it.

I could already hear Mandel start shouting CLAP CLAP CLAP. Was he not aware shouting might trigger epileptic attacks, he better would whisper, psssstttt, not so loud.

The glorious appearance of Kikas Babenco made all LAG disappear as if in a miracle. “How is Marmaduke, Kikas? Is he still working in the security orb business?

A strange breakbeat woke up the elderly avi’s. Ultralight is a breakbeat expert but those particles disturb the radiowaves and brainwaves, they told me on secondpedia.

DOOB was moving in the scene. What was he doing here? He was hating the Ultralight Muzak. But hey, Betty Tureaud paid me to show up here, why wouldn’t she have paid DOOB too to make an appearance? Or was he just the doorman who had to send everyone who couldn’t enter a Jean Michel Jarre Spotify link?

In the mean time Venus’s farts had dried up “Hey Venus, next time you have to eat more pea soup!”

When Marmaduke Arado would have been here he would have started a show. Such a pity all those awful people parked here had scared him away with their hi’s and coucou’s.

While I was dreaming about Marmaduke I get scared. Ultralight was not doing her extended version tonight, I hoped? People were already falling asleep.

“Venus fart louder, people are falling asleep” only Dildo Haas was as always still standing straight.

And then Ush came in who I had told to stay at home to watch our sim. But she couldn’t resist a possible Ampel tango animation. I was starting the 5 minute countdown to prevent even more wasted time. Mandel started shouting as the Pavlov doggie he is.

I jumped into Ush her new Shinto Honda, told Kikas to blow Marma (a kiss) and we drove home. Ush tried to cheer me up “If Betty is an artist, I am SaveMe Oh”.

With tears in our eyes from laughing we arrived in our sim were we both grabbed a fish. Ultralight Muzak makes hungry.

Who Own Me?

Does Linden Lab own me or does Cherry Manga own me. In 2007 I was thinking I was creating myself and after this marvellous achievement “my” image was copied and used a 1000 times as one of the most iconic trademarks of Secondlife. Other avatars desperately try to copy my success and when they obviously failed I tried to save them by sharing a piece of the cake with them. I allowed them to make machinima’s about me or advertise their so called event with my image.

When poor Cherry Manga got into a huge identity crisis and fled to Open Sim to become a belly button investigator I decide to help her out and let her make a mesh doll after my famous image. The result of that collaboration is to see in many of my artworks, for example in my last rezday performance ALL OF ME were I animated 100 of clones of myself.

This week I glued a doll on a piece of meat I stole from the internet and called the piece SaveMeat Oh and put it for sale on marketplace.

Not a day later Cherry Manga called me:

Cherry Manga: If the doll is mine than please don’t sell it.

SaveMe Oh: A SaveMe Oh doll is never yours, I created it. BTW do you have the file of the doll?

Cherry Manga: I’m not kidding.

SaveMe Oh: Me neither, I created SaveMe Oh in 2007, it was very nice you helped me out with the mesh doll in 2017, btw, some hair would have been nice.

Cherry Manga: Ok make money with full perm freebies I gave. With no sell condition. Bravo. You’re such a good and trustable person.

SaveMe Oh: The SaveMe Oh doll was not a freebie, you gave it to me. Although I gave it away to all visitors of my rezday performance 2 years ago.

Now I used it for a new artwork, you think Marcel Duchamp paid the creator of the urinoir?

When I send my doll to a 3D printer, who do I have to pay? Linden Lab, the owner of the printer, Cherry Manga for making a mesh copy or myself being the celebrated artist? And what with all the clones who pretend to be me?

Anyway, poor Cherry can use some Linden for some sherry so she will receive 25% on every sale. Make her rich! Just how I saved my sister Bryn Oh once by selling my paintings to give her some money to breed rabbits.


My father Cupido Oh is also selling my shit, if you insist.


Save Ush All