SaveMe Oh At Furillen

Thank you Serene Footman for being so quick. This morning I only had to copy your blogpost from and I was done.

And did I already told you it was wonderful?

[2016/02/06 12:12] Serene Footman: hello
[2016/02/06 12:12] SaveMe Oh: hello
[2016/02/06 12:13] Serene Footman: i haven’t banned you, i’d like to see what you wanted to do
[2016/02/06 12:13] Serene Footman: so you are welcome
[2016/02/06 12:13] SaveMe Oh: thanlk you
[2016/02/06 12:13] SaveMe Oh: What I was actually doing was improvising on the landscape and the stream
[2016/02/06 12:14] SaveMe Oh: I liked it myself
[2016/02/06 12:14] Serene Footman: well forgive me for panicking when i saw the scale of what you were – presumably – wearing
[2016/02/06 12:14] SaveMe Oh: relax, It could have been much bigger
[2016/02/06 12:14] Serene Footman: haha
[2016/02/06 12:15] Serene Footman: anyway. we’re open
[2016/02/06 12:15] Serene Footman: help yourself
[2016/02/06 12:15] SaveMe Oh: I will, you are just in time, I almost deleted the lm
[2016/02/06 12:15] Serene Footman: i am happy to have a philosophical debate about freedom with you
[2016/02/06 12:15] Serene Footman: and ownership
[2016/02/06 12:16] Serene Footman: and the politics of access
[2016/02/06 12:16] SaveMe Oh: we have all our SL for that
[2016/02/06 12:16] Serene Footman: yes, but you seem to want to engage
[2016/02/06 12:16] Serene Footman: i am more than happy to engage with you
[2016/02/06 12:16] SaveMe Oh: works the quickest
[2016/02/06 12:16] Serene Footman: but you need to be open to debate
[2016/02/06 12:16] Serene Footman: and to counter argument
[2016/02/06 12:16] Serene Footman: it works both ways
[2016/02/06 12:16] SaveMe Oh: I am an artist, not a politician
[2016/02/06 12:17] SaveMe Oh: and I love drama
[2016/02/06 12:17] Serene Footman: that is a false distinction and i think you know it
[2016/02/06 12:17] SaveMe Oh: as an artist I have to love drama, as a guy with a wallet you might have other priorities
[2016/02/06 12:18] Serene Footman: not sure the guy with a wallet line works – cheap argument
[2016/02/06 12:18] Serene Footman: unless you want to tell me that you never ever use money
[2016/02/06 12:18] Serene Footman: it’s also bullshit
[2016/02/06 12:18] SaveMe Oh: advantage of being an artist is that I can switch between cheap and expensive arguments
[2016/02/06 12:19] Serene Footman: anyway, i want to see this
[2016/02/06 12:19] Serene Footman: oh you haven’t a clue who i am, i haven’t a clue who you are
[2016/02/06 12:19] Serene Footman: so let’s cut out the personal stuff
[2016/02/06 12:19] SaveMe Oh: let me introduce myself, I am the best virtual artist of SL

[2016/02/06 14:09] Serene Footman: this is awesome – i never saw you before
[2016/02/06 14:10] SaveMe Oh: dont hide under a stone again

Saving Oh

I had not heard of SaveMe Oh before she came to Furillen.

SaveMe Oh at Furillen

By the time she left, after three and a half hours of the most immersive and engaging art I have ever seen in Second Life, I was in awe.


And I felt privileged.

Saveme Oh Live Show @ Furillen *7

It was that good.

Saveme Oh Live Show @ Furillen *5

I tell this story partly against myself; it speaks of my ignorance, and possibly – as SaveMe Oh, might argue – of my arrogance, too.

I’ll take both criticisms.

But the main reason I am telling the story in this way – and my reason for quoting the dialogue above – is because, as a subsequent review of the history of this artist’s work has shown me, the context in which her art is performed matters a great deal to what she does.

SaveMe Oh @ Furillen

It was not a good start. Engrossed in solving the latest issues with video on the sim, I saw what looked like a griefer kicking off. I ejected her twice.

She called me a dictator. With a fat wallet.

Maybe I’ll send her a card next week.


So I asked a friend whether she had heard of an avatar by the name of SaveMe Oh.

6357000215620651631897244636_raw (1)

Two minutes later, I asked the artist to come back and perform. With immense grace and wit – as the dialogue cited above demonstrates – she did so.

What followed was an astonishingly vivid performance, almost visceral at times, which seemed uncannily well suited to Furillen.

Fire of SaveMe Oh

The sim’s music stream played a full part in the spectacle, as SaveMe Oh acknowledged. Indeed, she seemed to be responding to the music in the way her performance ebbed and flowed.

Saveme Oh Show Live @Furillen

save 2_007

There were moments of sheer spectacle …

SaveMe Oh at Furillen

save m e_007

… incredible colour …

Saveme Oh Live Show @Furillen *6

save 2_010

… unceasing movement …

save me_004

save 2_015

… great humour …

save m e_025

save m e_003

Save me from Oh (2)

… and – to my eyes, at least – intense melancholy.

save m e_016

save m e_023

I should have known who SaveMe Oh was.

But I am pleased that I did not.

I don’t see myself as a dictator …

… but this was art in situ – on someone else’s terms.

And that – in Second Life, as in first life – is important.

It was an experience I will never forget.

Cowardly Act Of War On LEA By Barbarian SaveMe Oh Alt

Solo Mornington today condemned the LEA attacks as a ‘cowardly act of war carried out by a barbarian SaveMe Oh alt’.

Addressing the LEA inhabitants just hours after an SaveMe Oh alt invaded for 2 minutes The City, a work by Betty Tureaud, at LEA 27. The SaveMe Oh alt took 5 disgusting pictures of an attached burning Syrian city in the clean and abstract nothing of Betty Tureaud.  Mr. Mornington said the invasion had been organised and planned from abroad.

The Syrian City

Three days of LEA mourning will take place, Mr. Mornington confirmed. And he immediately banned SaveMe Oh again from all LEA sims.

In a special Drax Files and simultanois podcasted on the Drax Files Radio Hour he address to the virtual nation, Mr Mornington said the attacks were “committed by a terrorist army, the SaveMe Minions group, an activist army, against LEA, against the values that we defend everywhere in the virtual world, against what we are: a free art community that means something to the whole planet”.

He added that LEA “will be merciless toward the barbarians of SaveMe Oh followers”, and “will act by all means anywhere, inside or outside the virtual world”.

Mr Mornington said the LEA army and security forces were mobilised “at the highest possible level” and insisted LEA would “triumph over barbarity”.

“What we are defending is our sandbox, but more than that, it is our values,” he said.

Breaking News 1

The Syrian City

Officially opening on Tuesday, Februay 23 at LEA27 at 1 pm slt, as part of a Linden Endowment for the Arts residency, is The Syrian City by SaveMe Oh, an installation that exhibits a remarkable break from her recent works. Visitors are invited to explore a large destroyed city, but one that reveals its wounds and pain only when viewed with your head in a microwave. Then, SaveMe’s trademark epileptic attacks shine here and there on its otherwise placid shapes, highlighting its features. But to reach the city, we must first trek the meditaranian in rubber boats across to Turkey and then on to Syria from which we can travel to hell.




The Syrian City

The artist provides a brief poem to accompany The Syrian City:


I have fastened my suicide belt

walk out the door without looking back

Leaving hopelessness and take the bus

to the city


With the hope of a martyr life

I stand in the dust, waiting for the door to open

on the way to the city


My last money I send to my mother

Hope and uncertainty awaits me in the city

I am on my way without looking back

Who The Hell Are Those Other Idiots?

Avi Choice Awards


Congratulations! You have been nominated for an Avi Choice ARTS Award! For the past few weeks Second Life residents have been submitting nominations, for the arts categories, via the Avi Choice website. After a process of consolidation, you are a finalist and eligible for voting.
The specific category you have been nominated for is:
Favorite Entertainment/Arts SL Blogger

Voting OPENS on TODAY, no later than midnight and ends on Sunday, Feb 21st at 8pm SLT, so spread the word to vote! NOTE: Voting is limited to one vote, per avatar and ISP, per category (there are more than 50 categories!).


And Who Will They Blame?

Lenni Foxtrot: We are banned, are you in Nova?

daallee™: My rights are not working

Nova Convair: Banned? nah

Lenni Foxtrot: None of mine either

Nova Convair: Let me see

Lenni Foxtrot: Get us in? Shit Nova is now here in the ocean with us.

Nova Convair: Is all ok

Lenni Foxtrot: What kinda griefer is this? I have never seen the like of this

daallee™: anyone know how to Get Merlin or Hippie

Nova Convair: Someone disabled all physics, colisions, scripts. Nobody can move here now

Lenni Foxtrot: I will call Hippie

daallee™: I have estate  rights but i cant do anything

Nova Convair: I’ll check for objects first before I switch that on again

daallee™: Looks like he will have to turn  no rez on wihtout tag for a while

Nova Convair: Nono, is all stable atm, all like expected from my point of view. Hmmm, cant check things, need to switch viewer

Lenni Foxtrot: Hippie is coming. He says dont panic, he is on his way but if we are all blocked, wont he be also?

daallee™: Not as sim owner

Lenni Foxtrot: I disabled the scripts Nova, was me! to try to stop him, I tried to block building. Thats what he does. Nothing worked

SaveMe Oh: And just on the day of our date, Lenni.


Hippie Terrorism At Hippiestock

Being witness of a Ultralight concert is almost never possible for me because her asslicker Betty Thureaud will make sure I am banned in no time but today they were slow due to the amount of people in the sim. My friend Lenni fight like a fox for me, but the hippies from then are the TRUMPS of today.



Lenni Foxtrot: Sorry, I didnt invite her, she comes on her own, she follows events

Trinity Yazimoto: Well noone needs an invite lenni, dont feel guilty for that. Its open to everyone who behave cordially. You are not responsible

Lenni Foxtrot: She came and i like her, so i tried to dance with her. No luck!!  lol

Trinity Yazimoto: The only thing is that i thought u didnt explained her and didnt tried but if u did, then u did all ur possible. U have done nothing bad. But just for u to know. I have friends IM-ing me, saying they left bec they crashed bec of the particles. I think those ppl were also entitled to be here

Lenni Foxtrot: I am not like SaveMe OH. I agree with you

Trinity Yazimoto: i know

Lenni Foxtrot: but I like her anyway.. does that make sense?

Trinity Yazimoto: fortunately or not, being friends doesnt do ourselves clones of our friends lol

Lenni Foxtrot: I would call her my friend, she and I have been thru so much

Trinity Yazimoto: But you are entitled to that of course Lenni, dont feel u must apologize for that. U like her, its your friend and noone has smth to say to that, its your own business with her. Noone else. I have no problem with that. I just thought that as she s your friend, and you are also hers, if you asked her to stop , she would do. I was wrong on that, that’s all

Lenni Foxtrot: I can get her to stop….but thats not it…is that she goes…is her

Trinity Yazimoto: There must be several way for being friend

Lenni Foxtrot: i wouldnt ask her to stop

Trinity Yazimoto: and im pretty tolerant with that

Lenni Foxtrot: is about her art

Trinity Yazimoto: Well, so you should, art or not. It was annoying people, crashing them. Can u just realize that? Its not about art or not. Im not going to discuss the pretending art of SaveMe Oh… i couldnt care less. The fact is that ppl had to leave because it was too much to handle for their graphic card. She cant understand that because she doesnt even know what mean empathy, in order to wear the ppl with bad comp’s shoes

But you Lenni! You, I thought you could figure that out and just friendly tell her, because if you had ask her I think she would have stop for you because you are her friend. But maybe im wrong on that too

Lenni Foxtrot: I do my best  sorry


Hippie Bowman: Had to ban her Lenni!  I did not want too

Lenni Foxtrot: is ok :) She knows you will

Hippie Bowman: sigh. I did not want to but she would not stop

Lenni Foxtrot: Is ok you had to

And the sneaky hippie who wants to force my friend Lenni to persue me to stop is after insulted because Lenni tells me all about it. It’s a strange world!

Trinity Yazimoto: Thank you really much Lenni, thank you for pasting without my consent all the convo i had with you to your friend who had the delight to post it in her blog

Lenni Foxtrot: She doesnt hurt you with it, is just her and you sound great in it.. is you

Trinity Yazimoto:I didnt allowed u to copy and paste the convo i had with you

Lenni Foxtrot: I know

Trinity Yazimoto: I thought i was having a convo with you only. You have no excuse

Lenni Foxtrot: But i wouldnt hurt you with anything

Trinity Yazimoto: No excuse at all

Lenni Foxtrot: is good

Trinity Yazimoto: and im done talking with you because now i will never trust you anymore

The Visual Dominatrix

My policy for years is that I attend an event and start creating because that’s how I want to live my virtual life on my screen. When it results in a symbiosis between me and musical or other virtual performers I regard this as the summum of interactive online art. That simowners or artists with openings not always love this way of working doesn’t concern me much as everybody is by Linden Lab provided with mute or derender buttons, so when you are not a lazy couch potato everybody is able to set their own preferences.

Besides the visual aspects I consider DRAMA as top level art as it triggers the human mind 1000 times more than for example dead mesh sculptures (Mistero Hifeng, Bryn Oh, Romy Nagar, Ux Hax)  who depend to be in the category of “When you have seen one, you have seen them all”.

But sad people with a hidden dream of world domination like Solo Mornington, Roxy Gellar, Duna Gant or “Evil”Genius Belkin can’t stop making a big deal out of it and smash the ban button in wild rage wishing me straight to hell. I can only say to them, heaven or hell; I love them both so much better than your mediocre middle of the road!


Deceptions Digital and SaveMe Oh performing

Roxy Gellar:  I appreciated your efforts at DD’s performance. You are welcome to join Echo on Friday. Monday do not perform at The Limelight. I would love to have you at other times. You have attacked me twice at Something Estates, this following being banned at Lionheart. I do not want to see you banned from my venues again. Let’s avoid it if we can?

SaveMe Oh: I am an artist, for deals go speak with a bank or your local supermarket.

Roxy Gellar:  I am asking you to allow me to support you and for you to respect my wishes as we have mutual friends. If you can’t do that? You are not wanted at all.

SaveMe Oh: Always sanctions and threads, When my friends play I might appear and interact with them regardless in with shithole they play.

Roxy Gellar:  Always insults and disregard. You are not always welcome to add your visuals at my venues.

Just because we have mutual friends doesn’t give you the right to piss on me figuratively and virtually.

There are other people who enjoy adding their particle effects , etc. they are in fact more welcome than you are in several cases.

I’m not sure why I’m allowing this to stand. In the past I have supported SaveMe Oh but the insults got out of hand. I can look beyond that. And as demonstrated by Telchar, you can mute SaveMe and enjoy the space and performance that way. There are future events coming soon that I don’t want to have the addition of SaveMe’s visual dominance. That’s not something I should have to feel bad about or boundaries I should have to enforce while being treated like an asshole for being forgiving and tolerant.

For example I don’t see SaveMe’s work to date as being conducive to aTHeNa BLue or Born Again Pagans. One of whom has mentioned a preference to be LEFT ALONE. Read that: Saveme – You are not required or requested to perform at these particular shows.