The Show Must Go On

While I was working on my tan on several Greek beaches Glasz de Cuir had still some work to do. 2 movies from my performance at Roos Gartner’s place with the music of DD and Yadleen.

Now you can watch them here so I can go inspect the Portuguese beaches for a while.


When Malevich Had A TV

We hoped UWA would be dead forever as they have been terrorizing the art world long enough, but now Jayjay Zifanwe spent all his time in promoting his son as the new Ang Lee he has found a new slave to continue the rubbish for UWA. Now it’s FreeWee Ling who has the arrogance to dictate us about what art we should produce so it can be hung on their virtual walls. This time it should be IMMATERIAL.

Well, bunch of outback snobs, hang this on your virtual walls!

Title: When Malevich had a TV
Sound: John Cage 4.33
Co-Production: Directed by SaveMe Oh
Filmed and edited by Glasz DeCuir

The supremacy of pure artistic feeling” rather than on visual depiction of objects..a blissful sense of liberating non-objectivity drew us forth into a “desert”, where nothing is real except feeling.. Since in it we intend to reduce everything to OH, we have decided to call it OH. Afterward we ourselves will go beyond OH.

P.S.: Jayjay Zifanwe still has time to perma-ban me on LEA so they can play there undisturbed the Harry Potter movies of my sister Bryn.

The Last Harbour Of Desperate Bloggers

Of course Giovanna Cerise cowardly banned me at the opening of her warmed up leftovers but the good news was that I could leave after 5 minutes when I finally could pay the place a visit.

Ziki Questi waves

Ziki Questi: What brings you here?

SaveMe Oh: I was previously banned here

Ziki Questi chuckles … Just being persistent? You’re in a different parcel than I am though

SaveMe Oh: Not anymore apearantly because I can see the rubbish of Giovanna

Ziki Questi::)

SaveMe Oh: Omg, do I hate this pathetic shit

Ziki Questi laughs … Well you don’t care for anything other than your own work, do you?

SaveMe Oh: When I see good work, I love it too, I hardly see it. I cant understand why you waste your time on this shit. Once you dare to share your opinion, but now you get worse than Ampel. Only LM shitting

Ziki Questi grins … Well, if you have suggestions I am very happy to look at them, you know (including your stuff!)

SaveMe Oh: Yes, my suggestion is only to blog when you see something worthwhile, otherwise go catching pokemons or bake blueberry pies.

Ziki Questi: Haha … and your suggestions for what to blog might include what?

SaveMe Oh: You missed 3 oportunities this weekend, thats sad enough

Ziki Questi: Haven’t been on because of the fuckers at the cable company:/ no connection for two days. What were the 3?

SaveMe Oh: Sigh……

Oportunity 1:


Oportunity 2:


Oportunity 3:



While half the world is looking for it’s balls, Erdogan cuts off balls, the pseudo art elite of Secondlife is not able to produce anything better than soft porn. When you visit a Dido Haas expo or go look at the sad soft porn of Terra Merhyem you are served with a rich quantity of blown up dolls in all kind of poses where they do their best not to penetrate each other because otherwise the blown up balloon might explode. And poor Yadleen has to cheer up these sad parties so the idiots have all the time to tag each other on facebook in an endless diahoerea of party pics.


To support Yadleen in an attempt to create some edge to these boring events I decide to follow the theme as you have to give the masturbating pseudo elite something to jerk off.


Frighten The Dinosaurs

The only person who doesn’t lick the ass of Solo Mornington and invites me for all his events in his LEA 20 sim is Mario Helstein. Prime licker Mandel Solano aka Solo’s doggie was furious and turned green when I glorious shared the stage with Mario Helstein and Jo Williams to give together with them a smashing performance.



SaveMe Oh: Shut up Mandel, we are busy

Mandel Solano shouts: BLOCK SaveMe, so she do not destroy Marios show

SaveMe Oh shouts: Mario invited me, stupid. Mario is not your narrow-minded type, Mandel. Why you think he is the only one inviting me to a LEA sim?




Mandel Solano: Remove Save from LEA20

SaveMe Oh: Pity there are awesome people and on the other hand Mandel Solano

Venus Adored: compliments Mario

Mario Helstein: ty

Mandel Solano: best show ever mario:)) the start was very nice

SaveMe Oh: Mandel, dont you have to clean up your sim?

Mario Helstein: Mandel is my friend

SaveMe Oh: Then watch your back

Jo Williams: I watch his back heheh:)

SaveMe Oh: you better do, Jo. Coucou Iono

Iono Allen: Coucou? I feel I’m not in the right place…. is it really you Save?

SaveMe Oh: Dont you always find me in LEA

Iono Allen: Ah well, with you everything is possible


SaveMe Oh: The core LEA ass lickers already have left. I guess they have to clean out their sim before the end of the month

Iono Allen: Ah maybe yes

SaveMe Oh: Otherwise they might have to lick Solo Mornington another time as punishment

Mario Helstein: SaveMe is Solo Mornington

Jo Williams: funny Mario

Mario Helstein: all is posible

SaveMe Oh: Exploding Solano’s?

Jo Williams: mm, i think he left

SaveMe Oh: Ah, what a pity

Jo Williams: Unusual he did not say hi ..

SaveMe Oh: And dont tell me he took his slave Venus with him?

Jo Williams: pppff hahahah i don’t see it quite that way . .

SaveMe Oh: Maybe they are particle farting somewhere in privat

SaveMe Oh: If they only would have this at SL13B they would eat their heart out

Jo Williams: They don’t know of Mario. .we do not promote like most people do .. heyyy that was a compliment :)))

SaveMe Oh: I promote myself like hell, but in my case they refuse to listen

Jo Williams: haha – they think you would frighten the noobs. . which you may . . haha

SaveMe Oh: No, I only frighten the dinosaurs, they are afraid for extinction


Xeno’s Fobias

Xeno Lane: Hello, Ill be doing something about the most famous movies to fit in the theme of the posters

SaveMe Oh: You only have to look at the movies of SaveMe Oh, everything else can go to the dumpster

Xeno Lane: i hope you wont come

SaveMe Oh: You will spin the same shitty music as last time?

Xeno Lane: will you come? You have been incredibly rude last time, no respect for people trying to do something

SaveMe Oh: Glasz always want me there, especially when there is shitty music, otherwise she has no visitors

Xeno Lane: you dont desserve to come. Glasz promised me you wont be there. she will leash you


SaveMe Oh: Hey, that you have some mp3 on your computer doesnt make you something interesting. You are not better than any random radio station

Xeno Lane: Keep your shitty mouth to yourself

SaveMe Oh: This is my mouth yes, speaking the truth. Are you going to invite again your 4 friends?

Glasz DeCuir: SaveMe is performing with Morlita Quan tonight, Xeno

SaveMe Oh: Maybe I change plans.

Glasz DeCuir: You havent listened Xeno, so why this now? Why dont you attack your “beautiful people” friends, by example?

SaveMe Oh: Xeno has beautiful people friends? I only saw blown up dolls last time

Glasz DeCuir: that line was for you SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: And who are my beautiful people friends?

Glasz DeCuir: you can try to make a list😉

SaveMe Oh: I fear you are the only one.

Glasz DeCuir: thank you for the good words:) please I dont use this chat so tlak in other channel

SaveMe Oh: I think Xeno prefers this channel. He is so quiet at once, did you zip her mouth?

SaveMe Oh:Do your best Roxy

Glasz DeCuir: please, go, i am going to be forced to eject you, you know. you arent the guest star tonight sorry, and bye, enjoy


SaveMe Oh: That she always says, you do a very good Roxy

Glasz DeCuir: dont be so bad with Glaszie….

SaveMe Oh: Dont be so bad with me you should be the one ashamed of yourself


Glasz DeCuir: . I have a Dj event and this is what I have to do because you was insulting them last week end, no excuses.


And Glasz DeCuir ejected me from her land