Prokofy Neva Is Not As Stupid As He Looks


Prokofy Neva:

I think much of the reason for the stultifying, amateurish, kitsch and even oppressive art scene in Second Life is due to the nature of the society, which is authoritarian as controlled by its makers, Linden Lab and also with a high factor of “wannabee” available from the anonymous nature of the world.

I was just watching Draxtor’s feature of Nylon Pyncky, long one of the “cool kids” of SL. In RL she’s a wedding photographer in New Jersey; in SL she’s a top fashion designer with all the retro cool and arch kitsch that you could ask for on one of the top designer sims, Tableau.

She’s one of the few to make old people avatars in this world of eternal youth; her RL status, revealed in ways most of these artists don’t reveal, is indicative of both the charm and bane of SL. There are many people who become “artists” in SL without being them in RL or if they are artists in RL, they gain the fame they would never have in RL via SL. This is the virtual amplification factor that has worked well for lots of people not even in the art field.

Yet there’s an oppressiveness, a numbing amateur quality, a horrid kitsch even in the self-conscious cooler-than-thou kitsch that really turns you away from SL art.

I remember when I first saw a show by Bryn Oh I was all ecstatic and thinking we were living in a new human epoch and new boundaries were crossed and blah blah blah. That was before I then saw my 100th little broken porcelain doll face and ominous clock face and umbrella opened to an alarming angle — not to mention sad clowns or morbid circuses or sepia windmills and Nevada gas stations and gold field vistas worth of Andrew Wyeth by AM Radio, an IBM worker. I think SaveMe Oh is spot on by not just calling these installations “avatar parking lots” where all people do is pile up, photograph and tag them for Plurk or Flickr; she even went further satirizing the avatar parking lot with her own funny pile-up on her blog.

What you linked to from her and her posts about the totalitarian little shots at the LEA is appalling, but not surprising to me, a long-time student of the oppressive little insecure wannabees at the heart of the SL FIC (Feted Inner Core) phenomenon. Of course SaveMe Oh (are all cutting edge artists using the last name Oh?) is probably no picnic either if she strobe-lights everybody to death during their hippie ritual.

The whole LEA thing is depressing as only a Soviet Union of Artists can be, where those that suck up to the Communist Party the best get the rewards. You wish it really encouraged great art but I haven’t seen that it does. Socialism does not create good art. And all this “fight the man” and “criticize the administration” (I bet you don’t mean Linden Lab) also makes for bland and stupid art to, in real as in virtual.

If the kind of things going on there are true that SaveOh is describing, the Lindens should intervene/shut it down. But meanwhile, I ignore all that because of course there is interesting art in SL, you’re just looking to the equivalent of 59th Street to find it instead of looking even in Soho let alone in Jersey City or Williamsburg.

The complaints of the FIC here in this thread that they can’t make art unless they have 6 months of zillions of prims and even a financial subsidy is just ***** ridiculous. Seriously.

I was just reminded of Moe Winkler’s work, a German artist. He happened to put an installation into a little 512 by my rentals in Alice. He’s also at a Mexico artists’ museum where you can find interesting stuff, and not all just photographs or selfies by any stretch.

I often visit the studio of Garvie Garzo whom I view as an artist and even the silly amateurish snobs of LEA would agree is one. Obviously in SL the line between design and art, or architecture and art can’t always be drawn. No matter. Garvie’s “Gilty” gatcha series with the burning zebra, the Salvador Dali watch actually melting and moving off the table (that’s what SL should be for), the paintings turning into branches, the neo THIS IS NOT REAL sign which has the added fun of an annoying neon buzz sound to it which ensures you will not be too enthusiastic about it for long — all this and more is delightful, great, even useful art that is enjoyable to have, talk about, interact with, etc.

To be sure, her little chair with the little children’s hands coming up of it; the Venus Bound and so on — Not For Us as they say. But perhaps for someone.

The events held constantly in SL for merchants to sell their wares ARE the art of SL because this is where art is, where Medicis can pay for it, where audiences can see it, and where it can be bought and used. I guarantee you it’s not at LEA or some sim with doll parts and a sad circus. The show 6 Republic was worth of the grandest art of real or second life — textures, builds, concepts, and works placed in it — it’s an installation of art that also happens to sell furniture, some of which is art. Here the line to architecture is blurred but then you have to ask: when an artist like Imo makes a RL building replica in SL in miniature with more than a tongue in cheek, it’s not by definition architecture in a world where many prefabs in fact are sculptures that people put out and don’t actually “live in” — they might teleport to flat boards in black boxes to a sex bed but leave their “sculpture” with all its artfully draped mesh shabby chic blankets on worn wooden benches to just look at from their lawns….

Sometimes these designers educate me, I hate their stuff at first with my bourgeois Wal-mart tastes but then I come to appreciate things like keke’s traveler chairs. And Imogen Neox’s Prentiss Hospital for SL which was in the 6 Republic event. I mean, what sort of fugly travesty is that thing? Yet I’m drawn to it:

I mean, check out this entire sim, it’s a work of art.

I think if you stop trying to find art where it isn’t, at the Soviet Union of Artists circa 1953, you might do better.

Years ago at the dawn of the Internet for everybody, a co-worker told me “Walk around the robots” about all the stupid on the Internet. And I’m still walking in SL, and it’s great.

Now Is She Begging Me Or Not?

To play it safe Roxy Gellar tried this time the method of groupchat on facebook to be sure she had enough witnesses, but I am still not sure if she was begging me or not so please be all my witnesses.

Roxy Gellar: Hiya hugs DD, Morli, and YOU!

On Monday, Nov. 30th I will have a new parcel. To my knowledge SaveMe isn’t banned on this Estate. Yet. Morli is on at 12PM and DD is on at 1PM SLT.

I am inviting you, SaveMe to use the space. We will have just a platform and approximately 75×80 meters of space. If I move here permanently? You are welcome to perform at the new location, SaveMe.

But here’s the bottom line. No. You can not always expect to have free run of the space. I pay rent to enjoy the venues I create. Some rudeness I’m willing to tolerate. But if you cross the line again? You will be banned again.

I appreciate what you do. But when I build a venue I intend to use it. I hope this is agreeable to you. If you show me respect privately among this circle of friends I promise to keep it secret.

SaveMe Oh: Respect is the word I hate most. I perform when I feel the need and when the dictator in you tells you that you have to ban me, who can stop you? I don’t make deals with dictators so when I might appear monday you do whatever you like.


DD and SaveMe Oh performing

Roxy Gellar: If you can’t show the slightest consideration? Then I’ll make other arrangements. I don’t beg. And I’m not going to have a blank platform with nothing to look at if you decide to not come.

How about this instead? “I can respect your boundaries, Roxy. Looking forward to picking up where we left off and I can appreciate you’re one of the few who see the validity of my work.”

“Oh and I’m sorry for calling you a bitch, Roxy.”

hee hee hee ya I never expect an apology, Not from you.

You really are a very disturbed individual. You are truly disturbed. I have absolutely no idea why I ever defended you or indulged your destructive behaviors.

Morlita QuanMorlita Quan and SaveMe Oh performing

Protecting Old Shit

It seems unavoidable but every once in a while we are kindly requested to appear to pay tribute to warmed up old shit. AM Radio created once a wheat field and elderly cat ladies protect it as if it’s one of the forgotten wonders of the virtual world.


To avoid the boring snap shooting avatar parking, which has only the goal to put the pics on facebook so all cat ladies can tag each other, I offered to upgrade the event with some interferences that would have made Cristo proud. But even my friend Ziki Questi turned out to be a narrow-minded addict of virtual dust sniffing.

Ziki Questi: Hello my dear

SaveMe Oh: Lovely hat

Ziki Questi: Thank you :) bought it a year or two ago and have never worn it

SaveMe Oh: I thought I inspired you with the Quan Bowler.


Ziki Questi: So I am predictably receiving some comments about your signs and other activity over there on the west edge of the space :)

SaveMe Oh: And I predictably expect you ignore them with a decent smile.

Ziki Questi: And if I ask you to remove your attachments i’m sure you’ll refuse, and then i’ll have to boot you out for the next two hours? As you know, i do quite generally like and enjoy your work.

SaveMe Oh: Then its wise not to ask me anything and just enjoy it.

Ziki Questi: it is overshadowing the space, you know so your choice, i’ll either have push you out or you can enjoy the surroundings :)


Ziki Questi smiles and shakes her head … you are really something. sorry … i do have to balance the event.

And she kicked me out!


Aemeth Lysette: SaveMe, knock it off. This isn’t Game of Alts. I am the one and only. Nobody’s alt around here.

I have been proven in identity on New World Notes. I’ve been talked out in media and rl publication. I have no need for alts because everybody knows who I am already.

You’re being blocked now. Stop bothering other people because you think they’re me. We are just going to block you because none of this really means anything.

The Performance That Was Not Allowed

The performance that was not allowed.

After being invited for the memorial of Nitro Fireguard I was in the end banned by sim owners WayneNZ Resident and Holter Resident of Holtwaye sim.

Luckely Glasz DeCuir recorded a try out the night before and she made the best machinima she ever did. With the beautiful music score of Deceptions Digital.

Rezzed Stupid

Once in a while you get such stupid questions that you wonder if those people were rezzed under a stone.

Save God

Aemeth Lysette: Hi SaveMe! You don’t know me, but I’ve seen some of your work and it’s really awesome! I am working with the Art Farm Coop sim at LEA 28 to build a Hollywood-style town dedicated to machinima and photography. (I called it “SLollywood”.)

Anyway, I was talking with another officer, RMarie Beedit, and we agreed it would be awesome if you hosted a seminar here. Would you be interested? I know RMarie said LEA might have banned you from their sims, but I’m giving you a LM to ours so you can try to see if you’ll be able to get in anyway. If not, we tried, and we still think you’re cool. Please let me know if it works!

SaveMe Oh: The LEA dictatorship keeps me banned from their sims. The only way to lift that ban is when you request to the dictatorship my presence there is needed. Several artists did so and slowly we can get rid of these dictators who rule LEA on behalve of their licking abilities of Linden Asses. When you demand my unbanning on your particulair LEA sim I will be happy to see how we can work together to present virtual art.


Aemeth Lysette: Ehhh I kinda figured that was a thing. I’ll see what we can do, otherwise we definitely tried.

SaveMe Oh: Tell your LEA boss to unban me and that you want me there and then we can see what is possible

Aemeth Lysette: What LEA boss? You mean the person running the sim? Yeah, we’ll give it a shot.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, those unelected dictators who decide if you get a LEA sim or not. Who is the boss of your region? Solo Mornington? Jayjay Zifanwe?

Aemeth Lysette: Vanessa.. forgot her last name but she’s with Medici U

SaveMe Oh: Vaneeesa is not LEA

SaveMe Oh: I mean your LEA boss

Aemeth Lysette: Yeah, funny thing, I never said I had a LEA boss.

SaveMe Oh: You have. If you think its funny or not

Aemeth Lysette: I just built this section lol. And invited a bunch of people. I’m kinda new to this LEA thing. I had an art career before I came here. I will have one after I leave. This LEA stuff seems kind of trite

SaveMe Oh: The LEA dictatorship makes sure you only can invite asslickers

Aemeth Lysette: We’re housing what some people would consider “griefers” right now (but actually they’re just gaming machinima/battle sim people). So, no, not true. I run a different ship.

SaveMe Oh: Let me know when you have arranged my free entree in your sim. will do nothing before I am unbanned. I dont want to waste my time.

Aemeth Lysette: You aren’t on the banlist at all.

SaveMe Oh: Thats the trick of the dictatorship, they ban me from a region, so you cant see it on the sim ban list

Aemeth Lysette: Hey so like what about alts.

SaveMe Oh: I have 100 of alts, but I am to good to waste my time on LEA. Get me unbanned and then we talk.


Jessyka Richard: Hello SaveMe, I know Aemeth Lysette talked to you.  I am hosting an internet venue dance floor on LEA28. This saturday evening.  i have some rezzers and particles set up.  if you could bring some cool attatchments it would be awesome. I looked at the banlist that i can see and it doesn’t look like you’re banned (though i can’t promise you won’t get banned lol)

SaveMe Oh: I am banned from the region dear

Jessyka Richard: I sent you a request, let me know if it fails

SaveMe Oh: Sigh, when you people learn to read?

Later that evening:

SaveMe Oh: Give Vaneeesa a kiss

Aemeth Lysette: I know this is an rp thing for you, and might be an entire performance. But if you ever want to have a serious discussion, I’m here.

SaveMe Oh: Nothing to do with RP. So there you already start wrong

Aemeth Lysette: Anyway, thanks for the talk earlier, have fun, see you later.

SaveMe Oh: Bye Vaneeesa

Aemeth Lysette: Bitch I’m not Vanessa. Have a seat. Oh I’m sorry, has no one ever cursed you out before? See, you’ve been playing with these other artists but I don’t think you met anyone like me. You won’t be stepping to me like that, ever. You can’t even be serious about yourself and that’s a shame, that’s wasted brains you’ve got. It’s like you’re only halfway serious about your own craft.

Aemeth Lysette: Until you can come to me like a serious person, you’re being dismissed as somebody who’s probably mentally retarded.

SaveMe Oh: Vaneeesa, is your head moving around 360 degrees now?

With Deep Regret And Profound Sadness Of The Sad Widow

When Nitro Fireguard passed away last week Dido Haas asked me to be present with a performance at his memorial. She didn’t asked me because we are great friends or I knew Nitro very well. But in the weeks before his death I spoke a few times with him and convinced him to share his statues with me so I could use them in my performances. Nitro was very delighted with the idea and shared a few with me.

I transformed some of them for my performance and lucky enough Nitro could see the result in a performance a week later.


Nitro Fireguard: Hi SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Hi Nitro. Nice you came.

Nitro Fireguard: Thank you for your amazing show.

SaveMe Oh: These are meant as virtual vitamins

Nitro Fireguard Hugs. :-)

SaveMe Oh: Hugs for you.


To honor Nitro and to celebrate life the event of Sunday 15th was planned and with DJ Ferdy I was preparing to make it a real celebration but then came this…..

Dido Haas: Hi SaveMe. Yoon told me that you are banned at the sim where will be the memorial for Nitro on Sunday. I talked to the owners of the sim and tried to make them lift the ban, but no, they were unrelenting.

I regret this very much but I don’t have a choice, it’s their sim. I am sorry sweetie. Very unfortunate.

Big Kiss! Dido.


Now about what sim we are talking?


And who are the two fine people refusing me to celebrate the life of Nitro?

WayneNZ Resident and Holter Resident

Nitro has left the globus

Hi, I Am A Dictator But Want To Look Like A Hippie

Tonight I received an invitation for a LEA party. We almost forgot they do events in LEA but here appears to be one. Here is the invitation:

Hey friends! Artistik Oluja and Livio Korobase team up again to bring you Hot Tubes & Psychedelic Grooves!

This time we’re tapping into our Hippie vibes and taking the music under the trees at ::Metamorfaces:: with Livio Korobase at the DJ table burning up the tubes with awesome psychedelic grooviness that’ll get your flower power on in no time. So throw on some colour and get into those bellbottoms we’re ready to party!

When I entered the sim I was very happy to see Eupalinos Ugaijin alive and well and he even managed to be the new bf of Artistik Oluja, getting in that way a secret backdoor to once more another LEA sim. They stole the little dead dolls of Scottius Polke to make some kind of hippie looking dance with them but of course we all know dictators can’t dance.

I tried not to disturb their kindergarten too much to bring in what they asked: throw on some colour, psychedelic grooviness and flower power.

But then misses Dictator started to complain:

SaveMe Oh: Hey Eupalinos, what a surprise.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Hello

SaveMe Oh: I hardly recognise you

SaveMe Oh: Did I scare poor Eupa off or did he simply disintegrate?

Artistik Oluja: Eupa took me on a quick tour of space hehe

SaveMe Oh: He knows where space is?

Artistik Oluja: SaveMe, you know that place behind your eyes? :)

SaveMe Oh: I have that?

Fanny Vermont:  Such a cool light


Kandinsky Beaumont: How can you be in LEA SaveMe?

SaveMe Oh: I forced Eupa to let me in.

Kandinsky Beaumont: Nobody banning you tonight?

Kandinsky Beaumont: Aha nice Eupa, I see all the little Scottius guys, the dead children

Artistik Oluja: If you can stop with the colour rezzing SaveMe you’ll last longer, I can’t handle this much colour. It’s not something everyone’s nervous systems can tolerate.

SaveMe Oh: I have the same with everything Eupalinos does but I try to be brave.

John Howard Cassio: It tends to make you dizzy

Artistik Oluja: I’m asking you to stop it because it’s hurting me :)

Fanny Vermont: Isn’t it what we try to get? Dizzy, I mean?

SaveMe Oh: Psychedelic intends to do that, you aging hippies

Fanny Vermont laughs.

SaveMe Oh: If you can’t stand that consider gardening as a hobby.

Artistik Oluja: It’s your attitude that is ageing :) I think you have had enough attention for your little thingy now

Artistik Oluja ejected and banned you from this land.

Livio Korobase, who is role-playing a DJ tonight didn’t open his mouth, were on Facebook they have to cut a forest to deliver enough paper for his writings….

SaveMe Oh: Now we know you belong to the LEA dictatorship. Good to know.

Livio Korobase: For me was nice, but ok I am only a worker.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, dictatorships run by their workers.

Controlled Avatar Parking

The people who follow this blog know that for long I fight against the ever appearing situation of avatar parking in secondlife. Avatar parking arises mostly at events that are not events, or in other words, you are invited to a space where wannabe artists like Betty Tureaud, Kicca Igaly or all losers at LEA, UWA or BURN2  glue some prims together and expect the audience to park there and deliver some Ooohs Aaaahs and Wowwwwws. When they are in a very creative mood you can expect some danceballs and the inevitable DJ. When they succeed to repeat this process every once in a while they might even make it to Linden Labs destination guide.

But foremost I have to blame the “audience”. As numb sheep they are standing there and the only activity they can produce is take hundreds of photographs to add to their Facebook and Flickr albums or unknown blogs.

The only way to get them moving is to give them a gift that controls them and then they are happy, proud of being part of an artwork. But spontaneous interaction is hardly ever seen.

Completely desperate I decide to invent the Controlled Avatar Parking. It reduces the present audience to one multiply identity that can be made useful in a performance without almost occupying any space. It reduces all mesh bodies, slink hands and fancy hair and clothes to one breathing object that fits perfect in the ultimate SaveMe Oh performance. It reduces afterwards tagging in photographs as individuals are hardly recognisable anymore.


And it brings people together in an intimacy they could have never dreamt of when they started a second life.

parked avatars

Champions of avatar parking, the Italians of Italianverse had the luck of being the first to experience the Controlled Avatar Parking during my performance All Of Me, yesterday night.