SaveMe Oh Doing Construction Work In Denver

The SaveMe Oh movie Construction Work will be part of the upcoming Friday Flash No.10 program from Denver Digerati. On a large screen in town at 8.00 PM, july 24th.

FF No10 Poster_SaveMe Oh

If you have no time to go to Denver watch Construction Work here:

Digital Animation NOW!

A program of digital animation in support of the Biennial of the Americas

The Denver Theatre District and Denver Digerati present Digital Animation NOW! the summer’s second Friday Flash program and 10th in the series history on Friday July 24th starting at 8pm at the 14th and Champa St. L.E.D. screen. The program serves as an extension of the 2015 Biennial of the Americas over arching theme of ‘NOW!’ presenting a lively showcase of some of the world’s most innovative and creative digital animation, developed by a wide ranging field of artists with different goals and intentions in mind. The program is a natural fit as a follow up to the focus week festivities of the Biennial, which features a trio of artists previously presented to the public through Denver Digerati programs, including Canadian artist Jeremy Bailey who is the emcee for the Civic Center Biennial Night on July 17th, and the Denver based team of Laleh Mehran and Chris Coleman, who were previously commissioned by Denver Digerati and will present a multi-dimensional new-media artwork as part of the ‘Now? Now!” exhibition located at the MCA Denver.

Digital Animation NOW! will feature a strong selection of pioneering national and international artists including Claudiamate, Fabrice Le Nezet, V5MT, Baden Pailthorpe, Gregory Bennett, Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Mike Pelletier, Universal Everything, The Rodina, Rashaad Newsome, Scott Gelber, Jonathan Monaghan, Kim Laughton, Ben Wheele, SaveMe Oh, Valentina Tremont, Travis Vermilye, Ben Ridgeway, Nicos Livesey, Hector Lanquin, Peter Burr and more.

Friday, July 24th at 8pm at the 14th and Champa Street LED Screen

Burn the Art

It’s becoming trippy in the antfarm.

Another amazing art performance by SaveMe Oh. No props were harmed in the making of this video. Filmed by Larkworthy Antfarm at the Burn in Second Life.

And a second movie of the same event:

There’s something strangely hypnotic about this clip SaveMe Oh. The dance between the worker, the drone and the Queen Bee.

Burning Down The House

After being ejected several times in the BURN sim by boy scout Radioactive Rosca I ran into the Baden Powell of BURN DanOfWA Flanagan.


DanOfWA Flanagan: Hi SaveMe, love them birds!

SaveMe Oh: Hi Dan, ty.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Sorry bout the confusion yesterday.

SaveMe Oh: I love confusion. Confusion contributes to exiting art.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Some people got a bit over reactive.

SaveMe Oh: I know. I am used to that. No hard feelings.

SaveMe Oh: I am now also ejected all the time by your boy scouts. I guess they don’t like birds.

DanOfWA Flanagan: We are trying to get people to understand what Radical Inclusion really  means.

SaveMe Oh: You have a long way to go.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Yes I know.. please be patient we us.

SaveMe Oh: When I was not patient I was not here anymore.

DanOfWA Flanagan: I still remember your performance with Larree at Equinox event.

SaveMe Oh: With Larree was great. Yesterday in the other burn sim was great too.

DanOfWA Flanagan: I hope you will consider doing a performance (On stage) at the October Event this year

SaveMe Oh: I will perform any moment I am in the mood and for sure in October I will be also in the mood. I am more or less permanent in the mood as that’s what makes virtual worlds so exiting.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Hheheh.. all I ask is that you do so in a way that is less disruptive to other performers on stage.  We want everyone to have a good time

SaveMe Oh: I don’t disrupt, I contribute. So tell your boy scouts to enjoy instead of being trigger-happy.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Well it would be appreciated if you contribute away from stage areas during scheduled performances.

SaveMe Oh: Actually you don’t need your boy scouts as everybody has tools from SL to derender. Nobody has to see what he doesn’t want to see.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Yes I know,. and we teach rangers how to use them as well as let others know how to do so.

SaveMe Oh: And when they throw away their screen they can even enjoy only the music.

DanOfWA Flanagan: It will get better.. and be less disruptive for you and others in the futures

SaveMe Oh: First teach them about art, then teaching them about security isn’t needed anymore. It’s actually completely crazy to have those boy scouts on guard. It’s an offense to people who have survived a dictatorship. A very bad example for the free world.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Well we are required to have them by the Estate owners…

SaveMe Oh: Fight the estate owner and tell them they are seeing it wrong.

DanOfWA Flanagan: I am (and other leaders) are working on it.

SaveMe Oh: And get rid of LEADERS. Art world doesn’t need LEADERS. We are not dogs. Replace them by teachers.

DanOfWA Flanagan: feel free to contact me or senior staff @ if you have any problems with ANY staff here.


Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: This is a slight problem. Good luck with his education.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Yes I understand and am trying to deal with it.


The Deep Hole Of A Burning Boy Scout

Slatan Dryke: Hello and happy Sunday

SaveMe Oh: The park rangers have finished church. Here is one of the idiots. Meet Slatan

Slatan Dryke: I am glad you having fun

SaveMe Oh: No you or not. You hate it when people have fun. Look how the idiot is dressed: playing boy scout again.


Slatan Dryke: Now would you be so kind to stop this not authorized show?

SaveMe Oh: This is not a show

Mikati Slade: I hate ppl when they are enjoying?

Slatan Dryke: What is it?

SaveMe Oh: Mikati and I are having an artist meeting

Mikati Slade: Yes.

SaveMe Oh: So please don’t interrupt.

Mikati Slade: This is the best show in this Burn event.

SaveMe Oh: Go save a deer or rabbit.

Slatan Dryke: Ok that’s great, there are other places where to have your meeting.

Mikati Slade: Many ponies are the audiences

Slatan Dryke: So again please stop it, poor ponies.

SaveMe Oh: How was church this morning?


Slatan Dryke: For the last time, shut down this please.

SaveMe Oh: Is that an ultimatum? On what grounds?

Slatan Dryke: It’s not an ultimatum, dear. It’s a gentle request

SaveMe Oh: Slatan go back to your church or boy scouts cabin and leave Mikati and me in peace

Slatan Dryke: Who are you to tell me what I have to do?

SaveMe Oh: Or make a campfire here, also good. As ranger for sure you know how to make a campfire. Go catch us a fish.

Slatan Dryke: I do and you?

SaveMe Oh: Mikati and I may become hungry after our art meeting


Mikati Slade: The ponies are getting afraid.

SaveMe Oh: They might think Slatan is going to slaughter them

Slatan Dryke: I love the animals. I just hate the idiots.

SaveMe Oh: Don’t you call Mikati an idiot!

Slatan Dryke: Not at all, in general talking. I guess you do too

Mikati Slade: I am worried if ppl think I am an idiot when I built full blight huge thing first time

but after I felt safe because SaveMe is there I got to know

Slatan Dryke: Good for you Mikati. You have all my respect and I love your buildings. The cake stage is a masterpiece.

SaveMe Oh: You have yourself a boy scout admirer, Mikati!

Mikati Slade: What you mean? I am not a Christian.

SaveMe Oh: Haha, the boy scout loves you.

Slatan Dryke: So SaveMe what would you like to do, going on with this unauthorized useless show?

Mikati Slade: Gay ppl seem to love me yes

SaveMe Oh: Haha

Slatan Dryke: Are you saying I am a gay, Mikati?

SaveMe Oh: I think she was

SaveMe Oh: But we love gay people, that’s why we put extra pink in our work.

Mikati Slade: Gay ppl love pink?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, a lot.

Mikati Slade: Oh I see

Slatan Dryke: I hate pink

SaveMe Oh: Because you haven’t had your coming out yet

Slatan Dryke: Yellow is better

SaveMe Oh: And still dress up as a boy scout. That is a gay in denial.

Slatan Dryke: Maybe. Not your business in any case. My orientation is not your business.

SaveMe Oh: No, just as I am not of any of your business

Slatan Dryke: Because it could be rude.

SaveMe Oh: Mikati, what were we talking about before this fool arrived?

Slatan Dryke: Fool? Me? Oh dear. Maybe you can convince SaveMe Oh to stop this unauthorized show?


Slatan Dryke ejected you from this land.

We’ve Got Him

I have found the fugitive, hiding in his cabin in the woods, still in his travelling clothes so he could escape again every second.


Solo Mornington: Howdy.

SaveMe Oh: Cold?

Solo Mornington: Travelling clothes.

SaveMe Oh: Still on the run?

Solo Mornington: Just travelling.

SaveMe Oh: To where?

Solo Mornington: Here and there across the American west.

Solo Mornington: So what brings you to Stinson?

SaveMe Oh: Searching the fugitive. You already resigned from LEA?

Solo Mornington: What do you mean about ‘the fugitive?’

SaveMe Oh: Somebody who hides after making a mistake and don’t want to take consequences

Solo Mornington: That’d be you.

SaveMe Oh: Who is so attached to the pluche of the dictator’s chair that he can’t let go. Who think LEA will disappear without him. Let it go.

Solo Mornington: Heh. You really have no idea or at least can’t admit that you do. So let’s get back to this idea of consequences. What have you ever risked?

SaveMe Oh: Don’t change the subject.

Solo Mornington: Coward.

SaveMe Oh: Your sad philosophies we already know. They go on for hours

Solo Mornington: You know you haven’t risked anything ever.

SaveMe Oh: You think a griefer like you can be LEA’s dictator?

Solo Mornington: I think you don’t know what it means to risk anything.

SaveMe Oh: Changing the subject again. You take whatever risk you want after leaving LEA

Solo Mornington: You seem to be saying that I *shouldn’t* take risks.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t care what you do.

Solo Mornington: If only that were true.

Solo Mornington: I mean, it’s not like you’re at my house.

SaveMe Oh: I only think somebody like you should not be LEA’s dictator. For the rest you do whatever you like.

Solo Mornington: Well that’s your opinion and you’re welcome to it.

SaveMe Oh: So when you leave LEA? Or you already did in secret as that the way you guys handle things.

Solo Mornington: Meanwhile the view is pretty nice. The opportunity is here to have a decent conversation. The world is full of potential. You choose to obsess on me. Make up a bunch of theories about stuff you know nothing about.

SaveMe Oh: No you choose to restrict my freedom for years, not more than logic I fight against that

Solo Mornington: yah, because you’re an abusive person.

SaveMe Oh: You see… I rest my case. There we go again.

Solo Mornington: Yup. Because it’s true. Simple fact.

SaveMe Oh: If I am or not, it’s simply not your business

Solo Mornington: Well, yes it is.

SaveMe Oh: Why? When you abuse something it’s ok, and when I do I have to be sentenced for years?

Solo Mornington: I mean, you’re sitting in the house I built.

SaveMe Oh: And? When you don’t want people here hide it.

Solo Mornington: So you’d label what I did as abuse?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t, I label it as interaction. You could also give me the same freedom, but no. You have to lock me out. Take the chair of the almighty one who decides.

Solo Mornington: So it’s ‘abuse’ when it suits you, ‘interaction’ when it suits you.

SaveMe Oh: For me it’s never abuse

Solo Mornington: Then why did you call it abuse?

SaveMe Oh: But you categorise things in that way

Solo Mornington: You said I was abusive. But then you say it’s ‘interactin.’

SaveMe Oh: It’s what people say who you have abused as the LEA dictator. In general. I am a performance artist, I don’t care. I only would hope you would do something better

Solo Mornington: Oh but you do. That’s your central critique of what I did.

SaveMe Oh: As it was so ugly what you did

Solo Mornington: It’s what you do. Same thing. What I did was a critique of your interventions and your general assholiness.

SaveMe Oh: But I am the artist and you the dictator.Thats a difference

Solo Mornington: According to you.

SaveMe Oh: You limit artists

Solo Mornington: Yah, I broke your expectation of me. boo hoo.No, I limit *you.*

SaveMe Oh: But after your resignation I will offer you a workshop how to be a better artist as even you should be able to be a better primgluer if that what you desire

Solo Mornington: You mean how to be a petulant crybaby? I’ve been getting a masterclass in that.

SaveMe Oh: Lucky you. Now be open to it

Solo Mornington: I was. For quite a while. Then you crossed all the lines of proportionality.

SaveMe Oh: Leave LEA and I might take you as a trainee. Even you have the right to be saved by me.

Solo Mornington: How about you try this on: learn from being banned. Pretend for a moment that I know something you don’t. Because I do.

SaveMe Oh: You are so old-fashioned, as the most famous artist of SL only a pocket of resistance of some idiots still ban me. Show your big heart and admit your mistake.

Solo Mornington: So. Demonstrates lack of humility. Got it. Ok. Time for lunch. Have fun sitting alone on my porch.

SaveMe Oh: Eat your ego, might liberate you.

The Fugitive

After his misbehavior with a giant megaprim during a SaveMe Oh event Solo Mornington, Upper dictator of the fraudulent LEA (Licking Every A$$) organisation went on the run. Help us catch him so he can be replaced by a sane person.

Snapshot_225 (2)

Listen up, ladies and gentlemen! Our fugitive has been on the run. Average foot speed over uneven ground, barring injury, is 4 miles an hour which gives us a radius of 6 miles! What I want out of each and every one of you is a hard target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area. Checkpoints go up at 15 miles! Our fugitive’s name is Solo Mornington. Go get him.


I didn’t kill anybody. Leave me alone!


We were just informed by the U.S. Marshal’s Office that Solo Mornington is alive and well and living in the city of Seattle. Now you all know in what high regard I hold the scumbag. So I am personally donating a bottle of twelve-year-old Scotch to whoever puts the collar on this quack.


Okay get a cane pole, go catch the fish that ate him.


So, he showed up not dead yet. Let that be a lesson to you boys and girls: don’t ever argue with the big dog, big dog is always right.


That ought to make him easy to catch. Hounds! I want hounds on both banks of this river for two miles upstream and downstream. You guys got a search-and-rescue team in this county? Get them down here and drag the bottom of this spillway. How come they have’nt turned off the water?


All right, let’s go over it again from the top. What time did he arrive at the house?


You almost got away with it, didn’t you? I know all about it. I can prove it.

Prokofy Neva vs SaveMe Oh? Yawn!

My sister Bryn Oh waited years for this encounter, blogs where written full about the battle of the century. And then he appeared in front of me, in long white underwear. I almost want to hold his hand.


SaveMe Oh: And what you do here? Rent land?

Prokofy Neva: I have a land preserve and also rentals.

SaveMe Oh: I thought you were long gone and buried.

Prokofy Neva: Nope. I live.

SaveMe Oh: Good for you

Prokofy Neva: Yeah I’m not a hipster like you : )

SaveMe Oh: That you certainly are not.

And guess who is his neighbour????

Fau Ferdinand…………………………..


Can Girls Talk Win The Nobel Prize Of Literature?

SaveMe Oh: How’s life?

Cat Shilova: Hot

SaveMe Oh:You naughty bitch

Cat Shilova: I mean, really hot

SaveMe Oh: You naughty naughty bitch

Cat Shilova: … and my little finger told me that a drama took place with Apmel, Glasz and yourself

SaveMe Oh: Did it?

Cat Shilova: It’s probably just a rumor (and curiosity kills the cat, but …)

SaveMe Oh: I wouldn’t be surprised but then without me in it

Cat Shilova: Your sense of drama is fading?

SaveMe Oh: No, but I didn’t hear the rumour nor had the idea I was acting in this one.

Cat Shilova: So my little finger was wrong

SaveMe Oh: Glasz is a drama; Ampel is a drama, so 1 + 1 can be 2. She is completely obsessed with Iono and Tutsy, and Ampel is a desperate attention whore so I wouldn’t be surprised

Cat Shilova: That’s love

SaveMe Oh: Yes, true love

Cat Shilova: *sob*. Can’t prevent crying.

SaveMe Oh: I answered too less to the shown love to be involved! I told both of them they are of zero significance so that cools things quick

Cat Shilova: Ahahahaha. A bucket of icy water

SaveMe Oh: They should be happy with their roles of minions.

Cat Shilova: So true, aren’t we all?

SaveMe Oh: But they always think they can improve their position. But maybe that bounds them now.

Cat Shilova: The only way to improve it is to try to desinstall the dramaqueen from her throne which proves very difficult

SaveMe Oh: You need talent for that

Cat Shilova: Exactly. I have a feeble for gossips. Which is not a talent, by the way.

SaveMe Oh: Glasz too

Cat Shilova: I prefer juicy gossips but this one is finally rather dry. I will torture Ampel.

SaveMe Oh: I create them in front of her nose but then she doesn’t bite.

Cat Shilova: Pity.

SaveMe Oh: They should marry

Cat Shilova: Lord, have mercy on us

SaveMe Oh: Ampel is a good substitute for Iono

Cat Shilova: Don’t expect me to be bridesmaid on this one

SaveMe Oh: (who she really loves)

Cat Shilova: What?

SaveMe Oh: But after he refused to take her to Pere Lachaise they are at war.

SaveMe Oh: Now you have your gossip

Cat Shilova: This I knew, this gossip is rotten. Actually, I was in Paris when this happened.

SaveMe Oh: Ah, that was the reason, now it becomes a juicy gossip

Cat Shilova: Indeed

SaveMe Oh: Perfect

Cat Shilova: Now she will hate me, too?

SaveMe Oh: Yes.

Cat Shilova: I am terrified

SaveMe Oh: But she can cry on Ampels shoulder now as Ush is there only for his boring side.

Cat Shilova: My shrink will have to cure this in addition to all the rest.

SaveMe Oh: Maybe I have to send my bill to your shrink?!

Cat Shilova: I wouldn’t expect him to pay

SaveMe Oh: Or tell him Glasz will be his client too, soon.

Cat Shilova: I think he is already overbooked but it would be cute to sit together in the waiting room

SaveMe Oh: Is he good?

Cat Shilova: I think so as I am still there

SaveMe Oh: And are the 2 of you making progress?

Cat Shilova: It begins to be very interesting but we both have holidays soon though not together.

SaveMe Oh: Is that a plan for the future?

Cat Shilova: Who knows? Marrying your shrink could have some advantages

SaveMe Oh: A lot

Cat Shilova: The future will tell.

Cat Shilova: Then, Glasz could have Iono, at least.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, problem solved and we give Jaynine to Ampel

Cat Shilova: I will think about this all very seriously

Cat Shilova: Jay? to Ampel… mmmm…

SaveMe Oh: And Ush to Quan.

Cat Shilova: and what about the horsedick? He would need a mare.

SaveMe Oh: We dance around it for fertility

Cat Shilova: <— is searching her bridesmaid things. I might have some use of them finally. Who could marry Bryn?

SaveMe Oh: Any rabbit as long his cogwheel is working.

Cat Shilova: I find Bryn’s interpretation of Abraham + Isaac story more than suspect

SaveMe Oh: Of course, it was a cover up to be allowed to fuck a flock of sheep

Cat Shilova: With a gun

SaveMe Oh: Maybe the pope will declare her holy soon.

Cat Shilova: And decide that Immersiva is now a sheep sanctuary

SaveMe Oh: Suitable for every religion

Cat Shilova: Indeed…

Cat Shilova: If I would show that talk to the shrink, he would sign a formula for insane asylum at once. Therefore, I won’t show it.

SaveMe Oh: Shall I put it on my blog so he has easy access? We might win the Nobel Prize for literature.


A few moments later:

Glasz DeCuir: I have a date! Let see how many min I scare him :))

SaveMe Oh: With Ampel?

Glasz DeCuir: nop Apmel doesn’t love me!

SaveMe Oh: Yes he does, I just heard a big gossip about you 2

Glasz DeCuir: Let me know that…

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I am working on the juicy details for my blog

Glasz DeCuir: Don’t do that!

SaveMe Oh: Why not, will be lovely drama about you, Ampel, Tusty, Iono etc etc

Glasz DeCuir: You will scare all my lovers chance!

SaveMe Oh: That’s the risk but I found you a nice shrink

Glasz DeCuir: Shrink? What is that? If you publish my name on your blog again, no more books. And that’s my last word. And you are a bastard, 1 date I have and you have to distract me.

SaveMe Oh: Go have the date. Might be your last one. Go fuck him so I can edit my blogpost

Glasz DeCuir: Where is Apmel? I will kill him too!

Bullshitting About Collaborative Virtual Environments

You can bullshit a lot on paper when you over and over describe the works of zero significance of the usual suspects as Bryn Oh, Eupalinos Ugajin, Rose Borchovski and Alpha Auer. But it would be fairer to say just in the open: I want to promote my own work, which is, although rather hippie, not bad at all.

Delicate Death 4

And what can promote your work better than name a few times the name of the only existing artist in the virtual world; SaveMe Oh.

Catarina Carneiro de Sousa aka as Capcat Ragu did another attempt to promote her work by several “SaveMe Oh” namedropping in her latest scientific paper but did it need to be in such a lousy way? The times Capcat Ragu really visited a performance of SaveMe Oh one can count on the fingers of one hand. And so we get some bullshitting about what she assumes could be right.

So I better pretend I am Catarina Carneiro de Sousa and produce some decent work.

In Collaborative Virtual Environments, pseudo artistic activities are carried out by avatars that fall into the “I Want To Be A Performance Artist” subgroup. They steal from conventional art forms such as theatre, opera, dance, circus and musical performance and label it as new types of enactions, tailored to an audience with a severe death wish.

Death threat

The duo of Portuguese wannabe artists Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado takes advantage of their rich Wikipedia knowledge ability combined with their dexterity to attach marketplace artefacts to their avatars, in order to satisfy an audience who loved to play with dolls at a younger age.

Coward SaveMe Oh
How different this is in the approach used by the only artist in Secondlife; SaveMe Oh, who displays full installations in the world, which in reality are not part of the environment, but are ‘worn’ by her avatar. SaveMe Oh use this strategy in her performances to create a strong visual impact, usually with satirical intent towards the world of art and the social codes of the metaverse. These events are usually improvised and participatory, as SaveMe Oh often offer her artefacts to the public and invite them to join in the performance.

Lennart Nilsson13

Not a lot of people answer to this invitation as the aura of SaveMe Oh is so strong and heavily focused on her artistic persona – whose avatar, more than an author, embodies the work itself, that it scares of potential participators who are better labelled as blind admirers. SaveMe referred to herself (an avatar) as an artwork and not as an author, in the talk promoted by Transdisciplinares Artes Lisboa (2014), in the activities related to the event and exhibition entitled Virtual Interactive Participatory Arts. SaveMe presents herself as an agent provocateur in the art world, often invading artistic events with her performances, which can cover a whole SIM.

It should be noted that, while it can be argued that this somewhat ironical questioning of authorship and identity may have roots in previous ‘real world’ works, the spatial, environmental and behavioural properties of SaveMe Oh’s performances are unique to the affordances of a CVE and could hardly take place in our world..”