Rotten Tuna

Nobody spreads the old hippie feel so much as Tuna Oddfellow. All the effects he uses must have been tested on their hallucination qualities on the holy scale of LSD.

Proudly he expresses in his Secondlife profile: “Guild Leader of Tunaverse Immortalis.  Want to join our guild and play with us?” and  “I will continue to spread my voice to fight for creators rights in virtual worlds. “ But on his 10th rezday he must have forgotten his hippie roots and ying and yang mantra’s and also sold his soul to the big idols wannabe artists show as somebody was filming him. OMG, he was maybe getting in the movies?????

Were I could jam freely with him in past events, tonight, when my friend DD performed in his sim Tuna the Selfkicker wanted all the attention only for himself and everybody else was reduced into a prop.

When I started celebrating with him the grumpy old man came out…..

Tuna Oddfellow): Please stop the effects, I am being filmed.

SaveMe Oh: Well, must be your lucky day then, filmed together with me.

And then he banned me.

SaveMe Oh: Never thought you were an ego tripper.

Tuna Oddfellow: I asked you nicely. You ignored me.

SaveMe Oh: You should have told the world you are the only one allowed to express himself. Another big fake unmasked. A pity. Turning into a policeman on your 10th rezday, you should be ashamed of yourself.

For a moment I could go back with a little protest before he banned me completely.


Banned By A Dead Guy

Even a Secondlife ends someday and yesterday Naxos Loon asked me if I knew a certain avatar that had passed away. But the name didn’t ring a bell.

Today on FB and blogs more info about the diseased and about the important work he had done. So I thought I had to visit the place to see at least his legacy but on the large sim I found myself banned, a weird experience.


I IM-ed one of the group members:

SaveMe Oh: Any idea why I am banned here?

WW: No, but I shall see if I can find the reason.

SaveMe Oh: Yes please, can’t remember ever being here before

WW: Alright, after asking around a bit, this is what you need to do: You need to send an IM to Avi Arrow, and ask her if she can lift your ban.

WW: The ban may have happened yesterday, there was a big event here so the security was very sharp.

SaveMe Oh: I was not here yesterday, very strange, but ok, ty.

So I advise all my friends and enemies who intent to die during their secondlife and don’t want me at their funeral or remembrance ceremony to also implement very sharp security measures so no prim or pixel gets hurt unwanted.

Oh wait….don’t stop reading yet. Avi Arrow comes with an answer….

SaveMe Oh: Any idea why I am banned at Natoma?

Avi Arrow: Hello.  Yes, you’re a well documented troll and stalker and your ban was precautionary to prevent you from causing any disturbances at a highly publicized event we held yesterday.

SaveMe Oh: I am a very well documented artist and performer, but let’s not get into that discussion. Will you lift the ban or is it until dead do us part?

Avi Arrow: People come here to build and create and to learn. You are primarily not welcome here as your activities are to troll and cause havoc. You call it art, I call it harassment.  You’ll need to find another area to stalk.

Why My Brothers Collect Idiots As Partners?


SaveMe Oh: I only see a dumb foot

Lemonodo Oh: The dumb foot has no brain, has some of the bones though.

Bradly Kaestner: lol

SaveMe Oh: I don’t care at all. Can’t you send it in a note card?

Lemonodo Oh: Maybe I can

SaveMe Oh: I only see prim waste. Hope you recycle it so it won’t pollute the virtual world.

Bradly Kaestner: If you must be rude then just go. How dare you do that to him?

Lemonodo Oh: :)

Bradly Kaestner: We don’t need that crap in here.

SaveMe Oh: All my brothers deserve the truth

Bradly Kaestner: I get enough in rl why bother to come go get a life.

Lemonodo Oh: I am happy with the truth

Bradly Kaestner: Who are you to bring that crap?

SaveMe Oh: Are you his new boyfriend Bradly?

Bradly Kaestner: He’s been my damn friend for years. Nice person. Very caring

SaveMe Oh: He didn’t introduce me to you. Never spoke about you.

Lemonodo Oh: Excuse me…Bradly!

Bradly Kaestner: Well you know thank you Lemon but I don’t care to know people like that.

Lemonodo Oh: My sister

Bradly Kaestner: Good day

Lemonodo Oh: Estimable SaveMe

Bradly Kaestner: Go away

SaveMe Oh: And as I see my brother a lot that’s strange

Bradly Kaestner: Is my day off I have no time for rude

SaveMe Oh: Why you don’t go back to work and let me and my brother in peace?

Bradly Kaestner: No, that is rude. Maybe it is dumb to you but can’t you see it is not to him

SaveMe Oh: Ok, but then allow me to tell him the foot is boring

Lemonodo Oh: We’re in peace

Bradly Kaestner: Learn how to keep that shit in your own head

Lemonodo Oh: It is boring

Bradly Kaestner: So what

SaveMe Oh: You see? He agrees.

Lemonodo Oh: But it is!

Bradly Kaestner: The foot is a foot, Lemon! Do yourself a favour

SaveMe Oh: And what is more boring than a boring foot is an explanation to make it look less boring

SaveMe Oh: So, next subject. How was your day, dear brother?

Bradly Kaestner: Take a slow boat to china next time

SaveMe Oh: Can’t you leave Bradly at home to do the dishes? As he doesn’t seem a cheerful guy

Bradly Kaestner: I was just fine till you got here and put down my friend about art he likes and yea some may not care for it but learn to keep it to yourself in life and maybe people will want you around more

SaveMe Oh: go call Dr. Phil

Bradly Kaestner: Yea maybe he can teach you to give better constructive input and not just come off like a rude unhappy person

SaveMe Oh: I hope my brother will dump you asap or he will end up as a middle of the road guy. That Bradly is really your friend??? OMG

Lemonodo Oh: I know, I know

SaveMe Oh: dump him or lock him up in the kitchen

Lemonodo Oh: :) good suggestions, maybe both.

Only With A Serious Deathwish I Would Consider Stealing From Betty


SaveMe Oh: When you lift my bans?

Betty Tureaud: Where are you banned?

SaveMe Oh: Your sim, Denmark, all your events.

Betty Tureaud: You are only banned under a concert with Ultra.

SaveMe Oh: Is that why you let Ultralight perform every day?

Betty Tureaud: Oh no. I can tell Inge to unban you if you want to go.

SaveMe Oh: Yes tell her. We dont want her to be one of the losers who banned the famous SaveMe Oh.  As all those idiots are the big fools united.

Betty Tureaud: I think she dont care about art

SaveMe Oh: Thats why she should not suffer because of your bad judgement.

Betty Tureaud: I love you but you are a pain in the ass on a opening.

SaveMe Oh: With me an opening can become legendary. Without me an opening is forgotten the next day

Betty Tureaud: Yes thats what i mean

SaveMe Oh: Thats not a pain in  the ass but a gift.

Betty Tureaud: Gift mean poison in Danish

SaveMe Oh: Poisoned gifts are also great for good legends.

Betty Tureaud: I have to say your lates productions have improved

SaveMe Oh: No, they were always good but you were too blind to see.

Betty Tureaud: Smiles

SaveMe Oh: Your productions have unfortunately not improved. Everyone is a copy of the last one. But you have all your SL ahead of you.

Betty Tureaud: lol you are stealing from me

SaveMe Oh: Only when I would have a serious deathwish I would consider stealing from you.

Please Connect With My Agent


Hello SaveMe Oh,

Roxy Gellar: I’ll be hosting Morli and DD on Thursday from 1PM to 3PM at Wizards Retreat. You did an incredible job of working with the space when DD and Echo were last there. The My Lil Ponies were incredible.

You are welcome to bring your insanity to this performance. I would like to let our friends know you plan to perform if the Estate ban has been lifted and you are willing to work within the space provided, Wizards Retreat will remain standing during this particular event.

SaveMe Oh: Please connect with my agent.

Roxy Gellar: I think I just did. Lol: Nina Camplin, I hope you can chat with Fuschia & SaveMe and bring us to a middle ground. smile emoticon Say hello to Fuschia when you next see her and thank her again for all she’s done with the Open Sim Wizards.

SaveMe Oh: Fuschia is my agent, please connect with her and discuss the fees

Roxy Gellar: I’d be happy to speak with her. But given the insults you’ve thrown at me in the past? You can come or not come. I’m not paying you.

Maybe you can negotiate with Soundsmith Kamachi next weekend when DD and Echo play there. Or at Dub’s on Monday when they play at that location, but I would guess you’re still banned.

SaveMe Oh: I dont negotiate, contact my agent.


Roxy Gellar: You’re uninvited. Whoever you really are? It’s clear by your behavior on the internet that in reality you’re a very sick person. I feel sorry for you. Always have.

Wall Me, Rotate Me

War in the LEA SIMS between neighbours?


Fuschia Nightfire: I noticed they put up a HUGE wall to block out my sim next door

Livio Korobase: Yes your turning things make me dizzy Fuschia and you have put just at border…

SaveMe Oh: OMG, call dr. Phil

Fuschia Nightfire: I didn’t put out a wall to block out your animals

Livio Korobase: You can do if you like

Fuschia Nightfire: I choose not to

Fuschia Nightfire: Your animals are welcome

SaveMe Oh: You better clean both out your sims

Livio Korobase: The problem for me are rotating things, they make me really dizzy

SaveMe Oh: Hey Livio, buy a radio

Livio Korobase: I have a radio already

SaveMe Oh: A screenless radio

Fuschia Nightfire: It does not matter to me Livio that you put up the wall, but maybe  people who come here may be more interested in seeing my installation

SaveMe Oh: Tear down the wall, tear down the wall

Livio Korobase: Move the rotating thing and i have no problems on make a hole

Fuschia Nightfire: Omg, the rotating thing IS the installation. Have you no taste?

Livio Korobase: Is not a problem of taste Fuschia, is a problem of vision

Fuschia Nightfire: The whole sim is inspired by SaveMe’s art

Livio Korobase: Ok, good for Save

SaveMe Oh: That rotating thing?????? OMG!

Fuschia Nightfire: She even gave me the title for the sim

Livio Korobase: She is a good girl, is not in discussion :) But i don’t think she gave you the plan of installation.

Fuschia Nightfire: I have to say i don’t know exactly which rotating thing he is referring to. I have so many rotating things. We need the wall removed

Livio Korobase: The wall remain until you respond to questions

Fuschia Nightfire: I always respond

SaveMe Oh: I think he is afraid your sim might get more populair than his

Fuschia Nightfire: I agree SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Well, the most populair place in SL is the place where I am

Fuschia Nightfire: Is this guy a real aritst?

SaveMe Oh: I think he would do better as designer of Guantanamo Bay

Fuschia Nightfire: I think you are right

SaveMe Oh: The wall would be an item there

Livio Korobase: Ok, time lost… i tried

Fuschia Nightfire: Walls are barriers, artists fight to break down barriers

Livio Korobase: Fuschia please, don’t talk with me with slogan…

Fuschia Nightfire: Is not me here who is building barriers

Livio Korobase: You do when you put things that make me dizzy, is a big barrier

Fuschia Nightfire: Oh no, you built the huge elephant first, but i did not complain

Livio Korobase: ok, good night people, was useless but I liked.


SaveMe Oh Doing Construction Work In Denver

The SaveMe Oh movie Construction Work will be part of the upcoming Friday Flash No.10 program from Denver Digerati. On a large screen in town at 8.00 PM, july 24th.

FF No10 Poster_SaveMe Oh

If you have no time to go to Denver watch Construction Work here:

Digital Animation NOW!

A program of digital animation in support of the Biennial of the Americas

The Denver Theatre District and Denver Digerati present Digital Animation NOW! the summer’s second Friday Flash program and 10th in the series history on Friday July 24th starting at 8pm at the 14th and Champa St. L.E.D. screen. The program serves as an extension of the 2015 Biennial of the Americas over arching theme of ‘NOW!’ presenting a lively showcase of some of the world’s most innovative and creative digital animation, developed by a wide ranging field of artists with different goals and intentions in mind. The program is a natural fit as a follow up to the focus week festivities of the Biennial, which features a trio of artists previously presented to the public through Denver Digerati programs, including Canadian artist Jeremy Bailey who is the emcee for the Civic Center Biennial Night on July 17th, and the Denver based team of Laleh Mehran and Chris Coleman, who were previously commissioned by Denver Digerati and will present a multi-dimensional new-media artwork as part of the ‘Now? Now!” exhibition located at the MCA Denver.

Digital Animation NOW! will feature a strong selection of pioneering national and international artists including Claudiamate, Fabrice Le Nezet, V5MT, Baden Pailthorpe, Gregory Bennett, Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Mike Pelletier, Universal Everything, The Rodina, Rashaad Newsome, Scott Gelber, Jonathan Monaghan, Kim Laughton, Ben Wheele, SaveMe Oh, Valentina Tremont, Travis Vermilye, Ben Ridgeway, Nicos Livesey, Hector Lanquin, Peter Burr and more.

Friday, July 24th at 8pm at the 14th and Champa Street LED Screen

Burn the Art

It’s becoming trippy in the antfarm.

Another amazing art performance by SaveMe Oh. No props were harmed in the making of this video. Filmed by Larkworthy Antfarm at the Burn in Second Life.

And a second movie of the same event:

There’s something strangely hypnotic about this clip SaveMe Oh. The dance between the worker, the drone and the Queen Bee.

Burning Down The House

After being ejected several times in the BURN sim by boy scout Radioactive Rosca I ran into the Baden Powell of BURN DanOfWA Flanagan.


DanOfWA Flanagan: Hi SaveMe, love them birds!

SaveMe Oh: Hi Dan, ty.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Sorry bout the confusion yesterday.

SaveMe Oh: I love confusion. Confusion contributes to exiting art.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Some people got a bit over reactive.

SaveMe Oh: I know. I am used to that. No hard feelings.

SaveMe Oh: I am now also ejected all the time by your boy scouts. I guess they don’t like birds.

DanOfWA Flanagan: We are trying to get people to understand what Radical Inclusion really  means.

SaveMe Oh: You have a long way to go.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Yes I know.. please be patient we us.

SaveMe Oh: When I was not patient I was not here anymore.

DanOfWA Flanagan: I still remember your performance with Larree at Equinox event.

SaveMe Oh: With Larree was great. Yesterday in the other burn sim was great too.

DanOfWA Flanagan: I hope you will consider doing a performance (On stage) at the October Event this year

SaveMe Oh: I will perform any moment I am in the mood and for sure in October I will be also in the mood. I am more or less permanent in the mood as that’s what makes virtual worlds so exiting.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Hheheh.. all I ask is that you do so in a way that is less disruptive to other performers on stage.  We want everyone to have a good time

SaveMe Oh: I don’t disrupt, I contribute. So tell your boy scouts to enjoy instead of being trigger-happy.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Well it would be appreciated if you contribute away from stage areas during scheduled performances.

SaveMe Oh: Actually you don’t need your boy scouts as everybody has tools from SL to derender. Nobody has to see what he doesn’t want to see.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Yes I know,. and we teach rangers how to use them as well as let others know how to do so.

SaveMe Oh: And when they throw away their screen they can even enjoy only the music.

DanOfWA Flanagan: It will get better.. and be less disruptive for you and others in the futures

SaveMe Oh: First teach them about art, then teaching them about security isn’t needed anymore. It’s actually completely crazy to have those boy scouts on guard. It’s an offense to people who have survived a dictatorship. A very bad example for the free world.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Well we are required to have them by the Estate owners…

SaveMe Oh: Fight the estate owner and tell them they are seeing it wrong.

DanOfWA Flanagan: I am (and other leaders) are working on it.

SaveMe Oh: And get rid of LEADERS. Art world doesn’t need LEADERS. We are not dogs. Replace them by teachers.

DanOfWA Flanagan: feel free to contact me or senior staff @ if you have any problems with ANY staff here.


Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

Radioactive Rosca ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: This is a slight problem. Good luck with his education.

DanOfWA Flanagan: Yes I understand and am trying to deal with it.