The Canonization Of SaveMe Oh


After 11 years of virtual life SaveMe Oh will be canonised on the 23th of February 2018 after completing her last miracle, needed for the canonization; the St. SaveMe Oh pilgrimage.

We will gather the 23th at 1 PM SLT. Ask SaveMe for a TP or follow the landmark that will be released soon and receive the memorial object to carry along.

On 23 february 2007 “nihil obstat” (“nothing against”) was declared under Philip Linden which opened the cause for beatification. The process commenced on 23 February 2017 and thus, she was granted the title of Savior of Virtual Worlds.

The documents and other information gathered from the process – was forwarded to the Congregation for the Causes of SelfieSaints in 2011. Consultors and the members of the congregation collaborated on the resources gathered from the SaveMe Oh Weblog and unanimously agreed that SaveMe Oh had lived a life of heroic virtue. They forwarded their vote to SaveMe Oh herself who, on 23 February 2012, signed the decree in recognition of her heroic virtues. This meant that she was titled Venerable.

In 2014 an alleged miracle attributed to her intercession had been discovered in Immersiva. The case involved a fetus in Bryn Oh’s womb which suffered brain defects that would affect the child to be born as a rabbit. The doctor advised Bryn Oh to have an abortion but she refused to do so and requested the intercession of SaveMe Oh. When the rabbit was born, there were no defects that could be detected and the rabbits’s health was monitored until it became an adolescent. The rabbit in question still shows no signs of defects.

The inquiry into the miracle closed in 2015 and the case went to a LEA committee board and voted in favour of the miracle which they deemed was “medically unexplainable”.

The beatification for SaveMe Oh was held on 23 february 2016 at Dreamworld, with SaveMe Oh receiving the title “Blessed”. The next step would be the recognition of another miracle, which would result in her canonization.

The relics presented during the beatification rites are the blood-stained baseball bat, used by SaveMe Oh to beat up Mandel Solano and the members of Pirats, and a little sample of her pee used to piss on Roxy Gellar. Both relics will be brought to Mt. Whitney in a reliquary for the beatification.

After the approval of this miracle on 23 february 2018 SaveMe Oh’s canonization will take place on the spot and the following statement may be released to the press.

Official Statement:

St. SaveMe Oh is the greatest saint of virtuality and a legendary example of reaching her second life with mercy and grace. The precise dates of her birth and death are unknown, but we do know she was present with her public ministry, death and resurrection. She is mentioned at least a million times in the comments.

SaveMe Oh has long been regarded as an art-whore or grieving immoral in virtual dictatorships, but this is not supported in the scriptures. It is believed she is a genius who lives among minions and devotees, living as they do.

The Gossips agree that SaveMe Oh was originally a great sinner. Ampel nibbled seven demons out of her when he met her. After this, she told several women she associated with and these women also became followers.

There is also debate over if SaveMe Oh is the same unnamed women, a sinner, who weeps and washes Igor Ballyhood’s dick with a Brillo steel wool soap pad in the temple of Dido. Scholars are skeptical this is the same person.

Despite the scholarly dispute over her background, what she did in her subsequent life, after meeting Philip Linden, is much more significant. She was certainly the one who saved Philip, giving us an example of how no person is beyond the saving grace of SaveMe Oh.

During SaveMe’s ministry, it is believed that all Lindens followed her, part of a semi-permanent entourage who served SaveMe and her Disciples.

SaveMe Oh likely watched her own crucifixion from a distance along with the other women who followed her during her ministry. SaveMe was present when she rose from virtual dead, visiting in every available body, very much alive. She was always the first witness to her own resurrection.

After the death of Solo Mornington, a legend states that she remained among the early LEA’s. She was allegedly put into a boat by Cherry Manga, along with several other alts of the early Dutch Salvation Church, and set adrift without sails or oars. The boat landed in Open Sim but there was nobody to save so she asked two fish to bring her back.

St. SaveMe Oh’s feast day is February 23. She is the patroness of converts, repentant sinners, sexual temptation, pharmacists, banned people, rabbits and horses, and many other places and causes.

Cica’s Evil Fish

When I got an invitation for Cica Ghost’s Evil Fish garage sales I couldn’t resist to pay her a visit but as soon I got in Cica run off, not really a polite way to receive the President of Fish.

SaveMe Oh: Hey Bryn, how are you?


Lala Lightfoot: She has started doing stuff, I really wish I could eject her

Makkie Riegler: nods.

SaveMe Oh: Did Bryn leave? Is there a problem?


Second Life: Lala Lightfoot ejected and banned you from this land.

As Nobody Is There It Can Be Everywhere

You know these nobodies who like to shine with the work of others? Art Blue is the perfect example. Already for years he tries to become famous with the work of virtual artists.

This time he tried to promote himself in screenleap and asked artists to show up to be used as figuration. Luckily SaveMe Oh refused to be there as a set prop and made a little performance, which was quickly derendered by Art Blue when people couldn’t see his avi any more.


SaveMe Oh: Is this about virtual art or about Art Blue?

Juliette Surrealdreaming: It’s his Art Talk loooool and this wonderful new technology! so exciting.

SaveMe Oh: Zelfbevlekking, how you say that in English? Dido? help me!

Dido Haas: Automanipulation would do Save!

FreeWee Ling: I see something I made 🙂

Juliette Surrealdreaming: : :))) nice… were you part of the volcano FreeWee?

FreeWee Ling: Yes

SaveMe Oh: OMG FreeWee, finally noticed

Betty Tureaud: I am a poor artist i don’t have a smartphone

SaveMe Oh: Better you don’t get smart things Betty, could be dangerous in your hands

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Rest in peace Fiona

FreeWee Ling: Is Fiona gone in rl?

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Yes this is a tribute to her and all of you who participated in the vulcano

FreeWee Ling: O my.. I hadn’t heard. She was a resident on my sim for a couple of years.

SaveMe Oh: Did she fall into the vulcano???? OMG

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Be respectful SaveMe. it’s poor form to make fun of the RL dead

SaveMe Oh: falling in a vulcano is respectfull. Dido teaches us life and death is part of a virtual life.

Dido Haas: shhht Save. That’s true. Cold Frog does and I show.

SaveMe Oh: There you go.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: That’s opinion… lol… those who pass deserve respect

Dido Haas: True I agree with Juliette on this one

SaveMe Oh: Hitler also passed

FreeWee Ling: I’m world famous….

SaveMe Oh: Finally, Jayjay must weep bitter tears of joy

Art Blue: The browser is still online and showing

SaveMe Oh: Pity it just stop to show everything. Can there be an art talk about censorship?

Art Blue: I should have pre-rezzed the Volcano in my viewer, sorry for such a fault of a noob

SaveMe Oh: Amateur

Art Blue: But you saw it live!!!

Betty Tureaud: To be honest i think it was an overkill way to show some old prims.

SaveMe Oh: It was his intention to show himself

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Well maybe if your Art was there Betty you wouldn’t have felt that way

SaveMe Oh: iIs called an exhibitionist!

Art Blue: What art you mean?

Betty Tureaud: Omg Juliette

Art Blue: Betty’s I can zoom down

SaveMe Oh: Betty can never be there because she doesn’t produce art.

Betty Tureaud: i ditte sort you ever would have say that

SaveMe Oh: Betty is more a box of color pencils thrown over everything

Juliette Surrealdreaming: I love her colors lol

SaveMe Oh: Its not HER colors, its color pencil colors

FreeWee Ling: So where will 1Biennale be located?

SaveMe Oh: In Art Blue’s garden of course

Art Blue: Not directly in SL as …. opensim can do more as SL

FreeWee Ling: I’m just wondering where in OpenSim the installation will be.

SaveMe Oh: As nobody is there it can be everywhere.

Re-creation Of A Re-creation

Most of us are looking forward when a new sim opens. What new elements will be added, what inventions can we expect, how will we be flabbergasted by new technologies. How big is the disappointment when we end up at another avatar parking with the simowner with the finger ready at the ban-button to throw everybody out who dares to interfear with the utterly boring and conservative re-creation of a re-creation….a dancefloor, avatars on a poseball or shared animations, a performer on a stage pretending to produce live music and (Italian) avatars eager to take pics so the can tag their pixels after on facebook. The definition of the word NEW in secondlife!


Mexi Lane: It is certainly not SaveMe Oh’s ancient and invasive performances that turn an event into something more modern. Sorry.

SaveMe Oh: Did you already schedule the reinvention of the wheel?

Yaia Nishi: Please SaveMe, yesterday was a nice happening. It is different type of your Art, but it was a very nice experience. I hope to see you soon in other place in a different event.

SaveMe Oh: It was an avatar parking, only set up so pixels could tag eachother! Rather sad!

Mexi Lane: It was a place to listen to good music and a wonderful voice. If they have come in so many, it has been a great success.

SaveMe Oh: Why not broadcast wonderful voices on old hardware like radios? Why we need a virtual avatar parking to witness this? Or did you all roleplay “My little live concerto”?

Mexi Lane:

1 ° Because the voice is live and dialogues with us.

2 ° Because a meeting of many avatars in a sim allows you to dialogue with people you may not have seen for some time. Second Life is mainly a SOCIAL network. And you so why you break the balls with your performances in the most crowded sims?

SaveMe Oh:

1. Because my performances are live and in dialogue with the audience.

2. Because force my performance upon parked avatars who have nothing better to do than tagging eachother on Facebook maybe gives them a hint of real art instead of the pathetic copy of RL.

Mexi Lane: Look, you should have a reason that does not work, your performance. BAN collections and this is not synonymous with success. For years I have not banned you, because at first I had fun too. But now you’ve become boring and repetitive, a copy of your avatar. Which is worse than a copy of RL.

SaveMe Oh: The return of the avatar parking for bored people. I start to get it. Scenography you studied????

Tell Me A Story


The new SaveMe Oh movie. Shot in Meilo Minotaurs sim “Tell me a story”. Soundtrack is by Madredeus with the best Portuguese song ever made!

For all the Portuguese friends who have left me!



Beyond all the loneliness
I’ve lost the light of the way you live
I’ve lost my horizon

It’s alright
You keep on, until you wish
but after you shall come to me, and lighten
a heart that suffers

I belong to you
until the end of the sea
I’m like you
Of the same light
Of the same loving

So come to me
Because I want
to comfort you
If you don’t, it’s alright
You may keep on sailing


Virtual Shithole Promotion

When I leave my desperate friends alone for a well-deserved holiday in Asia I always return with the lowest of low expectations because during my holidays they are completely out of control. What they do during my absence? They become art whores for the shithole who relies on the free publicity from wannabe artists. Art whores who adore to be exploited for free by the UWA, the University of Western Australia.

The way the UWA works to allure idiots to their grounds is simple and effective. Let idiots put artworks on their grounds, let other idiots film it over and over again and let win Tutsy Navarantha the competition.


Poor Iono Allen danced this time between the primwaste as if anybody wants to see his ugly avatar, Glasz DeCuir shows off all her edit effects she had not used yet and, Secret Rage licks the ass of Jayjay Zifanwe as they are both in the LEA dictatorship and Lampithaler make us wish a powerpoint presentation was the final step in art.

And Tutsy Navarantha? He is just there to collect the prize as was agreed on forhand.

The Individual Of Such Importance

Happy holidays

The individual of such importance, such significance, that she is universally banned at LEA, TheEye, Diotima, Peace is A Choice, Blue Orange, Music Island, and every other reputable venue and art gallery and event in Second Life wishes you happy holidays

In addition this individual will seek out every opportunity to try to get others to believe how much they are missing out on by ignoring her.

Stór Verð Frá Íslandi

The only artist in secondlife I consider worth following (except myself) is the artist from Iceland, Returned Resident. For long we didn’t hear anything from him but on this joyfull day he returned with a superb movie.

The exitement will be huge in the artworld and far beyond.

To Derender Or Not To Derender, That Is The Question

Hannah Thorn: For me as host SaveMe Oh disturbed the performance. It is a question of etiquette and politeness. Nobody asked SaveMe Oh to do so, And when I asked her politely by IM to stop it, she made it public and started provoking. And Yoon Yoon is right when she calls it a useless waste of energy to try to talk to her. Easiest way to stop such creatures is to ignore them. So far about the visual effects. Even worse are her insults. They are not acceptable.


Yoon Yoon: We all are familiar with this kind of acts by SaveMe. You either hate, like or ignore them. We also know that trying to stop it is useless and only will have the opposite effect. As host I understand there is this feeling of responsibility to manage it in that way, but I honestly think no one really is impressed anymore when silent mutes/derenders and with that a kind of acceptance to let it happen, is being used as strategy. For me SaveMe belongs to SL furniture. It is just there. You can sit on it and pee on it all the time or ignore and not even notice anymore there is this little brat in the room ^^

A Limb: I think I must clarify my position about what happened.

I love SaveMe Oh’s work. I consider her as the most important visual artist in SL.

I never ask her to perform with me. No one can command her, anyway. It’s in her character. On the other hand, I never feel “disturbed” by her visuals.

I must admit I didn’t enjoy her Thursday performance as much as usual, because her visuals require bigger spaces. What she showed was incomplete, and imposed to the audience due to the room smallness. However, her performance at Cat’s Circus with Yadleen just after was fabulous.

I understand that people can feel attacked by her intrusive performances. Some people regularly launch “anti-SaveMe” campaigns, but what they gather is usually more pain and frustration. Second Life doesn’t exclude people for expressing themselves, even if they express in a very annoying way. And even if they would do it, what would prevent the excluded persons from coming back under an alt form? It’s fighting against windmills.

I think the best way to make everyone happy is to learn everyone how to mute and derender. When Cat C. Boucher plays particles in her club, she sends messages explaining how to disable them if people feel uncomfortable with it. You could maybe do the same. This way, people who don’t want to see her show will be able to ignore her totally, and the ones who want to see it will be able too.

On my side, if you still agree to invite me in your club, I promise I will play my own visuals too. People who think they don’t match with SaveMe’s can also derender them by the same technique.

Disclaimer: Could anyone also provide a manual how to enjoy SaveMe Oh’s visuals the best way possible? For example: when SaveMe Oh has to perform in a shitty, useless space you can derender the gallery and all shitty artwork hanging there so you can enjoy fully the richness of SaveMe Oh’s remarkable work.


By Roxy Gellar or Amy Rhodes or whatever:  To Hannah Thorn and anyone with half a brain: Concerning Thursday’s event disruption… Don’t expect to make peace or a truce with SaveMe Oh. It won’t happen. She doesn’t respect you. Your validity as a human isn’t on her radar. Even the musical guests you host are unimportant to her. She is there to make you angry, she enjoys you being angry. Perhaps that’s a kinky thrill for some.

You can not reason with her. She does not feel pity or remorse… and she will not stop. Ever. Report her several times while she is griefing your event. Ask guests to report her as well. Only a flood of consistent complaints will provide enough interest to Linden Lab and result in a suspension.