SaveMe Oh, The Muse Of Many Famous Painters

An interactive iBook/eBook with original and varying genre of artwork included. It’s a catalogue with movies, pictures with descriptions, and displays this unique artist’s performances. You can read it horizontally, vertically, or move it around (rotation system).

This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iPad, and with iTunes on your computer. Multi-touch books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iPad. Books with interactive features may work best on an iPad. iBooks on your Mac requires OS X 10.9 or later.


SaveMe Oh, the artist, is considered the most successful virtual world artist by many critics and art lovers.  Her successful, intriguing, and artistic concepts that include her being the artwork herself allows her to disturb, re-create, change every virtual experience, and transform it into unique innovative events.

In this book you will find 15 pieces of her artwork brought outside the virtual world with descriptive information on each piece.  With her amazing and innovative creativity, SaveMe Oh seduces us all.



Prologue by Preben Wolff.  Masterpieces’ text by Amaya Mendizabal.

English edits by Gloria Wyatt

Buy the book here:

The iBook will soon also be available in other languages. Spanish and Swedish editions to be released soon.

When My Friend Became A Slave Of Slade

My friend Fuschia invited me for an event tonight but when I want to inspect the location the dead squad was already on patrol!

Fuschia Nightfire: Hi SaveMe, I got my opening event at this place today at 12noon if you are around.

SaveMe Oh: Hey I’m not banned!!!

Fuschia Nightfire: I should hope not

SaveMe Oh: Well normally this awful guy does

Fuschia Nightfire: Yvan, I don’t know if you have met SaveMe, she usually makes my gallery events more interesting

SaveMe Oh: Of course he has met me.

Yvan  Slade: I don’t think so.

SaveMe Oh: He is one off those idiots that always bans me

Fuschia Nightfire: Well you aren’t banned now. I hope you can make it to the opening today

SaveMe Oh: He also shouldn’t try to ban me or he will have a problem. Did I make myself clear? Slade? Good!

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.


Fuschia Nightfire: Did he just ban you?

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Fuschia Nightfire: Fuck

SaveMe Oh: Enjoy your collaboration with that idiot.

Fuschia Nightfire: Cheesus, I don’t believe this, you didn’t even do anything.

SaveMe Oh: When I was you I was now taking everything away. Just a suggestion.

Fuschia Nightfire: Trying another tactic first, to see if I can get you unbanned. Did he unban you?

SaveMe Oh: He didn’t unban me on all parcels, what a wimp.

Joapedro Oh: You should stop it, is not funny anymore PPPP

SaveMe Oh: Drop dead daddy. Who he think he is to come in-between me and my friend Fuschia?

Joapedro Oh: I am not your daddy honey, your father is very unhappy with your behaviour.

SaveMe Oh: You better take care of that idiot there instead of annoying your dear sis.

Joapedro Oh: Who?

SaveMe Oh: Slade

Joapedro Oh: Yvan?

Oh: The idiot. Yes.

Joapedro Oh: Why?

SaveMe Oh: He banned me when I arrive because he is an idiot.

Joapedro Oh: Well, he should do it!

SaveMe Oh: Hey, Fuschia and me are the artist here and we are not the slaves of idiot simowners

SaveMe Oh: Now he banned me from the whole sim.

Fuschia Nightfire: I will speak to the sim owner when she comes online.

comes online.

Welcome UNIA (Utterly Noobish Idiot Avatar)

Nevermore Tyler: What does it mean when a door says “Scene in use?”

SaveMe Oh: That there is still somebody on the toilet

Kiana Writer: That’s why you’re in a place called the Waiting Room :P

Nevermore Tyler: Thank god Kiana there is no elevator Music

SaveMe Oh: In the toilet paper is a secret code, you have to scramble the words and find the connected numeric code that gives you access to THE PORTAL

Nevermore Tyler: THE CAKE IS A LIE!

SaveMe Oh: I only say this once: CAKE is a four letter word

Nevermore Tyler: Only thing I can say right now is… 2 words 9 letters

SaveMe Oh: You are getting close

Chester McFisticuffs: Spoilers.

Nevermore Tyler: 2 words 9 letters means “Takes long” how is that a spoiler >.<

Elika Auer: Omg I have no idea what you guys are talking about but can someone give me a hint with the umbrella nightmare?

SaveMe Oh: Normally an umbrella is to protect you from the rain, but it also has a sharp point at the end…. that’s all I am allowed to say

Elika Auer: Very funny SaveMe. I need serious help.

SaveMe Oh: Wait until it kills you if it’s still funny

Elika Auer: I want to ask a question. Can I IM someone?

SaveMe Oh: Please don’t IM me, the secret service is listening in

Elika Auer: SaveMe I will kill you! Nobody?

SaveMe Oh: Select the good umbrella for that

Elika Auer: Are you giving me hints or fucking with me?

SaveMe Oh: I will return your murder attempt with a biblical flood

Elika Auer: I saw some picture on a wall but I couldn’t tell what it was

SaveMe Oh: The picture on the wall was not a picture. It was a prim in disguise. Open the prim and you will find a secret code. Use Google translate as the code is in Sanskrit.


[12:25]  Rikka Koi: You have been ejected from ‘UNIA’ by Rikka Koi.

SaveMe Oh: They have a very good watchdoggie. Want to make plays about horror and suspense but can’t stand the unexpected themselves. Hypocrites

Gaius Tripsa: You’re not unexpected

Rikka Koi shrugs.

SaveMe Oh: The only feedback they like is Linden dollars.

The Massacre Of The SaveMe’s By People Who Couldn’t Handle The Penises

King Herod needed his massacre of the innocents to eliminate a possible future king, Kiana Writer took her measures by killing almost all SaveMe’s on forehand to be sure the real queen would not enter the new game of Unia.

When I, in my innocence, visited the sim on the day of the opening and offered a free concerto to celebrate the achievement it didn’t took long before Kiana Writers new watchdoggies were send to me.

Total Toccata

Rikka Koi: Sorry SaveMe, this is a moderate sim.

SaveMe Oh: Killing is moderate?

SaveMe Oh: Good new doggie you have Kiana.

Kiana Writer: She’s amazing. And I loved the show; sadly people couldn’t handle the penises

SaveMe Oh: Penises are always much more offensive than killing people

Kiana Writer: It’s a strange world we live in. I do like penises, but rules are rules.

So today I went in with my other SaveMe who escaped the yellow star!


Marlin Tremor: Playing the game?

SaveMe Ordinary: Of course not, I hate Candy Crush or Farmville

Marlin Tremor: lol, me too

SaveMe Ordinary: This scenery I have seen a thousand times in SL, seems an exact copy of the Crack Den

Marlin Tremor: Yes

SaveMe Ordinary: I think I am their biggest nightmare; they have already banned 10+ SaveMe’s


Marlin Tremor: lol

SaveMe Ordinary: And they say they love horror, I think it’s a bunch of pussies here.


It seems that people whose own minds still work are kept away at Unia as they might obstruct the money machine, as it’s clearly the goal to sell as much huds as possible before the masses get bored and demand a new game. And that moment will not take long as the tasteless scenery copied from all sims we seen before in SL will not keep people awake very long. Again the faded gas stations and obvious trailer parks behind barbwire. For sure all the stuff was for sale on marketplace. Or did they make a deal with the Crack Den sim to take over their old stuff?

The standstill, as we saw also when Bryn Oh copied The Far Away from AM Radio for her Lobby Cam has start to be the real killer. Slowly they all try to turn us into consumers to drag the last money out of us before doomsday arrives.

I also better start to sell my stuff before it is too late.

Casanova’s Mask

Casanova Rehula: OMG, you published my chat with you! Jesus!

SaveMe Oh: As if you didn’t know

Casanova Rehula: Sure I didn’t, but now I do. That was private, how could you?!

SaveMe Oh: Private? What is that?

Casanova Rehula: Just between you and me.

SaveMe Oh: And who are you?

Casanova Rehula: A person.

SaveMe Oh: A nobody, and chats with nobody’s can’t be private

Casanova Rehula: I am not nobody. I am me.

SaveMe Oh: Everybody is a me so you won’t be detected. And you can always use the next alt.

Casanova Rehula: Not a good move.

SaveMe Oh: Why not, nobody knows this avi, so no problem

Casanova Rehula: I avoid any publicity. And you should have asked me for permission.

SaveMe Oh: And why you avoid any publicity??? Snob!

Casanova Rehula: I am not snob and I don’t have to explain why I avoid publicity. I just do.

SaveMe Oh: Just like me. One advice for someone who wants to avoid publicity, don’t call yourself Casanova. Snob!

Casanova Rehula: You are not in position to give me such an advice.

SaveMe Oh: Just watch me what position I am in.

Casanova Rehula: I gave me this name 7 years ago, a lot has changed since then. If you talk about the true Casanova – he also escaped publicity followed by the royal prosecutors.

SaveMe Oh: Well my post will not stop you from being able fucking around unnoticed.

Casanova Rehula: But it will lower you in my mind.

SaveMe Oh: Try wearing a mask

Casanova Rehula: And I don’t fuck. Well, … almost not.

SaveMe Oh: Then the royal prosecutors will be without a job.

Dead On A Plate

Casanova Rehula: Hello SaveMe, may I ask you something?

SaveMe Oh: Yes?

Casanova Rehula: Is this project in Two Fish related to immersiva anyhow? Of  Bryn Oh?

SaveMe Oh: Rose and Bryn work together is some projects, so yes.

Casanova Rehula: Good to know, ty. But you are not an alt of Bryn, are you? I am just curious, ’cause it’s enjoyment – all of your works

SaveMe Oh: She would wish. I hate her Harry Potter stuff

Casanova Rehula: lol

SaveMe Oh: Her alt is Cica Ghost, who is even more awful.

Casanova Rehula: lol

Casanova Rehula: Thank you, now I know the official standpoint. I hate Harry Potter myself too, the movie.

SaveMe Oh: Better don’t tell Bryn as she hasn’t any sense of humor.

Casanova Rehula: But no idea what Bryn made out of it

Casanova Rehula: lol

Casanova Rehula: Neither have I

SaveMe Oh: Then don’t say lol all the time

Casanova Rehula: But I use those who have so that I can laugh, just kidding :)

SaveMe Oh: Well with Rose and Bryn better don’t laugh, as they are busy to save the world with sheep.

Casanova Rehula: But you’re partner of Rose. How can you speak that of her?

SaveMe Oh: Love doesn’t mean I have to love her sheep

Casanova Rehula: lol

SaveMe Oh: I am allergic to animals anyway, unless they are dead on a plate.

3rd rezday 1

Casanova Rehula: Fish is an animal though

Casanova Rehula: My most difficult situation was when I fell for a lesbian woman, could not get properly fit a long while after that. I guess you are one of them

SaveMe Oh: Call medical assistance.

Casanova Rehula: A psychotherapist possibly, I thought about it but when you fall for someone your heart doesn’t care for her sexual orientation, so I guess I am healthy

SaveMe Oh: Rose and Bryn’s sexual orientation goes mainly to sheep, pigs and rabbits

Casanova Rehula: But just stepped on the minefield

SaveMe Oh: Take a few rabbits with you there

Casanova Rehula: I eat rabbits

SaveMe Oh: Then do that before you step on a mine

Casanova Rehula: Okay, I will

SaveMe Oh: You can catch them in the copy Bryn made of AM Radio sim THE FAR AWAY. Her copy is called the Lobby Cam.

A Poor Man Who Deserves To Stay Poor

Another LEA slave starts the licking procedure. This time in LEA 9.

SaveMe Oh: You already unbanned me in your LEA sim?

Eifachfilm Vacirca: Not yet. I haven’t looked at the ban list. I am sorry. But SaveMe Ovis is having fun here. Little shopping bitch she is. Looks like Cat Shilova btw. There are no avatars in my list

SaveMe Oh: I am not on the sim banlist

Eifachfilm Vacirca: So it was not me!

SaveMe Oh: You have to tell your owner to lift the ban

Eifachfilm Vacirca: I don’t know the owner

SaveMe Oh: Yes you do.

Eifachfilm Vacirca: And I won’t fight your war :) You have to do this yourself

SaveMe Oh: Otherwise you could invite me

Eifachfilm Vacirca: I am not your little soldier

SaveMe Oh: But your owner doesn’t allow you, so you have to ask him to lift the ban for your sim

Eifachfilm Vacirca: Me? You have a mouth yourself. And a friggin army in the back

SaveMe Oh: The temporary LEA sim owners have to ask their LEA bosses to let me in

Eifachfilm Vacirca: I am alone. I don’t have time to fight your war.

SaveMe Oh: You have to tell them you want me there

Eifachfilm Vacirca: Do it yourself

SaveMe Oh: I can’t. The LEA people have to get a request from their plot slaves so you have to do it when you want me there. When you prefer to collaborate with them you simply don’t ask them anything

Eifachfilm Vacirca: SaveMe Ovis is here. That’s enough :) You can tell me what she says. I will be your puppeteer

SaveMe Oh: Give me her login and I will do it myself.

Eifachfilm Vacirca: I will think about it

SaveMe Oh: I will even upgrade her as she is neglected too long.

Eifachfilm Vacirca: Sounds interesting

SaveMe Oh: And you are not the most capable person to run a SaveMe

Eifachfilm Vacirca: I do my best as usual

SaveMe Oh: Of course

Eifachfilm Vacirca: I am not a specialist

SaveMe Oh: But your best is hardly enough. Who is your boss at LEA 9?

Eifachfilm Vacirca: No one

SaveMe Oh: Solo Mornington? Quan?

Eifachfilm Vacirca: There is no one

SaveMe Oh: LaPiscean?

Eifachfilm Vacirca: no!

SaveMe Oh: JayJay?

Eifachfilm Vacirca: ahaha. I just claim

SaveMe Oh: Who gave you the sim?

Eifachfilm Vacirca: No one show up. It was set to buy for 0L$

SaveMe Oh: By whom?

Eifachfilm Vacirca: No idea!

SaveMe Oh: A slave who doesn’t know his boss, that’s the perfect future

Eifachfilm Vacirca: Brave new world

SaveMe Oh: You must be so happy

Eifachfilm Vacirca: It is the first time ever I have 7500 prims. You know, I am a poor man.

SaveMe Oh: A poor man like you deserves to stay poor as you accept slavery as a way out.

Eifachfilm Vacirca: You want that login?

SaveMe Oh: Yes please.

Eifachfilm Vacirca: login: SaveMe xxxxx, password: xxxxxxxxxxx

Where her husband Marmaduke Arado claims to fall asleep when reading my blogposts, Kikas Babenco didn’t hesitate a second to check out LEA 9. How happy she was when she was for a moment re-united with her old friend SaveMe…….(well we are not sure which SaveMe it was) but the offer for a boattrip was very generous.


When Eifachfilm was still happy to be my slave:

Fighting In The Lobby

My sister Bryn open another thingy of hers, but letting her dear sister in? Of course not.

Alice Rothmanay: I’m having trouble getting outside.  I’m stuck in the gallery building.

SaveMe Oh: That will teach you. Scream in the cam for help

Bryn Oh: Just walk down the hallway to the girl looking at the painting of the barn on a wheat field

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Bryn to the rescue!

SaveMe Oh: Locked in a Bryn Oh, your worsed nightmare

SaveMe Oh: Did you pre-ban me again, Bryn, or can I reach the lobby too?

Bryn Oh: You have been banned for ages .. because well… you are annoying

SaveMe Oh: So still banned?

Bryn Oh: And now in my group like the little stalker you are

SaveMe Oh: I don’t have to take measures in case im locked up there? Hey, dont forget all the Linden I gave you to survive.

Leonard Magnifico: Oh, Oh ” laughs ”

SaveMe Oh: She forgets so quick…I was intending to take my sheep to your lobby

Caliban Jigsaw: ahhh where is the lobby, Bryn?

SaveMe Oh: Behind the stable

Clairwil Oh: Don’t force me to come over and give you a sisterly spanking, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: You bought food for the sheep?

Juliette: smiles

SaveMe Oh: Better beat up Bryn for locking me out again. I was so looking forward to go and visit the lobby

Clairwil Oh: Well…you are just going to have to read about it on the 10 o’clock news. There’s lots of talent in the Oh family. I am sure that soon I will be seeing another wonderful SaveMe machinima.

SaveMe Oh: Dont promote me in this group, I dont want farmers as followers

Clairwil Oh: pfft.

Cherry: hands out cookies

SaveMe Oh: You also have sheep cookies?

Cherry: Shaped like a sheep, got a nice cutout for that

Nicki Darbyshire: Giggles…and raises her pitchfork to SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Now tell me, is the Lobby a complete copy of AM Radio’s work? As I cant go myself I am curious.

[12:32]  Bryn Oh: You have been ejected from ‘Immersiva’ by Bryn Oh.

Bryn Oh: you got what you wanted saveme

Philos Kidd: lol

frenzy23: idk..I am getting a kick out of your chat in Imersiva group..your blog is fun too…I needed the smiles today..thanks

Kharne Sagan: I like drama gossip, what’s the origin of this drama?

Nicki Darbyshire: SaveMe is drama…sighs

Bryn Oh: now run off and blog it

San: No need to ask … jeolousy, self-centredness, etc etc

SaveMe Oh: The origin is Bryn’s behavior 8 years ago when she was angry when I upgraded a boring art talk of her

San: dull normalness etc etc, who knows, it doesn’t metter nor matter

Kharne Sagan: 8 YEARS OF DRAMA!?

Bryn Oh: No it was actually when you went to Sabrinaa Nightfires funeral for cancer and mocked her family

Kharne Sagan: There must be more stories

Gazelle.falconer: Saveme Oh is a fascist who brooks no other views but hers alone

San: Take your complaints to Bryn, not to the overall group please. Seems so Gazelle.

Bryn Oh: Who made avatars to come into sl to witness it

San (santoshima): seems so

Nicki Darbyshire-Nyn (nicki.darbyshire): I got thrown out of places with SaveMe cos I sided with her

SaveMe Oh: Sabrinaa loved me, you are just jealous

San: It’s very very human on the low end of the scale. Please stop involving people in your negativity and narcisism

Gazelle.falconer: For the bottom feeders

SaveMe Oh: I was only asking to go in the lobby

Cherry: “Although originally a non-offensive reference to fishing by trolling for comments or suggestions, the term in Internetspeak has evolved and now refers to someone who engages in discussions purely to provoke or annoy. Because trolls take away from productive work, the ideal response is to starve the troll of attention by ignoring it and going about your usual business. People being people, though, someone usually takes the bait, which is why trolls are so notorious.”

SaveMe Oh: are we now getting the wikipedia scientists?

Bryn Oh: SaveMe why not instead explain why you went to her funeral and mocked her family? What possessed you to do that days after they lost a daughter?

Clairwil Oh: I would like to know the answer to that too. I have been curious.

SaveMe Oh: I loved her and worked together with her

Bryn Oh: You felt it was ok to mock their loss

SaveMe Oh: Here the great movie we made together:

Bryn Oh: The world is full of people without the ability to feel empathy for others and you are one of those

SaveMe Oh: Its even more disgusting you use diseased people to design your truth

Bryn Oh: And you hide behind calling it art

Cherry: * looks for that MJ popcorn eating gif *

SaveMe Oh: hide? I came forward for an entree in the lobby. Why not TP me in Bryn, is it so difficult?

Bryn Oh: you have 30 alts use one

SaveMe Oh: My alts hate your stuff

Clairwil Oh: I am sad to think that you, SaveMe, would use your wit to attack someone who is already down. It is a fine thing to bring a rapier wit to question authority and those in power, but I am sorry to hear that it would be used against those who are not able to handle it

SaveMe Oh: its what you want to believe Clairwill.

Kharne Sagan: Are all the Ohs like SL sisters or something, or were?

SaveMe Oh: Of course we are and Bryn doesnt allow me in the family because she want all the fame for herself

Samantha Herstein wonders if she’s wandered into a reading of an old old movie script…

San: christ

SaveMe Oh: Cheesus, I prefer. Christ might be another invention of her

Manaseh Draken: sounds like family problems……   and i don’t do family problems

Clairwil Oh: What I would WANT to believe, SaveMe, is that you would exercise compassion when it is appropriate and be fierce when it is appropriate. And I hope that would be what you would take from my concern.

SaveMe Oh: Go suck some blood, you are getting weak

San: could be your motto instead of “salvation” whoever you are.

SaveMe Oh: Clairwill is the vampire of the family, not me, im not into bats or sheep

Clairwil Oh: Possibly. But I won’t be weak with you, because you are very strong and expect it from others.

San: so go diddle with a sheep instead of this group chat

SaveMe Oh: Can you all stop now please, I have to edit this for my blog

Bryn Oh: Keyboard warriors are not strong, just an illusion

San: so true

SaveMe Oh: Ilussion, the supreme art

Gazelle Falconer: Is that the blog where YOU save the world from its own hypocrisy Save?

SaveMe Oh: Yes Gazelle, did it help you?

Clairwil Oh: Before you get all bloggy, SaveMe, don’t leave this out: for the record…I love you in that way that one comes to love someone in SL, and i love your work. I also love Bryn and Bryn’s work. I wish that all this “Sheep Talk” and other carping would stop, if it is not playful, as it detracts from the positive I find in your performance art.

SaveMe Oh: Yes mother

San: Well said ~ perhaps could be sent in an IM?

SaveMe Oh: And miss all the drama???? Are you crazy????

Gazelle.falconer: It left a bad taste in my mouth Save

Clairwil Oh: No, it would be pointless to send it in an IM. But I’m taking off now, if my ears burn, lol, I’ll go check the blog. :-)

Simba Sparrow: Clair are you their mom?

SaveMe Oh: She doesnt like people to know that, please respect that

Kharne Sagan: But you told everyone

Clairwil Oh: puts on her spectacles and takes her medication out of the weekly pack.

SaveMe Oh: This is not private IM OMG

ColeMarie Soleil: The only reason she gets your attention is you allow yourself to be eaten up by petty online squabbles over personas when you don’t even know the actual person. That goes for anyone online. You get what you give out. You nurture what you feed. Her thing works because everyone is super uptight and over dramatic often. Who cares what people think is art. Like what you like. The art scene here is super insular and back patting to begin with. Just make what inspires you and stop being caught up in the silly shit that doesn’t matter.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: yeah what Colie said….

Gazelle Falconer: A few years ago Saveme Oh had a show that had suddenly appearing, rapidly flashing very black and very white stripes and I, because my younger sister had petit mal and such could send her into a seizure just wanted a warning posted and Saveme Oh took that as censorship and ranted about it.

SaveMe Oh: No more people who want to blame me for everything? Now you have your chance?

Ebbe Linden Loves His First Armani Suit And His Private Island


Ebbe Linden: Now let’s talk about the future. We continue to improve SL. We have a dedicated team. They will continue to work on performance and stability, fix bugs, make chat more reliable. This is an exciting time. A lot of investment in virtual reality (VR) There was almost no investment only a year ago. Now it is hard to keep track of all new VR products. Many companies are putting a lot of effort to bring virtual experiences to the next level. They are progressing faster in the last 6-9 months than in tens of years. More start ups every day  ” something something VR”. There is more competition. We have to work hard to stay in the lead. We want our platform to be able to interface with this all.

SaveMe Oh: Is this again a Linden licking evening?

Ebbe Linden: I am so excited to be on this journey with you all. We will make it happen.

It is our job to make sure we are the best solution possible. We want you to use our products to do what you want to do. Future platform for virtual experiences… we do not have a name for this. We call it Next Generation Platform, not SL2.0. We want to learn from the past. We have 30+ engineers and others working on this product.

SaveMe Oh: Linden blah blah, what we want to do? You have some hours?

Ebbe Linden: We thought about why SL hit the ceiling. It peaked at 1.1 million monthly users. Why no higher? What can we do to solve the things that made it max out? We want to think differently about discovery. You have to be in SL to do that now. We want to make it easier to discover an experience from the outside to easily enter the experience without being aware of the notion of the platform. They can discover that later on accessibility- when you leave your PC you leave SL behind.

SaveMe Oh: After all these years we are still glued on chairs in a fake auditorium listening to a boss.

Ebbe Linden: We want to make it available on more platforms. It used to be just PC or Mac.

SaveMe Oh: What a sadness!

Ebbe Linden: Now there is mobile

Kaylee: SaveMe …. that’s what we love about this platform

Ebbe Linden: We want to support mobile from the beginning. The number of platforms is increasing. We want it to be possible to take advantage of all platforms

SaveMe Oh: You all love the licking.

Odysseus Giacosa: No one forces you to be here, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: I force myself to be here.

Odysseus Giacosa: Then do yourself and everyone a favor and stop forcing yourself to be here.

Ebbe Linden: Scalability- an event like this highlights the effort it takes to put on this meeting with a couple hundred people. It is creaking at the seams. We want the next platform to have this be a trivial exercise. We want to do events for 10s of thousands. How to get more into a region, in an event at the same time.

SaveMe Oh: After all these years we still can hardly typ due to chatlag. 30 guys working on that?

Ebbe Linden: How can we let creators reach a larger audience? make more money?

SaveMe Oh: Money, that must be the focus

Ebbe Linden: Now developers create one-off experiences that aren’t used all the time

Tender Skytower: SaveMe Oh, please refrain from the negative and disruptive comments. If you can not be constructive I will have to ask you to leave.

Ebbe Linden: We think about quality- ease of use, quality of physics and lighting, smoothness, naturalness of avatars. How can we make it easier to shop and get dressed? With higher visual fidelity at the same time. Monetization, the way we monetize, our business model is strange. We charge for land, but almost nothing for transactions. If we lower property taxes, we will need to increase sales taxes. Can we lower cost of running SL? Can we lower barrier to create content? Make less money per user, but have more users. At the beginning, the platform will be revealed to alpha users this summer who know Maya.

Carl Metropolitan: Maya is VERY expensive.

Ebbe Linden: It takes a lot of effort to make the creation tools, so we focus on run time aspects, and add in inworld creation tools over time.

Pixels Sideways: Blender!!!! open source

Ebbe Linden: We will ultimately support may 3D creation tools

Carl Metropolitan: Blender is what most people can afford.

Garvie Garzo: Maya lite is about 50 bucks a month now

Serene Jewell: Maya is a strange choice why not Blender?

Pathfinder Lester: Blender is free and open source. You should try that.

Ebbe Linden: After summer we will invite more people as it gets easier to use

Pixels Sideways: Blender is free

Tender Skytower: I have ejected you for getting in the way of the presentation and making yourself the center of attention.

Ebbe Linden: Next platform will start with small alpha group this summer. Not good to have a million users on day one. We will look at how to manage scaling up. One type of creators who will come in later will be the fashion industry. Making clothing and accessories won’t come into play until next year. They will have to wait longer.

Pixels Sideways: Why should we continue to invest in second life content if none or most of it will not xfer over to the new platform?

SaveMe Oh: We will do everything ourselves, we are so much more in front than those Linden noobs.

Ebbe Linden: We want land to be cheaper, and we don’t want a model where content disappears

SaveMe Oh: When we have to wait for them we better suicide today.

Ebbe Linden: The cost of land will come down, but sales tax will go up

SaveMe Oh: Only talks about costs, money blah blah. The Linden should ask us, the creative people, for advise.

Ebbe Linden: Our goal is for users to maintain their identity moving to the new platform. You will be recognizable.

SaveMe Oh: Ofcourse we will be recognizable, its the Linden who are not to recognise. A Linden = another suit speaking.

Cube Republic: What’s your favorite place in Second Life Ebbe?

SaveMe Oh: His virtual bed might be his favourite spot

Ebbe Linden: My own private island I enjoy

Tender Skytower: You have been removed from the conference for the next 2 hours for being rude or a presenter. I will allow you to return at that time. If you continue your behavior you will be removed for the remainder of the conference.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.