True Celebrities Don’t Shoot Themselves

Yesterday I celebrated my 8th rezday with a performance in the sim of Elena Degni who was the first to accept the offer for a party by arranging a spot with NOTHING. Combined with the wonderful music or Morlita Quan we went on a journey with all our guests that was…ah well…let their pictures speak:

Josef K

The party is over, but what a party is was. SaveMe Oh’s 8th rez day party was like a master class in the art of performance. Not to forget Morlita’s music. It was the most impressive performance I have attended in Second Life so far. It was fantastic ….

Josef K 2

Josef K.

Josef K 4

Josef K 5

Josef K 6

Josef K 7

Josef K 8

Josef K 9

Josef K 10

Josef K 11

Josef K 12

Josef K 13

Josef K 14

Josef K 15

Josef K 16

Josef K 17

Elena Degni

Da tempo il “Ohh!” del meraviglioso non mi scappava all’improvviso come mi è successo ieri sera, immersa nel mare di emozioni che ci ha portato SaveMe Oh e la musica di Morlita Quan riportando in pieno il senso che in SL sembra andare scomparendo. SaveMe Oh, In una piattaforma 64.64 a 1000 metri in cielo, 42 Avatar, è riuscita a immergerci in un mondo, un tempo, uno stato d’animo colorato , forte, raccontandoci gioie e angoscia, pazzia fanciullesca e infine restituito a Sl, il rispetto che merita per le possibilità che ci regala di realizzare quello che altrove non si potrebbe. Voglio dirlo; grazie SaveMe Oh

Elena Degni 2

Elena Degni

Mo Werefox

Ipnotica. Surreale. Psichedelica. Immersiva e altra. Sì Signori, questa è una festa SL. Thank you, SaveMe Oh.

Mo Werefox

Chloe Seljan

Chloe Seljan

Christower Dae

Christower Dae 2

Christower Dae

Daisy Pentia

Daisy Pentia 2

Daisy Pentia

Glasz DeCuir

Glasz 2

Glasz 3

Glasz 4

Glasz 5

Glasz 6

Glasz 7

Glasz 8

Glasz 9

Glasz 10


Kandinsky Beaumont

Kandi 1

Kandi 2

Kandi 3

Kandi 4

Kandi 5

Kandi 6

Lennart Nilsson

Lennart Nilsson

Lennart Nilsson2

Lennart Nilsson3

Lennart Nilsson4

Lennart Nilsson5

Lennart Nilsson6

Lennart Nilsson7

Lennart Nilsson8

Lennart Nilsson9

Lennart Nilsson10

Lennart Nilsson11

Lennart Nilsson12

Lennart Nilsson13

Lennart Nilsson14

Lennart Nilsson15

Lennart Nilsson16

Lennart Nilsson17

Jos Bookmite

Jos Bookmite

Red Bikcin

Red Bikcin

Trisha Abbott

Trisha Abbott (2)

Trisha Abbott

Trisha Abbott 3

Zola Zsun

Zola Zsun

No Time To Grow Up

Monday is my 8th rezday which will be celebrated with my daily routine, perform somewhere in SL which is so time consuming that it is impossible for me to grow up.

SaveMe Oh 8th rezday

Yesterday I was preparing for the event of Monday but I didn’t get a second rest. First Josef K. called me as he wants me all the time to upgrade his gallery were he knows that what he really should do was tear the awful building down. He forced me in labour, but luckily my sister Bryn called me for duty. In an unbelievable ugly sim with barns and grass somebody was performing dead music, so I had no other option than upgrade the place with sheep (for my sister Bryn) and horses (to make Quan Lavender feel at home). In these surrounding my brother JoaoPedro Oh joined us so we could finally shoot some family pics.



Just in time before they banned me there. I thought I could have a quiet rest of the evening when DD (Deceptions Digital) called me for duty. Being the first who completely understood the message she cleaned out her sim, stood there in the middle with her keyboard in complete NOTHING and gave me space and music.


Her fans shouted out in despair “OMG we can stand around her” and “This is the first time I am not seeing her on a stage”. As if a virtual musician needs a stage, as if a virtual musician needs to stand higher for an audience to see her (you all have a zoom function, you idiots). As if a virtual musician needs an avatar pretending to play music to make the illusion complete. Instead of that DD with her music and I with my visual improvisations created a unique environment and experience that made it something special only for the happy few who were there.




And at the end of the night I realised that I again missed the opportunity to seriously grow up a little, sorry for that, my dear enemies.


Last 6 pics by Josef K.

When Linden Are Trying To Catch A Glimpse Of The Famous SaveMe Oh

As soon the Linden heard the rumour that the most famous artist of SL might do a guest appearance at the rezday party of Draxtor Depression they fight their way in. Unfortunately for them the idiot owner of the club; Gemini Enfield was shaking so much from excitement that he hit the ban button by accident.

Draxtor Despres: HEY FOLKS

Xiola Linden: happy rez day, Drax!

Xiola Linden: woot woot

Draxtor Despres: Awesome how many people showed

Benjamin Wahl: SaveMe … well hello again.

SaveMe Oh: Again???? Was I here before???

Sina Souza: Hello, good evening and happy Rez Day Drax.  Hi SaveMe!

Shaman Linden: Hiya Drax! Happy rezday!

SaveMe Oh: Hi Sina

Claudia222 Jewell: hi SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Hi Claudia

Pete Linden: Hi everyone, happy rez day  Drax!

Xiola Linden: I can hear ya on twitch fine, drax


Draxtor Despres: My work can only happen with you guys

SaveMe Oh: If people were not so stupid to make those kind of buildings we wouldn’t have the lag

Draxtor Despres: SaveMe be nice :)

SaveMe Oh: It’s true, that can also be nice. Don’t you think so?

Draxtor Despres: We got a lot of LIndens here today. How many Lindens does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Shaman Linden: Depends on the scripting of the fixture ;)

SaveMe Oh: Linden are extreme laggy as they wear noobhair

Draxtor Despres: good one Shaman!!!!

Justin Swords: is Ebbe Linden going to put in an appearance here too?

SaveMe Oh: When Ebbe comes I will give him the same treatment as I once did M. Linden

-SneeK- Swear Jar (Green): SaveMe Oh has just said a bad word, they need to pay the swear jar L$10!!

Xiola Linden: mari – people are sneaking in :)

Xiola Linden: Hello! :-))

Vick Forcella: OMG, OMG, OMG.. I see a Linden!

Draxtor Despres: SaveMe please stop rezzing stuff ok?

Clockwork Puppet: It’s raining men?


SaveMe Oh: I never rezz stuff, 8 years in SL and the noob still don’t get it

Gemini Enfield ejected and banned you from this land.

In My OHpinion

After getting several invitations to see the box of Duna Gant I went on my way to see this great event, but she didn’t want to show me her box after all.

Kiosk.Net Greeter: Welcome SaveMe Oh! Enjoy your visit.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

And once again I was forced to show my presence from the neighbours parcel to make clear to the few visitors that their adorable box builder was the most of the time a simple dictator.


Wan Laryukov:  Ahahah Save Me show time

Telchar: Wonderful tool…. derender

Wan Laryukov:  It’s really disgusting the show of Save Me

Fabilene Cortes: Wan, an easy way not to be disturb is to click on the name of her avatar, and choose “derender & blacklist

Telchar: yep

Fabilene Cortes: you won’t see anything. Karelia choose the option Derender and blacklist

Telchar: If rezz things with transparences, choose highlight  transparences and derender

Karelia Kondor: I’ll come back with another viewer.. Apparently the official one does not allow derendering ..

Rubin Mayo: SaveMe, you are a poor out of mind person… I pity you. Are not you sick to get banned out wherever you go?

Morlĭta Quan: No needed insults

SaveMe Oh: I got 4 invitations and got banned on arrival. You think that’s normal? I don’t accept that.

Karelia Kondor: And now I know what to do .. I have so often had to leave events when SaveMe has been here .. but now I know the trick! Thanks!

SaveMe Oh: It’s so easy. Derender me. And you will only have to see the boring works here.

Fabilene Cortes: You only need to it once, she will be derendered until you decide to change his

SaveMe Oh: It’s a choice for everybody

Fabilene Cortes: it’s a wonderful option :)

SaveMe Oh: Especially great for elderly catladies with a hobby.

MonaByte: Hola Save!!!

SaveMe Oh: hola

MonaByte: porque molestas si eres tan buena artista?

SaveMe Oh: The stupid bitch Duna Gant bans me everywhere

MonaByte: he ido a tus perfomance

SaveMe Oh: and I am fed up

MonaByte: y son geniales!!! Gracias. por favor invítame a tu próximo show

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: Stop disturbing the Duna’s exhibition, please do you understand?

SaveMe Oh: She is banning me everywhere but sends me lots of invitations. I don’t accept that anymore.

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: lol ok, but this is not a good reason to broke the ball to us!!

SaveMe Oh: Sorry for that but sometimes things have to be made clear

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: We’re not interesting to your problem with her let’s see the exhibition, please

SaveMe Oh: And I am not interested in your opinion

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: You are a very bad person I think, this is clear. Stop it

SaveMe Oh: Tomorrow you can see it in all peace and quiet. didn’t they told you you can derender me? you don’t have to watch it

JC Underwood: Awesome avatar xd. Sorry I though the boxy thing where you..

SaveMe Oh: It is me

JC Underwood: Your avatar made this exhibition awesome

Kontroverse: Epileptic attack! hahahaha

SaveMe Oh: That will teach the bastards

Kontroverse: Shock therapy, I see

SaveMe Oh: Those Italian idiots are the worse

Kontroverse: I will not discuss that

SaveMe Oh: It was not the start of a discussion. it was a fact

Kontroverse: No no, I mean that the rudeness is never justifiable, and not from your part in this case.

Wan Laryukov:  when u finish your stupid show tell me to applaud

SaveMe Oh: You can applaud already. What a pity you have derendered me. It’s so great.

Wan Laryukov:  me ??

SaveMe Oh: Or are you watching in secret? haha

Wan Laryukov:  Watching what your ass hole

SaveMe Oh: Watch you language dear

Wan Laryukov:  Watch what u do. Nobody cares anymore about your stupid shows

SaveMe Oh: The nobodies you belong to don’t care, you are right about that

Wan Laryukov:  u are very well near the donkies

SaveMe Oh: How you like looking in the mirror?

Wan Laryukov:  have a nice nite

SaveMe Oh: You recognise your family, didn’t you?

Wan Laryukov:  may be yours

Teebee Paris: How childish….  please grow up

SaveMe Oh: Banning me on arrival, that’s what I call childish

Teebee Paris: Could be interesting to elaborate on this topic

SaveMe Oh: I received maybe 3 or 4 invitations for this so when she can bother me with this she should be happy I arrive

Teebee Paris: are you an artist?

SaveMe Oh: The opinion about that differs a lot. Among most idiots here I am not. : Amongst art connoisseurs I am the most important artist of SL

Teebee Paris: is griefing an expression of art? or do you have better artworks somewhere in sl?

SaveMe Oh: Yes right here

Teebee Paris: These griefing tools?

SaveMe Oh: No, art works

Teebee Paris: so it is expression of art….

SaveMe Oh: Whatever you want to call it. I don’t have to explain my art

Teebee Paris: No artist should explain… but artworks can/should generate interesting talks

SaveMe Oh: When you guys wouldn’t ban me I could participate in those talks. Would be better

Teebee Paris: sure…  talks would be better

SaveMe Oh: At least people are talking now instead of coucou each other every second

Teebee Paris: not wrong but currently are you sure you are doing more than demonstrating than those banning you are right to do it?

SaveMe Oh: I am in my own screen, so I wouldn’t know

Teebee Paris: obviously you are on your own screen…  is that a good thing?

SaveMe Oh: Well you have every choice you want

Teebee Paris: I’m sure you have. That’s why it is intriguing you make the choice to spend time and effort in this form of expression

SaveMe Oh: Hey, I am SaveMe

Teebee Paris: what that means?

SaveMe Oh: That I save you or you me

SaveMe Oh: Duna Gant, It was great. Thanks for the invitation sy next time

I Have Been Told That You Are A Choir Conductor

Lorin Tone: Now, if you want to fuck with me, go ahead. But know what you’re up against rather than just spouting off, asshole. Because if you proceed, I will eviscerate you. Eviscerate too!  lol!

SaveMe Oh: I didn’t see you in weeks, what is suddenly your problem?

Lorin Tone: The question of who has a problem is misdirected.

SaveMe Oh: Have you already unbanned me?

Lorin Tone: No, of course not.  I just found it interesting that comments are now gone from web on which you quoted me.

SaveMe Oh: On my blog your comments are there. So have no idea what you mean

Lorin Tone: huh, ok, maybe my browser is having problems, my apologies for any error on my part.

SaveMe Oh: drama queen

Lorin Tone: To the best of my recollection, it was you who brought drama to me, not the other way around.

Lorin Tone: I have been told that you are a choir conductor, is this in fact true?

SaveMe Oh: No

Lorin Tone: lol…that’s rumours for you.

SaveMe Oh: Did they also tell you I was the alt of Solo Mornington?

Lorin Tone: No, but that be very amusing.

SaveMe Oh: Would be the best thing that could happen to the bastard

Lorin Tone: You’re entitled to your opinion.

SaveMe Oh: Because of your silly comments today I had to repost the blog, so more fans will read about your stupidity. Soon you will be famous

Lorin Tone: Did you request permission to post my comments?

SaveMe Oh: Never, why should I? It’s your choice to speak to me.

Lorin Tone: Yes, I’m finding it to be entertaining.

SaveMe Oh: So being published is the price you pay for a little entertainment

SaveMe Oh: As my readers are entitled to know who are the fools in SL

Lorin Tone: Questions abound….I’m actually curious about you.

SaveMe Oh: Of course you are. I am the greatest artist of SL, everybody is curious

Lorin Tone: I see.  In my opinion, you’ve done interesting work.

SaveMe Oh: Not only in your opinion

Lorin Tone: My opinion is the only I have a right to express.

SaveMe Oh: I have the right to talk about other people’s opinion as I am SaveMe Oh. And I have nothing to do with rights

Lorin Tone: You are contradicting earlier assertions you have made.  Are you confused?

SaveMe Oh: Never, you seem to be the one confused

Lorin Tone: I admit that I am confused by your behaviour, yes. How do you claim to have nothing to do with rights and call me a “dictator”?

SaveMe Oh: I can refuse all claims on “rights” and still call you a dictator when you behave like one

Lorin Tone: You can call me anything you like.  I just don’t get the point….because I don’t think there is a point.

SaveMe Oh: We agree, so unban me now

Lorin Tone: Why, so you can give me opinions on work that you have no understanding of?  I think not.

Lorin Tone: For which instruments do you compose and which choral parts do you do librettos?

SaveMe Oh: I did The Muppets, the opera! And the revenge of My Little Pony for the Castrato choir

Lorin Tone: Interesting….a commissioned work?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and after the pentatonic version of Barbie and Ken

Lorin Tone: And how many tones does that piece encompass?

SaveMe Oh: That depends of the skills of the musicians on the human alt flutes

Lorin Tone: No, it is defined by what you called it.

Lorin Tone: However, those all sound like amusing pieces.

SaveMe Oh: Very amusing

Lorin Tone: And of course, you have recordings of them online, yes?

Lorin Tone: In the interest of analyzing your personality, I’d be very interested in hearing them.

SaveMe Oh: 

Banned Me? Oh!

Banned Me? Oh!
Offer your big sim to Morlita Quan and SaveMe Oh when you want a real event. What you have to do: Throw away all the garbage you have on your sim, make an empty platform and invite known dictators as Maria Duna Gant, Dido Haas, Bryn Oh, Solo Mornington, Betty Tureaud, Moya Patrick, Secret Rage, Stem van Helsinki and Eupalinos Ugajin on the VIP guestlist and then hand over the stream to Morlita and the platform to SaveMe and off you go.


Devil Girl From Mars

SaveMe Oh does not only inspire famous painters as we can see in the large collection of masterpieces with her as muse, but she also inspires a growing amount of machinima makers who are lining up to make a movie with her. Not so strange as SaveMe Oh is able to bring those rather sad movies immediately to a higher level with her fresh acting and her enormous arsenal of attachments and artworks to upgrade every movie.

Devil girl from Mars

Her latest effort we can see now in the movie that Glasz Decuir made for a Jameson contest starring the fabulous SaveMe Oh.

Here is the link:

Deep Throat For A Nibller

You have devotees you can call minions and you have the slip streamers who spent most of their time following you while at the same time pretending they never have heard of you. Their pretending gets so obvious that they seem to be the only one not noticing that they slowly turn into a cheap shadow of the famous artist SaveMe Oh. When I tell how much people have visited my blog he has to show he has more readers, when I make a movie, he also has to try and the moment SaveMe Oh has alts his family of clones explodes and we see a massive invasion of Ampels.

When I noticed this obsessive behaviour I told Glasz DeCuir, who I have ordered to make another movie about me, to give the poor soul a guest appearance. You never have seen an avatar so exited. Before the shooting would start he was already waiting at the set, fully dressed in his costume, rehearsing hundred times his lines (“ahahahahahahahahaha”) and trying out the best animation to fall on his back after been beaten up by me with my baseball bat. To give himself some ego he could do nothing else than his ever repeating sexist talk he thinks woman must find extremely attractive but we let him had his fun as you never know what they miss in the elderly people’s home.


So after I once let him have the exclusive right to be my nibbler, it was cheaper to let him graze my Brazilian wax in shape then to go to the beauty parlour, I rewarded him yesterday after the shooting with some true appreciation, the hot sex scene he wanted so much.

Ampel puke

Did She Ever Glue A Prim Herself?

“Show us the place where we can see your creations instead of opening your big mouth all the time”, is what I hear often. As if you are only allowed to complain when you glue prims yourself. But yes, even I have glued some prims together. Sorry!

Hop On Hop OH Isles/93/151/36


Masterpieces North/51/12/772

SaveMe with the head of the sim owner

Third life II/47/70/26