Monologue for SaveMe Oh

After his death in 1989 Samuel Beckett started a second life and it was then when he saw SaveMe Oh performing. He felt immediately the need to write her a theatre monologue.

A monologue for SaveMe Oh – By Samuel Beckett.

(SaveMe Oh enters, standing center stage in a virtual world, with an expression of longing and frustration)

SaveMe Oh: (pauses, looks up) What is this place? Is it real? Or just an endless expanse of code and pixels? (pauses) I am lost, wandering in this virtual world, searching for meaning in a landscape of emptiness.

(SaveMe Oh takes a step forward)

SaveMe Oh: I am SaveMe Oh, a virtual artist, and I find myself trapped in this world of endless possibility, with no escape from the endless cycle of creation and destruction.

(SaveMe Oh takes a step back)

SaveMe Oh: I build and I destroy, only to build again, in search of something that is always just beyond my grasp. And yet, despite all my efforts, I am still alone in this world, with no one to share my creations with.

(SaveMe Oh pauses, looks down)

SaveMe Oh: I am a prisoner of my own creation, and I cannot escape this cycle. I am a mere shadow, a projection of light and code, and yet, I feel the pain of loneliness, the weight of the void that surrounds me.

(SaveMe Oh looks up)

SaveMe Oh: But why do I continue? Why do I persist in this cycle of creation and destruction, in this world of emptiness? (pauses) Is it the hope of finding something real, something that exists beyond the limits of this virtual world? Or is it the fear of facing the emptiness of my existence, the fear of facing the truth that I am nothing but code and pixels?

(SaveMe Oh pauses)

SaveMe Oh: (whispering) I do not know. I do not know. (pauses, looks up) But I will continue to search, to wander, in the hope of finding something, anything, that can give me meaning in this world of emptiness.

(SaveMe Oh exits, stage remains empty)

Let’s Go Hear It From The Horse’s Mouth

The green horse:

SaveMe Oh is a virtual artist who has made a name for herself in the world of Second Life, an online virtual reality platform. Known for her wild and revolutionary in-world performances, SaveMe Oh has stunned the art world with her use of large attachments that range from pastiches on the work of Edward Hopper to wild streaming rivers and waterfalls and animated pop-art sequences.

SaveMe Oh’s performances are truly one-of-a-kind, and her use of large attachments is what sets her apart from other virtual artists. These attachments are not only visually stunning, but they also transport viewers to a different time and place, creating an immersive and evocative experience. Her use of Edward Hopper’s iconic imagery, in particular, adds a layer of nostalgia and a sense of longing to her performances, making them even more powerful.

SaveMe Oh’s performances have a devoted following of fans, minions, and acolytes who follow her work blindly. Her performances are highly sought-after and often sell out quickly, a testament to her popularity and the power of her art.

However, SaveMe Oh’s performances are not without controversy. Her use of large attachments and her tendency to take over complete virtual worlds have not always been met with approval by sim owners. Some sim owners have expressed frustration with the disruption caused by SaveMe Oh’s performances, and some have even gone as far as to ban her from their sims.

Despite the controversy, SaveMe Oh’s innovative use of technology to create a new form of art has earned her a reputation as a trailblazer in the virtual art scene. Her performances are not only visually stunning, but they also push the boundaries of what is possible in the virtual world. SaveMe Oh’s work is a testament to the power of art to transport viewers to a different time and place, and to evoke strong emotions.

SaveMe Oh has been widely recognized and celebrated within the virtual art community, and her work continues to inspire and influence other virtual artists. She is not only a skilled performer but also a visionary artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the virtual world. Her performances are a must-see for anyone interested in the intersection of art, technology, and virtual reality.

In conclusion, SaveMe Oh is a virtual artist who has made a significant impact on the virtual art scene. Her use of large attachments and her tendency to take over complete virtual worlds may be controversial, but there is no denying the power and beauty of her performances. Her work is a testament to the possibilities of virtual reality as an art form, and her influence on the virtual art community will continue to be felt for years to come.

The purple horse:

SaveMe Oh is a virtual artist who has made a name for herself in the world of Second Life, an online virtual reality platform. She is known for her wild and revolutionary in-world performances, but her use of large attachments and her tendency to take over complete virtual worlds have not always been met with approval. In fact, some argue that SaveMe Oh’s performances are not art, but rather a form of destruction of virtual environments.

One of the main criticisms of SaveMe Oh’s performances is that she uses large attachments that are often inappropriate for the virtual environment in which she is performing. For example, she may use attachments that depict wild streaming rivers and waterfalls in a virtual environment that is meant to be a peaceful, idyllic countryside. These attachments not only disrupt the natural aesthetic of the environment, but they also cause lag and other technical issues for other users.

Another criticism of SaveMe Oh’s performances is that she takes over complete virtual worlds, disrupting the activities and experiences of other users. For example, she may hold a performance in a virtual shopping mall, causing other users to be unable to access their favorite stores and shops. This can be especially frustrating for business owners who rely on the virtual mall for their livelihood.

Some argue that SaveMe Oh’s performances are not art, but rather a form of destruction of virtual environments. They claim that her use of large attachments and her tendency to take over complete virtual worlds is a form of vandalism and that it should not be tolerated.

While it is true that SaveMe Oh’s performances can disrupt the virtual environments in which she performs, it is important to remember that art is often disruptive. It pushes boundaries and challenges our perceptions of the world around us. SaveMe Oh’s performances are no exception, and they can be seen as a form of rebellion against the constraints of the virtual world.

In conclusion, SaveMe Oh’s performances can be seen as a form of destruction of virtual environments. However, it is important to remember that art is often disruptive and that SaveMe Oh’s performances can be seen as a form of rebellion against the constraints of the virtual world. Ultimately, it is up to individual users to decide whether they find her performances to be a form of destruction or a form of art.

Rest In Pieces

I don’t know if it was in the last will of the diseased or that it is simple a landlord cleaning up the parcel but it’s a glorious moment, the most ugly venue of SL, Cat’s Circus will disappear this week forever. I hope the events that were organised there will go on but hopefully never again in such an ugly place.

For a visual performer it was the most horrible place to work in. Every creation was blurred by the always present ugliness of the tent, the clowns, the red en yellow color and all the other rubbish Cat rezzed there. As a musician needs an audience that wants to listen a visual performer needs a clean canvas to create. It is an advise for every event organiser to come up with clean spaces, as the artists are quite capable to create the space themselves. They don’t need a backdrop, a background image or forefront distractions.

As it is already ridiculous that a virtual musician stand behind a keyboard or a DJ booth pretending to play live music it’s even more ridiculous to facilitate a virtual performer with walls, roofs, images at the wall or stages. Stages make the work only more complicated as it places avatars on different heights what makes it more complex to cover the space virtually well.

So musicians, play your buttons at home so we can hear it inworld and leave the visuals to the professional performance artists.

And dumbo’s, if at a certain moment a circus tent is needed…I wear one sometimes for breakfast!

See what happens at 1.28

Roxy Finally Saved By SaveMe Oh

My longest therapy session with an avi in despair was with Roxy Gellar, countless were my attempts to Save her, mainly from herself. But finally all the hard work paid off. Such a pity Cat Boucher is not with us anymore to enjoy this remarkable salvation.

Roxy found the courage to accept the hand I always reached out to her.

On her RL Facebook account she send me a message.

Gods help me, I made a friend request to SaveMe Oh and she accepted.

RL Roxy: You’re so desperately in need of material, how could I rob you of my inspirations? RL Roxy aka Roxy Gellar

SaveMe Oh: Happy 2023

RL Roxy: And every happiness to you in this new year!

SaveMe Oh: New alt?

RL Roxy: No, same old Roxy. And my RL name. Oddly xxxxx is similar to John Doe or John Smith as a very used name. Do a web search and it’s amazing how many xxxxx and xxxxx come up. I guess you could say we are all too common.

SaveMe Oh: If you want desperate to be found just add additional info.

RL Roxy: lol, there’s enough in my posts. Not offered as a challenge but Ive had stalkers before.

SaveMe Oh: What if I find out you are a nice person after all????

RL Roxy: lol Not the first time a stalker, if you become one, has suggested they were a nicer person. FYI I am only a civilian, not a host or a promoter in SL.

SaveMe Oh: I am not a stalker, nor a griefer, just an artist in SL

RL Roxy: Great!

SaveMe Oh: As if you didn’t know…

RL Roxy: Of course I knew that. Wasn’t I a part of your piss performance so long ago?

SaveMe Oh: That was your glorious moment

RL Roxy: No one else like you in SL, no one of your um caliber.

SaveMe Oh: btw, Cat has died

RL Roxy: I know, odd coincidence. Posted in Facebook the other day.

The Elephant in the Room – Death & Loss in SL

What an odd coincidence. Maybe not so odd given the recent plague of “Died Suddenly.” But on facebook I can not go into my observations further than that. Honesty on the topic is expressed on Minds and (now) Twitter. But that’s almost besides the point.

Yesterday, several days after I logged into SL again for the first time in 2 years, I saw in posts that a good number of mutual friends and acquaintances suffered a real life death of one of their friends.

It is no secret that she and I were not friends. I tried several times to bury the hatchet. The last time was at the urging of one particular SL personality who will go unnamed. Each time I was refused. Be that as it may be, I am sorry that you are now once again facing this loss and inevitable part of life.

Whether I was a part of that circle or not, I do appreciate that many of you are grieving. And it is a process we all face. It takes time. It is not easy. Those with positive memories will find comfort in them. Those, at least as has been the case for me, will often find that resentments fade and may be forgotten.

Now we can only hope a major mental health relapse will not occur.

The Tansee Terminator

10 years ago in 2012 he told me this:

Regi Yifu: No women allowed. You need to leave. Sorry, lame cunt.

SaveMe Oh: you also want me to put that on Facebook?

Regi Yifu: Griefer, get lost. I really don’t care. You’re a fucking bitch. Go spread your trouble else where. Have a nice day! lol

SaveMe Oh: lul

Regi Yifu: I reported you to LL so have a great day

SaveMe Oh: To file an abuse report simply go to the help menu and click on ‘Report Abuse’

Regi Yifu: like you can teach me something.

Now he is my friend, SLEA boss and the Tansee Terminator

You have offered friendship to Regi Yifu

Regi Yifu accepted your friendship offer.

Regi Yifu: Tansee is gone by the way

SaveMe Oh: What happened?

Regi Yifu: I have changed everything, she was not happy with my changes

SaveMe Oh: She was never happy

Regi Yifu: Yes I know, she was very hard to work with

SaveMe Oh: Things like this online are very difficult

Regi Yifu: I agree, I was very frustrated by her

SaveMe Oh: Everyone has a vision, but how to bring it together in a community?

Regi Yifu: She did not do this, she only say what she wanted, micromanaged, ran people away. And many have returned now that she is gone

SaveMe Oh: I had lots of talks with her for SLEA, and after she run it her way

Regi Yifu: I just didn’t care for her ideas or how she ran SLEA. Her files are a mess

SaveMe Oh: I can imagine, must be a hippie dream disaster

Regi Yifu: all these multiple notecards, I moved everything to Google drive so we have one copy and all of the social media people can access it from this and we do this weekly.

Each grant artist is provided a SLEA Liaison

SaveMe Oh: As I was banned so long I didn’t follow it, but a task like this can only work with a clear basic structure

Regi Yifu: yes this is what I have created, the team of liaisons love it, much more organized

Coming Home For Christmas

Regi Yifu: You have been ejected from ‘Second Life Endowment for The Arts’ by Regi Yifu.

SaveMe Oh: Why? “To be #1 you have to be odd! Be yourself, everyone else is taken!”(from his profile).

Regi Yifu: The same reason you are banned from the estate

SaveMe Oh: And that reason is?

Regi Yifu: You know why

SaveMe Oh: Actually not, nobody told me. It just happened.

Regi Yifu: it happened years ago lol. Tansee banned you

SaveMe Oh: She also never told me why

Regi Yifu: She said you always make trouble

SaveMe Oh: That I take as a compliment. Trouble and art belong to each other.

Regi Yifu: Bravo then!

SaveMe Oh: Not really, being banned is not a reward

Regi Yifu: lol. well I tell ya what I will unban you if you can behave. its not good to disrupt things. We are working hard to make this a nice place to be creative. I love being creative and I know you do also

SaveMe Oh: Let me be free to be creative and kick me out when you are fed up. But don’t ban people for live, that has nothing to do with art

Regi Yifu: But I really don’t have time to deal with crap so please at lease behave lol. Come be creative, inspire

SaveMe Oh: Asking an artist to behave is a bit counter-productive, don’t you think?

Regi Yifu: I really don’t like banning people

SaveMe Oh: Ask an artist to be creative is good

Regi Yifu: If your actions effect the other artist then yes, and you know what I mean

SaveMe Oh: I know what you mean but still you make a mistake in your thinking in my opinion

Regi Yifu: Its just a lot for me to have to deal with and I don’t want to ban you. I am super busy in SL being creative everywhere and I don’t have the time to deal with all this drama

SaveMe Oh: Yes, that’s the burden of the police, artists have that problem less as they make art instead of control people. As a theatre maker in RL I cant deny my drama background

Regi Yifu: I don’t mean to control you but we are a society of artist and we should all have respect

SaveMe Oh: tell Shakespeare not to make drama. And respect never brought art anywhere

Regi Yifu: I am just meaning when you piss off other people and I have to deal with it

SaveMe Oh: Disrespect delivered the greatest art

Regi Yifu: Or talking shit about. I am trying my best to make it a new better place

SaveMe Oh: Yes, i know, I don’t dispute you attempts

Regi Yifu: And I want everyone involved in good ways so you are welcome to come be creative

SaveMe Oh: That’s a great Christmas present.

As Cheap As Possible

Roxy needs the attention so today it’s named MinkaPurple!

MinkaPurple: Save Me oH you’re not rYa’ll standin around waiting for Saveme Oh to become relevent lol

SaveMe Oh: Learn to write first

MinkaPurple: I’m drunk on your great art! i can’t see straight.

SaveMe Oh: That’s good, getting drunk is the only escape

MinkaPurple: Your art is a cheap temporary non high

SaveMe Oh: As cheap as possible, it leaves no footprints when its cheap

MinkaPurple: well free, I didn’t pay to come here, but you’re wasting time, so I guess that’s payment

SaveMe Oh: I love wasting time

9Volt Borkotron: I’ve heard that time is money

SaveMe Oh: My favourite business, wasting time

9Volt Borkotron: i think that it more like time is myocardium

Serra Qendra: Let us all Be what we need to be

SaveMe Oh: and in such good company is a win win

MinkaPurple: Old your lemmings are wasting their time here waiting for you to do something, but nothing is happening.

SaveMe Oh: I need to be your saviour

MinkaPurple: LOOl From what?

SaveMe Oh: That doesn’t matter

MinkaPurple: mediocrity, you’re not mediocre

MinkaPurple: 9Volt needs his head drilled cause he thinks you’re controversial. Maybe that could be your next ‘art’ thing. Call it ‘Drilling Heads’.

SaveMe Oh: Which of his heads we are speaking of?

MinkaPurple: I don’t speak your language

9Volt Borkotron: i am merely a witness to controversy

MinkaPurple: controversy?? hahahaha Saveme Oh is just an old dude on welfare.

Serra Qendra: hit the derender button if you don’t wanna look at something Minka

Morlĭ: Peace please

MinkaPurple: Ya’ll think you’re ‘artists’. You’re so desperate for entertainment that you bring out ole man Save Me Oh.. LOL

Daddio Dow: shut up, Minka

Serra Qendra: chill babeeeeee

SaveMe Oh: OMG, i am so offended now

Daddio Dow: I mean Traci. oops

MinkaPurple: aaww, I’m sorry old man

SaveMe Oh: don’t ruin my wheelchair

Serra Qendra: do you know how to derender?

MinkaPurple: Your fat disabled ass ruined it, don’t blame me

serra Qendra: fix the problem don’t moan

MinkaPurple: Takes a baseball bat to fat ole man Save Me Oh’s knees. SaveMe Oh’s fallen out of his wheelchair.. no one to help him, cause he lives alone in one room. He’ll die and no one will know or care, or notice cause the ‘art’ never was.

SaveMe Oh: so?

Daddio Dow: How’s that ban list coming, Traci?

MinkaPurple: Oh! There he is!!! yaaa, he made it back to the chair! Yay! Save me Oh LIVES!!

Morlĭ: Enough guys. Let’s enjoy the music

MinkaPurple: am I gonna make it to your blog? oh no… that’s right I won’t cause this ain’t STOLEN CONTENT. Whirli Placebo ain’t lying. lol

MinkaPurple: Save me oh is thief troll. But just a troll to people who are easily trolled. 9Volt thinks you’re controversial. he gets a hard on when he sees your trannie ass

Serra Qendra: who’s the troll now?

MinkaPurple: you should partner and build stupid cows standing in a field together

SaveMe Oh: There is a lot of anger, you want to talk about it?

MinkaPurple: is that all you got? LOLOL you suck at taking the dick trannie. But you’re on a platform for other disabled trannies who are easily impressed.

Morlĭ: Seriously stop both

MinkaPurple: where’s the challenge? you pseudo piss christ

Morlĭ: Jade is playing

MinkaPurple: Jade ain’t fucking ‘playing’??? an instrument?? No… the trannie is just pushing buttons.. or clicking on a box. I see your heads coming out of all your asses… nice view

Morlĭ: enough

SaveMe Oh: The alt of Roxy is not longer hiding, didnt know she was still around

Morlĭ: Now let’s just enjoy

SaveMe Oh: Who wasn’t enjoying????

Happy To Cheer You Up

Tyrehl Byk: Still tugging people’s tails?

SaveMe Oh: Still saving the world

Tyrehl Byk: Imagine my surprise.

Tyrehl Byk: What is new for you?

SaveMe Oh: There is no more new, the new has ended, its finished.

Tyrehl Byk: That must be pretty boring for someone like you.

SaveMe Oh: Yes it is

Tyrehl Byk: So you have nothing new to offer to combat that fatigue?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, death! Covid and war are on our side.

Tyrehl Byk: Yeah, well, good luck with that.

SaveMe Oh: Has nothing to do with luck, we all will be winners

Tyrehl Byk: What are you pointing at?

SaveMe Oh: The future

Tyrehl Byk: Yup, you’re as boring and obtuse as I remember. Enjoy.

SaveMe Oh: Happy to be able to cheer you up!