Ebbe Linden Loves His First Armani Suit And His Private Island


Ebbe Linden: Now let’s talk about the future. We continue to improve SL. We have a dedicated team. They will continue to work on performance and stability, fix bugs, make chat more reliable. This is an exciting time. A lot of investment in virtual reality (VR) There was almost no investment only a year ago. Now it is hard to keep track of all new VR products. Many companies are putting a lot of effort to bring virtual experiences to the next level. They are progressing faster in the last 6-9 months than in tens of years. More start ups every day  ” something something VR”. There is more competition. We have to work hard to stay in the lead. We want our platform to be able to interface with this all.

SaveMe Oh: Is this again a Linden licking evening?

Ebbe Linden: I am so excited to be on this journey with you all. We will make it happen.

It is our job to make sure we are the best solution possible. We want you to use our products to do what you want to do. Future platform for virtual experiences… we do not have a name for this. We call it Next Generation Platform, not SL2.0. We want to learn from the past. We have 30+ engineers and others working on this product.

SaveMe Oh: Linden blah blah, what we want to do? You have some hours?

Ebbe Linden: We thought about why SL hit the ceiling. It peaked at 1.1 million monthly users. Why no higher? What can we do to solve the things that made it max out? We want to think differently about discovery. You have to be in SL to do that now. We want to make it easier to discover an experience from the outside to easily enter the experience without being aware of the notion of the platform. They can discover that later on accessibility- when you leave your PC you leave SL behind.

SaveMe Oh: After all these years we are still glued on chairs in a fake auditorium listening to a boss.

Ebbe Linden: We want to make it available on more platforms. It used to be just PC or Mac.

SaveMe Oh: What a sadness!

Ebbe Linden: Now there is mobile

Kaylee: SaveMe …. that’s what we love about this platform

Ebbe Linden: We want to support mobile from the beginning. The number of platforms is increasing. We want it to be possible to take advantage of all platforms

SaveMe Oh: You all love the licking.

Odysseus Giacosa: No one forces you to be here, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: I force myself to be here.

Odysseus Giacosa: Then do yourself and everyone a favor and stop forcing yourself to be here.

Ebbe Linden: Scalability- an event like this highlights the effort it takes to put on this meeting with a couple hundred people. It is creaking at the seams. We want the next platform to have this be a trivial exercise. We want to do events for 10s of thousands. How to get more into a region, in an event at the same time.

SaveMe Oh: After all these years we still can hardly typ due to chatlag. 30 guys working on that?

Ebbe Linden: How can we let creators reach a larger audience? make more money?

SaveMe Oh: Money, that must be the focus

Ebbe Linden: Now developers create one-off experiences that aren’t used all the time

Tender Skytower: SaveMe Oh, please refrain from the negative and disruptive comments. If you can not be constructive I will have to ask you to leave.

Ebbe Linden: We think about quality- ease of use, quality of physics and lighting, smoothness, naturalness of avatars. How can we make it easier to shop and get dressed? With higher visual fidelity at the same time. Monetization, the way we monetize, our business model is strange. We charge for land, but almost nothing for transactions. If we lower property taxes, we will need to increase sales taxes. Can we lower cost of running SL? Can we lower barrier to create content? Make less money per user, but have more users. At the beginning, the platform will be revealed to alpha users this summer who know Maya.

Carl Metropolitan: Maya is VERY expensive.

Ebbe Linden: It takes a lot of effort to make the creation tools, so we focus on run time aspects, and add in inworld creation tools over time.

Pixels Sideways: Blender!!!! open source

Ebbe Linden: We will ultimately support may 3D creation tools

Carl Metropolitan: Blender is what most people can afford.

Garvie Garzo: Maya lite is about 50 bucks a month now

Serene Jewell: Maya is a strange choice why not Blender?

Pathfinder Lester: Blender is free and open source. You should try that.

Ebbe Linden: After summer we will invite more people as it gets easier to use

Pixels Sideways: Blender is free

Tender Skytower: I have ejected you for getting in the way of the presentation and making yourself the center of attention.

Ebbe Linden: Next platform will start with small alpha group this summer. Not good to have a million users on day one. We will look at how to manage scaling up. One type of creators who will come in later will be the fashion industry. Making clothing and accessories won’t come into play until next year. They will have to wait longer.

Pixels Sideways: Why should we continue to invest in second life content if none or most of it will not xfer over to the new platform?

SaveMe Oh: We will do everything ourselves, we are so much more in front than those Linden noobs.

Ebbe Linden: We want land to be cheaper, and we don’t want a model where content disappears

SaveMe Oh: When we have to wait for them we better suicide today.

Ebbe Linden: The cost of land will come down, but sales tax will go up

SaveMe Oh: Only talks about costs, money blah blah. The Linden should ask us, the creative people, for advise.

Ebbe Linden: Our goal is for users to maintain their identity moving to the new platform. You will be recognizable.

SaveMe Oh: Ofcourse we will be recognizable, its the Linden who are not to recognise. A Linden = another suit speaking.

Cube Republic: What’s your favorite place in Second Life Ebbe?

SaveMe Oh: His virtual bed might be his favourite spot

Ebbe Linden: My own private island I enjoy

Tender Skytower: You have been removed from the conference for the next 2 hours for being rude or a presenter. I will allow you to return at that time. If you continue your behavior you will be removed for the remainder of the conference.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Is There A Rainbow Over Everything?

Central 2

Garnet Psaltery: Is it just me or is there a rainbow over everything? Oh god it’s SaveMe Oh

Saffia Widdershins: SaveMe is celebrating gachas it seems

Anjouli Troncon: It’s SaveMe doing one of her “performances”

Garnet Psaltery: Stop it, please. I can’t see anything.

Marianne McCann: Right Click and do the blocking thing. Problem solved.

Saffia Widdershins: SaveMe, please stop

Coco Marchand: I just blocked Saveme Oh, that stopped it

Ana Bijoux (anabijoux): I just cammed in closer to get her out of view.

Saffia Widdershins: Just right click on here and clock

Garnet Psaltery: Yay done it

Aisling Sinclair ejected and banned you from this land.

Central 1

The Warm Welcome For New Media Artist Michael Green

Michael Green: Hi u know where i can get free shoes?

SaveMe Oh: You dont need shoes

Michael Green: I am joining a secret society and they have strict dress code but i found some shoes yesterday

SaveMe Oh: When you kill yourself at the end of the year you dont need shoes

Michael Green: Depends where i kill myself if it is at the secret society, then i will need the shoes

SaveMe Oh: And as it looks like you want to follow that boring concept already done before you dont need shoes.In fact you better kill yourself today. When you need help call me

Michael Green: I don/t need your advice. I would be dead if I listened to you

SaveMe Oh: You are already dead, because what you try to do is so dead! You can be glad I even take the time to help you out

Michael Green: You have no idea what I m gonna do

SaveMe Oh: I have exactly the idea and its increddible boring. When you had done it 10 years ago, ok, but now….

Michael Green: It works more now because it is 10 yrs. Nobody remembers ten years ago. They remember the interview printed yesterday

SaveMe Oh: What interview? Those silly remarks of yours?

Michael Green: I will send you a link

SaveMe Oh: I only read my own stuff, dont bother

Michael Green: Ok please tell me why you hate me so much

SaveMe Oh: I hate every idiot

Michael Green: Why do you hate?

SaveMe Oh: Because I am a mess with gardening flowers

Michael Green: Teleport me and murder me

SaveMe Oh: Ah you already know the word teleport

Michael Green: Is that u savemeoh?

SaveMe Oh: Of course. I am the only one you need to know

Michael Green: Ok why dont u like me?

SaveMe Oh: Mainly because you are a snob, a pretentious snob

Michael Green: Is that true? i have been polite to you

SaveMe Oh: And when people are polite you have to be polite in return?

Michael Green: You are like me then you say what is on your mind

SaveMe Oh: When you have a hair like that I feel obligated to be unpolite


Michael Green: Tell me more

SaveMe Oh: What you want to know, I am the artist here. Not the person to fill in your silly story

Michael Green: Good for you.

Michael Green: I am sorry but you are a terrible artist

Then he attached a 2007 noob dick….

SaveMe Oh: You want to show me your a dick or what?

Michael Green: I;m da artist. Until you speak to me wiith some respect

SaveMe Oh: With respect I clean my ass normally

Michael Green: I want to fuck you so i can be a better artist

SaveMe Oh: How much Linden you have?

Michael Green: Zero, capitalism is boring

SaveMe Oh: Thats to less but I can borrow you my dog?

The same day he blocked me on his twitter account:  You are blocked from following @metadiamonds and viewing @metadiamonds’s Tweets. (AKA Michael Green)

And in secondlife: officialmichaelgreenv6: (Saved Sun 15 Mar 2015 03:57:12) i m sorry i can’t help you anymore with your little project . i am going to have to block text, for the simple reason that I need to preserve as much of my genius as possible for myself. bye:> wink


And here his comment: 

Michael Green replied to your comment on New Media Artist Michael Green’s 365 Days of Adventure In Second Life: Very clever. expoiting this article for your own benefit! And you even edited the part out when i commented how horrible your taste of music is! Our conversation in retrospect feels a bit fraudulent in retrospect

Did Eupalinos Look Like Eupalinos?

At the reopening of the Museo the Metaverso in CRAFT opensim it was a happy reincarnation party at the graveyard. No less than 68 corpses took the opportunity to reinvent themselves and participate in the big contest of the night; do I look like my former self? Who succeeded and who failed to copy himself? Because to be tagged on facebook it was from extreme importance you would look a bit like yourself otherwise everybody could claim to be someone else or worse…be SaveMe Oh.

In great expectation everyone was waiting of course for the appearance of Eupalinos Ugajin. Would he look like the Dadasticks or toiletFLUXers as we know him so well or would he have failed to copy everything in time from secondlife to open sim?


Can you spot Eupalinos?

But his glorious entrance made a sigh from relief going through the crowds who were glued to their seats as in good old CARP or PIRATS times. He looked exactly as we had known him so well before he passed away. Also Kikas & Marma’s warmed up bodies were hanging, as if NOTHING had happened, again in a funny frame telling us they love art.


Even Patrick Moya succeed to fix himself a sheep pyjamas in time and for Roxelo Babenco it was easy, whatever is under it, with a top hat for sure it must be Roxelo.

DanCoyote Antonelli was still looking like the coyotedog (the collector’s item! IM me for a free copy) I inspired him with once and Josina Burgess…omg, where was Josina? Did here tombstone move or did it stay closed?

In the mean time I was in SL first at the house of Kikas & Marma to keep an eye on it during their absence in open sim and I took some nice pics from the set up they build there for me.


I almost got a heart attack when Marma appeared to check his anti-fascist security orb but I assured him everything was looking good.



After that I sit in a protest at some silly opening organised by Duna Gant. I showed her that I also could play a bored visitor doing no harm by lying there on a couch under plywood paintings.


Luckily DD called me for a life performance in her sim where we performed 2 hours together in an interaction of music and visuals but I better don’t show pics from that or they will accuse me again of only promoting myself which of course I don’t want. VIVA Eupalinos, ah no, he was dead…in a bits & sticks sort of way.

The Graveyard Is Open Again

In the rich history of virtual reality we had all kind of wannabe artists and event organisers passing by in a quick search for recognition without too much effort. After doing one or two tricks on the virtual canvas, mainly glueing some prims together or fart a texture on a virtual wall they disappeared as quick as they came as it became clear then, that when psychopath pic-shitters like Ampel Gooson and others publish every day a diarrhoea of images the interested viewer will run screaming towards the nearest mental institution. But now the dead raise from the grave as one of the event organisers, Roxelo Babenco raise from her tomb to see if she could repeat the old trick one more time, using the most boring concept from virtual world and …..copy it once more. How this works? Ask a builder for a megalomaniac environment that can host all zombie artists to warm up their old stuff. And there we see again the CARP or Pirats concept with rooms no artist would ask for, even with a knife on her throat, as if we would die for exposing our work in an egg with stripes surrounded by 40 other eggs with stripes. When these megalomaniac buildings in secondlife were constructed the chance you would meet another avatar once where reasonable possible but now in open sim, where the dead artists are kept warm in their virtual fridges, you can be sure that you have the whole space for yourself after the opening. On the other hand, to see dead avatars in their noob version from 2006 or 2007 once more can be for historians a once in a lifetime event. Will Josina Burgess have blonde flexi hair today, will Roxelo Babenco succeed to once more create her top hat she is soooooo famous for and will Eupalinos Ugajin be able to flux his toilet without dada Marmaduke Arado on his head? Or will they send the otter in for some serious plumbing? And will SaveMe Oh….no?…..really?…..OMG! Snapshot_231


Roxelo did the TOPHAT


Call In The Cavalry

When my dear sister Bryn invited me to see the shit of her alt Cica Ghost I didn’t hesitate and TP-ed over to crash my face against banlines. But as I am an empathic person I cheerded the audience up with something really worth seeing, my yellow submarine.


Until they called in the cavalry, this foot soldiers name was Simon Linden and Bryn her arm was still brown and smelly!


True Celebrities Don’t Shoot Themselves

Yesterday I celebrated my 8th rezday with a performance in the sim of Elena Degni who was the first to accept the offer for a party by arranging a spot with NOTHING. Combined with the wonderful music or Morlita Quan we went on a journey with all our guests that was…ah well…let their pictures speak:

Josef K

The party is over, but what a party is was. SaveMe Oh’s 8th rez day party was like a master class in the art of performance. Not to forget Morlita’s music. It was the most impressive performance I have attended in Second Life so far. It was fantastic ….

Josef K 2

Josef K.

Josef K 4

Josef K 5

Josef K 6

Josef K 7

Josef K 8

Josef K 9

Josef K 10

Josef K 11

Josef K 12

Josef K 13

Josef K 14

Josef K 15

Josef K 16

Josef K 17

Elena Degni

Da tempo il “Ohh!” del meraviglioso non mi scappava all’improvviso come mi è successo ieri sera, immersa nel mare di emozioni che ci ha portato SaveMe Oh e la musica di Morlita Quan riportando in pieno il senso che in SL sembra andare scomparendo. SaveMe Oh, In una piattaforma 64.64 a 1000 metri in cielo, 42 Avatar, è riuscita a immergerci in un mondo, un tempo, uno stato d’animo colorato , forte, raccontandoci gioie e angoscia, pazzia fanciullesca e infine restituito a Sl, il rispetto che merita per le possibilità che ci regala di realizzare quello che altrove non si potrebbe. Voglio dirlo; grazie SaveMe Oh

Elena Degni 2

Elena Degni

Mo Werefox

Ipnotica. Surreale. Psichedelica. Immersiva e altra. Sì Signori, questa è una festa SL. Thank you, SaveMe Oh.

Mo Werefox

Chloe Seljan

Chloe Seljan

Christower Dae

Christower Dae 2

Christower Dae

Daisy Pentia

Daisy Pentia 2

Daisy Pentia

Glasz DeCuir

Glasz 2

Glasz 3

Glasz 4

Glasz 5

Glasz 6

Glasz 7

Glasz 8

Glasz 9

Glasz 10


Kandinsky Beaumont

Kandi 1

Kandi 2

Kandi 3

Kandi 4

Kandi 5

Kandi 6

Lennart Nilsson

Lennart Nilsson

Lennart Nilsson2

Lennart Nilsson3

Lennart Nilsson4

Lennart Nilsson5

Lennart Nilsson6

Lennart Nilsson7

Lennart Nilsson8

Lennart Nilsson9

Lennart Nilsson10

Lennart Nilsson11

Lennart Nilsson12

Lennart Nilsson13

Lennart Nilsson14

Lennart Nilsson15

Lennart Nilsson16

Lennart Nilsson17

Jos Bookmite

Jos Bookmite

Red Bikcin

Red Bikcin

Trisha Abbott

Trisha Abbott (2)

Trisha Abbott

Trisha Abbott 3

Zola Zsun

Zola Zsun

No Time To Grow Up

Monday is my 8th rezday which will be celebrated with my daily routine, perform somewhere in SL which is so time consuming that it is impossible for me to grow up.

SaveMe Oh 8th rezday

Yesterday I was preparing for the event of Monday but I didn’t get a second rest. First Josef K. called me as he wants me all the time to upgrade his gallery were he knows that what he really should do was tear the awful building down. He forced me in labour, but luckily my sister Bryn called me for duty. In an unbelievable ugly sim with barns and grass somebody was performing dead music, so I had no other option than upgrade the place with sheep (for my sister Bryn) and horses (to make Quan Lavender feel at home). In these surrounding my brother JoaoPedro Oh joined us so we could finally shoot some family pics.



Just in time before they banned me there. I thought I could have a quiet rest of the evening when DD (Deceptions Digital) called me for duty. Being the first who completely understood the message she cleaned out her sim, stood there in the middle with her keyboard in complete NOTHING and gave me space and music.


Her fans shouted out in despair “OMG we can stand around her” and “This is the first time I am not seeing her on a stage”. As if a virtual musician needs a stage, as if a virtual musician needs to stand higher for an audience to see her (you all have a zoom function, you idiots). As if a virtual musician needs an avatar pretending to play music to make the illusion complete. Instead of that DD with her music and I with my visual improvisations created a unique environment and experience that made it something special only for the happy few who were there.




And at the end of the night I realised that I again missed the opportunity to seriously grow up a little, sorry for that, my dear enemies.


Last 6 pics by Josef K.

When Linden Are Trying To Catch A Glimpse Of The Famous SaveMe Oh

As soon the Linden heard the rumour that the most famous artist of SL might do a guest appearance at the rezday party of Draxtor Depression they fight their way in. Unfortunately for them the idiot owner of the club; Gemini Enfield was shaking so much from excitement that he hit the ban button by accident.

Draxtor Despres: HEY FOLKS

Xiola Linden: happy rez day, Drax!

Xiola Linden: woot woot

Draxtor Despres: Awesome how many people showed

Benjamin Wahl: SaveMe … well hello again.

SaveMe Oh: Again???? Was I here before???

Sina Souza: Hello, good evening and happy Rez Day Drax.  Hi SaveMe!

Shaman Linden: Hiya Drax! Happy rezday!

SaveMe Oh: Hi Sina

Claudia222 Jewell: hi SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Hi Claudia

Pete Linden: Hi everyone, happy rez day  Drax!

Xiola Linden: I can hear ya on twitch fine, drax


Draxtor Despres: My work can only happen with you guys

SaveMe Oh: If people were not so stupid to make those kind of buildings we wouldn’t have the lag

Draxtor Despres: SaveMe be nice :)

SaveMe Oh: It’s true, that can also be nice. Don’t you think so?

Draxtor Despres: We got a lot of LIndens here today. How many Lindens does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Shaman Linden: Depends on the scripting of the fixture ;)

SaveMe Oh: Linden are extreme laggy as they wear noobhair

Draxtor Despres: good one Shaman!!!!

Justin Swords: is Ebbe Linden going to put in an appearance here too?

SaveMe Oh: When Ebbe comes I will give him the same treatment as I once did M. Linden

-SneeK- Swear Jar (Green): SaveMe Oh has just said a bad word, they need to pay the swear jar L$10!!

Xiola Linden: mari – people are sneaking in :)

Xiola Linden: Hello! :-))

Vick Forcella: OMG, OMG, OMG.. I see a Linden!

Draxtor Despres: SaveMe please stop rezzing stuff ok?

Clockwork Puppet: It’s raining men?


SaveMe Oh: I never rezz stuff, 8 years in SL and the noob still don’t get it

Gemini Enfield ejected and banned you from this land.