Refugee At Abandoned Land

They tried to ban me but forgot a small piece of abandoned land right in the middle. Besides the banning and excluding of people they try to get gifts for Relay For Life in the fight against cancer. It always puzzles me why the organisers of these events turn out to be the biggest assholes. Are they afraid their life is too short before the pope declares them holy too like Mother Teresa? And is that a legitimation for fundraising for cancer, but forget about freedom?

And then they call themselves Lollygaggers, well, slow they are for sure.


SaveMe Oh: Why am I between ban lines here?

Ziki Questi: I discovered earlier … there is a piece of abandoned land right in the middle of the gallery! You’re on it:) as am I. And you can’t be banned from abandoned land, I don’t think:)

SaveMe Oh: I might have to do something about it when nobody does.

I dropped some fish

Stefanie Stringer: Griefer attack

Le Pow: Art attack lol

SaveMe Oh: No, fight against dictators who think they can exclude people. Are you the dictator on duty here Stefanie Stringer? Your German name would assume so.

Chrissssy: Let me see I will chat with pepper

SaveMe Oh: Chrisssy, are you the dictator? OMG

SaveMe Oh: And who might be that Pepper???? The assistant of the dictatorship? Lollygaggers who ban people, how sad, what an idiots. As if they never learned anything. Trying to be funny but in the mean time as conservative as hell, especially those idiots who are around already for years and still behave like little Mussolini mini’s.

Chrissssy: Everyone follow the arrows and there are other artists within easy walking distance

SaveMe Oh: When you didn’t had me banned I could go any walking distance. Now I am stuck here

Chrissssy: there are 3 artists in here and two outdoors

SaveMe Oh: And the most famous artist of SL right here in front of you. Forget all those

Chrissssy: welcome to the art show I will give u note card to explain

SaveMe Oh: yes, you sure need a note card. Unban me and you get a real party.


Raskolnikov Roffo: Glad you’re here also to increase the fun:)

SaveMe Oh: Too bad you banned me so I cannot make bigger the revelry

Raskolnikov Roffo: Do not worry, the ban does not work really;)

SaveMe Oh: The losers tend to have more problems with unbanning. That button they do not know.

Raskolnikov Roffo: There’s just a small square land which is not ours, but LL. I think you stand there just in.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I know, nice huh? Makes the idiots even more stupid.

Raskolnikov Roffo: Mjah, That idiot is me.

SaveMe Oh: Too frugal to buy it there too??? Dutch for sure. If you’d just unbanned me everywhere we are ready.

Roffo Raskolnikov: It was a hassle, I do not know why exactly, so we let it like this. You are now unbanned on lollygagger lane

SaveMe Oh: You are a sweetheart.

LEA’s Microwave

If you also have some leftover’s that are almost growing funghi, send it over to LEA as they are pleased to warm up your dead, long forgotten stuff. At least my darling Rose is admitting her two fish are dead now.


So if you want to do the same documentary again about Igor Ballyhoo scissors, the nipples of Rose Borchovski’s Susas, the cactus of Maya Paris or be present at the return of the dearly missed Cherry Manga or Aristide Depression, grab your camera and produce the reproduction of the reproduction of the reproduction. And it will not take long before Eupalinos Ugajin, Jo Ellsmere, Alpha Auer, Mikati Slade and Bryn Oh will also discover some old shit in their fridge that exceeded its expiration date but they love to warm up for you again.


Hurry up before it is too late……..


De Zaanse Tunnel

When Portuguese architect and city planner Maria da Graça Cabral Oliveira de Andrade showed me her plan for a tunnel for a design contest for the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands I offered her to build her design inside secondlife and make a little promotion movie.

The tunnel is located between Westerpark and de Zaanse straat in Amsterdam and the designs should all be done in tiles. In the design you see typical houses of the “Zaan”, a characteristic region located north of Amsterdam.

2- De Zaanse tunnel 04-04-2016

If you want to see a tunnel, first build in secondlife, been realised in reality you can vote here until the 23th of may. You only have to add a postal code. (if you don’t know which one, just pic one in Amsterdam).

4- Wand aanzichten 04-04-2016 B (3).jpg


Because The Weather


Dividni Shostakovich whispers: You’re so bright, and I can’t see myself😀

SaveMe Oh: You might not be so bright then.

Dividni Shostakovich: Believe me, if I were smart I’d be an artist lol

SaveMe Oh: A lot of people live in that misconception.

Dividni Shostakovich sings to Elton John, “SaveMe you’r a star!”

SaveMe Oh: Elton still has to do that one.

Cherry Manga: Yep would love to have SaveMe’s attachments for the francogrid project, there are colors there, but here i wanted sobriety, for once😀. This is pushing

Dividni Shostakovich: The ghost of SaveMe present

Cherry Manga: It’s the Oh(m) effect

SaveMe Oh: Live from Lisbon.

Dividni Shostakovich: You’re in Lisbon?

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Glasz DeCuir: Is a traveller performer :))

SaveMe Oh: It’s an awful weather, you are lucky.

Dividni Shostakovich: I was there five years ago maybe

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I can still smell.




A performance of SaveMe Oh with music of Morlita M is always a special event.
That day, the 21st of April, 2016, was quite a special day since one of our greatest musicians, Prince, passed away.
Inludes images from the performances of Feb 23rd and April 23rd.


Ampel also made a short clip:


When Doves Cry

Chloe Seljan: We are proud to invite you to an amazing artistic and musical performance this April 21. The artist Save Me Oh will fill the space with her artworks, full of colors, movements, lights. Her performance will be accompanied by two amazing dj: Morlita Quan and DeceptionsDigital so… Don’t miss this amazing artistic moment!


Roxy Gellar: Crap is too kind a word

Paris Cloyd: SaveMeVideoCard Oh

Roxy Gellar: Derender that shit

SaveMe Oh: My beloved Roxy

Roxy Gellar: Prince is dead yet SaveMe is alive. No Justice

Apmelina Slingshot: Is Roxy here?

SaveMe Oh: She is stalking me

Paris Cloyd: Where is Foxy Roxy? Dont see her.

Petitefleur: Prince has gone when the doves cry.. :(((

Roxy Gellar: I am cloaked in protest

Paris Cloyd: Save protests sometimes too, except she is not cloaked when she does it.

SaveMe Oh: Smoked in proces?

Roxy Gellar: SaveMe please die. The world would be a better place

Chloe Seljan shouts: No, i need SaveMe to be saved!!!!

Paris Cloyd: When you die in SL you just get sent home then she can just tp back lol

Apmelina Slingshot: Sometimes?..SaveMe is an ongoing protest against..well good taste?

Roxy Gellar: Chloe, as much as an adict needs an overdose

SaveMe Oh: Roxy smile!

Roxy Gellar: So sorry I suggested DD give her a chance

Chloe Seljan: some adictions are useful:)

Roxy Gellar: The worse mistake Ive ever made in SL

Paris Cloyd: Loving to hate Save is part of SL

Roxy Gellar: Ears very pleased, derendering makes my eyes very happy

Apmelina Slingshot: Then you haven’t nibbled her Paris

Paris Cloyd: dry humped, yes, nibbled, no😄

SaveMe Oh: He tried

Roxy Gellar: You just made me throw up a little

SaveMe Oh: But nibbled at the wrong spot

Paris Cloyd: lol

SaveMe Oh: Do you derender everything manual Roxy?

Roxy Gellar: Die SaveMe

Paris Cloyd: Save is more like a virus that just spreads. does not die

Roxy Gellar: A girl can dream. Paris

Chloe Seljan: Wow amazing!

Feenix Lexenstar: Surreal if you pan out ……..

SaveMe Oh: Please dont tell Eupalinos

ArrowAndBow: Hello saveme! Thank you for the teleport

SaveMe Oh: Better dont say I TP you because Roxy may come to hunt you down.

Apmelina Slingshot: To be TPed by SaveMe is the kiss of death

ArrowAndBow: Its such an honour, I only said it to show off

Paris Cloyd: If SaveMe tps me anywhere, I hope its an adult sim😄

Roxy Gellar: Talk about a sick Pedophile relationship Arrow and Whirli Placebo

ArrowAndBow: oh hello roxy

SaveMe Oh: Roxy is a bit confussed tonight

Roxy Gellar: Die SaveMe

ArrowAndBow: Omg i love it. Drama

Roxy Gellar: You gonna blow Whirli here now or on Skype?

SaveMe Oh: Whirly, you just missed Roxy’s compliments

ArrowAndBow: Im laughing

Whirli Placebo: Yay..the pedophile says hi to the borderline personality disorder also known as Roxy.


Chloe Seljan shouts: After the amazing Morlita Quan, DD will walk with SaveMe to help us to be saved!


SaveMe Oh: Good music, good visuals and the best drama,where are we?

Whirli Placebo: in heaven:)

Roxy Gellar: Morli was brilliant in spite of SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Roxy, you write all your text yourself?

Roxy Gellar: Derender makes it perfect. Die SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: As a writer I advise you not to use the word DIE too much

Roxy Gellar: Please stop breathing

SaveMe Oh: Thats a nice variation

Systi Cisse: amazing work !!

Paris Cloyd: Like the ending to an epic movie Morli

Apmelina Slingshot: wow

Whirli Placebo: fantastic visuals. Encore!

Ahnue Heartlight: applauds!

Roxy Gellar: Encore says the moron who arrived with ten minutes left

Paris Cloyd: Time to get lost in DD land

Apmelina Slingshot: I feel a bit sorry for Yadleen that is playing in Amsterdam now when everyone is here:)

Paris Cloyd: Me too Apmel, cant really miss this

Roxy Gellar: Derender and now blocking that old fool so I don’t have to listen to him now either.

SaveMe Oh: Omg PIRATS in the house

Mathieu Bravin: Pirats never dead save me :p

Chloe Seljan: loool

Apmelina Slingshot: Pirates?!! do i need my gun?

SaveMe Oh: Omg it speaks, where is my lawyer? Before they sue me again

Paris Cloyd: SueMe Oh

Apmelina Slingshot: Haha SueMe Oh was  a new one.. an old girlfriend used to call her SpareMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: You dont have old girlfriends, new ones neither

Paris Cloyd: Oooo smackdown!!! Grabs popcorn to watch the SL Drama cinema

Whirli Placebo: Welcome…..I hope you know all these wonderful people….and um also Roxy.

Roxy Gellar: Whirli you sad old pedophile

ArrowAndBow: But u do know that im an adult Roxy?

Roxy Gellar: Mentally, not so much. Still robbing the cradle

SaveMe Oh: When you prefer Bambi, let me know Arrow

Roxy Gellar: Bambi? Clearly Arrow like Sponge Bob OLD pants

Apmelina Slingshot: Wow DD ..this is new..and so is SaveMe’s show  just now

ArrowAndBow: How would you know Roxy, You dont know me so go find new insults please

Roxy Gellar: Not too swift on the uptake is she?

ArrowAndBow: I never done anything to you. Im not fighting the mentally ill so have fun in your dream world.

Roxy Gellar: I don’t imagine you do fight the old pedo too often.

Deceptions digital: I made it for people to enjoy but when i read that chat it makes me sad so please stop that talking.

Littleone Aries: Should I take some drugs and say  “far out, you’re a genius, SaveMe?

Whirli Placebo: yes!

SaveMe Oh: pssst, dont say that, some might find it offensive

Littleone Aries: Yes, I know.

Apmelina Slingshot: SaveMe is a genius steeling textures

SaveMe Oh: What should I do else with all my Linden? Buy a virtual kitchen?

Apmelina Slingshot: Give them to me..I need another dildo

SaveMe Oh: Use roxy!

Roxy Gellar: Die SaveMe. Awesome tunes, DD! Can’t wait until you play a venue again. Off to watch Concert Window. Hate to leave. But I gotta

SaveMe Oh: Sy soon dear and keep up the good spirit

Paris Cloyd: Gonna lay down and get lost in DD land which is priceless. for everything else theres master card. and Save will handle the bill.

Apmelina Slingshot: Let SaveMe pay for everything

SaveMe Oh: I already do

Apmelina Slingshot: I never got paid for my nibbling your..whatever..

SaveMe Oh: You know what Roxy’s institution costs?

Roxy Gellar: It makes me sad, the circle jerk of fawning scene-sters who worship at the feet of Saveme. I thought better of you. But as I have mentioned the nail in that coffin was the last time DD and Morli played The Underground. The lack of consideration demonstrated while I provided the space, rent, hosting, and advertising for that event. I knew I was closing the doors on the Sun & Moon Group eventually. And that day was a very clarifying moment. Time for me to be a freeloader and as rude and crass, giving as good as I get.

Try To Hug SaveMe Oh Without Mandel Solano Knowing

Tansee waves and hopes you are well

SaveMe Oh: Yes, survived another week

SaveMe Oh: Have you already unbanned me from LEA?

Tansee: I wish I could tp you and share some ideas,,,, would be fun

SaveMe Oh: You can, tell your boss you need me there

Tansee: Remember,,,,,,, I am the one with no boss, independent like you:-)

SaveMe Oh: No you are not, you cant invite who you want, you have a boss. Someone rules your life, tells you what to do

Tansee: No one rules my life

SaveMe Oh: Then TP me

Tansee: Maybe my tummy when I am hungry

SaveMe Oh: When you are free, tp me

Tansee: Or,,,, when I need a glass of good wine

SaveMe Oh: Hey, your boss banned me from the region. What are you going to do about it?

Tansee: I am going to continue to do what I have done,,,,,,enjoy your company, your creations, your political statements, your colorful spirit, your wonderful quick wit, your sense of interesting style.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but when will you tell your boss to unban me? Because I can make all the statements I want, when that doesn’t result in you taking action its useless

Tansee: You are a wonderful source of intrigue for me.

SaveMe Oh: Set me free! SaveMe

Tansee: And remember,,,, I am old and could die tomorrow

SaveMe Oh: So do it today

Tansee::-) you are already the free-est person I know and that is why I love you.

SaveMe Oh: I already was unable to go to funerals because people unbanned me too late

Tansee: If I die,,,,, I will be in your heart:-)

SaveMe Oh: hippie

Tansee: I am not the funeral type person, you should know that by now. I am the White side of you!

SaveMe Oh: I know nothing, you refuse to let me come near. You hide behind Betty and Solano’s walls.

Tansee: TP me and I will be near you. Hide?

SaveMe Oh: You see how easy it is?


Then the hippie tried to hug and kiss me.


SaveMe Oh: I don’t kiss and hug people who don’t fight for me

Tansee: You will laugh when I tell you I accidentally put your message in Betty’s  im just now

SaveMe Oh: Haha, yes. Omg, now you are in serious trouble


Tansee, Betty Omo and SaveMe Oh 

Betty Tureaud: whats up?

SaveMe Oh: Tansee is stalking me

Betty Tureaud: oh she is lol

SaveMe Oh: Save me


Tansee: Hi Betty

SaveMe Oh: Hi Betty, new hairdresser?

Tansee: I tried to hug SaveMe Oh. I was turned down:-( Betty is that the new head?

SaveMe Oh: Not much better. When you two ask your LEA boss to unban me there?

Betty Tureaud: He is not my boss

SaveMe Oh: You two have the same taperecorder? Now Betty also says she is free?

Betty Tureaud: A taperecorder is outdatet

SaveMe Oh: I consider your age

Tansee: I am the old one remember

SaveMe Oh: When I would say harddisk recorder you might not get it

Tansee::-) I am still having problems turning on my computer !

SaveMe Oh: Pay your bills in time

Betty Tureaud: I use a chips to record

SaveMe Oh: Lays?

Tansee: I have to leave soon RL company

SaveMe Oh: Hope they are still alive

Tansee: What else did you make Save?

Betty Tureaud: Omg she made a lots

SaveMe Oh: I cant show you as Betty will steal everything.

Betty Tureaud: Some pretty good to

Tansee: I saw pics, yes

Betty Tureaud: After she started to use OMO it became a lot better

SaveMe Oh: When you two unban me at LEA I will come to show you all

Betty Tureaud: OMO do it!!!

Tansee: the 3 of us could make quite a controversy:-)

SaveMe Oh: Betty always bans me before I can make a controversy

Betty Tureaud: lol, as long you call me the worst wanabee artis in SL you dont deserve any kindness

SaveMe Oh: But when you dont let me upgrade you from the worsed wannabe artist of SL to something better, I can’t do much for you.

Tansee: Ok ladies,,,, I must go now, hugs to you both. Play nice !

SaveMe Oh: Invite me to LEA soon

Betty Tureaud: Ha ha  Save never play nice

Tansee: I like you both very much.


Betty Omo, SaveMe Oh and Tansee

Standing Virtual Woman

Second life virtual artist SaveMe Oh performing in a contribution to A SPACE TO CALL MY OWN, curated by Sarah Younan for the CerModern,  Ankara,Turkey, 14-24.04.16.


SaveMe Oh will be reading the ZAMAN newspaper at the Ataturk Mausoleum in Ankara and other worldwide virtual environments while you are invited to join her and do anything you like, but please don’t disturb her as she is reading the newspaper.


In times when the public expression of political and subversive positions is fraught with danger, the home and other private spaces often become the arena where opinions are voiced. Today, digital media, online and virtual spaces provide new platforms of expression. Digital and domestic environments can also become places of refuge, where people enter alternative realities, unburdened by the constraints of everyday life.


At the same time, digital media opens up new ways to monitor and regulate public expression and digital surveillance threatens the privacy and shelter of the home. Is the safety of domestic spaces under threat? Do digital environments offer spaces of expression and protest that relate to the real world in meaningful ways? Or are they realms of resignation and retreat into domestic comfort and digital daydreams?


This show will explore domestic and digital spaces, and investigate how they serve both as sites of subversive thoughts and actions, and as realms of withdrawal and disengagement.


Betty, Save Me!

Betty Tureaud: Waiting to make chaos?

SaveMe Oh: Are you flying with me out of solidarity?


Betty Tureaud: No,lol.

SaveMe Oh: I thought you finally choose to support the oppressed people.

Betty Tureaud: Just curious why you are hanging here.

SaveMe Oh: Now this, Betty, is where a banned person hangs around. Always excluded, always behind banlines.

Betty Tureaud: Yes it must feel bad.

SaveMe Oh: Yes it does, it’s an awful feeling. How does it feel for you to exclude people?

Betty Tureaud: Not nice to be a pariah.

SaveMe Oh: Syrian people know all about it. Never welcome, while the snobs are celebrating their parties.

Betty Tureaud: The cristian or the muslim

SaveMe Oh: All who are expelled or banned

Betty Tureaud: Yes not nice to be a leper

SaveMe Oh: It’s horrible. Can you help me?

Betty Tureaud: But some have chosen to play this game

SaveMe Oh: I don’t know the people who has chosen this, I didn’t.

Betty Tureaud: Your are a self-selected drama queen.

SaveMe Oh: Is being a drama queen a crime?

Betty Tureaud: It’s your art project as I know

SaveMe Oh: Is drama a crime?

Betty Tureaud: No it’s an art form.

SaveMe Oh: Then why it’s not allowed?

Betty Tureaud: Because it’s not convenient

SaveMe Oh: Why everything has to be convenient? Is that your definition of art? Convenience?

Betty Tureaud: its depends, I give fuck in art. I just make what I want

SaveMe Oh: That we all know and can see in everything you do. But why are you supporting banning and excluding?

Betty Tureaud: You are just an old narrow minded.

SaveMe Oh: In what way Betty?

Betty Tureaud: No, I am not a racist.

SaveMe Oh: I didn’t call you one.

Betty Tureaud: Your biggest fan is here. Iono Allen.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, he wants to be close to me, just like you.

Betty Tureaud: He he, I think you want to be close to me.

SaveMe Oh: You are the only one I can be close to here, as I am banned. The moment you fly away I am all alone again.

Betty Tureaud: You just want to have some to mock

SaveMe Oh: No, I would love to join Morlita in her performance.

Betty Tureaud: Yes she is good

SaveMe Oh: But you and your friends prevent me from doing

Betty Tureaud: It’s because you fill the SIM with your non invited art

SaveMe Oh: Morli would love it, and nobody has to see me, you can defender or mute me

Betty Tureaud: No I like some of your art

SaveMe Oh: Then you choose what you want to see or not

Betty Tureaud: Yes and you become a lot better

SaveMe Oh: Everybody has the tools. But you and your friends prefer to kill me.

Betty Tureaud: As I say you fill the SIM with not invited art

SaveMe Oh: Then you defender all. Problem solved. Everybody knows that, but nobody does, because they like to see. Its jealousy of people that I get attention

Betty Tureaud: Yes easy medicine

SaveMe Oh: They can’t stand I draw all attention. That makes them furious and then they try to kill me. And you are one of these people. Why you do that to me? What have I done to you?

Betty Tureaud: The way you want attention can sometimes feel sick

Betty Tureaud: even you make some nice art

SaveMe Oh: When something makes you sick sometimes is that a reason to kill me?

Betty Tureaud: I don’t kill you

SaveMe Oh: Yes you do. You killed me on your Danish Visions land ages ago, you kill me on LEA. I never killed you, banned you or eject you.

Betty Tureaud: I just prevent you to fill the SIM. Your work make convergens

SaveMe Oh: And why should you be the police?

Betty Tureaud: I am not

SaveMe Oh: Did you work at Guantanamo Bay and got qualified there? Why you don’t advise all your visitors to derender me?

Betty Tureaud: Ok I go see you again bye bye don’t despair

SaveMe Oh: You have a Kleenex for me?