We’ll Meet Again

We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again.

The new SaveMe Oh Movie

Improper Use Of SaveMe Oh

Due to recent speculation and social media activity, LL (the makers of Secondlife) has been asked whether internal administration of SaveMe Oh may be appropriate as a treatment for coronavirus.

As a global leader in the making of virtual worlds, we must be clear that under no circumstance should SaveMe Oh be administered into the virtual body (through wear, add or any other route). As with all our products, SaveMe Oh should only be used as intended and in line with TOS. Please read the disclaimer and privacy information.

We have a responsibility in providing consumers with access to accurate, up-to-date information as advised by leading public health experts. For this and other myth-busting facts, please visit savemeoh.wordpress.com.

Corona Saved My Life

Lenni Foxtrot: I want to hug you, but we cant possibly do that in front of other people… have you ever hugged anyone?

SaveMe Oh: I have a griefer

Lenni Foxtrot: Don’t we like those? Have any of you ever hugged Save Me Oh? Like a close.. cuddly hug?

Cat Boucher: Not really Lenni but I would if I want her to leave!

SaveMe Oh: OMG stereohug danger! 1,5 m ladies!

Cat Boucher: I don’t want you to leave SaveMe, No hugs needed lol.

SaveMe Oh: Stay away from me.

Lenni Foxtrot: I have always thought SaveMe was awesome… and have tried for years to get her to hug me. No wonder avies get depressed in this world.

Cat Boucher: Why should she hug you Lenni? Cos you are awesome too?

Lenni Foxtrot: Well cuz.. I dunno.. I like SaveMe.. we have been through a lot… I vent to her 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Corona saved my life

Lenni Foxtrot: She is a good friend to me.. she doesn’t bullshit me.. all other friends do

Cat Boucher: SaveMe isn’t unfair, well mostly not.

SaveMe Oh: That took a lot of strength to write that down.

Cat Boucher: Was almost unable to move my fingers lol.

SaveMe Oh: I noticed

Lenni Foxtrot: She is mean.. I think.. but sometimes….our SaveMe.. is also passionate… no artist in not passionate

Lenni Foxtrot: I admit, my hope tonight, was to get a hug from SaveMe… here in RL we can’t, I thought for once.. Save might give in and hug me. I stand close enough so it is easy :))

Cat Boucher: Are you obsessed Lenni? lol

Lenni Foxtrot: Yup! Who isn’t in love with SaveMe??!

SaveMe Oh: I better go in god mode.

The Corona Detour

Dear all, 

We regret to inform you that the 2020 MILAN MACHINIMA FESTIVAL has been postponed due to the ongoing COVID 19 emergency in Northern Italy. If you still want to witness the full SaveMe Oh showcase start at tuesday 10 March 2020 at 9.00 until 19.00 this online programm and put it on REPEAT!!!!

The Virtual Role Playing Code

A man, somewhere in the world decides one day to create an avatar in the virtual world of Second Life. He decide his virtual doll is wearing glasses and long red hair and will dance the same dance on every spot it appears. He decide to name his doll Bavid Dailey. The man (or woman or transgender) behind this doll likes music and he starts to visit with his doll virtual events advertised as music gigs. On that gig another man (or woman or transgender) with an invented doll is pretending to be musician. Mostly recognisable as a doll standing on a virtual stage pretending to play an instrument that looks like a keyboard, a DJ set or with a guitar around their virtual neck. The RL man (or woman or transgender), somewhere in the world performs the music at home or in a studio, and streams this to his/hers/its virtual hand puppet and creates some kind of scene. This scene is a not to define as other avatars from all over the world can contribute to the scene at will, some appear like a rabbit with goggles, Bavid is swirling his red long hair in endless loops in front of the viewer or SaveMe Oh, Cherry Manga or Venus Adored appear and wear some attachments or fart some particles, all according to their own judgement in what to contribute. Other RL people prefer to spend hundreds of dollars to dress their virtual dolls up with fancy mesh heads, exclusive virtual hair or the best bouncing virtual tits they can find. Some might find time to listen to the music, others are busy to take pictures for their Facebook accounts in were they continue to pretend they are real persons. By tagging each other as much as possible this becomes a real feeling of existence.

A woman, somewhere in Denmark decides one day to create an avatar in the virtual world of Second Life. She decide her virtual doll must have Asian looks, glasses and the doll has to role play as an artist, she decide to name her doll Betty Ai Tureaud. The wannabe artist doll try to become known as the creator of the cube in pastel yellow, pink or green, the sphere in pastel yellow, pink or green or the pyramid in pastel yellow, pink or green and calls that immersive as the spectator is expected to drive his/her/its virtual doll through the pastel landscape.

The RL woman (or man or transgender), somewhere in Denmark, demands a virtual role playing code for her audience. They shall sit on her dolls poseballs, they shall look at her virtual dolls art and they shall adapt to the dolls pastel scenery. When someone doesn’t follow these orders the RL woman try to demonise not cooperating virtual characters or their RL drivers, thinking she can correct the unwanted behaviour by public exposure like the good old witchhunt.

When the RL woman (or man or transgender), somewhere in Denmark, realises there is hardly a virtual audience for her dolls variations on the pastel yellow, pink or green cubes, spheres and pyramids she decide for a career switch for her doll. From now on the doll is a DJ, named Betty Boo, but the virtual role playing code stays unchanged, shut up and admire the RL woman (or man or transgender), somewhere in Denmark, choice of favourite music which she has in her Spotify playlist.

A man, (or woman or transgender) somewhere in the Netherlands has a performance. The people of the audience buy a ticket, enter the theatre, have a coffee and then search for their chair. Lights go out, the performance begins, the immersive story unfolds in front of them, they applaud, have a drink after the performance and go home.

A man, (or woman or transgender) somewhere in the Netherlands decides one day to create a serie of avatars in the virtual world of Second Life. He creates a girl with Asian looks, he creates her old father, his girlfriend and invents a story for them, She is going to be a virtual work of art, using all tools available to achieve that goal, not hold back by RL common codes or virtual role playing codes. And a star is born! (depending on internet speed, backup space and common acceptation)

Derender That Asshole

DJ Betty Boo wanted some adrenaline, really???

SaveMe Oh: Why are we in a silly box? who had the need to use virtual bricks?

Cherry Manga: I have visuals for the bricks

SaveMe Oh: I should drop a brick on your head, this demands a large cover up!

Cherry Manga: Don’t tease my claustrofobia

SaveMe Oh: No cloister anymore, what a relief.

Betty Tureaud: Derender that asshole

SaveMe Oh: Betty, what a language

Cherry Manga: I’m making softer visuals… 😉

Betty Tureaud: I cant see anything

SaveMe Oh: You have to push the stop and play button, why you need to see something?

Betty Tureaud: Ok I go, goodbye

SaveMe Oh: Leave the music on Betty

Betty Tureaud: Fuck you SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: When?

Cherry Manga: Save be good

SaveMe Oh: Wear a mask. I am always good

Cherry Manga: nope you’re starting too hard

SaveMe Oh: You forced us in a brick box

Betty Tureaud: she go or I go

Cherry Manga: Just derender Save….if you don’t want to see her

Jadeyu Fhang: Mute saveme

Cherry Manga: Or me if you don’t want to see my cute stuff^^

Aneli Abeyante: You can block also lol

SaveMe Oh: We can ask Ultralight as a stand in? Betty, play some music

Betty Tureaud: No

SaveMe Oh: Otherwise we, virtual artists, cant improvise as we react on you

Betty Tureaud: i cant see anything

Cherry Manga: I prepared Betty colors stuff…. 😀

Betty Tureaud: I am not playing with your stuff SaveMe Oh, that was not the deal.

Cherry Manga: Come on Betty, derender Save

SaveMe Oh: Deal????? What deal????? Didnt know we had a deal Betty? Do I need to make deals with you??? Since when? So you can push stop and play buttons? I thought you had derender me for years? OMG. you view in secret what I do? I am flattered.

Jadeyu Fhang: What happened ???

SaveMe Oh: Do you have a nice virus song or you prefer another image? I am very flexible. Normally faster than any DJ as I am prepared. What you want? Bambi? Abstract? Kitsch?

Betty has left the building

SaveMe Oh: Jade, maybe you have to take over, the crowd is waiting

Gitu Aura: Where is Betty?

Jadeyu Fhang: Betty left

SaveMe Oh: I said Boo and she run!

SaveMe Oh At The Milan Machinima Festival

14 of my machinimas are part of the SaveMe Oh Retrospective at the Milan Machinima Festival.

From Tuesday until Thursday we will present an indepth look at four artists whose daring, groundbreaking, unclassifiable work has redefined the aesthetics of machinima: Contemporary Exhibition Hall.


Tuesday March 10 2020/Martedì 10 marzo 2020

Contemporary Exhibition Hall (IULM OPEN SPACE)

09:00 – 19:00

Free entry



Not going to Milan? Then check them out here: https://vimeo.com/savemeoh