How Dare The Simple Minded, Egocentric, Self Centered, Spoiled Brat? This Small, Sad, Human Being? This Pathetic Creature And Frustrated Bitch! This Ill Mannered Child! This Visual Terrorist And Fucking Idiot! A Bitter Little Shrew.

When I told Cat C. Boucher from Cat’s Circus that her hippie views about removing boundaries, connecting and collaboration only happen on her own terms she didn’t agree. I argued that she gives musicians all freedom to express themselves but that her ugly tent limits visual artists to do their job.


Soon I found out it was not allowed to have a different opinion as the brothers Farell wished me HELL.

Kevin Farrell: Cat supports all artists, she always has. You can create your own freedom SaveMe Oh, and support people who give freedom to any creative art. Your criticism is unwarranted and untrue.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you are being arbitrary and dictatorial.

We all have our preferences, likes and dislikes.

Do you criticise someone for liking oil paint more than watercolour, or do you celebrate the difference and credit both?


Mark Farrell: Cat C. Boucher, your venue and your service to the community, has been nothing short of a blessing. We all know that it is a rare thing a sim ever makes back what it puts in to it and I’m not just talking about money. Blood, sweat, tears by the bushel and hours checking schedules in SL against what you need for yourself in RL.

Far be it from me – or anyone – to criticize your house and then demand to be an honored guest.

How dare the simple minded, egocentric, self centered spoiled brat of this ilk, come pounding at your door, as if to say that their fleeting existence and momentary presence in your home, is somehow not at your leisure.

As a creator and performer, I hang my head in shame for any mistaken or contrived association with this ill mannered child.

SaveMe Oh, a suggestion: A quality act does not descend upon a venue and make unreasonable or unusual demands.

This is Cat’s Circus, not “House of SaveMe Oh”. “HER Venue” (and I emphasize that) is a testament to her creativity, just as much as you perceive that your music/particle/light show is to yours.

FFS, if you don’t believe her place suites your act, buy your own sim, build your own club to your hearts desire, use a Holodeck or a rezzer system to please your wildest dream from moment to moment.

I personally would never come to your sim or your club after this and performances are doubtful. Nor would I change the slightest thing in a venue I owned, for a small, sad, human being such as yourself.

Shame on you!


And Machka P Blaisdale also had an opinion about SaveMe Oh: Visual artist are you?? Rezzing animals and floating porn pics are not my idea of a visual artist. You are just a frustrated bitch with no creativity at all, and if someone does not agree with you, you lash out and even at the people still supporting you call them cunts and telling their venue is a dump. I think you are a very pathetic creature on the grid.

Another rabbit pretending to play guitar had also some kind words:

Stubby Jack:  SaveMe Oh you are a visual terrorist, if someone asks u a question u act like its a personal affront to u, personally i think youre a fucking idiot, but thats just my opinion….. which i know at least some people in here would agree. You are not an artist you are a bitter little shrew who obviously has some mental issue that prevents you from being sociable…

The Disgusting Not Appropriate Trump Reference She Is Very Disappointed About

Some might think the LEA committee is a transparent organization but we all know already for long that narrow-mindedness is their main leitmotiv. See how committee members Secret Rage and PatriciaAnne Daviau try to manipulate a LEA simowner, in this case my dear brother Lemonodo Oh

First some motherly advice from LEA Committee member Secret Rage to Lemonodo Oh how to handle his sister SaveMe Oh when he wanted her to be unbanned so she could attent his opening of his LEA24 sim last October

Secret Rage: I don’t think I need to tell you that you saying things should remain moderate is not going to make SaveMe Oh remain moderate…likely you realize it will guarantee she won’t😉 She is allowed by invitation only by the artist there on LEA (as she has been very abusive to other Artists in the past, unfortunately-which is sad). Anyway, I have removed her from the ban for your sim so she is able to attend… also I’ve had the maturity rating changed for you so we don’t have any issues this time.

Lemonodo Oh: Hi, Secret Rage, this is good news on both counts — we might revisit rating after the opening — SaveMe is likely to do better by invitation than by being banned.

Secret Rage: Would you like me to send that notice out in the LEA info group?

After the opening:

Lemonodo Oh: SaveMe was happy enough with the opening… now she wants the region but suppose I found her case well argued–it seems best the LEA air grant committee consider this David and Goliath “solution” that I endorse. I spoke with PatriciaAnne Daviau about it and we’ll go ahead and do it— I will do my utmost to preserve boundaries at neighbouring regions especially and content— I hope we can stay out of the content monitoring business truly I do, but I might have to because there are reasons I might (and also in some ways, reasons we might not)

Secret Rage: Well…do remember it is YOUR sim- nothing should happen there that you don’t want to happen.

Lemonodo Oh: I thought it over and decided to go with it — if I had to do it over again, I would respond the same — so I am putting my heart and soul this is the best way all that it entails

Secret Rage: The final say is yours in regard to the sim…I wish you well

Lemonodo Oh: Thanks — I think it will inform us

After SaveMe Oh occupied the ground level of LEA24 in the month November


PatriciaAnne Daviau: Wow. “LEA is nothing, you are something” …. You really think we are nothing after giving you grants several times?

Lemonodo Oh: Apparently this is a quote… in terms of art movements we might agree this is true.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Ok

Lemonodo Oh:🙂

PatriciaAnne Daviau:😦

After the Pussy Grab Mountains occurred at LEA24


PatriciaAnne Daviau: Do you really think what you have on your LEA sim is appropriate? Have you seen the disgusting Trump reference on YOUR sim?

Lemonodo Oh: Would it be ok if I asked the artist to clear this up? I can’t do it for you

PatriciaAnne Daviau: You do whatever you want… you made your bed and now YOU have to lie in it

PatriciaAnne Daviau: I know you think LEA is nothing and SaveMe is everything but I am VERY disappointed in you

Lemonodo Oh: Um, that is not true. You can’t know what I think because that is not how I think. If you’re disappointed, that is separate. Disappointed.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: I read it in SaveMe’s blog or did she lie when she copy\pasted your chat?

Lemonodo Oh: That is something the (I cannot spell this word) liason brought up and that is a misinterpretation if not a misreading that you just sent me. Let us reread the passage together since two of you were quick to take offense where none was directed or intended

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Lemonodo Oh: I don’t see any comparison. LEA is nothing, you are something.

Lemonodo Oh: (this is aside from the offending work now)

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Straight from her blog

Lemonodo Oh: That is about an art movement. But I have not located the passage. LEA is an art administrative entity similar to a museum, SaveMe Oh is an artist. There is a difference.

This is what I remember mentioning to the liason.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: But we are nothing and she is something.

Lemonodo Oh: Though not happy, the liason was “ok” with the distinction and how indeed there is no comparison. As for art moevementys LEA has no proper agency at all. That I can see. What are your thoughts on this? (Again this is aside from the offending work, and I might be the wrong person to take up this discussion)

Anyway I found the passage… are you sure you want to take offense?

You Really Think Governance, Dee and Keira Linden Love You?

It was that French security expert Iono Allen has always an eye on his radar systems otherwise I would not have noticed these invasion of LINDEN employees in the LEA 24 sim that I have occupied, but at once 3 were flying around in the wild above Pussy Grab Mountains and the roads from nothing to nowhere to spy on the only exiting installation in LEA.




A few hours later also the LEA committee sends her secretary of execution, but I just offered her a free car as I offer to everyone.


SaveMe Oh: Did you try a car already?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: No

SaveMe Oh: If you want you can hop in…..

PatriciaAnne Daviau: I’ll have to do that in a few moments

SaveMe Oh: Hop in? Pity you missed all our LINDEN friends

PatriciaAnne Daviau: I did? When were they visiting?

SaveMe Oh: Few hours ago, a real flying armada.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: You take pictures?

SaveMe Oh: Of course. You better unban me quick in case they love me.

PatriciaAnne Daviau: You really think they love you?

SaveMe Oh: Why they wouldn’t love me? The only one keeping Secondlife alive? Btw, did you vote for Trump?

Also Merit Coba passed by:

Merit Coba wrote later on facebook:

I wished I could hate SaveMe Oh. So I went to her lea 24 thing. I can’t say much about it to reveal it, but it is in many ways a brilliant association between various cultures, It feels easy to make.. but it is hard to make it.
I once met her.. she was really bitchy. So I was bitchy to her at her exhibit. Apparently, she can take shit for she didn’t ban me.

Pussy Grab Mountain Drive

At LEA 24, the sim that SaveMe Oh occupy this month without ever filling in an official LEA application form, was already her exhibition NOWHERE IS WHERE THE HEART IS but now it is expanded with the Pussy Grab Mountains. Free cars are available for an exiting Pussy Grab Mountain Drive or a detour through Nothing and Nowhere. Rustic cabins are provided for a scenic pitstop. On route you can also find the Broken Wings for your own etymological collection or the Dead Cat Singing Installation. In case of lost of your vehicle there are plenty of yellow cabs available on SaveMe Square.





The LINDEN spying on SaveMe Oh:




And here the best movie Ampel ever did (not a joke), although I was glad he was in the backseat.

Cica Ghost In Birkenau

Professor DS Burner: Hello Ms. Oh.  I followed an old link to get here. It was ‘Dreamers by Cica Ghost.’

SaveMe Oh: Old links lead you to the new, congratulations but please don’t swear in front of me! If you want to see Cica Ghost bullshit please go to a Harry Potter movie.


Professor DS Burner: I teach a class on surrealism.  We do a field trip every November.  This Thursday is the next one.

SaveMe Oh: Cica Ghost and surrealism? I would change teachers on the spot! But if you tell you students to sit in the cabin in Birkenau, I guarantee surrealism.

Professor DS Burner: I take them to Two Fish as well as other spots.

SaveMe Oh: Two Fish has nothing to do with surrealism. It’s a war story. Couldn’t be more realistic.

Professor DS Burner: Anything new you recommend?

SaveMe Oh: Sit inside this cabin. Isn’t it relaxing?

Professor DS Burner: Yes. The river is nice.

SaveMe Oh: Well there are more spots like this here, just follow the NOWHERE signs!

Professor DS Burner: The class is about many things, dada, virtual reality.

SaveMe Oh: I am the only one in SL you need to talk to, all the others are frauds.

Professor DS Burner: laughs

SaveMe Oh: Fakes, pretentious snobs, using surrealism because a lack of ideas. It’s a cover up for amateurism. Any questions?

Professor DS Burner: I give the students a wide ranging tour.

SaveMe Oh: Waste of time

Professor DS Burner: I get paid one way or the other.

SaveMe Oh: I already feared so

Professor DS Burner: Nice to meet you.  I’ve been taking my class to see your work for a number of years. I’ll leave you to it. Bye.

SaveMe Oh: That’s hardly possible as I am a performance artist.

You Did Not Request To Do So

Nox Aeterna: Hiya Save, welcome!

SaveMe Oh: Welcome is a word you better use if I am still here after some minutes, because most of the times I am not welcome at all.

Rox the Fox : Aww you are welcome here

SaveMe Oh: Especially when my sister Bryn Oh or her alt Cica Ghost are in the audience.

Eifachfilm Vacirca: Hope you are not banned in MetalES

SaveMe Oh: I am banned on MetalES for ages as they were educated by generalisimo Franco, I think.


SaveMe Oh: You all remember they said WELCOME, some seconds ago???? Then read this:

Radical Razor: Please take that off🙂

SaveMe Oh: The securitate already wakes up. The prison camps are prepared. are made ready

Rox the Fox: That floor change, lol

SaveMe Oh: Execution is near. SaveMe will be killed in a second.

Radical Razor: Could you please remove your visuals. You did not request to do so.

Katharinas Nostram: Hi SaveMe! Welcome to our 1st year Anniversary. We are delighted you came but we wont be needing your light show performance. If you wish to stay and enjoy the music you are more then welcomed to. Thank you, Dark Hive Management.

SaveMe Oh: You see the firestorm has started?

Radical Razor ejected and banned you from this land.

Burned Bridges Or How To Firestorm LEA

After I occupied LEA 24 it’s time to conquer the next LEA sim, LEA 20.

SaveMe Oh: You better organise me a performance here or this might go into history as extremely boring, this is a pile of prim waste here

Juliette Surrealdreaming: You know Ultraviolet?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, she hates me and makes sure I am banned from all events she plays. I call her Ultralight btw. When organisers don’t pre-ban me she won’t play.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: You are not on the ban list here.

SaveMe Oh: When I had appeared here last Thursday it would have been just a matter of time.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Well yes probably as Art Blue has this sim.

SaveMe Oh: Art Blue is a pompous idiot

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Awwww. Art loves art and creativity.

SaveMe Oh: He is only here to promote himself.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Get serious. Everyone is.

SaveMe Oh: He is notorious for it, surf on the work of others

Juliette Surrealdreaming: He is an idea man

SaveMe Oh: Artists don’t need his ideas, artists have the ideas themselves. When organisers are there for the art it’s ok, he is there for himself.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Maybe he just doesn’t know how to realize and manifest those ideas. So he sees the ability in others and pulls them together. Well I am trying to accept everyone for who they are as I know how it feels to be shunned by a community

SaveMe Oh: People like Art Blue, Aino Baar and owners of LEA, UWA or Pirats want to expose themselves instead the artists they pretend to promote. The good organiser or promoter you wouldn’t notice. You are a bad promoter when you seem to be more important than the art you promote. But I am glad you agree with me about Art Blue.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: I do not. I accept Art for who he is… just as I accept you for who you are.

SaveMe Oh: It’s a big relief

Juliette Surrealdreaming: I respect Art, I respect you, and I think both of you are talented.

SaveMe Oh: Respect is the most awful word in the world. I clean my ass with it

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Respect, respect, respect, your asshole red now?

SaveMe Oh: you think I have diahoerea?

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Respect, respect, I think it must be burning now. Everyone is here to have expression I think. You, me, Art… DD… Ultra…. Norton… Molly… Gem etc etc etc, even Josef. I voted for his gallery.

SaveMe Oh: No, please not Josef, he loves Elton John

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Josef is expressing himself via his gallery, you can read him by viewing the art he chooses.

SaveMe Oh: No, Josef is educated by me in his gallery. But it’s a long way.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: If we each support one another… we grow as a human being. I support you SaveMe, I support Art.

SaveMe Oh: Yes you should

Juliette Surrealdreaming: But the bottom line is… respect yourself

SaveMe Oh: Hippie. This place already looks much better with my interventions


Juliette Surrealdreaming: Nice, you are really a brat

SaveMe Oh: Imagine Ultralight playing her soft porn….

Juliette Surrealdreaming: I like her music, I like DD, Paris, Lisa and also Samm

SaveMe Oh: You like everything, you were once Mother Teresa

Juliette Surrealdreaming: I try not to burn bridges

SaveMe Oh: Burned bridges are the perfect road to good art. Cross the fire and at the end you go to the left.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Art Blue is not bad, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: I know, that’s why I will save him too. Everyone deserves salvation.

SaveMe Oh:

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Do you and Venus Adored get along?

SaveMe Oh: She still tries to avoid me because she is a Mandel Solana’s groupie but one day we will get along.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: I don’t really know Mandel Solana or his history

SaveMe Oh: Betty, Ultralight, Venus, Mandel, they have some frustrations, but I will save them too.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Betty… I once thought she wanted to do a show at my gallery but… then she told me to stop sending her invitations, so… I stopped

SaveMe Oh: She is a wannabe artist struggling but I will save her too.

Juliette Surrealdreaming: But isn’t that ok?  To struggle and explore your creative side in sl?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, that’s why I take them under my caring wings

Juliette Surrealdreaming: Awwww you are so nice!!!!!

Guerilla Strategy To Infiltrate LEA

As one woman guerrilla group I search for ways to infiltrate the ass licking pseudo art community of LEA which is run by a group of self-acclaimed landowners who lick the Linden ass for which they are awarded with free land and unlimited power in the LEA sims.

To get a LEA sim you have to officially send the committee an application on which these self-acclaimed judges will come to an ordeal whether they find your licking acceptable for a free sim or if complementary licking is required.

But without sending an application there are two stages of guerrilla infiltration and takeover of localities.

The first stage is the arrival of SaveMe Oh charged with reconnoitring the terrain, identifying sources of income, and laying the groundwork for a guerrilla administration.


In this case I used as Trojan horse my dear brother Lemonodo Oh. I told him to write an artsy bollocks biography and a plan for some vague artistic religious homo erotic David vs Goliath humbug that would certainly give him a LEA sim. After the first stage was completed by receiving the LEA sim, the second stage was activated by the arrival of a so-called prim invasion—glued prims who seek to gain public sympathy by imposing their own version of artistic freedom.

Once SaveMe Oh gain control of a LEA locality, it becomes a source of support and a springboard for further expansion off a free world.


For this takeover it was necessary to eliminate Solo Mornington for which I take full responsibility as the committee members of LEA choose to look away for years. I had no other option.

By conquering this LEA sim, which I will only occupy during the month of November I am pleased to announce the exhibition NOWHERE IS WHERE THE HEART IS. Now to see in LEA 24.

The Holy Black Danceballs Of Rosie Gray

Rosie Gray: Might be best to keep the red flooring off please SaveMe. It’s hard enough to find the black danceballs under your corpses.

SaveMe Oh: It’s Halloween, everything can happen.

Rosie Gray: Lol, indeed, but we do want to be able to use the dances in the black danceballs.

SaveMe Oh: The zombies will guide them

Rosie Gray: I think some people are having a hard time with it all. Pip Torok can’t see the black dance balls.


Rosie Gray: Please stop the spiders SaveMe… or teach them a lot!

Rosie Gray: SaveMe… can you please take away the floor

Rosie Gray: Pip can’t see the black danceballs and this is ‘our’ party, sighs.  SaveMe,if you don’t, I’m going to have to boot you.

SaveMe Oh: You decide what is more important, a good performance or your black danceballs

Rosie Gray: This isn’t your decision, I’m sorry.

SaveMe Oh: I said you decide……nobody stops you from being a dictator, even at Halloween.

Rosie Gray: Sorry… just too much over the top. It hides everything we had.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, those wonderful black danceballs

Rosie Gray: That’s not all, I was trying to be polite, but you weren’t getting it.


She kicked me out.


SaveMe Oh: Now you can be happy, your black danceballs are back

Rosie Gray: You’re welcome to come back, just don’t overwhelm my black danceballs with your stuff.

SaveMe Oh: Why I want to come back? to stare at your black danceballs?