Duce Si Diventa

A dictator is not born as such but is raised.

When a frustrated Italian boy, let’s call him Livio, doesn’t get the wanted attention as an artist after years of glueing stuff together he desperate tries alternative directions.

Wear a gorilla suit and pose as a musician, lick the ass of some other musicians in an attempt to be added to a collective and pose on social media as a moral compass.

When that all leads to nothing the only option is to stand out by putting other people down. Volunteer as a caretaker, make sure you get the banning rights and slowly start to eliminate the free spirits who make you look like a pain in the ass. The more free spirits you succeed to eliminate, the bigger the space for your own megalomaniac buildings and slowly you can start to decide what is right and what is wrong. Now you only have to wait till the old queen dies so you can take over all. And when that takes too long there are always options with a little help from your friends!

I Am The Gorilla

Wonder who is the new alpha male on top of the monkey rock? The silverback of SL?

Livio Mondini: I like also if i am not called Livio Mondini Korobase but DJ Gorilla Korobase. I had an update and I am so fertile now that I expect a lot of willing females lining up passionate in front of me for a good love story. Ok, sexual attraction!

This offer is not open to SaveMe Oh for whom I will arrange that she get banned everywhere I play my Spotify list.

I am the fertile DJ Gorilla Korobase now for at least 8 years, maybe the SaveMe’s of this world don’t know but for a long time I runned a club doing sometimes DJ Gorilla Korobase while doing the people around me. And people who might think I ask someone to ban SaveMe Oh for me, DJ Gorilla Korobase or not, I don’t need to ask, I do it direct so I have more time to do Planet Paprika. I love paprika!

Cat C. Boucher: Sweetheart, after you have done me I totaly believe it was me who banned SaveMe Oh out of free will.

SaveMe Oh: Fascists who push free people to exclude others and make them believe they have made a autonomic decission are the most effective in establishing a dictatorship.

A Limb: Can I do an attempt of something off topic? ……forcing visual artists to stop their performance by invading their space with unsolicited visuals is a model of democracy, of course.

A Transonic Venus Fuck

After successful events where I provided great visuals and Glasz did her best to film it the Belgian Transonic fuckers decided this time we were not welcome any more and organised a German/Belgium apartheid bunker with huge banlines. And in good old German fashion they blamed someone else to be able to be dancing liars!

SaveMe Oh: Can you TP me in? I seem to be banned

Planet Paprika: Hi SaveMe, I am sorry but I was asked to ban you because last time you were unfair to Venus Adored. I can’t TP you.

SaveMe Oh: She is not even online

Planet Paprika: No Kalyca is doing visuals

SaveMe Oh: So you are lying? To find some silly excuse?

Planet Paprika: I am not lying. People just want to perform in peace.

SaveMe Oh: You use Venus Adored as excuse, very sad

Planet Paprika: I do not but because of Venus I was asked to ban you … it shouldn’t happen again. That you push someone away.

SaveMe Oh: Venus would never ask for my ban, how cowardly to use her.

Planet Paprika: Maybe not but the others did!

SaveMe Oh: wir haben es micht gewust. Good German habits

SaveMe Oh: you should be ashamed of yourself

SaveMe Oh: I hope Venus will be very offended by this

Planet Paprika: I try to explain it again SaveMe …. the artists that do the event shall perform as they want and in peace and I support that

SaveMe Oh: You didn’t tell that, you try to mislead me with a made up story to wash your hands like Pilatus.

Planet Paprika: No. I told you how it is.

SaveMe Oh: An honest person would tell which person don’t want me there, and not use Venus Adored as an escape goat.

Planet Paprika: The people from Transonic asked!

SaveMe Oh: It took you more than 15 minutes to tell the truth.

Oh, btw, they use my visuals to promote the event where they ban me. Should I send them a bill?

Mother’s Day Hostilities

Hermes Kondor: Hello Zhu… how are you ? Could please block this avatar? SaveMe Oh. Urgently.
SaveMe Oh: Use your glasses.

Tansee: You have been ejected from ‘Second Life Endowment for The Arts’ by Tansee.

SaveMe Oh: You think it was necessary?

Second Life: You have offered friendship to Tansee

Aruba DeCuir: I see you have photographed here – it is not allowed and it is stated in About Land.
SaveMe Oh: I cannot read what is allowed on land that I am banned.

Long Time Never See

Aruba DeCuir: I see you have photographed here – it is not allowed and it is stated in About Land.
SaveMe Oh: I cannot read what is allowed on land that I am banned.

You might think it’s Glasz DeCuir her sweet sister, but in fact it’s Aruba ABUSE REPORT DeCuir. I always react on her calls because she needs salvation bad, but…

SaveMe Oh: It was lovely as always, but when you ban me I can’t buy your glued hobby works.
Aruba DeCuir: you should not be able to come here
SaveMe Oh: you send an invitation
Aruba DeCuir: you are banned here
SaveMe Oh: Why, I am your long and only friend
Aruba DeCuir: and if you go on I will AR you for the 10th time
SaveMe Oh: AR?
SaveMe Oh: They might punish you for cruelty, inviting people and then ban them. Thats sadistic behavior
Aruba DeCuir: muted

SLEA Lobotomy

As it took only one fuck with a gorilla at the gorilla party by Livio Korobase to make Tansee ban me at the SLEA dictatorship an empty mesh head might be the solution to pretend being stupid.

SaveMe Oh: Hi Tansee, did you already unban me?

Chris Craft: the Cornfield still exists but the Labs have not sent anyone to it for about a decade … It was like a one week long naughty step where griefers could lean to behave You can find some videos of the Second Life Cornfield when it was still running via Google

SaveMe Oh: Ah, those good old times of the strong leadership. Were artist were told to shut up and behave, were curators could decide for the stupid people what was good for them or not. Who doesn’t wish those times return again. Maybe Trump is into a new job? Now we so sadly lost the great Solo Mornington who took care so well about what was good for us and what was not.

Chris Craft: In my first month in SL I managed to get sent to the Cornfield for a week then it was just a huge field of corn a broken down tractor and a smashed up TV No TPs allowed No IMs No rezzing.

SaveMe Oh: And did it make you a better person?

Safar Fiertze: Chris is ace!

Chris Craft: YES now I am super polite to users

SaveMe Oh: So for him it worked, well done Linden Lab

Janet Rhiadra: Good for you Chris

SaveMe Oh: And without elektroshocks or some good lobotomy?

Janet Rhiadra: I saw it once on halloween when the Lindens had a cornfield open house…lol

Chris Craft: These days the Labs finds it easier to just suspend a users account for a week

Safar Fiertze: so – you could personally volunteer to be one of the punished?

SaveMe Oh: To volunteer is already something, Tansee just kills you at will

Janet Rhiadra: it was like going to a spook house..lol

SaveMe Oh: So the cornfield must be a paradise compared to Tansee

Chris Craft: there is an SL Insane Asylum over near New Chicago where you can get a free lobotomy on the 3rd floor

SaveMe Oh: Does that work with a mesh head too? I heard they are empty inside

Sowa Mai: if you have a mesh head you are already lobotomized

SaveMe Oh: I guess Tansee has a mesh head, you are right Sowa

Sowa Mai: I have 4 of them 🙂

Claud Albanese: My mesh head appears to have a brain inside, so it might work

Safar Fiertze: Tansee has a brain, Eupa took a photo of it. Apparently, I have one too.

SaveMe Oh: Never trusts Eupa’s photos.

When I Killed LEA And Rezzed SLEA

Sayumi Tsunenaga: Hi there, I just have a couple of quick questions: firstly, this is a private group but Linden Endowment for the Arts Info is a LL group. That second group of which I am also a member has more members – but no current notices at all right now. Is it ever active, is it worth staying in, or has it more or less died?

SaveMe Oh: I killed it, you can leave that group

Gemma: thinks that is the old, yes. Well SaveMe not sure now lololol

Sayumi Tsunenaga giggles… So funny SaveMe! But yeah, this sure seems to be the active group, and you can’t even chat in the other

SaveMe Oh: After I killed LEA I gave Tansee the idea for SLEA, we will see how it works out. So far, so good.

Sayumi Tsunenaga: Very cool of you SaveMe, hee hee… how long has this group been going?

SaveMe Oh: Since I open SLEA, some weeks ago.

Can You Use Mondriaan To Promote Yourself?

120 x 120 walls glued with Mondriaan by Yann Gyro for an expo in UASL. Should I give him a great start with my additional Mondriaan performance? Why not, also Yan Gyro has a right on salvation.

Yann GYRO: she is a griefer?

Riannah Baron: Could be considered that

SaveMe Oh: No, I am the most famous artist of SL

Riannah Baron: Yeah but I thought you like your own productions. Not using others to promote yourself.

SaveMe Oh: He is using Mondriaan to promote himself, whats the difference?

ḈħξĻỢ Baron: Is his work

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and this is my work.

ḈħξĻỢ Baron: In his exhibit

SaveMe Oh: Where he uses Mondriaan?

Riannah Baron: Yup

SaveMe Oh: So he is the only one allowed to steal?

Riannah Baron: You’ll need to remove your objects and be civil or you can leave, Just that.

SaveMe Oh: Are you afraid I might attract more attention?

Riannah Baron: Nope, Not afraid at all. Alright then have it your way.

SaveMe Oh: I always have it my way.

Riannah Avora ejected and banned you from this land.