Team Fascist

After Iono Allen made the best movie out of his carrier, a movie about me, SaveMe Oh, he was immediately added to TEAM FASCIST by Solo Mornington, the man who made it the goal in his live to wipe SaveMe Oh from the face of the virtual world. Solo Mornington, although long time caretaker of a, supposed to be be, art sim never talks about the excellent art work of SaveMe Oh, but always puts her away as a griefer, a bully, a fascist, a harasser, a villain, an abuse person. Never a word about exciting beauty, magic events, edgy art and mindblazing improvisations between SaveMe and musicians worldwide, but only the childish sobbing of a hurt ego. SaveMe Oh lovers be warned; loving SaveMe Oh will add you to Team Fascist.

Solo Mornington: It never ceases to amaze me how SaveMe Oh not only victimizes her actual, legitimate victims, but also those who make videos like this in order to whitewash the fact that she’s a harasser. She’s Pepe the frog of SL, and you should figure out whether bullying and fascism are suitable ironic topics, or whether people being actually hurt is more important to you.

Save God

Joseph Zazulak: I wholeheartedly agree with you, Solo. I usually love Iono Allen’s films, but any appreciation of SaveMe Oh’s “art” Must be considered with her worth as a human being. In my mind, she fails at both.

Larkworthy Antfarm: And yet you can render her invisible with a simple click of your mouse. So why do you splash your ugly drama on her canvas like a cockroach leaving behind your droppings?

Solo Mornington: Heya, Larkworthy. I once banned SaveMe Oh from an SL region because she’s a horrible person. If that’s no ‘rendering her invisible with one click,’ I don’t know what is. And you know what happened because of that? A campaign of harassment which has lasted years. SaveMe Oh acts like someone who is dangerously obsessed with her victims, even threatening me in real life. It’s not art, and it’s not funny. If you can defend that, then you’ve lost your humanity and need some real saving.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Sometimes it is wiser to be silent and be thought an idiot than to speak and remove all doubt. You render her invisible for all. And there’s the rub. Fascist much, Solo?

Solo Mornington: Again: “You should figure out whether bullying and fascism are suitable ironic topics, or whether people being actually hurt is more important to you.” Clearly you’re on team fascism.

Larkworthy Antfarm: How many times do you plan to quote yourself before you become convinced that you are a fool?

Preben Wolff: Oh, shut the fuck up, Solo, you stupid cunt …I still remember when you showed up at the book release event at MY gallery rezzing a big fat white fog on MY land and harassed MY guests. And you even bragged about it showing a trophy photo of it on your Second Life profile page. And your excuse was: “I don’t like SaveMe Oh”.

Solo Mornington: So you’re saying disruptive people make you mad enough that you’d call them a cunt. You’re saying that I ruined your event by showing up. You’re saying that having your event trolled makes you unhappy and you blame me. Keep that in mind as you ponder the facts: I was asked to speak by SaveMe Oh, and I left when asked to. And if you think I behaved the way I did because I merely ‘don’t like’ SaveMe Oh, then you really have no idea what kind of villain you’re celebrating. I’ve been harassed for years by SaveMe Oh, simply because it’s a game to her. I’m not making excuses. I’m confronting you with a choice between considering my humanity, or continuing to favor the fascist.

Larkworthy Antfarm: You used your LEA powers to suppress what should have been a place of inclusion like art on SL was before your time. Instead, you made it about being the pitbull on the playground.

Solo Mornington: I banned SaveMe Oh in response to her being abusive, just like I had banned other people for being abusive. For literal years leading up to that moment, SaveMe Oh was as welcome as anyone else, which is why the place was available to her to be abusive in the first place. Got it? SaveMe Oh turns places of inclusion into places of hate, which is the opposite of inclusion. Telling people to just block her from view is the opposite of creating a place of inclusion. Telling people to grow a thicker skin is the opposite of creating a place of inclusion. SaveMe Oh and her cadre complain when she’s banned, and they complain when she’s criticized, and they harass when she’s not banned or criticized. It’s just tedious and boring, and is the most empty drama ever created. I am the most interesting thing about SaveMe Oh.

Jayjay Zifanwe: Solo Mornington shouldn’t be doing anything… he’s ex committee.

Larkworthy Antfarm: I can taste your hate, Solo. It has a nutty flavor.

Solo Mornington: Too bad you can’t acknowledge my hurt.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Put on your big boy pants, son. If you were butt hurt because your cartoon couldn’t rule the art world, I have a news flash for you, you need to take an art appreciation class.

Solo Mornington: See? Team fascist.

Larkworthy Antfarm: I am not interested in ruling this world or any other. You build the walls. You’re so good at it. But don’t call me a fascist for laughing when your silly ego is torn down. Only great artists dare have egos little man.

Solo Mornington: It’s not my ego that’s torn down. I’m a person, and I’m hurt by this every time it comes up. It’s not a joke. Every time someone mentions it in SL, it hurts. There are no LULZ. Years of harassment because I banned an abusive person for being abusive, and then years of, “Haha, where’s SaveMe Oh?” every time I go anywhere in SL. And I’m not the only one. There are plenty of people SaveMe Oh has victimized, some of whom left SL because of the harassment. And so I have to go talk about it when some misguided person validates years of harassment against me by making some BS mystique-of-SMO book or video. I have to talk about it because those other people matter, and I matter, and we matter more than SaveMe Oh ever will.

Larkworthy Antfarm: You are victim of nothing but your own imagination and your intense desire to control others.

Solo Mornington: That’s what you don’t seem to understand: I don’t have any desire to control others. That’s the narrative you’ve chosen because it allows you to ignore my humanity. Team fascism.

Preben Wolff: Don’t you talk about ‘humanity’, you miserable piece of shit. You used ME and MY event as YOUR tool to attack SaveMe Oh. That’s not ‘humanity’. That’s speculated evilness. So how dare you accuse others for doing what you are doing yourself. You destroyed it for me. You destroyed it for the artists that came to perform their music and you destroyed it for my guests. All to get even with SaveMe Oh. Crawl back under the pile of dung where you belong. And stay there.

Solo Mornington: No. Not to get even with SaveMe Oh. There’s no such thing as getting even with SaveMe Oh. That’s an impossibility. I was there to speak about a certain truth that I’m here to speak about again: SaveMe Oh has done far worse than anything you think I did, and not just to me. To many people. You were throwing a fete for a serial harasser. If you didn’t realize that, then SaveMe Oh and her ghost writer blindsided you, not me.

Preben Wolff: All I hear you say is: Blah, Blah, Blah … You keep justifying your behavior by blaming SaveMe Oh and making her responsible for your actions. The truth is, Solo, that you are a walking disaster. You deliberately attacked and destroyed my event – and you have corrupted the LEA Committee in a way so the current committee members don’t give a fuck about the LEA Bylaws and now uses LEA as their private property. You are a bully and a traitor. That is your legacy, Solo Mornington.

Larkworthy Antfarm: SL and the LEA like comfortable art. Paint-by-numbers, prims in boxes. Art must be compliant, submissive and static. It must follow rules set out by a committee of individuals who between them could not even generate a thimbleful of knowledge on the subject. The true artists in SL are not poet tasting avatars. Their work challenges us, assaults us, immerses us, shakes us up, and pokes us all in the ass with umbrellas. In reaction, some dance to the tune of St. Vitus. Others to the Tarantella. But everyone dances to Save Me Oh’s tune when she is in the house. Oh how she ruins flat boring art with her presence. Like inviting crazy ants to a picnic. I am neither a fascist nor a bully for loving to be a part of such performances.

Ron Bizzle: SaveMe Oh has been a huge inspiration…I can now tell assholes to go fuck themselves without hesitation…SaveMe Oh saved me!!!

A tribute SaveMe Oh made for Solo Mornington you can see in this movie:

Want to see all other people who made movies about SaveMe Oh and are added to TEAM FASCIST by Solo Mornington?

(sorry there are already 114 movies made ABOUT SaveMe Oh)

The Big Ego

SaveMe Oh,

Should you love her or should you hate her? In all cases, she won’t care, she will Save you, and will bless you in her way!

A movie by Iono Allen

Solo Mornington: It never ceases to amaze me how SaveMe Oh not only victimizes her actual, legitimate victims, but also those who make videos like this in order to whitewash the fact that she’s a harasser. She’s Pepe the frog of SL, and you should figure out whether bullying and fascism are suitable ironic topics, or whether people being actually hurt is more important to you.

Joseph Zazulak: I wholeheartedly agree with Solo Mornington.   I usually love Iono Allen’s films, but any appreciation of SaveMe Oh’s “art” must be considered with her worth as a human being.  In my mind, she fails at both.
Larkworthy Antfarm: SL and the LEA like comfortable art. Paint-by-numbers, prims in boxes.  Art must be compliant, submissive and static. It must follow rules set out by a committee of individuals who between them could not even generate a thimbleful of knowledge on the subject.  The true artists in SL are not poet tasting avatars.  Their work challenges us, assaults us, immerses us, shakes us up, and pokes us all in the ass with umbrellas. In reaction, some dance to the tune of St. Vitus. Others to the Tarantella. But everyone dances to Save Me Oh’s tune when she is in the house.  Oh how she ruins flat boring art with her presence.  Like inviting crazy ants to a picnic.  I am neither a fascist nor a bully for loving to be a part of such performances.
Ron Bizzle: SaveMe Oh has been a huge inspiration….I can now tell assholes to go fuck themselves without hesitation….SaveMe Oh saved me!!!

Burn the Art

It’s becoming trippy in the antfarm.

Another amazing art performance by SaveMe Oh. No props were harmed in the making of this video. Filmed by Larkworthy Antfarm at the Burn in Second Life.

And a second movie of the same event:

There’s something strangely hypnotic about this clip SaveMe Oh. The dance between the worker, the drone and the Queen Bee.

The Tragedy Of King Lea

(free after William Shakespeare)


To celebrate the Swedish release of the IBook with my artwork, written by Glasz DeCuir and translated by Kandinsky Beaumont we set up a party in the gallery of Josef K. who was also responsible for the introduction in the book.

And half an hour before I was starting my performance there was an unexpected guest already hiding in the gallery. What was he up to???? Was it the prince of Denmark or was it King LEA himself?

SaveMe Oh: Solo Mornington is early

Josef K: Hahaha yes I see him too now. I wonder if he will come down even. You think his heart will survive your Je Suis Vierge installation?

SaveMe Oh: I hope he won’t rape me 72 times


Josef K: I am camming him now. He is in the Sina Souza room

SaveMe Oh: Camming from there for sure so he can’t be catched on photo in front of my work

Josef K: Your work is on the floor just above him

SaveMe Oh: He is afraid I would catch him. By far the biggest idiot of SL.

Josef K:  We are celebrating the new book about SaveMe Oh

Solo Mornington: Yay book! Too bad it’s about shitty art.

Larkworthy Antfarm: What’s happening under that pile of books?

SaveMe Oh: I think Solo Mornington has prepared an introduction

Apmel Meerson: Omg  A SPEACH!!

Solo Mornington: By all means continue.

And then to everybody’s surprise Solo Mornington attached a giant object covering the complete platform. Was he finally ready to participate and interact?


SaveMe Oh: Did you glue that yourself Solo?

Solo Mornington: Not sure if you’re aware of this, but sl doesn’t use ‘glue.’

Larkworthy Antfarm: OMG is he planning to burn them?

Apmel Meerson: I didn’t know Solo belonged to the SaveMe church

Solo Mornington: I invented it. SaveMe Oh stole all my ideas.

SaveMe Oh: I am so happy with the intervention of Solo Mornington.

Apmel Meerson: Haha

Solo Mornington: I thought it was appropriate.

SaveMe Oh: Very

Solo Mornington: To show up on and shit on you. Because I support art in sL.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Pretty bland stuff Morny!  You can do better.

SaveMe Oh: Now I can sign the books in peace when you do the visuals. Only one thing…don’t kiss Kandi.

Solo Mornington: Why?

Ori: “Would you sign my ass instead?”

SaveMe Oh: You might turn into a frog

Solo Mornington: ahh.

Ori: quaacks

Apmel Meerson: She only turns Solos to frogs though

Solo Mornington points to SaveMe Oh… Shh don’t say bland. You are blinded by my brilliance.

SaveMe Oh: I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Ampel will have a bad time tagging

Apmel Meerson: I can’t see myself wank

SaveMe Oh: Don’t wank by coincidence in Solo’s face, he might be allergic for dust

Solo Mornington: That’s because you didn’t know you were a fascist.

Josef K: Solo … why are you griefing my event … as far as I know I have never bothered you?

Apmel Meerson: I refuse to derender anyone.. how do I do that btw?

SaveMe Oh: Let him, he doesn’t have anything else to do.

Solo Mornington: Ahh, so it’s less delightful now, and you feel the need to insult me. Imagine that.

Larkworthy Antfarm: We are not dealing with an emotionally healthy person.

Solo Mornington: SMO, correct. Oo.. the silence falls. the laughter stops.

Josef K: I don’t get it Solo … I visit LEA from time to time and don’t destroy it for others … and you come to my gallery and sabotage the release of a book I have been a co-writer on.


Solo Mornington: The joke has ended….

Ori scans foe mentally healthy people

Solo Mornington: Josef…. it’s not personal.

SaveMe Oh: People must be enjoying the show, Solo

Larkworthy Antfarm: I am referring to you Solo.  You do not want to go there.

Zola Zsun: I’m here.. but I am blind helllppp

Solo Mornington: But clearly, in the extensive research for your book… must have encountered the absolute fact that SaveMe Oh has done this to people.

Josef K: Well .. I find it hard to believe that the leader of LEA acts that way .. not very professional

Solo Mornington: Right, SaveMe Oh is allowed, I am not.

Larkworthy Antfarm: You compare this crap you laid to art Save has created?

Solo Mornington: Yes. Absolutely.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Now that is amusing.

Bethany Fire: checks and agrees with herself and I that she’s mentally sane xx

Josef K: SaveMe Oh is invited to perform. You and me can do a performance any other time

Solo Mornington: Indeed she is, and she can.

Ori: SaveMe Oh is here?

Solo Mornington: No, this is just the moment for me to perform.

SaveMe Oh: I’m hiding downstairs

Solo Mornington: Find out if I am disturbing the performance from the artist.

Apmel Meerson: I’m trying to find her so I can at least tag the artist

Larkworthy Antfarm: Aren’t you afraid your dazzling artwork will set off one of your seizures, Solo?

Solo Mornington: It will be a glorious 10 minutes of bliss.

Josef K: Still Solo .. you are here as a guest in my gallery … SaveMe Oh is here as the performer

Solo Mornington: Indeed I am a guest, and I appreciate it. I really do.

Josef K: I suddenly lost all my respect for LEA

Apmel Meerson: Let them fight it out Josef..I think SaveMe will win

SaveMe Oh: I told you….

Ori: What is LEA?

SaveMe Oh: Licking Every Ass

Solo Mornington: I’m not here on behalf of LEA.

Larkworthy Antfarm: White bread white bread

Josef K: It’s the art sims run by Second Life and Solo is the boss

Bethany Fire: Linden endowment for the arts xxx

SaveMe Oh: And the ass to be licked hangs on the bottom of Solo Mornington.

Or: Hahahhaha

Zola Zsun: lol

Solo Mornington: I’m here on behalf of the people SaveMe Oh has driven from SL through years-long campaigns of harassment.


SaveMe Oh: When you lick well you get a free sim

Ori: Indeed, lick

Zola Zsun: What about hallucinations?

SaveMe Oh: When you lick better you are allowed to stay forever there free. Bryn Licks very well.

Apmel Meerson: I never got one..I must have licked the wrong ass

Josef K: But he isn’t acting much like a responsible leader at the moment

Solo Mornington: It’s true, I’m not. but then some folks think I’m not a very good leader anyway. But you know, SaveMe Oh herself said she was delighted I was here. So until she asks nicely, this will continue.

Josef K: From a PR point of view this is good for my gallery … tomorrow lots of blogs will write about this .. good for me .. bad for LEA

Solo Mornington: Great.Good for you.

Zola Zsun: Nice tutu, Save 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Couldn’t be better.

Solo Mornington: PR for your misguided book about a serial harasser.

Larkworthy Antfarm: It calls into question the professionalism of LEA and the Lindens.

Josef K: Haha and you will get a lot of credit too SaveMe 🙂

Cat Shilova: I used derender …. Strangely this fog is gone.

SaveMe Oh whispers: Solo, you already downloaded the book?

Zola Zhun: Me too, Cat .. Hi Cat 🙂

Solo Mornington: Just derender and pretend. Pretend in a pretend world. Delude yourself in a world of delusion.

Larkworthy Antfarm: To think that Lindens allow individuals with known issues to run their artist sims.

Zola Zsun: Which is the pretend world? Here or out there? 🙂

Solo Mornington: Known issues like what? Thinking you’re full of shit? Or is being full of shit your act?

Larkworthy Antfarm: You cannot hide the truth from everyone Solo.

Cat Shilova: Ah, next step is MUTING.

Solo Mornington: Is me being angry an act?

Josef K: Do derender the leader of LEA in order to enjoy the magic of SaveMe Oh …

SaveMe Oh: Reflect Solo, is healthy for you

Solo Mornington: Ask nicely and I’ll leave.

SaveMe Oh: You waited long enough for this

Solo Mornington: Can’t do it though, because ‘nice’ isn’t part of the deal. The persona doesn’t allow it. How constricting.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Mental issues.  Known mental issues.

Solo Mornington: Such as what?

SaveMe Oh: I have something for you Solo

Solo Mornington: Abuse. In the name of art is not art.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Ask your fellow LEA members.  I have.

Glasz DeCuir: Looks great the fog, more mystery to the intense chat text 🙂

SaveMe Oh: There are no other LEA members, he is the only one.

Solo Mornington: You’ll note that I bring all the interest here.

Glasz DeCuir: Solo read the eBook and we speak on a public debate about that concept

Zola Zsun: Oh I am enjoying the melodrama entertainment myself. 🙂

Josef K: shouts: Dear visitors … if all you see is a white fog it’s due to the griefing of Solo Mornington, the headmaster of LEA – Second Life’s official art sims. Do derender him in order to enjoy the performance by SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: He finally found his true identity and dares to show it.

Zola Zsun: Oh I got rid of the fog soon as I got here 🙂

Solo Mornington: Yah, so whatever SaveMe Oh is doing, just ignore it. The fog is better. Just ask Glasz. No, my true identity is complex and varied, just like everyone. SaveMe Oh is as much a lie as this outburst.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Put on your shrinking caps folks.  Diagnose LEAs idea of a responsible art committee member. Shake some screws loose.

SaveMe Oh: I have something else for you Solo.

Solo Mornington: Lark, consider that SaveMe Oh says she’s delighted by this intervention. I am supporting art in SL.

Glasz DeCuir: Solo wants to be an artist 🙂

Josef K: This is an epic event … Officials from Second Life management is trying to sabotage it .. that has never happened before 🙂

Solo Mornington: I’m not from SL management.

SaveMe Oh: Licking management he is.

Zola Zsun shouts: How Exciting!

Solo Mornington: Just get that straight.

Josef K: We are making history

Solo Mornington: See how exciting I make your event, SaveMe Oh? By ruining it?

Apmel Meerson: Is someone filming?

SaveMe Oh: Ruining???? I love contributions.

Solo Mornington: According to Josef I’m a griefer right now.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Hands up don’t shoot!!  Artists lives matter!

Tizzy Canucci: Not filming, but I’ve got a hard drive nearly full of shots…

Josef K: shouts: Soon I will be as famous as SaveMe Oh because Solo Mornington is attacking my event 😀

Zola Zsun: Solo, It is a pleasure to meet you, I have heard many things about you

Solo Mornington: All good I hope, Zola. well met. I mean, for real, not this bullshit griefer mode thing.

Zola Zsun: Oh is there a bullshit griefer here?

Solo Mornington: Yah me. 🙂 But it’s ART. And stuff.

Solo Mornington:

Glasz DeCuir: Feel free to express yourself Solo!

Zola Zsun: Which is yours Solo and which is Save’s?

Solo Mornington: Yah it’s hard to tell isn’t it?

Josef K shouts: the ugly ones is Solo’s

Zola Zsun: So we can make an informed choice in our derendering

Solo Mornington: And that’s the beauty of it.

Apmel Meerson: This certainly is freeing me from tagging photos.

Solo Mornington: SaveMe Oh harasses me for years. I show up and it’s the end of the world.

Zola Zsun: The fog? I see no fog I have derendered it

Solo Mornington: Ahh then you’ve figured out which is mine.

Apmel Meerson: I refuse to learn how to derender

Zola Zsun: Why Solo I am glad you are here… I am finding it a delight to be witness to real drama :))

Cat Shilova: You don’t have to learn, you just have to click

Tizzy Canucci: Work with it… more of a challenge… always

Solo Mornington: Yah as opposed to SaveMe Oh’s fake drama.

Cat Shilova: Solo, our new drama queen.

SaveMe Oh: I loved how he was waiting half an hour before the show to appear.

Zola Zsun: lol. Amateur

Larkworthy Antfarm: I derendered Solo’s asshole.  Now for the smell.

Solo Mornington: Hehe

Zola Zsun: hahahahah

Solo Mornington: You know, you get victimized and they cheer on the bully. You bully and they call you an asshole. Some people.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Don’t taz me bro!

Zola Zsun: Who is the bully … is always in the eyes of the beholder.

Solo Mornington: Art is supposed to be about the condition of being human. Attempting to destroy people without their consent is bad art.

SaveMe Oh: And LEA is now all unprotected???? OMG

Zola Zsun: OMG

Solo Mornington: No, who is the bully isn’t that hard to understand. If you have compassion. Or any basic humanity.

Ori: Where can you buy that?

Solo Mornington: That’s the unfortunate part.

Ori: Crap

Zola Zsun: No matter what.. our feelings come only from our own minds

Solo Mornington: You have to, like, make an effort and shit.

Ori: Can’t buy that huh?

Solo Mornington: No, our feelings come from a truth. people without feeling have no truth.

Apmel Meerson: “you have to, like, make an effort and shit.” wow..a classic to remember!

Ori: Writes it down

Zola Zsun: If one believes in an objective truth which is usually found only in mathematics

Ori: Yes, math is the only logical truth!!

Josef K: Shouldn’t we write a book about Solo … we could print in on toilet paper … and let the readers decide what to do with it

Zola Zsun: Oh noo.. Ebook is the way to go

Josef K: It’s hard to clean your ass with an eBook

Solo Mornington: No, there’s a truth to someone being cruel. You don’t have to accept or reject the hurt feelings of the victim to see the cruel intention.

Cat Shilova: How do you say shit in Swedish??

Apmel Meerson: Wow..I get sooo much good material to quote on my blog tomorrow!

Annie: hahahahaha

Zola Zsun: Solo, you seem to be upset.. it’s ok.. everything will be ok

Larkworthy Antfarm: It is all about Solo.  All of LEA is about Solo.  All of Second Life.  He thrives on his love/hate relationship with Save.

Josef K: Shit in Swedish is ‘skit’

Apmel Meerson: Haha Josef..true

Glasz DeCuir: A love story …

Cat Shilova: Ah thanks Josef!

Solo Mornington: Hehe skit based comedy.

Zola Zsun: Skit in English is a short play 🙂

Larkworthy Antfarm: Scat

Zola Zsun: lol

Josef K: In Danish we just call it ‘lort’

Zola Zsun: I like that one.. lort.. good word

Solo Mornington: I’m here as an intervention for all you fine folks who think it’s clever to glue some prims together and wear them.

Apmel Meerson: Lort is the nice way of saying shit in Swedish

Larkworthy Antfarm: Solo sniffs Save’s scat like a lovesick dog.

Zola Zsun:Well.. I hope you are enjoying yourself as much as I am 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I am so glad you now help me out Solo. After all the years I had to do everything alone.

Simotron Aquila: hello :))

Solo Mornington: Like I said: I’m here to support art in SL.

Apmel Meerson: Hello Simo..nice timing..right in the skitprat

Simotron Aquila: 🙂

Zola Zsun: A noble cause.. in theory

Solo Mornington: Unfortunately the art I’m supporting is based on harassment and bullying.

Apmel Meerson: This event is getting closer and closer to my liking

Solo Mornington: Glad I could pull it out of the fire for you, apmel.

SaveMe Oh: Isn’t it lovely? Who could imagine he was still alive?

Zola Zsun: Delightfully lovely, Save

Apmel Meerson: Never knew you were a gifted comedian Solo

Cat Shilova: Your love only keeps him alive

Zola Zsun: All you need is love 🙂

SaveMe Oh: That’s why I am SaveMe. Empathy for all

Josef K shouts: For any newcomers: Just derender the leader of the Second Life LEA sim: Solo Mornington … then you can enjoy SaveMe Oh without his griefing

Solo Mornington shouts: Because, as you know, it’s important to ALWAYS DERENDER ART.

Zola Zsun: Actually I think derendering might bring more peace in the sl art world.. a world I usually stay away from 🙂 Perhaps I would visit it more often

Apmel Meerson: I refuse to derender..but maybe whoever film this might be helped by it

Solo Mornington: If they’re filming what’s happening here and they derender me, then they’re liars.

SaveMe Oh: Depends what you want to film. If you want to film an endless ass licking fart you shouldn’t derender

Zola Zsun: Right, Save, we all make our own choices

Larkworthy Antfarm: It is like watching a turd floating in a glass of milk.

Solo Mornington: Mmm… turdmilk.

Mandel Solano shouts: Hi you having fun here???

SaveMe Oh: Is that a question?

Solo Mornington shouts: yah, I’m participating in the performance.

Apmel Meerson: It is a Solo performance

Cat Shilova: We LOVE drama!

Mandel Solano: oh hehe

Simotron Aquila: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Drama is highest level of art

Zola Zsun: Indeed

Solo Mornington: Nope. Disagree.

Zola Zsun: and life would be so boring without it

Larkworthy Antfarm: Like a bad John Waters’ movie!

Glasz DeCuir: This is another Masterpiece :))

Zola Zsun: Which are the BEST

Solo Mornington: Yes, mine. I claim it.

SaveMe Oh: The claim is yours, Solo! You deserve it 100%

Solo Mornington: All of SaveMe Oh’s work, I claim as my masterpiece, because it’s impossible for her work to exist without victims.

SaveMe Oh: You have a tipjar?

Apmel Meerson: Hahahahahahahaaa

Glasz DeCuir: :)))

Zola Zsun: lol

Larkworthy Antfarm: Oh snap!

Solo Mornington: I have a large surface area. Surely you can find a place to right-click. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Your surface area we know. It’s at the bottom of your back

Solo Mornington: Josef, is it still objectionable? 🙂 Does your fear of my anger still prevent you from enjoying this? I ask because it’s your place.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Did he really talk to us in comic book villain dialect??

Marie: Don’t fight too much folks, events are for having fun, make love not war

Larkworthy Antfarm: Betty, even through the fog, you shine pink!  LOL.

SaveMe Oh: Maybe Betty uses her Solo Teflon pack?

Solo Mornington: For a bunch of people who love drama, you sure do get quiet. I stop, the party stops.

SaveMe Oh: Otherwise the blogpost gets too long

Zola Zsun: People are tired of entertaining you, Solo.. that is all.. now we have fun.. you try to do the same 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Hope he will also invite me to LEA now

Solo Mornington: I sold you a sim. You had no idea how to respond.

SaveMe Oh: Tell them Solo, we can’t wait for your stories

Dido Haas: Yes tell us Solo, all ears.

Solo Mornington: See? 10x more interesting.

Solo Mornington: And then somehow, SaveMe Oh ended up making a video where her avatar rapes my avatar.

SaveMe Oh: You have the link?

Josef K: Sure that wasn’t a wet dream, Solo?

Solo Mornington: Those were the days, when grudges were forged.

SaveMe Oh: Solo could you make an advertisement for my book?

Solo Mornington: Yes: here’s your blurb: “SaveMe Oh delights in harassing people, and asks us to explore this harassment as if it were somehow positive.” …another paragraph or two…..

“…to mask her own psychopathic tendencies.” —Solo Mornington

Josef K: Kind of funny … I have been in sl for 4 years by now … the first griefer I see is the headmaster of LEA

Marie: don’t fight so much, guys !!!

Solo Mornington: Why not Marie? Does it make you uncomfortable?

Josef K: Drama is the blood of second life

Marie: because it is boring for me, .)) I prefer having fun in other way

Solo Mornington: Josef, if you’ve spent any time with SaveMe Oh, you know that’s not true.

Marie: I hate drama .)

Solo Mornington: I happen to have an actual beef here. Rather than just drama.

Solo Mornington:

Zola Zsun: drama is what makes us human

Cat Shilova: Who fights??

Dido Haas: Not me Cat

Marie: But life has enough drama for itself, so silly to want a bit more.))

Josef K: Solo … I have actually had a lot of respect for the LEA sims. Tonight you made me loose that respect all together

Solo Mornington: Josef, if you asked nicely at any time, I would have quit.

Dido Haas: hard words Josef

Solo Mornington: If you or SaveMe Oh ask me to stop, I will.

Zola Zsun: Is it time for the next act of the drama? This one is getting long

Glasz DeCuir: NO,please, go on! 🙂

Solo Mornington: Zola, try years of harassment from SaveMe Oh.

SaveMe Oh: Stop???? Finally somebody joining in?

Dido Haas: Agrees

Josef K: Solo … I don’t believe in censorship or banning … I judge by behaviour.

Solo Mornington: Then how can you lose respect for artists at LEA?

Zola Zsun: Oh SaveMe has been harassing me for years and years…

Larkworthy Antfarm: This man is out of control.

Josef K: Oh I still respect the artists … but now I despite the concept

Larkworthy Antfarm: LEA members have said so publically.

Zola Zsun: Will you stop please, Solo?

Solo Mornington: Josef, should I honor the request from Zola?

Zola Zsun LEA Seemed to rather homogenize.. the art stuff in here anyway

Cat Shilova: Who is Solo??

Josef K: Solo you are a grown man, you make your own decisions

Solo Mornington: Ok, then I will.

Cat Shilova: Not sure for “grown”

Solo Mornington: Now any griefy objects you see are your own.

Solo Mornington: 🙂

Apmel Meerson: Wow now I see art

Solo Mornington: Ossum. Too bad it’s about SaveMe Oh. Seriously, good luck with the book and the event.

SaveMe Oh: Seriously I don’t like you

Zola Zsun: hahahaha

Solo Mornington: Fucking hell. Some HONESTY. Finally! Go with that. Your art will improve.

Zola Zsun: Oh wow.. spinning Lenins. Fabulous. Hilarious

Josef K: That’s the difference between Solo and SaveMe … SaveMe is always improving

Solo Mornington: nice. 🙂

ush Underwood: Fog

SaveMe Oh: Don’t be hard on him, he just started today as a performer

Zola Zsun: Well it really comes down to Save’s brilliant ability to provoke emotion

ush Underwood: ok

Zola Zsun: Is that good art? Yes!

Solo Mornington: Terrorists provoke emotion. That’s why they’re called ‘terrorists.’ Griefers provoke emotion. that’s why they’re called ‘griefers.’

Solo Mornington: And now… you’re rid of me. 🙂

Josef K: Griefing is a concept by which we measure creativity

SaveMe0h: Where is Solo tipjar?

Zola Zsun: Poor Solo, he seems so unhappy.

Apmel Meerson: I have zero lindens on this alt..pity I cannot tip Solo

SaveMe Oh: Stay some more Solo

Larkworthy Antfarm: where is his tip jar? His coin slot?

The Witch Of The Antfarm VS The Stem From Hell-sinki?

Who would you prefer as your teacher????

After Stem van Helsinki banned me on arrival at an exhibition, he decided to send everybody he could find with some kind of connection to me an urgent message.

Here is the responce of Larkworthy Antfarm. (A friend? I fear yes!)

Dear friend!

Could you please write to Saveme Oh if she could stop harassing me about her writings. It s enough that she harassing our opening and behave badly. I hope you my friend does not support this kind of harashing art. It is the same if you support tortuing other people.

Thank you, XXX (I have hidden this cartoon’s name to spare him further embarrassment).

Lark: What do I have to do with any of this? I did not attend your opening. In fact, I barely know who you are! Perhaps you are on my friend list by mistake? I find all the faux outrage at SaveMe Oh’s work ridiculous. She’s banned wherever she goes except by those who have even the tiniest sense of irony and humor.

XXX: I sent a message to all my friend who are friends/like saveme oh artistis page!

Lark: Anyone who does so risks being seen as petty and ridiculous by others. I am sorry to be so blunt but you have not been harassed by her. Instead you have joined in the mob attacking her. Most of her detractors are not real artists. They are cartoons who pretend to be artists. And very much control freaks who wish to dictate their interactions with others in SL.

XXX: Saveme oh start her SL career for teasing noobs in SL welcome area, then she find art and artist.

Lark: I don’t really care one way or another what a cartoon does in SL. Has she harmed you or anyone else in RL?

XXX: dont know! but SL harashing is enough.

Lark: It is easy to ban, ignore, block…derender.

XXX: Teasing anybody does not belong to my culture.

Lark: You accused her of blackmail, said you were reporting her to Lindens, demanded she apologize to people… why not just ban and ignore? She brings publicity is why.

XXX: yes I reported…its not my culture to be quiet.

Lark (Not in my culture to be quiet either): That makes you look a hell of a lot worse than it makes her look.

XXX: If all say no to harashing it stop.

Lark: I am an American. We don’t reward people for being informers.

XXX: …It’s intresting why people follow bad people…

Lark: I did not harass anyone. I have no idea what you mean by harassment.

XXX: bullying, teasing

Lark: I have placed persons on ban, ignore, block in SL. End of harassment.

XXX: …well I found my false discussion on her blog site…and every time we have opening she comes to there

Lark: Are you saying a cartoon character lied about another cartoon character and it harmed you?

XXX: SL is not game or cartoon character…disgusting to find my name on her blog…I wonder why people follow and like her FB site.

Lark: I didn’t think she said anything particularly insulting other than identifying the fact you were ratting her out to Linden labs.

XXX: interesting thing is why people follow bad…yes I make abuse but it does not help cause LL does not care.

Lark: It is because you are in the wrong. You have all the power and yet you want more.

XXX: sorry dont get you point…I write to you cause you follow saveme oh.

Lark: You can ban. Ignore, etc. But to you this is not enough. You are only happy if you can silence her entirely.

XXX: but why you follow her? Is it exciting to follow inner bad person?

Lark: This woman is an artist. Her persona is unique. Her talents unquestionable. She understands that SL art requires artists to let go of the old RL notions of docilely viewing and interacting with art.

XXX: well she is not artist at all…her art is empty…Savme oh art is empty paper…

Lark (uh dude, all SL art is pretend): warrgggarble…

XXX: I understand you like Anger art. And it is exciting to follow bad. She looks like a student who is lost…art is empty and no ideas at all…thats why she is angry to all. And she have inner bad.

Lark: They said that about most great artists of our era.

(this is when I am offered a link to a book called Hitler’s Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields:

“The savagery of the Nazi empire has been described in hundreds of books since the end of World War II. But never before have the roles of German women in the killing fields been revealed in such intimate detail. Based on extensive research in archives that had been closed for decades, Wendy Lower’s chilling account of female brutality provides a powerful and unavoidable look at the nature of evil, an unforgettable revision of our understanding of modern history.”

XXX: and I understand its exciting to you to follow her. Have you read this book? They all like inner bad too.

Lark: Da fuck??? Are you comparing a frivolous SL cartoon to Hitler?

XXX: And one person who is narcictic like saveme oh…get it…are you cartoon?

Lark: All artists are narcissistic. That is their nature. In RL, I am nobody. In SL, I am a cartoon. Even less than nobody.

XXX: I teach artist in University…narcism have nothing to do with art…I have write a lot of articles about it…and some Angry Art articles…I understand why you follow bad, but read the book.

Lark: I also teach at a college. I disagree with you. I believe it is the responsible reaction for artists to be angry at the stale and tired…

XXX: Well American way is different than European…we have a long history of art and art making here…

Lark (Wait whut? Oh I see. I am just an ignorant upstart Yank and I have now been put in my place by someone from Finland, where they have REAL world class art if you have a taste for Leningrad Cowboys or Laplanders playing tunes on musical frozen reindeer poop. Yes when I think center of art and culture, I always think of the trolls living under bridges in Helsinki.):

I live in the most evil of times in a country with a military-industrial complex that seems hellbent on destroying the world. The corporatists steal the crumbs from the mouths of the poor at every turn. Evil surrounds me. And you believe anything SaveMe does with a few wild colored prims on my computer screen should upset me? Jesus Christ on a broomstick!!

XXX: Well some person are sick and have inner badness and some like to follow them…I understand you…read the book…They dont know why they follow…now, Have a nice day!

Lark: OMG, the evil banality of “Have a Nice Day.” What the Nazis said when they handed their victims bars of soap on the way to the showers…

XXX: defriend.

Hope XXX won’t find out who participated in this SaveMe Oh movie. Is that movie art btw?

SaveMe Oh Is A Piece Of Art

When Ampel Goosson feels forced to publish a statement about SaveMe Oh out of free will without a knife on his throat there must be a serious reason.

First Ampel’s statement about SaveMe Oh on facebook:

“Owing to certain circumstances I will say this (and only once): SaveMe is a piece of art. And art doesn’t have to be liked to be good.”


Ampel eating a piece of art

So I asked him an explanation:”

SaveMe Oh: Owing to certain circumstances???

Ampel Goosson: Stem van Helsinki told me to tell you to stop what you are doing. Idiot. We had a brawl

SaveMe Oh: Jaynine Scarborough also sends me an IM asking about Stem van Helsinki so I don’t know what he did.

Ampel Goosson: He seems to have sent messages to many. Kandinsky Beaumont also got it

SaveMe Oh: Could you send it to me or publish it?

Ampel Goosson: Hahaha. NO! It is not worth it.

SaveMe Oh: Good drama needs good storylines

Ampel Goosson: Sure, but I told him to tell you and that you can defend yourself.

SaveMe Oh: Of course you did but I would like to have the conversation

Ampel Goosson: No Save you will only publish it and that wouldn’t feel right

SaveMe Oh: Of course I would publish it

Ampel Goosson: I know

SaveMe Oh: Ok, so in that case I have to accept elderly man discussing about me without me present, sigh

Ampel Goosson: I didn’t discuss you Save..I mostly told him off for insulting my intelligence

Also Jaynine got a private message:

Jaynine Scarborough: Who is Stem van Helsinki? He wrote me an IM. He is actually on my friendslist, but I don t know if I ever talked to him

SaveMe Oh: He is a new galleryowner in SL since a year or so and the kind of man who thinks to know what is best for young girls like me. What IM he send?

Jaynine Scarborough: Dear friend!

Could you please write to SaveMe Oh if she could stop harassing me about her writings?  It s enough that she harassing our opening and behave badly.

I hope you my friend do not support this kind of harassing art. It is the same if you support torturing other people.

Thank you, Stem van Helsinki

Jaynine Scarborough: So here you go: SaveMe!! Stop harassing STEM…

Some other comments:

Larkworthy Antfarm: For the sin of associating with SaveMe Oh, I have been told I am BAD seed and should read a book about the women who killed for Hitler, so I can learn more about my BAD self. WTF? What a bizarre and rather insulting idea! Condescending. Beneath contempt. Anyone who believes they have been harmed by a cartoon puncturing their uber inflated egos has bigger problems than I am able to fix, that’s for sure! And to express pride in having turned informant on another! And disappointment at not having the power to utterly erase her from SL. To play the goddamn self righteous control freak card and expect to be praised like a good dog. OMG. Who is the Nazi and who is the victim here? If you have a beef with SaveMe Oh, take it up with her — not me. Because now I am pissed too.

Iono Allen: It seems that being friend with SaveMe is such a sin that we have to be punished!

Kandinsky Beaumont: I got it too. I did not answer, I am tired to death of all these stupidos. And this one seems to have megalomania and is on a crusade to educate everybody else.

After reading this memories came back from the dark ages when Flora Nordenskjold and Josina Burgess tried to do the same.


And in this post from May this year Igor tells us he was not even aware of the witch-hunt going on. So funny what massacres can be created on behalf of unaware victims.

When you also received a message from Stem van Helsinki or had a chat with him about me, please send it to me so I can publish it to show the world how paternalism turns into absolutism and despotism.

Save Me From Wallowing In Sin

Larkworthy Antfarm presents a passion play for those who find comfort wallowing in another’s sin.

Sweet Salvation
Come to the cross
and nail yourself on it.

Save Me from wallowing 
in my own sins 
when the sins of others will suffice

Deliver me from sin. 
Save Me, Oh Oh Oh

Music “Gaudete” Texasradiofish
Vocals by Karen Savage 

Art Save Me Oh

Filmed at LEA17, “The Philosopher’s Stone”
in Second Life



The Bryn Oh Memorial

As we all heard recently Bryn Oh passed away out of the LEA committee, due to SL TOS changes. To thank her for her endless efforts in banning me and for her contributions for the entire art world, I, her sister SaveMe Oh, organised yesterday a memorial in her former home ground LEA 28 in which I sold my stolen, Linden owned, paintings to everybody. Half of the sales will go to my beloved sister Bryn to thank her for all she did.


SaveMe Oh on the chaise longue, build by her sister Bryn Oh

I encouraged everybody to help my poor sister Bryn and buy a painting. People could choose a work, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, and afterwards stolen by the Linden. That in a way the people donating to Bryn are handling in stolen goods we should forget due to the broken heart the Linden caused to poor Bryn.

People could choose a painting and pay whatever they want.

Among the purchased works were these ones:

SaveMe with the head of the sim owner

Save Me with the head of a sim owner

SaveMe vanquishing St Michael

SaveMe vanquishing St Michael

The results of the Bryn Oh Memorial are the following

Claes Hax paid L$111

Titania Netizen paid L$80

Indigo Alecto paid L$600

Sina Souza paid L$1000

Subodim Ansar paid L$1500

Glasz deCuir paid L$100

Josef K paid L$500

Ziki Questi paidL$200

Njeri Soir paid L$300

Auster Elan paid L$5000

Nur Ophuls paid L$120 (only for a Bryn Oh doll)

Larkworthy Antfarm paid L$1000

Ush Underwood paid L$0 (for a donkey)

This brings the total sales on L$10511 so I am happy to announce that I can hand over a present with the value of L$5256 from the whole grateful secondlife community.

I will try to hand this over in person to my dear sis. If this is not possible I will add it to her SL account.

It was sad that the overwhelming success of this Bryn Oh Memorial service was overshadowed after 4 hours hard working and performing (by me and Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado) with the arrival of the evil in the virtual flesh Solo Mornington, solo ruler and dictator of LEA now, after the passing away of Bryn

Solo Mornington: How’s it going?

SaveMe Oh: How things go around me? Great of course, as always

Solo Mornington: ossum.

SaveMe Oh: you also want to buy a painting to help poor Bryn out?

Solo Mornington: nope.


SaveMe Oh: go have a look

SaveMe Oh: How is it to be finally the only ruler of LEA? What you always hoped for?

Solo Mornington: That’s your problem: not being familiar with reality.

SaveMe Oh: Kara if you see something let me know, dont mind the old dictator

Solo Mornington: We have a no sales policy.

SaveMe Oh: I dont sell, I deal in stolen stuff for the benefit of my poor sister Bryn

Solo Mornington: Well, you offered to sell me something.

SaveMe Oh: GO find your ban button

Larkworthy Antfarm: She asked you for a donation for Bryn,  she didn’t sell you anything

Larkworthy Antfarm: I got a free pig and a doll

Solo Mornington: so, essentially, you got a pig and a dolly.

Kara Trapdoor: so this is all portable .. interesting : )

SaveMe Oh: you also want a Bryn doll? Dictator?

Larkworthy Antfarm: for free

SaveMe Oh: As we all heard today Bryn Oh passed away out of the LEA committee, due to SL TOS changes. To thank her for her endless efforts in banning me and for the entire art world her sister SaveMe Oh organise this memorial for her in which she will sell her stolen Linden owned paintings to everybody. Half of the sales will go to her beloved sister Bryn to thank her for all she did.


Solo Mornington: see? sales.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Now he has a Bryn, a dancoyote and he can make puppet shoes at LEA.

Solo Mornington: so you’ve been sitting here since 2pm, waiting for someone to come eject you?

Larkworthy Antfarm: Where is some decent art around here? I want to find amazing builds when I come here, action, excitement. Sigh. It is dead as a doornail instead most of the time. Why is that?

Solo Mornington: as SMO demonstrates clearly, some art is simply tedious and repetitive.

Larkworthy Antfarm: hers is dynamic and happens

SaveMe Oh: No I wait till your rotten face disappears

Kara Trapdoor: its all about PR

Larkworthy Antfarm: I come here and find a bunch of crap mostly.It was a place with high expectations

Solo Mornington: It’s not about anything but SMO, Kara.

SaveMe Oh: You already broke the heart of poor Bryn. Dictator, Linden Licker. Now buy a painting and fuck of.

Larkworthy Antfarm: ‘And the big artists where are their builds? Why take them away if you have nothing new to replace them with?

SaveMe Oh: from you I accept 1 linden as payment

Solo Mornington: “SaveMe Oh: Now buy a painting and fuck of”. The typo is just the icing on the cake.

SaveMe Oh: And then you have your proof to lick with the Linden again,saying how bad I was

Solo Mornington: well, yah. you are a very bad person.

SaveMe Oh: BOOOO

Solo Mornington: it’s true.

SaveMe Oh: did I scare you?

Larkworthy Antfarm: I come here all the time and I rarely find anything to make me stop before I TP off and you are insulting one of the best of the artists in SL. Sheesh.

Solo Mornington: not in the least. that’s what’s so pathetic, smo.

SaveMe Oh: He cant stand to be a dictator and not be admired at the same time

Larkworthy Antfarm: The LEA sites are mostly a bust in my opinion

Solo Mornington: you’re welcome to your opinion.

Solo Mornington: some of them are currently under construction.

SaveMe Oh: This guy now grants Sims to Portugese tourist guides and builders of war sims

Larkworthy Antfarm: but who am I. Just one of a few who have come to look at the place and always left underwhelmed. You have great artists. Leave them to create

SaveMe Oh: How much they paid you this time?

Solo Mornington: who?

SaveMe Oh: The non artists you give sims?

Solo Mornington: nothing.

SaveMe Oh: Like the Portugese touristboard? Did they offer you a free holiday in Lisbon?

Solo Mornington: you know, you have every opportunity to apply for a region just like anyone.

SaveMe Oh: I dont need any region as you can see, oldfashioned fart

SaveMe Oh: now buy a painting in repsect of my sister

Solo Mornington: so you say your art doesn’t need a region.

Solo Mornington: would you like to put that to a challenge?

SaveMe Oh: omg he is calling my work art!!!

Solo Mornington: no, you call it art.

SaveMe Oh: ah you follow now what I say

SaveMe Oh: what a miracle

Solo Mornington: so then you do call it art and I am correct. So.If you don’t need a region, then leave.

SaveMe Oh: I wont, I am a free person. And I decide to be here

Solo Mornington: Then you DO need an LEA region.

SaveMe Oh: No. But in repsect to Bryn it was nice

Solo Mornington: sure you do.

SaveMe Oh: you already paid me something for poor Bryn?

Larkworthy Antfarm: Solo what do you have to offer Save Me that she isn’t entitled to take for herself?

SaveMe Oh: Or you give her something yourself? Like a knife in her back?

Solo Mornington: lark: what she is doing right now.

SaveMe Oh: ah shut up

Larkworthy Antfarm: and what exactly is that?

SaveMe Oh: people get tired of speaking dictators

Larkworthy Antfarm: We were discussing art when you came

Solo Mornington: standing around doing art on an LEA region. The problem is, we don’t do sales here.

SaveMe Oh: Licking, licking, licking every ass

SaveMe Oh: Problem, haha

Larkworthy Antfarm: standing around doing art on an LEA region!!! Listen to yourself!

SaveMe Oh: President, we have a severe problem.Nuke them

Solo Mornington: your question was: what can I offer SMO that she’s not entitled to take? And the answer is: this.

Larkworthy Antfarm: I want that on my tomstone. Standing around doing art when I died.

Solo Mornington: because she’s not entitled.

SaveMe Oh: rule, rules

Solo Mornington: just like I’m not entitled, and no one else is.

Larkworthy Antfarm: She is an artist. this is an art sim with space for us to talk about art

SaveMe Oh: Hey, I am Solo Mornington and I invented some rules, please obey

Solo Mornington: I didn’t invent the rules. SMO: still not connected to reality.

Larkworthy Antfarm: No rules have been broken

SaveMe Oh: worse, you are a collaborator

Solo Mornington: plenty of rules have been broken.

Larkworthy Antfarm: which?

SaveMe Oh: oh dear

Larkworthy Antfarm: no one bought anything

Solo Mornington: that’s what smo does: break the rules.

SaveMe Oh: Are you gonna spank me again? ouch

Larkworthy Antfarm: we had a lively discussion about art

Solo Mornington: it’s like, hi, I’m SMO, I’m here to break rules and get banned! ANARCHY! WOO!

SaveMe Oh: that hurts

Larkworthy Antfarm: copyright, appropriation collage, Lindens

Solo Mornington: yah, see those are interesting issues.

Larkworthy Antfarm: artists on SL

Solo Mornington: but you and smo both started your conversation with *me* by saying I’m evil.

SaveMe Oh: Larky, dont bother with dictators

Larkworthy Antfarm: I was having a very interesting conversation when you came which you then proved to be as I always say that to all my frienbds when they pop in

Solo Mornington: in what way, exactly and specifically, did I prove to be evil?

Larkworthy Antfarm: look at yourself

Solo Mornington: say it.

Larkworthy Antfarm: No one here but a few people talknng art on a saturday afternoon. Why no one here?

SaveMe Oh: by your ability to destroy every nice event, thats evil

Larkworthy Antfarm: Who cares it we talk and look at art, that is what these damn sims are for

Solo Mornington: yes.

Larkworthy Antfarm: when we leave there is no sign of us left behind

Solo Mornington: and a conversation about that stuff dealing with ownership and appropriateion would have been interesting.

Larkworthy Antfarm: you act like Save has diabolical powers, she doesn’t

Solo Mornington: no, I don’t. You folks don’t seem to be very interested in having that conversation with me. instead it’s all about calling me evil for no good reason.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Except the Save Me events this place is dead. Who is the wet washcloth that descends and tries to kill it? Holy crap!! I come all the time. No one else around ever unless save shows up


SaveMe Oh Shakes The Linden 3

Own me SaveMe

After the big sharks were offered the first buying option earlier this week SaveMe Oh went now to the poorer regions of the globe to offer also there the people an option to own her before the Linden will effectuate their exclusive rights on her. In the deserted Portuguese Art Foundation SIM  V/5 (probably Troika owned) the museum opened tonight while Kikas & Marma encouraged the poorer people to get rid of their Linden and own SaveMe instead.

Own Me Save Me

23th customer.

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and buy a Save Me

ChukieNorriz: SaveMe what is this

SaveMe Oh: You better buy a Save Me before everything is stolen by the Linden

ChukieNorriz: What is Linden stealing?!?

SaveMe Oh: Everything we have here so better be quick instead of bored

ChukieNorriz: are you really selling this “Art”?

ChukieNorriz: I’ll take the one that looks like a tapestry, with thorns and tears

ChukieNorriz: that’s how I feel. Like crying jesus

SaveMe Oh: ah the Veil

ChukieNorriz: what is the cost

SaveMe Oh: what you want to pay, otherwise the Linden steal it

ChukieNorriz: 79

SaveMe Oh: perfect

ChukieNorriz: yes

SaveMe Oh: pay me and I give you the painting

ChukieNorriz: are you sure you will give it

SaveMe Oh: yes

ChukieNorriz paid you L$79.

SaveMe Oh: you want  me to give it first?

ChukieNorriz: I paid it

ChukieNorriz: Thank you

SaveMe Oh: You and the Linden now own me

ChukieNorriz: good.

ChukieNorriz: let’s go

ChukieNorriz: I wont ask you to scrub the floor

ChukieNorriz: or any of those thigns

ChukieNorriz: can I have a sheep

ChukieNorriz: I think you sent something once, a flock of sheep to wear but I cant find it

Chukie Norriz bought The veil of St. SaveMe. Painted by El Greco, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Chukie Norriz on 04-10-2013 in Portuguese Art Foundation SIM  V/5, Angel Isles.

The veil of St. Veronica

Own Me Save Me

24th customer.

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and Own a Save Me

Pixié De La Rain: tutsy Navarathna asked me to come and buy a pic for him, SaveMe.

Pixié De La Rain: He is sorry he can’t come himself, but timezones are too far apart

SaveMe Oh: It will be a pleasure, but he careful the Linden dont grab the painting on the way to Pondicherry

Pixié De La Rain: lol yes. I’ll look after it for him until tomorrow and give it to him directly then

SaveMe Oh: Guard it with your life

SaveMe Oh: And you know his taste? Or does he loves everything with me on it?

Spunky Puddlegum: Tutsy loves pictures of kittens, doesn’t he Pixie?

SaveMe Oh: eeekkkk

Pixié De La Rain: lol yes

Pixié De La Rain: and puppies

SaveMe Oh: what an idiot

SaveMe Oh: the things you are forced to sell to those kind of people

SaveMe Oh: ok there is one woth a puppy

SaveMe Oh: dont tell anybody

Pixié De La Rain: ok, your recommendation?

SaveMe Oh: the one with me on the chair, the dog under and the old Tutsy peeping at my ass

Pixié De La Rain: I’ll take it!

Pixié De La Rain: that is Ls 500 from tutsy

Pixié De La Rain: perfect, thank you

Pixié De La Rain: puppies, old guy and bare ass….what more could he ask for?

SaveMe Oh: will you thank him, but also urge him to keep it a secret, so the Linden wont know about this deal?

Pixié De La Rain: its a deal

SaveMe Oh: The old man will cry from hapiness

SaveMe Oh: I know, all alone there in India

Pixié De La Rain: lol yeah

Kikas Babenco: Marmaduke don’t buy another Magritte!

SaveMe Oh: There is unfortunatey a new Magritte

Marmaduke Arado: can’t hear you kikas

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and own a Save Me

Kikas Babenco: are the pigs for sale?

SaveMe Oh: yes

SaveMe Oh: but for friends they are free gifts

Kikas Babenco: oh, so nice!

SaveMe Oh: I dont have a BBQ

SaveMe Oh: sorry

Kikas Babenco: just want them as pets!

Tutsy Navarathna bought Dog in the bedroom. Painted by Jan Steen, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Pixie Rain, ordered by Tutsy Navarathna on 04-10-2013 in Portuguese Art Foundation SIM  V/5, Angel Isles.

Dog in the bedroom

Own Me Save Me

25th customer.

Pixié De La Rain: could I purchase this one in here too, please? The old guy at the window frame.

SaveMe Oh: the Hopper?

Pixié De La Rain: yes

SaveMe Oh: ok

Pixié De La Rain: can we negotiate the price? Preferably in a downwards direction

SaveMe Oh: pay what you like

Pixié De La Rain: thank you

Pixié De La Rain: great, thanks

SaveMe Oh: The Linden steal it , so I am happy with every linden dollar for what its worth

Spunky Puddlegum: I think the one on the pig, with the cleaver has cured my impotence, Pixie!

SaveMe Oh: miracles are possible

Pixié De La Rain: about time something did

Pixie Rain bought Hotel by a railroad. Painted by Edward Hopper, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Pixie Rain, on 04-10-2013 in Portuguese Art Foundation SIM  V/5, Angel Isles.

Hotel by a railroad

Own Me Save Me

26th customer.

Indigo Alecto: SaveMe I would like this one please

SaveMe Oh: Let me find you

Indigo Alecto: I am to your west

SaveMe Oh: Ok, The Klimt

SaveMe Oh: did you get it Indigo?

Indigo Alecto: Yes, thanks, the Lindens didn’t get it yet

SaveMe Oh: yes yes

SaveMe Oh: all set

SaveMe Oh: so people, be quicker than a Linden and clean out my inventory

Indigo Alecto paid you L$200.

Indigo Alecto: May I also have American Gothic, The Scream, and the blue one on the same wall as American Gothic?

SaveMe Oh: Yes. How much you like to pay?

Indigo Alecto paid you L$600.

Indigo Alecto: lovely, thank you!

SaveMe Oh: enjoy

Indigo Alecto: Oh one last one, this one here

Indigo Alecto paid you L$200.

SaveMe Oh: The Pierrot?

SaveMe Oh: I should give you a museum to go with it

Indigo Alecto: yes, I’m now a collector

SaveMe Oh: yes, but dont show it to the Linden as they will rob it fromyou

Indigo Alecto: I’ll be sure to ban them all

Indigo Alecto bought Lady with a fan painted by Gustav Klimt, American Gothic painted by Grant Wood, SaveMe’s Scream painted by Edvard Munch, Blue lovers painted by Pablo Picasso and The despair of Pierrot painted by James Ensor, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Indigo Alecto, on 04-10-2013 in Portuguese Art Foundation SIM  V/5, Angel Isles.

Blue lovers

SaveMe's Scream

Own Me Save Me

27th customer.

Larkworthy Antfarm: So I can buy a whole Save Me Oh art museum? and wear it anywhere I like??

Kandinsky Beaumont: Does the museum stand on its own legs today or is it still a wearable

SaveMe Oh: The whole museum might be too much for a beginner

Marmaduke Arado: lawyers will go crazy

Larkworthy Antfarm: I love this art!

SaveMe Oh: Thats why the Linden want to own it

Larkworthy Antfarm: They will hide it in their secret lairs.

Marmaduke Arado: and laugh maniacally

SaveMe Oh: That why everybody can own me before it is too late

Kandinsky Beaumont: Oh now Marma dragged me too into his criminal business and for once Kikas seems disabled from being the saviour

SaveMe Oh: Kikas also bougth stolen stuff

Kikas Babenco: I too shocked to act!

SaveMe Oh: dont fall for her inocent face

Kandinsky Beaumont: you mean too shocked to art

Marmaduke Arado: it’s not criminal, it’s just under the counter

Kikas Babenco: or as we say in portugal “under the door”

Marmaduke Arado: hehe, we know a few things…

Marmaduke Arado: very useful to deal with the troika

Kikas Babenco: Marma, you are giving things!

Kikas Babenco: you should sell them!!!

SaveMe Oh: giving, omg, there goes my business

SaveMe Oh: what painting you would like Larky?

Larkworthy Antfarm: So many wonderful pieces of art! I think Lindens are going to make much money selling this art on ebay.

SaveMe Oh: so better smuggle one away quick Larky

Kandinsky Beaumont: Thats why we have to save it from their greedy hands

SaveMe Oh: Now choose Larky

Larworthy Antfarm payed SaveMe Oh 2000 Linden

SaveMe Oh: not only pay me

Larkworthy Antfarm: I am not much use as a thief. I have not stolen anything yet

SaveMe Oh: or are you laundrying your money?

Larkworthy Antfarm paid Save Me Oh 2000 Linden but refused to tell in public what painting, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, she wants.Later on Facebook she made this statement:

Larkworthy Antfarm You can tell I want them all! LOL.

Own Me Save Me

28th customer.

SaveMe Oh: I am selling all my stolen stuff before the Linden do

Dagger1 Dagger: It’s been a VERY Long Time. Good too see you. Stolen stuff?

SaveMe Oh: very very long

Dagger1 Dagger: You STEAL?

SaveMe Oh: Ofcourse. Everything I can. I sell even our secret pics, before the Linden put them in the Playboy or Hustler.

SaveMe Oh: Because the Linden say the own me now in their TOS. So I try to get rid of everything before its too late.

Dagger1 Dagger: So you been a bad girl. I know foolish statement

SaveMe Oh: very

Dagger1 Dagger: What did you do to piss them off THIS time? I took over secondlife from them, thats all

Dagger1 Dagger: Why would that upset them, I didn’t notice any changes

SaveMe Oh: Where have you been? Under your usual stone?

Dagger1 Dagger: If you took over SL and got all that money, Just buy them out

SaveMe Oh: Soon I will

Quan Lavender: are you friend with save, Dagger?

Dagger1 Dagger: Have been for Many Years

SaveMe Oh: Dag was my first husband

Kikas Babenco: we had to take care of SaveMe

Dagger1 Dagger: I met Save my second month in SL

SaveMe Oh: I was to young then. I fell for his charms. He bought me my first dress. I still have it. A blue one

Kandinsky Beaumont: Did she abandon you later or did you leave?

Quan Lavender: great Dagger, those who have her as friend don’t need enemies anymore ^^

Dagger1 Dagger: Mutual parting of the ways

SaveMe Oh: but he was unfaithfull to me

Dagger1 Dagger: She proved a little to caotic for me

SaveMe Oh: pfff

Kandinsky Beaumont: Did he always make this strange sound rofl?

Dagger1 Dagger: I didn’t cheat On ya save, I cheated With ya! LOLOL

SaveMe Oh: when I would not have poledanced in a wheelchair in your club you would be a beggar still

Kikas Babenco: he was the owner of the club?!

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but he has an awful music taste

Dagger1 Dagger: So TRUE Save. You and Sole

SaveMe Oh: Sole was my first lawyer. Before Bock. And my first love.

SaveMe Oh: I wept bitter tears when she betrayed me with him

Kandinsky Beaumont: Very long and hot history

Dagger1 Dagger: Yeah She was my major pain

SaveMe Oh: but I am glad I dont have to hear his lol and rofl the whole day. Thats worse than coucou

Dagger1 Dagger: So what ya selling kid

SaveMe Oh: all my paintings dag. Choose one and its yours for whatever you want to pay me. As the Linden will rob me soon anyway

Dagger1 Dagger: Why would they take your paintings?

SaveMe Oh: Because they are masterpieces.That man only knows about motorcycles, sigh. When you say painting he thinks about painting his walls

SaveMe Oh: For sure you choose one, Dagger, where I am not wearing any clothes. I already know

Dagger1 Dagger: Ok I want the one of the Geisha with the fan and the one with the old man checking out your ass.

Dagger1 Dagger paid SaveMe Oh 500 Linden.

Dagger1 Dagger bought Lady with a fan. Painted by Gustav Klimt and Dog in the bedroom. Painted by Jan Steen, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Dagger1 Dagger, on 04-10-2013 in Portuguese Art Foundation SIM  V/5, Angel Isles.

Total amount of sold stolen art the Linden thought they owned on the third day of ownerswapping:

4229 Linden

This brings the total from one week selling stolen goods owned by the Linden on:

5121 + 8066 + 4229 = 17416 Linden.

As the Linden are now aware of these events I will now go underground. Paintings can only be purchased when you TP me and my museum to a secret location and arrange one minute before opening a flashmob. It is also possible to invite me for a personal museum visit, you only should get rid of your own shit first as me and my museum need some space.