African Ejaculation

srah Mofanui: what talk is this? we losing our politeness? We forgive you all, you fucking bastards, wear a TUTU.

srah Mofanui: just not nice to say such things for our  group

Chriscloud Loon: anyhow . dont click that link

SaveMe Oh: we forgive you your comment too

SaveMe Oh: and please click the link

Chriscloud Loon: who is YOU

SaveMe Oh: you wont be ejected to oblivion

SaveMe Oh: dont worry

Infiniti Cummings: but some seem to think that such behavior is acceptable

SaveMe Oh: the deiti will save you


Infiniti Cummings: such antics should be restricted to a personal group

Toni Lacombe: no one should say things like that in a notice its not nice at all

SaveMe Oh: drop dead

Infiniti Cummings: instead of borderline offendeing those in the group that knows better

Infiniti Cummings thinks that SaveMe is baf’s best friend…….ijs

SaveMe Oh: what a sadness

Infiniti Cummings: not the first time

Toni Lacombe: save me was you saying that to me

Infiniti Cummings: won’t be the last time

SaveMe Oh: be happy someone wakes you up once in a while, enjoy

Chriscloud Loon: SaveMe . is this your kind of ART ?

SaveMe Oh: yes darling

Toni Lacombe: bafa should pick careful

SaveMe Oh: you like it?

Infiniti Cummings: yes her kind..not Africa Live kind….

SaveMe Oh: did it wake you up?

Infiniti Cummings: which is why her should have a group for her ART

Chriscloud Loon: nom just makes my crying

Infiniti Cummings: there’s a place for nonsense

SaveMe Oh: dont cry to loud or I might drown in your tears

Toni Lacombe: i will talk to bafa abt this i dont like seeing notices coming to me like this

Infiniti Cummings: looks like only one is crying out 2 be saved….

SaveMe Oh: talk with bafa, but watch out that he dont hit you for being rude to me

Infiniti Cummings: everyone else seems to know how to respect others and not force their sick sense of art upon the masses

BAFANA Beaumont: interesting  talk please all calm down . Save me is saveMe with her way doing things and so are some artits we all have our “mouton noir ” in our family in rl .. And so are africa live ;)) i think SaveME is our mouton noir . who sometimes like to shake our brain ..  just not click the link if u think that link is weird

Infiniti Cummings: see what I mean toni

SaveMe Oh: weird?????

Toni Lacombe: save me i dont think so im bafa girl

Infiniti Cummings: in my family she wouldn’t be allowed to visit

BAFANA Beaumont: or not good for you

SaveMe Oh: the most beautiful girl from SL weird?????

SaveMe Oh: dont you know the words of TUTU of forgiveness?

Toni Lacombe: and dont you dare threaten me with bafa hitting me

BAFANA Beaumont: weird in frenglish  means bad  not good ;)) take it easy  Saveme

nfiniti Cummings: forgive does not mean u are obligated to associate

SaveMe Oh: I am gorgeous in this movie

nfiniti Cummings: forgive and go your own way is more like it

BAFANA Beaumont: Everyone is wellcome ;))))) welcome ;)))))

SaveMe Oh: I forgive you all you blindness

nfiniti Cummings: toni i’m sure baf will convince u to tolerate ignorance

Blade Unsustainable: whats all the fuss about people?

nfiniti Cummings: perhaps it’s the Africa Live Way

Blade Unsustainable: lets respect each other

Blade Unsustainable: thats not the African way

BAFANA Beaumont: lets respect each ther  ) thats everyone way  yess  so Saveme hold on please

Infiniti Cummings: SaveMe has her own methodology of respect which is self……so since she begs to be saved being told the truth should be allowed

TT Cluny: well Bafa i think Save me was wrong

SaveMe Oh: tell me the truth darling and I will forgive you

Infiniti Cummings: Oh

Toni Lacombe: hi infiniti

SaveMe Oh: OH is the name

SaveMe Oh: OH YES

Infiniti Cummings: well TT just told you…you were wrong

TT Cluny: very wrong

Infiniti Cummings: you offended others and you continue to be an offense

SaveMe Oh: I love it

TT Cluny: and rude too

Infiniti Cummings: yet you aer welcome without being compelled to change

TT Cluny: thats not how africans act

Infiniti Cummings: because Baf and i will leave it at that

SaveMe Oh: And Baf is deeply in love with me

Blade Unsustainable: SaveMe if you got a problem why dont you address it in the correct fashion… your attitude is very negative and unpolite

BAFANA Beaumont: WAHAhahaha  SAveme I will killyou OMY GOD

Toni Lacombe: hahahha save me you are dreaming

SaveMe Oh: tutututuutu

Blade Unsustainable: Baf bro

BAFANA Beaumont: Omy god

BAFANA Beaumont: yes bro ;)) ssshhhh everyone calm down ;)) lease .. calm down ;)^

TT Cluny: Bafa why do u bring people like that to this group

SaveMe Oh: I only have to kiss him once and he will tell you all to tutu yourself

Blade Unsustainable: We need to calm it down a bit and sort the issue need to fight fire with fire

Toni Lacombe: your dreaming saveme

SaveMe Oh: dreaming is an artists tool

BAFANA Beaumont: charter of group .. Africa is diverse SAvemelike provoke

BAFANA Beaumont: just know this

Toni Lacombe: i think you dream to much

Blade Unsustainable: Understood..but lets not subject to that ignorance

SaveMe Oh: pro pro pro pro voke, nice new song

Toni Lacombe: bafa theres no need for ppl to send bad language in notice

BAFANA Beaumont: TRUE .. now please lets enjoy SL   and forget what yu red  .. please SaveMe stop now

Blade Unsustainable: You have the choice to eject her..with that attitude she should be

Toni Lacombe: i agree

SaveMe Oh: Dont eject in my face please

Infiniti Cummings: if he didn’t eject her the last time…

Infiniti Cummings: he won’t this time

Infiniti Cummings: or next time

SaveMe Oh: he loves meeeeeee

Toni Lacombe: bafa do we have to take this in notices from her

Afi Avon: well……what a palaver

Afi Avon: disgusting

TT Cluny: se me see troble

SaveMe Oh: but be careful

BAFANA Beaumont: hello afi ;))

SaveMe Oh: dont make the deiti angry

Blade Unsustainable: Im surprised that this group is projecting this kind of energy and its been tolarated, why are you protecting such people

SaveMe Oh: such people???? Me

Afi Avon: seems u causing trouble now BAF

Toni Lacombe: thats a good question

Afi Avon: lol

TT Cluny: they  called as fucking bastards Afi

Afi Avon: I know

Infiniti Cummings: I wonder the very same thing….her energy should not be welcomed, tolerated, celebrated, acknowledged…..

BAFANA Beaumont: ssshhhh please .. thats hur some conservatism  please stop now  saveme 😉 please

BAFANA Beaumont: thats hurts . some of us .. Please stop provoke

SaveMe Oh: I have a job to do

Blade Unsustainable: Gve me powers to eject if you wont

Toni Lacombe: maybe a little soap in her mouth wont go a miss

TT Cluny: ooo yeah Infiniti

SaveMe Oh: to provoke you all from pretending to be dead

Infiniti Cummings: Baf seems to be the only one that has SaveMe back and then some

Infiniti Cummings: so perhaps he has the master plan

SaveMe Oh: Baf is my master plan

Infiniti Cummings: enuff said

Toni Lacombe: then bafa will have to do somthin abt it bcos i dont want notices like that

BAFANA Beaumont: well SaveMe should not talk lke this . Anyway i totally disagree such words

Afi Avon: Man up Baf

SaveMe Oh: Amen

Toni Lacombe: bafa do somthin

Chriscloud Loon: no AMEN having plans

SaveMe Oh: Bafa, kill the witch

Toni Lacombe: thats a good idea

Chriscloud Loon: Amen is GOD, and LOVE

BAFANA Beaumont: You called all of us bastards and you have to apologise   soo    my talk is not  support   in anycase .

artemisia Mathy: thanks please talk in im

Infiniti Cummings: and there ya have it…arte and baf

Infiniti Cummings: that’s Africa Live 4 ya

Infiniti Cummings: Ignorance Is Bliss

SaveMe Oh: what a lively group

Afi Avon: blissfully ignorant

Afi Avon: loool

TT Cluny: ignorante

SaveMe Oh: btw, did you all like the movie?

BAFANA Beaumont: SaveME    Could u APOLOGISe now otherwise i may   eject you

Toni Lacombe: save me when do you get off from being rude

BAFANA Beaumont: you hurt people if they told u  you hurt please just say SORRY and things  coming back fine

SaveMe Oh: Me apologize for bring free culture to you all??? Never.

BAFANA Beaumont: ” Fucking Bastards” is NOT  free culture SAveME


Afi Avon: just kick her out the group….end of

artemisia Mathy: don(t answer to the troll please!

artemisia Mathy: nerpendez pas aux trolls

BAFANA Beaumont: Please ..    APologize .     between .. Ladis and gentleme,n .   I apologizefrom what SaveME did say and that hurt you all

TT Cluny: pfff Bafa she has to

TT Cluny: not you

Toni Lacombe: she wont

BAFANA Beaumont: lets see

SaveMe Oh: never

SaveMe Oh: But I forgive you all

Toni Lacombe: bafa she has told you never so what are you going to do?

BAFANA Beaumont: You have been ejected from ‘Africa Live’ by BAFANA Beaumont.

SaveMe Oh: he did it

SaveMe Oh: are you all happy now

SaveMe Oh: ?

Afi Avon: very happy

Toni Lacombe: yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

SaveMe Oh: Africans ejecting people??? OMG!

5 thoughts on “African Ejaculation

  1. [13:01] SaveMe Oh: I was there before I was ejected, blonde
    [13:02] Toni Lacombe: just stop all thiese lies abt bafa
    [13:03] SaveMe Oh: jealous?
    [13:04] Toni Lacombe: no im not jealous but i know you would be the last person he would want
    [13:04] SaveMe Oh: are you sure, lol?
    [13:04] Toni Lacombe: you make him out to be every girls guy thats a insult
    [13:05] SaveMe Oh: he is not a guy, you are not a girl,
    [13:05] Toni Lacombe: bafa knows im all girl we talk on the phone hahhahhaha
    [13:06] SaveMe Oh: I mean in SL it doesnt matter
    [13:06] SaveMe Oh: bafa doesnt exist
    [13:06] SaveMe Oh: he is a bunch of pixels
    [13:06] Toni Lacombe: i know who bafa is
    [13:06] SaveMe Oh: nice for you
    [13:07] Toni Lacombe: maybe your jealous bcos you dont know him and i have him and you done hahhahahahhahahha
    [13:08] SaveMe Oh: make him happy then
    [13:08] Toni Lacombe: i do trust me
    [13:09] SaveMe Oh: good
    [13:09] Toni Lacombe: we talk for hours on the phone and while we are both in sl do you have a guy to do that for you
    [13:10] SaveMe Oh: you can have him
    [13:10] SaveMe Oh: I am not after him
    [13:10] SaveMe Oh: dont worry
    [13:10] SaveMe Oh: I am just divorced
    [13:10] SaveMe Oh: so I have enough of man for a while
    [13:10] Toni Lacombe: i can see why
    [13:11] Toni Lacombe: no guy want a girl that goes round insulting ppl and taking joy out of it
    [13:14] Toni Lacombe: thats shut that nasty mouth of yours

  2. SaveMe n’est en rien quoi que ce soit pour moi .. Arrêtez de fantasmer à propos de bafa . j’aime l’harmonie et j’aime les gens et qui que ce soit est le bienvenu . SaveMe a tenu des propos inacceptables . cela n’a pas plus . et MOI NON plus cela ne me plait pas du tout . je ne suis pas content qu’on passes son temps à m’attaque de cette maière . je suis très peiné de la façon de parler de Infiniti . Le moment venu, nous allons régler tout cela . Bref, demandez aux concepteurs de Firestomr comment retirer les gens d’un groupe et ne plus leur permettre de parler . Vous vous laissez entrainer par SaveME Oh qui est une provocatrice . Moi , j’ai choisi de me taire .. c’est la meilleure manière de l’arrêter .. connaissez-vous ce ^proverbe ? ou cette sentence ? ” ON repond à l’imbécile par le silence” .. meditez ces mots là au lieu de déblatérer ici

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