Christmas Thoughts

BAFANA Beaumont: please SaveMe .. I do not like this

BAFANA Beaumont: stop this

BAFANA Beaumont: :((((((

BAFANA Beaumont: I’m really sad that you do this to me

SaveMe Oh: I always try to make a party for you but you always turn out to be the most boring and conservative community

BAFANA Beaumont: NO

BAFANA Beaumont: I am NOT

BAFANA Beaumont: and you know me well

BAFANA Beaumont: why have you been doing this?

SaveMe Oh: I always bring joy to my friends, but some are not worth it

BAFANA Beaumont: WELL I will UNBAN you please stop SaveMe   please stop

SaveMe Oh: I won’t stop

SaveMe Oh: better don’t unban me then

SaveMe Oh: when I can’t be free, I don’t want to be there

BAFANA Beaumont: free for?

BAFANA Beaumont: when it is NOT your event why should I let u  griefing?

SaveMe Oh: every event is also my event

SaveMe Oh: when it’s private, don’t invite me

BAFANA Beaumont: okay TRUE but please SaveMe don’t get into this …. when is a dj that  we call like today please don’t do that. Why have you been doing this to me? You know well how so far can go my Affection for you and you have been destroying  this :((

BAFANA Beaumont: I am very sad

BAFANA Beaumont: let me program YOU  and u will have your Event and I will support it

14 thoughts on “Christmas Thoughts

      • Tutu is about forgiving ..
        You mix things up…
        But we can try…
        But then only when you dance the dying swan!

      • I don’t mix up anything. YOu ask me to apologise, I refuse, you forgive me and of course I can’t wait to dance the dying swan for you as there lies my real talent.

      • I know your outshining talents are reaching beyond a dying tiptoe combination. Bafana ( the most peaceful man I know in sl) said to many times please and you made him sad, which makes me sad as-well, …. not very nice christmas feelings….
        And he would have made a respectable man of honour?
        You have lost out an opportunity.

        When someone asks you please stop, good manners make you stop and when you bored to death, you leave and play with the fish… or with me…

        your loving Rose

        btw: you have to buy a bigger suitcase , I do not fit in with my elvis costume

      • Bafana will be still my best man. He says too much please in every sentence, I have to work with him on that as I don’t like people begging me all the time. I also have to work on his good manners as they stand in the way of real creation. But, as I love him just as much as you do (thats why I spent my precious time on him for some education) don’t worry.
        Now put your Elvis costume on and be there in time sundaymorning, early!!!!!!

  1. Well, Saveme – there was no need to annoy peaceful Bafana. Not all parties have to be great art – just dancing & music are allowed too.

    Your Ush Underwood

    • All encounters have to be an exchange between people. When you don’t want an encounter but want to listen to music turn on your radio, when you want to dance go to a discothek. When you want to be in a virtual world accept what happens there. I was just anticipating on people when that peaceful Bafana annoyed me with his begging on behalve of others. This was by far your silliest comment since long.

  2. this was sca bla bla forgiveness statue of liberty bla bla and understanding lessons in freedom bla in the name of desmond bla bla bla

  3. [13:09] SaveMe Oh: everyone is angry with me but do you still love me?
    [13:09] BAFANA Beaumont: awwwwwwwwwwww
    [13:09] SaveMe Oh: And do you want to be my best man when I marry?
    [13:10] BAFANA Beaumont: STILLL of course SaveME please i am thinking about still how we can do to make you come back within the mostl loved girls awww yessssssss i wil of course . not problem
    [13:10] BAFANA Beaumont: ibut please help meeeeee
    [13:11] SaveMe Oh: I will save you, dont worry.

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