When Cherry Manga Was Eating Popcorn Reading This

SaveMe Oh and Mandel Solano in happier times.

Mandel Solano: What has SaveMe Oh to do with this?

Chris Craft: The day LEA announced it was closing SaveMe Oh blogged that it was because she shut it down that is was her that destroyed it. SaveMe Oh is just another malignant narcissist.

Mandel Solano: Yes she is a scam and a falsifier of truth

Chris Craft: But thanks for the link I had no idea about how the LEA committee was organized if it needed more committee members I am sure it could have just asked the over 4500 member for volunteers I am sure they would have gotten hundreds of applications

Blackbox Blindside: Yes, its strange they never shared their sorrows with the group members.

Mandel Solano: And you Blackbox are a Trojan horse for SaveMe Oh

Chris Craft: Thinks it would have been nice for the Committee to publish the minutes of their meetings so we would have been aware of any problems I am sure the members would have offered any help needed

Blackbox Blindside: They have ruled in secret and they let LEA die in secret

Mandel Solano: Mostly bullies like SaveMe Oh, wins over the bullied, she uses her dumb followers, it’s hard to stand up against. And now SaveMe Oh is in that Save LEA group, together with her dumb followers. How could that ever be something to rely on? It’s like put the wolf in charge of the sheep

Blackbox Blindside: At least she always produces exiting art, with or without LEA

Mandel Solano: No she does not

Chris Craft: Mandel SaveMe Oh has absolutely no power in LEA 2.0 and did not create the group even if SaveMe Oh did join some how it will not matter.

Mandel Solano: I have never seen something exiting from SaveMe Oh. People who like the art of SaveMe Oh, that is. Bullying others in SL when they try to make art. She especially like to bully women

Blackbox Blindside: I only saw her doing very exiting performances that I saw nowhere else

Mandel Solano: And when someone try to talk with her, to stop what she is doing. She attack that person too.

Blackbox Blindside: Its a shame a corrupt LEA committee bans these kind of people for years.

Mandel Solano: You have not seen much Blackbox, do you even have 2 eyes?

Blackbox Blindside: They should welcome all artists, no matter if they like it or not. Taste is not something is needed for a committee

Chris Craft: Lets not turn this into personal attacks on each other. We must concentrate on saving LEA time is running very short

Mandel Solano: Why should they invite someone who destroy for others, when they trying to make their art in SL

Blackbox Blindside: Don’t we have to invite everybody?

Mandel Solano: Why is bullying an art, for some people but not for everyone? It’s against TOS.

JaJanna: I am a bit confused about this group, I joined a while ago and all i hear is about SaveMe Oh.

Blackbox Blindside: She must be great

Mandel Solano: I wonder why SaveMe Oh is still in SL

Blackbox Blindside: Maybe because her work is appreciated? Or because she is an amazing artist with the good drive?

Mandel Solano: I think people are afraid of saying anything as they end up at SaveMe Oh’s blog.

Cherry Manga: Eating popcorn reading this.

Jo Williams: Screaming for free, while spending like crazy – artists have faith in themselves- invest in themselves. . – a great motivator !

Mandel Solano: my experience is that many creators have not much faith in them selves, they have to fight their own fear, they should be protected from people, who like to create fear. It’s why at last Saveme Oh have been banned from LEA. But there are some people who do not accept that.

Jo Williams: free speech and opinion – there’s always a mute button. . choice – artists focus on creation, regardless ^:^

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