Ego’s Larger Than Cancer

Already since the birth of Secondlife avatars use the virtual space to save the world from behind their screens, creating events that only result in pocket money for the good cause. When they would close their internet connection and go instead collecting money in their local communities they would made 1000 times more money for the good cause. But they prefer to go around as virtual mother Teresa’s and use their so called charities as a reason to build a sim full of ugliness and ask artist’s to participate for free.

This is not the spaceship Enterprise!!!

Yesterday the next good Samaritan came begging for my services, and as an artist who is already fithy rich I didn’t mind to throw in some artsy prims in their boxes they call a gallery.

Bohemio Love: I am working making a benefit event against cancer. We are building an art gallery to make a beautiful expo and collect funds. Patrick Moya and Riannah Evora will design the gardens, Dixmix, Carla Broek, Viktor Savior are joining us. Asmita too :). Maybe Anely Abellante too

SaveMe Oh: All the hippies united?

Bohemio Love: Yeah. lol

SaveMe Oh: And now you also need a real artist

Bohemio Love:You make wonderful artworks…haha yes i need them

SaveMe Oh: yes, you sure do when i see your list of participants

After, when I checked the space for the expo I heard the conditions for the charity. Artists are not free to do what they want but have to lock themselves up in a glass box and weapons and nudity is not allowed. And building can only start, when the Barbie wife (type blow-up doll) of the good Sameritan is ready glueing the boxes together. Talking about freedom of expression or freedom for the artist is not what they are looking for.

Only a day later they decided it was a mistake to ask me.

Bohemio Love: You have made me dirty and my name insulted, you have insulted people who do want to help. In exchange for what?

You are kicked out of the event.

I am working hard to do something to help. To help children with cancer…and you make my work dirty with your silly things.

Don’t use me for your wars. Be smart.


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