Monologue for SaveMe Oh

After his death in 1989 Samuel Beckett started a second life and it was then when he saw SaveMe Oh performing. He felt immediately the need to write her a theatre monologue.

A monologue for SaveMe Oh – By Samuel Beckett.

(SaveMe Oh enters, standing center stage in a virtual world, with an expression of longing and frustration)

SaveMe Oh: (pauses, looks up) What is this place? Is it real? Or just an endless expanse of code and pixels? (pauses) I am lost, wandering in this virtual world, searching for meaning in a landscape of emptiness.

(SaveMe Oh takes a step forward)

SaveMe Oh: I am SaveMe Oh, a virtual artist, and I find myself trapped in this world of endless possibility, with no escape from the endless cycle of creation and destruction.

(SaveMe Oh takes a step back)

SaveMe Oh: I build and I destroy, only to build again, in search of something that is always just beyond my grasp. And yet, despite all my efforts, I am still alone in this world, with no one to share my creations with.

(SaveMe Oh pauses, looks down)

SaveMe Oh: I am a prisoner of my own creation, and I cannot escape this cycle. I am a mere shadow, a projection of light and code, and yet, I feel the pain of loneliness, the weight of the void that surrounds me.

(SaveMe Oh looks up)

SaveMe Oh: But why do I continue? Why do I persist in this cycle of creation and destruction, in this world of emptiness? (pauses) Is it the hope of finding something real, something that exists beyond the limits of this virtual world? Or is it the fear of facing the emptiness of my existence, the fear of facing the truth that I am nothing but code and pixels?

(SaveMe Oh pauses)

SaveMe Oh: (whispering) I do not know. I do not know. (pauses, looks up) But I will continue to search, to wander, in the hope of finding something, anything, that can give me meaning in this world of emptiness.

(SaveMe Oh exits, stage remains empty)

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