Why My Brothers Collect Idiots As Partners?


SaveMe Oh: I only see a dumb foot

Lemonodo Oh: The dumb foot has no brain, has some of the bones though.

Bradly Kaestner: lol

SaveMe Oh: I don’t care at all. Can’t you send it in a note card?

Lemonodo Oh: Maybe I can

SaveMe Oh: I only see prim waste. Hope you recycle it so it won’t pollute the virtual world.

Bradly Kaestner: If you must be rude then just go. How dare you do that to him?

Lemonodo Oh: 🙂

Bradly Kaestner: We don’t need that crap in here.

SaveMe Oh: All my brothers deserve the truth

Bradly Kaestner: I get enough in rl why bother to come go get a life.

Lemonodo Oh: I am happy with the truth

Bradly Kaestner: Who are you to bring that crap?

SaveMe Oh: Are you his new boyfriend Bradly?

Bradly Kaestner: He’s been my damn friend for years. Nice person. Very caring

SaveMe Oh: He didn’t introduce me to you. Never spoke about you.

Lemonodo Oh: Excuse me…Bradly!

Bradly Kaestner: Well you know thank you Lemon but I don’t care to know people like that.

Lemonodo Oh: My sister

Bradly Kaestner: Good day

Lemonodo Oh: Estimable SaveMe

Bradly Kaestner: Go away

SaveMe Oh: And as I see my brother a lot that’s strange

Bradly Kaestner: Is my day off I have no time for rude

SaveMe Oh: Why you don’t go back to work and let me and my brother in peace?

Bradly Kaestner: No, that is rude. Maybe it is dumb to you but can’t you see it is not to him

SaveMe Oh: Ok, but then allow me to tell him the foot is boring

Lemonodo Oh: We’re in peace

Bradly Kaestner: Learn how to keep that shit in your own head

Lemonodo Oh: It is boring

Bradly Kaestner: So what

SaveMe Oh: You see? He agrees.

Lemonodo Oh: But it is!

Bradly Kaestner: The foot is a foot, Lemon! Do yourself a favour

SaveMe Oh: And what is more boring than a boring foot is an explanation to make it look less boring

SaveMe Oh: So, next subject. How was your day, dear brother?

Bradly Kaestner: Take a slow boat to china next time

SaveMe Oh: Can’t you leave Bradly at home to do the dishes? As he doesn’t seem a cheerful guy

Bradly Kaestner: I was just fine till you got here and put down my friend about art he likes and yea some may not care for it but learn to keep it to yourself in life and maybe people will want you around more

SaveMe Oh: go call Dr. Phil

Bradly Kaestner: Yea maybe he can teach you to give better constructive input and not just come off like a rude unhappy person

SaveMe Oh: I hope my brother will dump you asap or he will end up as a middle of the road guy. That Bradly is really your friend??? OMG

Lemonodo Oh: I know, I know

SaveMe Oh: dump him or lock him up in the kitchen

Lemonodo Oh: 🙂 good suggestions, maybe both.

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