Rest In Pieces

I don’t know if it was in the last will of the diseased or that it is simple a landlord cleaning up the parcel but it’s a glorious moment, the most ugly venue of SL, Cat’s Circus will disappear this week forever. I hope the events that were organised there will go on but hopefully never again in such an ugly place.

For a visual performer it was the most horrible place to work in. Every creation was blurred by the always present ugliness of the tent, the clowns, the red en yellow color and all the other rubbish Cat rezzed there. As a musician needs an audience that wants to listen a visual performer needs a clean canvas to create. It is an advise for every event organiser to come up with clean spaces, as the artists are quite capable to create the space themselves. They don’t need a backdrop, a background image or forefront distractions.

As it is already ridiculous that a virtual musician stand behind a keyboard or a DJ booth pretending to play live music it’s even more ridiculous to facilitate a virtual performer with walls, roofs, images at the wall or stages. Stages make the work only more complicated as it places avatars on different heights what makes it more complex to cover the space virtually well.

So musicians, play your buttons at home so we can hear it inworld and leave the visuals to the professional performance artists.

And dumbo’s, if at a certain moment a circus tent is needed…I wear one sometimes for breakfast!

See what happens at 1.28

4 thoughts on “Rest In Pieces

  1. Instead of attacking someone who is dead…..why not expose those who are laundering money out of Second Life with phony fund raising events such as “Feed A Smile”, “Homes For Our Troops”, “Relay For Life”…..etc…..along with all the phony entertainers who claim they are playing live when they are streaming prerecorded tracks.

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