Prokofy Neva vs SaveMe Oh? Yawn!

My sister Bryn Oh waited years for this encounter, blogs where written full about the battle of the century. And then he appeared in front of me, in long white underwear. I almost want to hold his hand.


SaveMe Oh: And what you do here? Rent land?

Prokofy Neva: I have a land preserve and also rentals.

SaveMe Oh: I thought you were long gone and buried.

Prokofy Neva: Nope. I live.

SaveMe Oh: Good for you

Prokofy Neva: Yeah I’m not a hipster like you : )

SaveMe Oh: That you certainly are not.

And guess who is his neighbour????

Fau Ferdinand…………………………..


4 thoughts on “Prokofy Neva vs SaveMe Oh? Yawn!

  1. I taught you better than that turd. My battles with Prok though legendary amount to him writing crappy little things about me and me responding by threatening to put a shoe in his crusty granny ass and typing “hehehehehehehe” then Prok abuse reporting me lmao.

    Turd…I taught you better than this :p

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