My Alt Wants To Buy A Eupalinos

Kiana Writer of MadPea knows better than anyone else that I am the best thing that could happen to her. But as she has surrounded herself, like Jo Yardley, with idiots and she can’t prevent these idiots from banning me all the time from her sims as she is just busy with something else in her huge kingdom she loses control. After I and one of my alts were banned in no time in the MadPea sim a third alt of me, SaveMe OHare, succeeded to spend some time on the sim and did something completely stupid. She bought for 13 Linden Eupalinos Ugajin for the FEED A SMILE charity event.


Why you want Eupalinos Ugajin??? Is it not much easier to send the 13 Linden directly to the charity? Because what do you get when you buy Eupalinos Ugajin? A 2 hours workshop how you effectively ban people? An instruction on the finest invented on the muting and derender business.

In the popularity poll Kiana Writer herself and Bryn Oh are leading the pack on being the most popular artists with the highest bids. Now for Bryn the FEED A SMILE goes very much for herself as her smile gets bigger and bigger as she is fed by grants, friends and Indiegogo’s, but apparently just not enough to send some money herself to Africa, or does she buy Kiana and vice versa? And why Bryn doesn’t donate the 5256 linden I gave her last year when I organised a charity for her?

Snapshot_109Bryn Oh and her alt Cica Ghost, with Eupalinos in the background negociating about who is the most populair 

Another rumour was brought to me by my dear friend Ziki Questi, who is also the proud owner of a SaveMe and thus also banned now:

Ziki Questi: I’m trying to convince them to unban you. Your cousin Clicquot Oh is here with Kiana.

SaveMe Oh: I know

Ziki Questi: lol. They said you scared Rebeca Bashly (as everybody knows she is the alt of Igor Ballyhoo) last time because she worried you would bid on her.

SaveMe Oh: poor Igor

The next day these fine benefactors of the good cause found it necessary to ban more than 80 SaveMe’s (check the banlist in the MadPea land). I am still waiting for the request to send them all a yellow star to sew on their jacquets. And nobody for sure want to believe it but from this list only 4 are mine. It is like King Herod when he gave orders to kill all boys of the age of two and under in Bethlehem and its vicinity to prevent Cheesus from being born.


My poor daddy harrased by the hangman of MadPea Harter Fall, not able to bid on Iono Allen

So when you find yourself on this list I apologise as you won’t be able to FEED A SMILE with that avatar.





savemesorrow Udein


SaveMeOprah Deerhunter

savemenow Anton




Savemeliam Barbosa






















SaveMe Twist

SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oaklourne

SaveMe Oberueng

SaveMe Ocelot

SaveMe Oddson

SaveMe Ogleby

SaveMe Ogura

SaveMe OHare

SaveMe Ohmai

SaveMe Okelli

SaveMe Oleander

SaveMe Olihenge

SaveMe Oliphaunt

SaveMe Olivieri

SaveMe Oller

SaveMe Oompa

SaveMe Opaque

SaveMe Optera

SaveMe Oran

SaveMe Orcenhall

SaveMe Orchid

SaveMe Ordinary

SaveMe Orfan

SaveMe Organiser

SaveMe Ornamental

SaveMe Orsini

SaveMe Osei

SaveMe Oskar

SaveMe Osmus

SaveMe Oval

SaveMe Ovis

Saveme Oxalis

SaveMe Oximoxi

SaveMe Oxidor

SaveMe Oxygen

SaveMe Oysternatz

SaveMe Ozigard

SaveMe Noh

saveme Neox

saveme Morrisey

saveme Morpork

SaveMe Gurbux

saveme Crystal

saveme Bergan

saveme Avro

saveme Artis

SaveMe Aho

Now that I am cut off from the opportunity to contribute myself to this charity event I better plan another holiday to Africa to personally feed a smile there. Although I also have to keep an eye on my daddy. What that dirtbag is doing with Claudia222 Jewel? Is she eating his banana?


11 thoughts on “My Alt Wants To Buy A Eupalinos

  1. Now, now, I did not say, “Ziki Questi: lol. They said you scared Rebeca Bashly (as everybody knows she is the alt of Igor Ballyhoo) last time because she worried you would bid on her,” although you present it in quotes. Let’s be accurate at least. 🙂

  2. Now, me iz lost. Who is who???? And who is banned?? Under which identity? You should be more merciful for blondes and have a less complicated life. Some would say that you have some identity crisis. In my opinion, that is. And a last question, why is Iono to sell, now? Did he loose his german bed to feed his smile? This is spannend.

    • SaveMe Oh was banned first, after SaveMe Orfan was banned too. Then SaveMe OHare bought Eupalinos for 13 Linden but was after also banned. When you check the banlist of MadPea now you see 81 people banned who’s name start with SaveMe, of which 4 are mine. In the same sim Iono joins the popularity contest for the charity event FEED A SMILE and somebody even thinks he is worth 1000 linden, but it doesn’t say if that is a German bed or one of his nude actresses from his last movie. My daddy is not banned at the moment as everybody is curious if he will really marry Claudia222 Jewel. They were both for 10 minutes under the stage with a banana, but thats the rumours I heard as it might be obvious I was not able to be a witness of all this.

  3. Just one comment:

    I got this information in my maibox last night:

    “[22:31] Rose Borchovski: You have been ejected from ‘Two Fish’ by Rose Borchovski.
    [22:32] Rose Borchovski: You have been ejected from ‘Smell Of Fish’ by Rose Borchovski.”

    I guess “ejected” means “banned” since I haven’t been online in SL for weeks now.

      • No, stupid, it was not by accident as you well know — I unfriended you weeks before your dear wife, after insulting me, banned me for asking politely a few questions (and banned Kikas too, who was not even part of the conversation). Got that, stupid?

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