Welcome UNIA (Utterly Noobish Idiot Avatar)

Nevermore Tyler: What does it mean when a door says “Scene in use?”

SaveMe Oh: That there is still somebody on the toilet

Kiana Writer: That’s why you’re in a place called the Waiting Room 😛

Nevermore Tyler: Thank god Kiana there is no elevator Music

SaveMe Oh: In the toilet paper is a secret code, you have to scramble the words and find the connected numeric code that gives you access to THE PORTAL

Nevermore Tyler: THE CAKE IS A LIE!

SaveMe Oh: I only say this once: CAKE is a four letter word

Nevermore Tyler: Only thing I can say right now is… 2 words 9 letters

SaveMe Oh: You are getting close

Chester McFisticuffs: Spoilers.

Nevermore Tyler: 2 words 9 letters means “Takes long” how is that a spoiler >.<

Elika Auer: Omg I have no idea what you guys are talking about but can someone give me a hint with the umbrella nightmare?

SaveMe Oh: Normally an umbrella is to protect you from the rain, but it also has a sharp point at the end…. that’s all I am allowed to say

Elika Auer: Very funny SaveMe. I need serious help.

SaveMe Oh: Wait until it kills you if it’s still funny

Elika Auer: I want to ask a question. Can I IM someone?

SaveMe Oh: Please don’t IM me, the secret service is listening in

Elika Auer: SaveMe I will kill you! Nobody?

SaveMe Oh: Select the good umbrella for that

Elika Auer: Are you giving me hints or fucking with me?

SaveMe Oh: I will return your murder attempt with a biblical flood

Elika Auer: I saw some picture on a wall but I couldn’t tell what it was

SaveMe Oh: The picture on the wall was not a picture. It was a prim in disguise. Open the prim and you will find a secret code. Use Google translate as the code is in Sanskrit.


[12:25]  Rikka Koi: You have been ejected from ‘UNIA’ by Rikka Koi.

SaveMe Oh: They have a very good watchdoggie. Want to make plays about horror and suspense but can’t stand the unexpected themselves. Hypocrites

Gaius Tripsa: You’re not unexpected

Rikka Koi shrugs.

SaveMe Oh: The only feedback they like is Linden dollars.

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